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Daughter and Dad, Chasing Salmon in Upstate New York
Nov. 8, 2019 | The New York Times | By Ali Watkins.

If fishing requires luck, salmon fishing takes twice as much. By the time they begin their trip inland to spawn, the salmon are no longer eating. Bait is useless. Instead, a hopeful fisher must scan the waterways, look for a stray fin and cast, hoping to land their tiny hook on a fish or annoy one so much that it strikes.

Autumn anglers in these waterways are treated to double the odds. As the salmon run wanes, it is followed by a flood of steelhead trout making their own biannual trek to spawn upriver, feeding on the flesh of dying salmon as they go.......To partake in the endeavor requires a small investment. A state license can be purchased for a single day, a week or a year, and in-state residents can get a seven-day permit for $12, purchased online or at any of the town’s tackle shops. Fly fishing is most popular, but few tackle shops in the area rent gear. The better option, for hobbyists, is to book a trip with any of the region’s various guides, easily scheduled in Pulaski.
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Cider Moves Beyond the Apple
AUG. 18, 2017 | The New York Times | By JASON WILSON.
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U of T contributes to New York's push for academic excellence
john lorinc
From Friday's Globe and Mail
Published Thursday, Oct. 27, 2011

The University of Toronto has joined a team of international schools to make a bid to build a $450-million urban sciences campus in Brooklyn, N.Y.

The deal includes a promise of city-owned land and $100-million in seed capital. It is part of an ambitious plan by New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg to develop a world-class engineering and research commercialization facility. ...Mr. Bloomberg, with his trademark alacrity, wants shovels in the ground by 2013, when he leaves office. “The sense of urgency comes directly form the mayor,” said Seth Pinsky, president of New York’s economic development agency. “We have a limited window of opportunity.”

The radical economic development scheme, considered by many to be the mayor’s legacy project, is expected to generate $6-billion in spin-off investment and create 30,000 creative-class jobs in coming decades.

Mr. Pinsky describes the strategy as “an Erie Canal moment,” a reference to a controversial 1820s decision by a state governor to build an upstate shipping channel. The investment that drove vast wealth into the port of New York....“It may be the single most transformative investment of the Bloomberg administration,” said Richard Florida, director of the Martin Prosperity Initiative at the University of Toronto. “I only wish more cities would think that way.”

With large Canadian universities stuffed to capacity and some provinces considering new campuses, New York’s experiment is a game-changing wealth-generating strategy and ups the ante for big cities like Toronto and Vancouver, said Dr. Florida. “If you see a place like New York moving in this direction, you’ve just seen your biggest competitor take a big step ahead.”
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Cohen and Giardino: The Empire State Can Rise Again -

The Empire State Can Rise Again
Upstate cities like Buffalo and Rochester were once powerhouses. They
can be again, if politicians encourage local entrepreneurship
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