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A Website for Pop-Up Stores Attracts Funding - WSJ
By Peter Grant
Oct. 10, 2017

(For John Corless)

A venture-capital firm that focuses on real-estate technology is investing in a London startup that has created an online marketplace for pop-up stores.

Fifth Wall Ventures, which is backed by big names in the real-estate world like Hines, CBRE Group Inc. and Macerich Co. , has made a “significant” investment in Appear Here, according to Brendan Wallace, Fifth Wall’s managing partner. He declined to specify an amount or how much of an ownership stake Fifth Wall is taking.

Founded in 2013, Appear Here has hooked up thousands of retailers with landlords in London and other U.K. cities, and its website currently includes more than 100,000 brands looking for space. The company, which enables retailers to sign leases for days or months, also has expanded to Paris and, earlier this year, New York.....London retailers leasing space through Appear Here and its competitors, like Hire Space and We Are Pop Up, also have turned marginal neighborhoods into hubs for new and edgy retail concepts. That hip vibe sometimes has lured big name retailers to those areas as well.

“The idea that online retail is going to kill physical retail is a complete fabrication,” Mr. Bailey said. “Every online retailer I know is wanting to open up physical stores the same way that every traditional retailer is moving online.”
e-commerce  venture_capital  start_ups  Appear_Here  pop-ups  websites  funding  retailers  landlords  London  CBRE 
october 2017 by jerryking
The Best Way to Find an Airfare Online - WSJ
(D) Airline Flights, Hotels
travel  websites  airline_industry  e-commerce 
april 2015 by jerryking
Going somewhere?
Going somewhere? Our tech columnist Jamey Ordolis has a long list of apps and sites to help you travel light and easy. Here are links to the many resources she mentioned today:

mobile_applications  websites  travel  tips 
october 2014 by jerryking
Gossip site TMZ extends its reach with sports scoops on Rice, Sterling - The Globe and Mail
Sep. 10 2014 | The New York Times News Service | JONATHAN MAHLER.

Based in Los Angeles, TMZ is the brainchild of Harvey Levin, a 64-year-old Southern California native with a law degree from the University of Chicago. The letters stand for Thirty Mile Zone, a reference to the radius around Hollywood where most of the studios are based.

Levin, who declined to be interviewed for this article, worked for years as a legal specialist on local radio and TV before achieving a measure of prominence during the O.J. Simpson trial. In 1997, he became the host and legal analyst on a revival of The People’s Court. Several years later, he created and produced his own newsmagazine show, Celebrity Justice, about the legal issues facing the famous.

When Celebrity Justice was taken off the air in 2005, Levin started developing TMZ for what was then AOL-Time Warner.
TMZ  gossip  celebrities  sports  athletes_&_athletics  entertainment  Ray_Rice  websites  Hollywood  tabloids  digital_media  disruption 
september 2014 by jerryking
Summary of my D. Sumptom feedback
Summary of my David Sumptom feedback:

q In order for others to promote you, you need to turn your language around to describe who you can help, the type of problems you can solve and how someone m...
feedback  personal_branding  websites  JCK  Managing_Your_Career  templates  advice  Ivey  alumni 
december 2013 by jerryking
Tech Wealth and Ideas Are Heading Into News
October 20, 2013 |- | By DAVID CARR

Silicon Valley and its various power brokers — some who had roles in putting the news business in harm’s way to begin with — are suddenly investing significant sums of money in preserving news capacity and quality. ... Next-generation news companies including Vice, Vox Media, BuzzFeed and Business Insider have all recently received significant investment. (In addition, Jeff Skoll, another eBay alum, backed Participant Media and now the TV channel Pivot, to make “socially relevant” films and television.)

The list goes on, but the trend is clear: quality news has become, if not sexy, suddenly attractive to smart digital money.....It does not take an M.B.A. to understand that the ability to capture consumers’ attention and move them around a platform, all the while extracting value, might come in handy in the media business. ITunes used cheap, uniformly priced content to animate the sales of devices like the iPod; Amazon used cheap devices like the Kindle to push lucrative content sales. EBay reduced the friction and suspicion between buyers and sellers of all kinds of goods. ...The willingness to answer bedeviling old questions in new ways does not ensure success, but it creates remarkable possibilities. “Both Jeff Bezos and Pierre Omidyar have a hacker’s ethos, a willingness to engage in lateral thinking to solve problems in a nonconventional way, to reject what has been taken for granted and MacGyver their way to solutions (aka mental_dexterity),” suggested Shane Snow, a founder of Contently, a marketplace for content creators.

