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Fall 2008 | Leader to Leader. : Vol. Iss. 50; pg. 45 | by
James E Lukaszewski. Having influence means being remembered, being
asked in on decisions and strategy well before the strategies are
selected and the decisions need to be made. Those with influence make an
impact on their organizations and the larger world and can advance more
rapidly in their careers. Your advice may be perceptive, even wise, but
if it falls on deaf ears, it helps no one. Beyond the actual quality of
your advice, how you communicate that advice plays a major role in
ensuring that others can and will listen to it and act on it. The six
approaches suggested can help achieve this goal: 1. Be positive. 2.
Eliminate criticism as a coaching and advising practice. 3. Urge prompt
action. 4. Focus on outcomes. 5. Be an incrementalist. 6. Be pragmatic.
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march 2010 by jerryking
Reach out and 'ping' someone
Feb 9, 2007 | The Globe & Mail. pg. C.2 | by Jim Gray is a
media and presentation skills coach in Toronto. Pinging is the
targeted, upbeat contact by telephone, e-mail and handwritten note with
clients, prospects, colleagues, friends and supporters. Don't ping,
however, solely with self-interest in mind. To be deployed at its best,
pinging needs to be regular, sincere and responsive. Be targeted
(selective). Be adaptable.

If, after two attempts, your overtures to one or more of these subjects
fail to elicit a response, strike them from the list. Be specific/exact
about the nature of your contact, your "ask" or call to action. Be
brief, clear, direct -- and short. Be positive: bright, optimistic and
conciliatory. Offer encouragement to those who're struggling with
unemployment, ill health or the death of a parent. In the pinging game,
you need to get as good as you give.
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february 2010 by jerryking

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