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Always on top! Party in the front, business in the back.
app  software  mac 
june 2018 by jgillman
Cliclick // Carsten Blüm – Mac Development
cliclick is a shell tool for emulating mouse and keyboard events
mac  terminal  osx  mouse  click  cli  utility 
june 2016 by jgillman
Freeze - the ultimate Amazon Glacier file transfer client for Mac
Native app for Mac OS X ✔ transfer files from and to Amazon Glacier ✔ Available on the Mac App Store
aws  backup  mac  osx  storage  glacier  amazon 
october 2015 by jgillman
A plugin manager for zsh, inspired by oh-my-zsh and vundle.
cli  linux  shell  zsh  antigen  code  dotfiles  mac 
october 2015 by jgillman
aText - Typing accelerator - Text macro utility for Mac.
Exactly the same as TextExpander at a fraction of the cost!
app  automation  mac  software  snippets 
september 2015 by jgillman
Unlimited Online Backup - Easy, Secure Online Backup Services | Backblaze
Award winning unlimited online backup for only $5/month. Backblaze automatically backs up your data to the cloud. Click to learn more and start a free trial.
backup  mac  online  software  storage  tools  cloud  utilities  hosting  osx 
august 2015 by jgillman
The Build - Sebastiaan de With's Hack Pro
My current Hackintosh workstation with some recommendations.
hackintosh  mac  pro  diy 
july 2015 by jgillman
MacID - Unlock your Mac with just your fingerprint.
MacID is a secure, fast way to unlock your Mac using just your fingerprint. Download from the iOS App Store today!
ios  app  mac  security  osx  touchid  lock 
july 2015 by jgillman
| TripMode | Your Mac's mobile data savior.
TripMode is a small Mac app that helps you save mobile data when on the go. It stops online backups, updates, etc. from using your data in the background.
app  mac  osx  travel  apps  software  tethering  network  utilities  mobile 
july 2015 by jgillman
Übersicht- Keep an eye on what is happening on your machine and in the World.
software  mac  osx  widget  desktop  geektool 
february 2015 by jgillman
Make your Customers & your Team Happier
Shared inboxes for Email, Twitter, SMS & more.
collaboration  email  mac  saas  software  support  inbox  app  shared  business 
december 2014 by jgillman - Keep your Github Pull Requests on track. keeps your GitHub pull requests on track.
app  github  mac  osx 
october 2014 by jgillman
mackup - Keep your application settings in sync (OS X/Linux)
backup  dropbox  mac  osx  tools  sync  github  configuration  dotfiles  software 
october 2014 by jgillman
GitX-dev by rowanj
GitX-dev is a fork (variant) of GitX, a long-defunct GUI for the git version-control system. It has been maintained and enhanced with productivity and friendliness oriented changes, with effort focused on making a first-class, maintainable tool for today's active developers.
gitx  git  mac  software  osx 
september 2014 by jgillman
BZFlag - Home
BZFlag is a free online multiplayer 3D tank battle game. The name originates from "Battle Zone Capture The Flag". It runs on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, BSD, and other platforms. It was one of the most popular games ever on Silicon Graphics machines and continues to be developed and improved to this day.
gaming  linux  opensource  games  mac 
august 2014 by jgillman
install-all-firefox - bash script to install major Firefox versions on Mac OS X
browsers  firefox  mac  install  testing 
august 2014 by jgillman
Mac Buyer's Guide: Know When to Buy Your Mac, iPod or iPhone
This page provides a product summary for each Apple model. The intent is to provide our best recommendations regarding current product cycles, and to provide a summary of currently available rumors for each model.
apple  guide  hardware  mac  shopping  reference  osx  ipod  iphone  computer  lifecycle 
may 2014 by jgillman
OpenEmu - Multiple Video Game System
Console and Arcade video game emulator for Mac OSX
emulation  game  mac  osx  emulator  nes  snes 
december 2013 by jgillman
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