Consider Amazon’s ability to lead consumers through a highly personalized array of choices.

“If you have a story that is read by a million people, that’s great, but how do you get those million people to read another story?” said Henry Blodget of Business Insider. “Amazon is extraordinary at customizing its site for every visitor. They do endless testing and understand stickiness and relevance in a way few media companies do.”

One of the secrets of Amazon (and Netflix) is that it never offered one site, but millions of customized sites. It is not hard to envision a carefully measured invitation at the bottom of a highly trafficked news article: “People who read this story are also reading ...” .
value_extraction  news  Silicon_Valley  moguls  entrepreneur  David_Carr  digital_media  Amazon  Second_Acts  disruption  Pierre_Omidyar  Jeff_Bezos  websites  personalization  Netflix  customization  testing  experimentation  growth_hacking  stickiness  relevance  newspapers  content  problem_solving  unconventional_thinking  smart_people  attention  Henry_Blodget  Contently  content_creators  power_brokers 
october 2013 by jerryking
October 5, 2013 | Globe Travel | By MERCEDEH SANATI

Are you hunting for a holiday apartment in Buenos Aires, Bali or Barcelona, but daunted by the online search? is a one-stop website t...
one-stop_shop  tourism  travel  websites 
october 2013 by jerryking
small business websites social media sales optimization video blogs
January 31, 2013 | | US
How to Sex Up Your Small-Biz Website

Having your customers come to you, rather than having to go out to find them, may be a better (and more cost-efficient) way to do business.
David Rosenbaum
websites  small_business 
february 2013 by jerryking
Your website has 'less than 10 seconds' to impress - The Globe and Mail

Special to The Globe and Mail

Published Wednesday, Oct. 10 2012
october 2012 by jerryking
Pack 'em in with good chat
November 15, 1999 | Internet World | Cliff Figallo
websites  demographic_changes  interactivity 
september 2012 by jerryking
Seth's Blog: States rights
posted by Seth Godin on November 02, 2007

Don't treat everyone the same. First time visitors want something different than repeaters. Loyal customers want to see something different from the masses.

Get your IT person to show you how to divide the world into states. Then start from scratch and make a different experience for everyone.
websites  market_segmentation  Seth_Godin  customer_loyalty  tips  customer_experience  IT  UX  first_time_visitors  repeat_visitors 
september 2012 by jerryking
Canadian builds global ad empire
March 14, 2005 | Globe & Mail | by RICHARD BLACKWELL. Trader Classified Media publications, websites take in $670-million annually
entrepreneur  websites  advertising  HBS  John_MacBain  Rhodes 
may 2012 by jerryking
6 Tips for Building a Web-Based Store -
DECEMBER 9, 2011 | WSJ | By TY MCMAHAN. (Send to Debbie)

Building an ecommerce platform within your company website doesn't have to be complex or expensive. A number of new services—such as such as Goodsie, Shopify, Storenvy and Weebly—now make the task easy and affordable. You can use these services to design a store, upload product, create shopping carts, manage fulfillment and more, —all for as little as a few dollars a month.

1. Invest time, and possibly money, in taking good photos.

Photography is the "dirty little secret" of e-commerce, according to Mr. Davis. "[Customers] can't touch and feel your wares, so your photography needs to be an important element."

Merchants should professionally photograph as many details of a product as they can afford.

Goodsie Chief Executive Jonathan Marcus recommends shooting each product individually, as well as while it's being worn or used by a model, in order to show how big the product is.

2. Use a voice that matches your brand.

"There's a fine line between cute and strategic," says Mr. Davis. For example, a flower shop may describe marigolds as "perfect for fall and a favorite for moms," while an electronics store may provide a more technical description of products. Merchants should also consider how their descriptions might surface in search-engine results, he adds.

