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Is the best almost over?
Jun 30, 2006, The Globe and Mail (Index-only). Toronto, Ont.:
pg. 33 by Doug Steiner.

I've applied Michard and Bouchaud's theories in my own far-less-rigorous
studies of three recent market trends: the spread of monster homes, the
huge run-up in commodity prices and the frenzy over the Tim Hortons
share issue last March.
....So, based on all the studies, I have some thoughts on how to get in and out of the market: Buy only quality stocks that aren't the subject of mass opinion-in other words, out-of-favour stocks. Avoid comparative evaluations of hot stocks, like saying RIM or Apple isn't all that overvalued relative to its peers. Finally, to make big money, you have to sell when everyone is talking about your investments. Or, as at a concert, clap along with others for a while, then dash for the doors.
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