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2-hour-long meetings can impair cognitive functioning
'Study shoes three people in a conference room over 2 hours can result in a Co2 level that can impair cognitive functioning. Ie. If you’re making decisions at the end of the meeting, you’re mentally less qualified to do so.'

Well, I'd say that fatigue could also result in this, but it's interesting to see how unhealthy the typical office environment can be. (via Jeff Dean)
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4 weeks ago by jm
Why do remote meetings suck so much?
Unstructured, "caucus"-style meetings suck particularly badly for remote workers.
When audio/visual delays exacerbate the caucus problem for people who always get the floor in meetings, it looks to them like a new problem. It’s not new; it’s just normally experienced by people in meetings with lower caucus scores. Leadership doesn’t notice because people in leadership positions tend to have higher caucus scores, and being in a position of leadership also tends to boost your caucus score (basically because people interrupt you less). But that’s a weakness of the way we identify decision-makers: good ideas come from everywhere, and especially from people who do a lot of thinking and observing before they say anything.

Making meetings more accessible to remote employees doesn’t just make meetings more accessible to remote employees; it makes meetings more accessible to everyone. 
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6 weeks ago by jm
8,000 sq ft start-up meeting space revealed for Dublin
Neat. this is a good location for post-work user-group meetups and the like (via Oisin)
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august 2015 by jm
Rob "b3ta" Manuel in Dublin next week
The Bottom Half Of The Internet -- "Racism; typos; filth; spam; ignorance; rage – that's all the bottom half of the internet is good for, right? Rob Manuel wants you to question the internet dictum, most beloved of high-profile columnists, that you should ignore all of the comments all of the time. The 'war on comments', he reckons, might just be an echo of a fourth estate that's having trouble adjusting to the idea of an unwashed public disagreeing with their sacred opinions. Sous les pavés, la plage."

On Tuesday, le cool Dublin & Pilcrow present SPIEL. Rob Manuel is the flashy animator behind B3ta and he's joined by Ed Melvin, who wants to educate you on 'The Unreal Engines' of virtual currencies and economies.
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april 2013 by jm
Meeting Notes 2009 11 24 - Noisebridge
notes curated by Danny O'Brien: 'I have volunteered to take the meetynge notes in the style of a 17th century essayist.'
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november 2009 by jm

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