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White House to Begin $10 Billion Rural Investment Fund -

The White House Rural Council will announce plans on Thursday to start a $10 billion investment fund that will give pension funds and large investors the opportunity to invest in agricultural projects. Those include wastewater systems, energy projects and infrastructure development in rural America.

“We’re the of infrastructure and business investment,”...The move comes as pension funds and institutional investors, faced with few investment opportunities that yield high returns in the face of low interest rates, have begun to shift large amounts of money into less traditional investments that promise bigger returns like hedge funds and private equity firms.
farmland  agriculture  agribusiness  rural  alternative_investments  private_equity  infrastructure  investing  energy  wastewater-treatment  institutional_investors  pension_funds 
july 2014 by jerryking
Drinkable water – from livestock manure
Jun. 26 2013 | - The Globe and Mail | MARJO JOHNE.

The company builds and installs systems that treat hog and cow manure, separating solids and phosphorus, extracting and concentrating ammonium and, finally, discharging water that’s clean enough to drink.
pork  agriculture  farming  livestock  wastewater-treatment  small_business  manure  cattle 
june 2013 by jerryking
Would You Drink Recycled Wastewater? -
August 24, 2012 | WSJ | By PAUL KIX. With water in short supply across the country, it's time to take a serious look at recycling sewage...If all the wastewater dumped into waterways or the ocean were recycled instead, the U.S. would increase its water supply by as much as 27%, according to a report released earlier this year by the National Academy of Sciences. Nationally, that amounts to 12 billion gallons.
recycling  water  wastewater-treatment  droughts 
august 2012 by jerryking
Meet the man who shaped 20th-century Toronto - The Globe and Mail
From Saturday's Globe and Mail
Published Friday, May. 18, 2012

Rowland Caldwell Harris – who began a 33-year term as works commissioner a century ago this week – left his civic fingerprints all over Toronto, building hundreds of kilometres of sidewalks, sewers, paved roads, streetcar tracks, public baths and washrooms, landmark bridges and even the precursor plans to the GO commuter rail network.

“The significance of Harris a hundred years later is that we’re still living fundamentally in the city he imagined,” observes Dalhousie architecture professor Steven Mannell, who studies his career and has advised city officials on an extensive rehabilitation of the R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant, due to be finished next year.

Mr. Harris famously added a second deck to the Prince Edward Viaduct in anticipation of a subway line that wasn’t built for decades. What’s less well known is that Mr. Harris was a photo buff who, in 1930, presided over the city’s first planning exercise – a process that led to construction of congestion-easing arterials such as Dundas Street East and the parkway extension of Mount Pleasant through Rosedale and up towards St. Clair.
John_Lorinc  Toronto  trailblazers  R.C._Harris  architecture  wastewater-treatment  infrastructure  municipalities  urban  urban_planning  landmarks  bridges  foresight  imagination  TTC  '30s  city_builders 
may 2012 by jerryking
Sherbourne Common: Clean, green, brainy and blue - The Globe and Mail
Jul. 29, 2011 |G&M|LISA ROCHON. With Sherbourne Common, the
mandate was to heal a neglected part of the waterfront by providing a
neighbourhood-wide water-treatment facility immediately below the park’s
surface...Invisible to the eye, located below the public washrooms, are
the brains of the sewage-treatment facility: a series of disinfecting
machines that use UV light – not the chlorine of yesteryear – to clean
water from the lake and the run-off of surrounding roads, highways &
bldgs. In North America, where dirty water tainted with E. coli
bacteria can be found flowing like nasty rivers into our lakes, this
cleaning process is a rare phenomenon....Without $27-M in funding from
the federal govt., Sherbourne Common would have never happened – and
Toronto would be without a new public asset on previously underused
lands...Sherbourne Common will earn dividends in enhanced tourism for
Toronto, invigorate neighbourhood economies, and rebrand the city as a
place with an intelligent future.
parks  Toronto  green  sewage  wastewater-treatment  bacteria  E._coli 
august 2011 by jerryking
Water's Scarcity Spells Opportunity for Entrepreneurs -
March 21, 2011
2030 Water Resources Group = an association of the World Bank, major
industrial water users and the consulting firm McKinsey.
Hydrovolts, a start-up company in Seattle, has developed a portable
turbine that generates energy from water flowing in irrigation canals.
BlackGold Biofuels, from Philadelphia, takes fats, oils and grease out
of wastewater to create biodiesel. WaterSmart Software = software helps
residential users track their consumption to save water and money.
Imagine H2O competition
the Artemis Project, a specialist consulting practice based in San
water  water_power  scarcity  start_ups  XPV  venture_capital  vc  entrepreneur  water_footprints  wastewater-treatment  contests  GE  Veolia  fats 
march 2011 by jerryking
Water-saving in the north-east: Trees grow in Brooklyn
Nov 11, 2010 | The Economist. NYC has a serious sewer problem,
spilling more than 27 B gal. (102 B L) of untreated overflow into its
harbour each year.U.S cities rely on decrepit sys. that collect
storm-water run-off, industrial waste & human sewage in the same
pipes.Usually these pipes take waste water to treatment plants.But any
overflow is released into rivers & streams.Time, erosion &
increasingly erratic weather have made this a national issue. NYC
recently unveiled a plan to clean up its waterways.Instead of spending
billions on new tanks & pipes (i.e, “grey infrastructure”), which
take yrs. to build & never quite address the problem, NYC will
invest in “green infrastructure”, e.g. roofs covered with vegetation,
porous pavements & kerbside gardens.Instead of treating rainfall as
waste to be quickly whisked away, NYC will let it sink usefully into the
ground: helping to make the city greener, improve air quality, raise
property values, increase jobs & lower water & energy costs,
green_roofs  water  infrastructure  New_York_City  Brooklyn  wastewater-treatment  overflow  environment 
november 2010 by jerryking
Water Shortages: How to Prevent Them -
OCTOBER 18, 2010 \By MICHAEL TOTTY. Software that can spot
leaks, improved recycling—and other innovations to keep things flowing
water  desalination  recycling  wastewater-treatment  scarcity  shortages 
october 2010 by jerryking
Managing Water as Scarcity Looms -
SEPT. 27, 2010 | WSJ | By GERALDINE AMIEL. Suez
Environnement's CEO Taps Opportunities Amid Escalating Global Shortages;
a Particular Thirst for China. As the world's population grows and
migrates to cities, water shortages are happening in places where
scarcity was unthinkable only 5 yrs ago, such as the Spanish coast,...
London,--is described by the U.K. Environment Agency as "seriously water
stressed." And in March 2009, a report by the WEF said the lack of
water would "soon tear into various parts of the global economic system"
and "start to emerge as a headline geopolitical issue."...``on the U.S.
East Coast, "people are used to having water—they don't think further,
they don't think about future generations." Mr. Chaussade prefers
thinking for the long term. His main hobby is planting trees in his
garden and watching them grow, imagining what people will think of them
in 100 yrs. "The garden must be beautiful when you create it,--It must
remain so when you're gone."
water  scarcity  China  Suez  Veolia  CEOs  smart_grid  desalination  imagination  wastewater-treatment  sensors  HBS  gardening  long-term  far-sightedness  unthinkable  geopolitics 
september 2010 by jerryking

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