3. Experiment with the layout, and mix it up.

The new services, which emerged within the past five years, provide hundreds of templates for the arrangement of products on the page, as well as a wide variety of different colors and fonts. "Change things every two to three weeks over three months and see what drives the best results," Mr. Davis says.

Goodsie's Mr. Marcus adds that stores need to be thoughtful about what products fit together on a page. For example, an apparel company may consider arranging items that make up an entire outfit.

4. Figure out the payment gateway.

This is the trickiest part of creating an online store, according to Mr. Davis. Store owners will need to set up a merchant account with a bank to link funds from the credit card company or a third-party processor like PayPal, which lets customers use its merchant account under certain terms, usually with very little setup required. PayPal does not charge a setup fee.

Currently, Weebly stores only accept Paypal or Google Checkout to process payments. Goodsie offers those services, as well as Braintree Inc. and, a Visa Inc. company, to accept credit card payments. Shopify offers dozens of payment options.

PayPal accepts all major credit cards with no setup or monthly fees. The service takes a 2.9% fee per transaction on monthly sales up to $3,000. The rate reduces as monthly sales increase. Google Checkout charges the same. charges a $100 set-up fee, a $20 monthly fee and 10 cents per transaction. Most services charge about $10 per chargeback in the event a refund is issued.

5. Try to make online shopping feel like an experience.

"Do you have the right boxes? Do you have packing foam? How do you want merchandise to be presented when your customer opens the box? Remember, that's the only one-on-one you're going to have with a customer," Mr. Davis says. He suggests offering gift wrapping and sending hand-written thank-you notes to add a more personal touch to the e-commerce experience.

Alternatively, you can outsource fulfillment. Shopify integrates with third-party fulfillment services such as Fulfillment by Amazon, Shipwire and Webgistix. The cost of this can range for tens of dollars into the thousands depending on the product and volume of shipping. Those who choose to outsource fulfillment should do several trial orders with a service before committing to a provider, Mr. Davis suggests.

6. Promote heavily.
tips  e-commerce  websites  fulfillment  third-party  Shopify  Amazon  howto  JCK 
december 2011 by jerryking
GoGoNews aims to be the go-to site for kids - The Globe and Mail
gayle macdonald
From Tuesday's Globe and Mail
Published Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2010

Aimed at children aged 5 to 12, the site is updated 24 hours a day, seven days a week by Ms. Khosrowshahi and Ms. Mulroney Lapham from their office in midtown Toronto.

GoGoNews is sassy and easy to navigate, with the stories kept short and written in language that children can easily understand. Recent postings include the quarterly earnings of McDonald’s, a Toronto Maple Leafs upset victory, a story on an Arabian mare who paints, and one on Japan’s newest police dog, a seven-pound Chihuahua named Momo. ...The site is currently free of charge, but Ms. Khosrowshahi says they plan to start selling subscriptions to schools in the New Year to generate revenue.
websites  children  business_models  schools  content  local 
october 2011 by jerryking
Butcher cuts a dashing figure
October 6, 2011
Cumbrae's firmly believes elegant online design is worth paying for

Simon Houpt

Hype can be fatally distracting. In the last couple of years, small business owners have flitted from one new-media promotional darling to another: Twitter and Facebook and Groupon, oh my! But too many entrepreneurs have overlooked the importance of that old pillar of new media: an elegantly designed website. Earlier this year, Cumbrae's, a local Toronto butcher with three retail locations and a wholesale operation that caters to chefs, unveiled a refreshed site that does what the best physical storefronts do: offers up an engaging image that prompts passersby to step through the door and sample the charms inside.


Advice for the DIY crowd

Forget e-commerce, tell a story
Find the right partner
Good design is an investment, not a frill
Simon_Houpt  websites  webdesign  small_business  marketing  e-commerce  butchers 
october 2011 by jerryking
Ten ways to become a tenacious marketer -
Sep. 16, 2011 | G & M | RYAN CALIGIURI.

