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Craig Forman: I've Got That Syncing Feeling -
August 26, 2012 | WSJ | By CRAIG FORMAN
I've Got That Syncing Feeling
Your devices are eager to make all your content line up nicely. Sometimes the results are not so nice....With hand-held devices that are bringing us so much, anywhere we take them, we are beginning to be overwhelmed.

Even though I had a near-miss while traveling, I get the feeling that we are becoming overly obsessed with making sure every setting on every device is adjusted to the ideal setting, no matter where we are. As people spend more time fine-tuning their settings and fidgeting with their apps, at some point the value of the time wasted during a year threatens to offset improvements in our mobile productivity.
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The Crossroads Nation -
Nov. 8, 2010 By DAVID BROOKS. What sort of country will
America be in 2030 or 2050? Nobody has defined America’s coming
economic identity. ....We’re living in an information age. Innovation
and creativity are the engines of economic growth. ...Creativity is not a
solitary process. It happens within netwks. It happens when talented
people get together, when idea systems and mentalities merge....."In
2009, Anne-Marie Slaughter, Dir. policy planning at the State Dept.,
wrote an essay , “America’s Edge.”" for Foreign Affairs in which she
laid out the logic of this new situation: “In a networked world, the
issue is no longer relative power, but centrality in an increasingly
dense global web.” the U.S. is well situated to be the crossroads
nation. It is well situated to be the center of global ntwks and to
nurture the right kinds of ntwks Building that US means doing everything
possible to thicken connections: finance research; improve
infrastructure; fix immigration; reform taxes;
R&D  infrastructure  immigration  creativity  future  David_Brooks  networks  soft_power  U.S.foreign_policy  synchronization  orchestration  centralization  Anne-Marie_Slaughter  cross-disciplinary  cross-pollination  network_density  network_power  op_ed 
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