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Decoding LSI LogInfo Codes - Disk Survey
The common LSI SAS/SATA adapters report an error code when an IO fails by the HBA itself. These error codes by their nature are cryptic but do carry …
sas  scsi  lsi  work  decode  decipher  linux  kernel  error  code 
february 2016 by jlarocco
Map, map and flatMap in Scala - Michael Brunton-Spall
One of the things I like about Scala is it’s collections framework. As a non CS graduate I only very lightly covered functional programming at …
coding  scala  work 
june 2015 by jlarocco
org-mode-workshop/featureshow/ at master · novoid/org-mode-workshop
org-mode-workshop - Workshop for Org-mode with focus on todo-, project- and workflow-management
emacs  org-mode  work  coding 
february 2014 by jlarocco Friday Q&A 2014-01-24: Introduction to libclang
Might be able to use this for the white box testing project?
libclang  clang  c++  c  compiler  coding  work 
february 2014 by jlarocco
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