Here are 10 ways to become a more tenacious marketer:
(1) Test and benchmark. test different strategies and gauge what works best. One technique is called split testing.
(2) Always have a strategy. A strategy pts. you in the right direction & ensures your actions build to something.
(3) Always be on the lookout for revenue-generating opportunities.
(4) Be direct-response driven
(5) Get personal
(6) Get more out of a website.
(7) Deliver more value
(8) Show commitment
(9) Be driven by referrals
(10) Focus on the most likely buyers
direct-response  marketing  tips  experimentation  benchmarking  trial_&_error  strategy  commitments  opportunistic  websites  referrals  JCK  growth_hacking  Ryan_Caligiuri  strategic_thinking  tenacity  revenue_generation  overdeliver 
september 2011 by jerryking
Shining the spotlight on people who shape world’s cities -
Sep. 09, 2011 | Globe &Mail | Siri Agrell. What is good
for cities will be the focus of The Atlantic Cities site, which will
boast the tagline “Place Matters” and cover a range of topics including
urban economics, sustainability, architecture, & arts & culture.

Prof. Florida, who also teaches at the U of T's Rotman School, pitched
the idea of a city-specific site to The Atlantic’s owner David Bradley,
who said yes.

“Cities are the social and economic organizing unit of our time,”
Florida said. “It’s finally dawning on people that what the corporation
was to our parents or grandparents – structuring our lives and making
sure we had economic security – that is what cities have become.” Prof.
Florida plans to contribute about 3 or 4 posts/week and said the site
will be updated daily and feature Canadian content. In the future, he
hopes to host urban-themed events in Toronto as well. “I think this
city is one of the key laboratories for, good and bad, what’s happening
in urbanism.”
Richard_Florida  urban  urbanization  websites  cities  Siri_Agrell 
september 2011 by jerryking
Toronto website gives deep look at neighbourhood statistics - The Globe and Mail
, Jun. 29, 2011
Want to know what neighbourhood has the highest graduation rates, the
most trees or the greatest number of car accidents?

The answers are now a click away with a new hub on the city website.
Wellbeing Toronto lets users map an array of services and demographic
information and compare the results across 140 neighbourhoods. Users can
see basic information about a neighbourhood, such as average family
income, education level and age of population by sliding their cursor
over an interactive city map. They also can delve deeper to plot
services such as daycare centres, transit stops, and even convenience
stores and supermarkets in a specific area and see how they stack up
with other parts of the city.
Toronto  websites  community  statistics  neighbourhoods  demographic_information  Elizabeth_Church  municipalities  mapping  open_data  crowdsourcing 
july 2011 by jerryking
A Web Presence Without a Website -
MAY 8, 2011
A Web Presence Without a Website
websites  jck  Sarah_E._Needleman  blogging  tools 
may 2011 by jerryking
How We Hired a Web Designer -
April 27, 2011, 7:00 am
How We Hired a Web Developer
howto  hiring  webdesign  websites  Jay_Goltz 
april 2011 by jerryking
10 Words That Should Never Appear on Your Website
Apr. 7, 2011 |BNET|Jeff Haden “Innovative.” If you truly are
innovative, show me. Describe products developed, processes
modified.“Service provider.” says nothing. Sell gas? State that. Design
commercial office spaces? State it. Use plain language & state what
you do.“Proven track record.”Give facts & figures.Share on-time
performance rates, or waste %, or under-budget statistics…let your track
record be proven by achievements.Don’t have any yet? No problem; you
don’t have a track record either, so it’s moot. “Unique blend
of…”Describe why you’re better. “World-class.” The fact that you
provide products/services to a global customer base doesn’t mean you a
world-class company. “Collaborative approach.” Instead describe the
process. Show exactly how we’ll work together. “Outstanding customer
experiences.”Providing an outstanding customer experience is important;
State what's expected that will make my experience so outstanding.
“Dynamic.”. “Myriad solutions.” “Results oriented.”
customer_experience  jargon  JCK  Jeff_Haden  plain_English  rules_of_the_game  websites 
april 2011 by jerryking
Tapping Customers' Egos to Build a Web Presence -
FEBRUARY 9, 2011 By MIKE MICHALOWICZ Two words: a prospect's
first and last name. Feature these in a positive light and that's all
you need to generate genuine interest in your company. Best of all, when
you use the crowdsourcing method, it's free—free user-driven content,
free publicity for your business and free "good will" for your brand.
jck  crowdsourcing  websites  running_a_business  goodwill  user_generated  hubris 
march 2011 by jerryking
Evaluating the Usability and Content Usefulness of Web Sites: A Benchmarking Approach
Apr-Jun 2005; | Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations | 3, 2; pg. 46 | Shahizan Hassan; Feng Li
websites  webdesign  ProQuest  benchmarking 
december 2010 by jerryking
Web site design benchmarking within industry groups
2003 | Internet Research.Vol. 13, Iss. 1; pg. 17, 10 pgs | Sung-Eon Kim, Thomas Shaw, Helmut Schneider. :
websites  webdesign  benchmarking  ProQuest 
december 2010 by jerryking
A new Globe, but timeless principles
Sep. 30, 2010 | G&M | Editorial. We aim to be at the
centre of debate in public affairs, & also to probe the issues &
passions that matter to Canadians in their personal lives....Above all,
we try to explain Canada to Canadians & contribute to its life as a
liberal democracy & a liberal economy. We believe in a Parliament
that answers to the people, rather than executive power, and protects
the freedoms of speech & commerce....Our website today is different,
too,, building on's award as the best
newspaper-affiliated site in the world. Today it has more matter, depth
and resources, from community groups to financial tools to Emmy
Award-winning videos. Together, the changes in print and online are
based on technology: new presses for the newspaper, and rapidly
expanding h/w and s/w for our websites, mobile channels and tablet apps.
But technology cannot replace human journalism, the basic task of
finding answers to the great questions of the times.
newspapers  inspiration  redesign  editorials  public_affairs  credos  websites  journalists  journalism  Globe_&_Mail 
october 2010 by jerryking
Ex-BizWeek, Fast Company Editor Byrne Launches Site for MBAs - WebNewser
By E.B. Boyd on Aug 13, 2010

