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A Complete Guide to 'Limited HTML' on AO3 - CodenameCarrot - No Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
There are some great quick guides to HTML on A03. This is not one of them - it is a comprehensive guide, dividing all of the available tags into the following categories:

1. Text Formatting (in-line HTML)
2. Page Formatting (block HTML)
3. Tables and Lists
4. Links and Images

Each tag will have - at a minimum - a link to the w3schools page about it (so you can learn more), a code example, and the result of the code example.

It will also introduce tag attributes, ways to further refine formatting, for a few simple - but widely applicable - cases.
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7 weeks ago by jesse_the_k
Markdown Tutorial
Excellent brief lessons with preview
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may 2017 by jesse_the_k

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