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Diamonds in the Data Mine
May 2003 | HBR | By Gary Loveman.

Harrah's Entertainment has outplayed its competition and won impressive gains, despite being dealt a weak hand by the economy The secret? Mining the company's rich database to develop compelling customer incentives. in the Las Vegas Strip, and all of the neighbors are making spectacles of themselves. The $750 million Mirage boasts a Vesuvian volcano that erupts...
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january 2013 by jerryking
Leisure revenue management
Oct 2001 | Journal of Leisure Property |Ian Yeoman; Una McMahon-Beattie; and Ros Sutherland.

Leisure revenue management (RM or yield management) marries the issues of supply, demand and price, when the organisation is constrained by capacity. By using time' as the unit of inventory, the authors explore a typology of the characteristics of RM that pertain to the leisure experience, and set out to explain the process of RM through a holistic model which brings benefits to managing leisure properties and events.
ProQuest  yield_management  inventories  revenue_management  operational_research  leisure 
july 2012 by jerryking
From Harvard Yard To Vegas Strip Article
10.07.02 | - Magazine | Carol Potash.

Through branding, cross-casino marketing, loyalty cards, and technology, CEO Gary Loveman has made Harrah's Entertainment, the most diversified of the big four gaming companies, a model of effective customer feedback. In an industry accustomed to relying on intuition, Harrah's has built a database of 25 million customers that drills down through all its activities. Digital profiles are based not on observed behavior of what customers have spent but on analysis of what they are capable of spending. The technology includes built-in marketing interventions designed to close the gap between actual and potential spending. In this new world of computer-generated predictions, the customers are willing participants. Harrah's may be the best example of this kind of ongoing feedback system that could be applied to theme parks, ski resorts, cruise lines, retailers, and subscription businesses such as AOL and satellite TV.
predictive_modeling  Las_Vegas  databases  theme_parks  gaming  CEOs  Harrah's  casinos  yield_management  data_mining  customer_profiling  loyalty_management  customer_feedback  variance_analysis  leisure  branding  Gary_Loveman  marketing  observations 
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What E-Tailers Can Learn From Airline Pricing -
pricing  yield_management  online_marketing  e-commerce  airline_industry  dynamic_pricing 
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