The next site C-Change plans to launch: "Slingshots for David," which
C-Change says will "provide the tools, advice and inspiration to help
entrepreneurs develop disruptive business models to slay the Goliaths in
business." Release date TBA.
ufsc  MBAs  business_schools  entrepreneur  entrepreneurship  websites  disruption  tools 
august 2010 by jerryking
Website Offers New Ranking, Insights to Prospective M.B.A.s -
AUGUST 13, 2010 | Wall Street Journal | By DIANA MIDDLETON.
Former BusinessWeek Editor Launches Website for M.B.A.s.....The next
site in the line-up, slated for a fall launch, will be called Slingshots
for David, which will focus on entrepreneurship. Each site will have
its own editor-in-chief, he says.
ufsc  best_of  websites  business_schools  MBAs  entrepreneurship  entrepreneur 
august 2010 by jerryking
Suddenly, the World is Their Market - Slide Show -
The Web has changed the way that artisans sell their wares,
helping to overcome marketing and distribution hurdles. On Web sites
like Etsy, DaWanda, 1000 Markets, ArtFire and Silkfair, people all over
the world can see — and buy — handmade jewelry, clothing, artwork,
ceramics and furniture. And many artisans aren't stopping there. They're
creating their own Web sites and social networking accounts, too.
Etsy  artisan_hobbies_&_crafts  handmade  websites  jewelers  clothing  artwork  ceramics  furniture 
august 2010 by jerryking
How SMBs Can Profit From Local Online Advertising
May 26, 2010 | InformationWeek | By Benjamin Tomkins. First
build a great website, second measure it. No matter what business, you
need to take those steps.
Yodle  market_segmentation  small_business  City_Voice  Google  local_advertising  websites  Foursquare 
july 2010 by jerryking
Autobytel Inc.; Autobytel Debuts Innovative, Cost-Effective Local Marketing Opportunity for Nation's Dealers
Anonymous. Journal of Transportation. Atlanta: Feb 25, 2008.
pg. 16. How LocalConnect Works

