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Probiotic Product Summary Chart - June 13 2017.docx (Microsoft Word)
Look for Yoplait's Yoptimal, Iogo, assorted kerfir brands (Kefir products had more helpful bacterial strains and often at the highest doses, but the strain mixes haven't been studied yet) . In a pinch, Danone's Danactive.

Avoid Danone's Activa and Astro's Biobest.

When buying probiotic foods or supplements, read labels. Look for the full probiotic name, which includes the genus, species and then the strain.

Next, look at the dose or number of live organisms per capsule or serving. Probiotic levels are typically given in CFUs, or colony-forming units. Different probiotics are effective at different levels. The suggested serving size or dose should be indicated.
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april 2018 by jerryking
Gerry Doutre: Milking the yogurt market - The Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail

Published Sunday, Oct. 21 2012
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november 2012 by jerryking
Frozen yogurt's next heat wave comes north - The Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail

Published Thursday, Sep. 27 2012,
september 2012 by jerryking
Sweet on Greek yogurt? Here’s the skinny - The Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail

Published Sunday, Sep. 02 2012,
september 2012 by jerryking
Big Organic, Small Organic
October 2003 | ATLANTIC MAGAZINE | By Corby Kummer

Organic food may be coming from bigger and bigger producers, but the best flavor is still coming from organic farms, as a case study of good and great yogurt makes plain
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july 2012 by jerryking
The Organic Myth
OCTOBER 16, 2006 | Business Week | Diane Brady

Stonyfield still cleaves to its organic heritage. For Chairman and CEO Gary Hirshberg, though, shipping milk powder 9,000 miles across the planet is the price you pay to conquer the supermarket dairy aisle. "It would be great to get all of our food within a 10-mile radius of our house," he says. "But once you're in organic, you have to source globally."

Hirshberg's dilemma is that of the entire organic food business. Just as mainstream consumers are growing hungry for untainted food that also nourishes their social conscience, it is getting harder and harder to find organic ingredients. There simply aren't enough organic cows in the U.S., never mind the organic grain to feed them, to go around. Nor are there sufficient organic strawberries, sugar, or apple pulp -- some of the other ingredients that go into the world's best-selling organic yogurt...For Big Food, consumers' love affair with everything organic has seemed like a gift from the gods. Food is generally a commoditized, sluggish business, especially in basic supermarket staples. Sales of organic groceries, on the other hand, have been surging by up to 20% in recent years. Organic milk is so profitable -- with wholesale prices more than double that of conventional milk -- that Lyle "Spud" Edwards of Westfield, Vt., was able to halve his herd, to 25 cows, this summer and still make a living, despite a 15% drop in yields since switching to organic four years ago. "There's a lot more paperwork, but it's worth it," says Edwards, who supplies milk to Stonyfield...But success has brought home the problems of trying to feed the masses in an industry where supplies can be volatile. Everyone from Wal-Mart to Costco Wholesale Corp. (COST ) is feeling the pinch. Earlier this year, Earthbound Farm, a California producer of organic salads, fruit, and vegetables owned by Natural Selection Foods, cut off its sliced-apple product to Costco because supply dried up -- even though Earthbound looked as far afield as New Zealand. "The concept of running out of apples is foreign to these people," says Earthbound co-founder Myra Goodman, whose company recalled bagged spinach in the wake of the recent E. coli outbreak. "When you're sourcing conventional produce, it's a matter of the best product at the best price."

Inconsistency is a hallmark of organic food. Variations in animal diet, local conditions, and preparation make food taste different from batch to batch.
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june 2012 by jerryking
Poverty News Blog: [Book Review] When the Bottom Line Is Ending Poverty
February 29, 2008
[Book Review] When the Bottom Line Is Ending Poverty
from Business Week

By Steve Hamm
social_entrepreneurship  Grameen  Bangladesh  microfinance  Danone  yogurt  poverty  book_reviews 
may 2012 by jerryking
Warm Salads, Dressed for Fall -
NOVEMBER 5, 2011 | WSJ |

(1) Roasted Pumpkin Panzanella With Chili Croutons
(2) Lamb and Romaine Salad With Cauliflower and Egg
(3) Fried Oysters With Spinach Salad and Herbsaint Dressing
(4) Curly Endive, Apple and Celery Root Salad With Pork Belly
(5) Artichoke Salad With Fried Mushrooms, Hazelnuts and Yogurt Dressing
salads  recipes  salad_dressings  lamb  pork  mushrooms  yogurt 
november 2011 by jerryking
Watermelon soup and tarragon yogurt - The Globe and Mail
craig lockhart
The Globe and Mail
Published Sunday, Jun. 01, 1997
yogurt  soups  fruits  watermelons  recipes 
october 2011 by jerryking
Bits & Bites: News You Can Eat -
JUNE 25, 2011 | WSJ | By CHARLOTTE DRUCKMAN. It doesn't sound
so appealing when described as a fermented milk product, but not only is
kefir packed with healthy cultures said to aid digestion and boost
immunity, it's actually delicious.
desserts  yogurt  mayonnaise  fermentation  dairy  probiotics 
june 2011 by jerryking
Hammond Dairy Yogurt From the Hudson Valley -
Published: March 22, 2011

Hammond Dairy Yogurt in plain, vanilla, strawberry, raspberry, peach and
chocolate, in 6-ounce containers, is $1.75 or three for $5 at the Union
Square Greenmarket on Fridays, and $2.49 a container at Eli’s Manhattan
and the Vinegar Factory.
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march 2011 by jerryking
Andrew Carmellini's Spicy Roasted Cauliflower with Yogurt and Mint -
NOVEMBER 13, 2010 | WSJ | Seasonal Recipes for People Who Don't
Have All Day. Roasted Cauliflower With Yogurt and Mint. The last of
four easy-enough recipes by chef Andrew Carmellini
recipes  yogurt  roasted  vegetables 
november 2010 by jerryking
Danone Expands Its Pantry to Woo the World's Poor -
JUNE 29, 2010 | Wall Street Journal | By CHRISTINA PASSARIELLO. Danone Expands Its Pantry to Woo the World's Poor.
Danone  multinationals  yogurt  consumer_goods  Bottom_of_the_Pyramid  dairy 
june 2010 by jerryking

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