For new vehicle dealers, the ads displaying special offers (updated
weekly) are exclusive to each dealership brand in the consumer's area
and are targeted to appear at relevant points during consumer research
activity. For example, if a consumer is researching the brand the dealer
carries, the local dealership's marketing messages and an 800 number
that dials directly into the dealership will automatically appear,
together with the opportunity to click through to view special offers as
well as customized video demonstrations and slideshows spotlighting
specific dealer inventory. Each ad's effectiveness is tracked with
detailed activity reports including amount of time spent viewing the ad,
click-throughs, emails and phone calls with playback.
ProQuest  online_advertising  websites  marketing  market_opportunities  City_Voice  classified_ads  second_hand  shopping  retention  local 
july 2010 by jerryking
ITA Becomes Hot Ticket -
JUNE 29, 2010 | Wall Street Journal | By GINA CHON And
ANUPREETA DAS. ITA Becomes Hot Ticket. As Google Courts Fare-Query
Software Firm, Travel Websites Woo Defensively.
online_travel  travel  Google  search  websites 
june 2010 by jerryking
Link by Link - Advising Recovery Board on Offering Clear Data -
March 21, 2010 | New York Times | By NOAM COHEN. It was just
announced that Mr. Tufte (pronounced tuff-TEE) would be going to
Washington. Though often cast as a free-floating information guru, Mr.
Tufte has a highly specific mission: on March 5, he was appointed by
President Obama to a panel to advise the Recovery Accountability and
Transparency Board, which monitors the way the $787 billion in the
stimulus package is being spent....Rather than define himself on the
conservative-liberal political continuum, Mr. Tufte, a professor
emeritus of political science, statistics and computer science at Yale,
said that he longed for cause-and-effect reasoning to take hold in
Edward_Tufte  profile  design  websites  infographics  visualization 
march 2010 by jerryking
The Purpose-Driven Website
June 2, 2009 | US News and World Report | By Mikal E. Belicove.

To ensure your website furthers its purpose, develop a plan in the form
of an RFP (request for proposal). The RFP describes each area of your
future site, how it works and what end it serves. Ideally, your RFP
should address at least the following:

* Website purpose
* Target audiences
* Design considerations
* Navigation
* User or account login requirements
* Audio/visual elements
* e-commerce, if necessary
* Search engine optimization requirements
* Hosting and maintenance
* Not-to-exceed cost
* Development schedule with deadlines and launch date
* Management structure

With RFP in hand, you’re now well-prepared to start building your
website internally--if you have the expertise and resources--or solicit
bids from website developers. Either way, your RFP will enable you to
manage the project more effectively and ensure the site conforms to your
websites  webdesign  purpose  RFP  JCK 
february 2010 by jerryking
The Domain Name Business - BusinessWeek
July 17, 2009, 12:22PM EST text size: TT
The Domain Name Business
Sedo's Jeremiah Johnston explains how entrepreneurs can acquire, improve, and sell domain names

By Karen E. Klein
websites  domain_names  naming  personal_branding  branding 
february 2010 by jerryking
Trendspotter gets help from a Calgary carpenter
Sept. 2009 | - The Globe & Mail | by JANETTE EWEN,
Special to The Globe &Mail. Interview of Jeremy Gutsche, founder and
chief trend hunter of the popular style website,
Trends  pattern_recognition  Jeremy_Gutsche  websites  blogs  popular_culture 
october 2009 by jerryking
In Search of Traffic -
APRIL 30, 2007 | Wall Street Journal | by KELLY K. SPORS
online_marketing  websites  search  SEO 
june 2009 by jerryking
Wake up your website - The Globe and Mail
websites  JCK  J.C.King&Associates 
june 2009 by jerryking
Washing Your Web Face -
February 17, 2008 | Wall street Journal | By SHELLY BANJO.
Maintain a positive online identity. People go online to check out
potential dates or business partners. Having an online identity that
reflects well on you is critical.
Shelly_Banjo  JCK  J.C.King&Associates  websites  personal_branding  reputation 
may 2009 by jerryking
A Web Presence From Scratch -
MAY 19, 2009 | Wall Street Journal | by ELIZABETH GARONE
JCK  websites  social_networking 
may 2009 by jerryking
Making a statement on-line: Being on the Internet isn’t enough in today’s connected world.
THURSDAY, MARCH 17, 2005 G&M by MICHAEL RYVAL. A company
website has to attract eyeballs, bring in customers and drive growth.
small_business  self-employment  websites  J.C.King&Associates  self-promotion  JCK  filetype:pdf  media:document 
march 2009 by jerryking

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