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Community:EduPak - NSDLWiki
OSS Digilib package (java and postgres -based)
digilibs  geek  ils 
april 2009 by jmignault
use with phone, defeat Verizon corruption
geek  phone 
december 2006 by jmignault
Common Lisp
YA Lisp overview and clearing house
programming  geek  lisp 
november 2006 by jmignault
Getting Real
Free hipster dev book online for free
geek  programming 
october 2006 by jmignault
Rails Forum
Rails clearinghouse/messageboard. Interestingly, announcement on front page bemoans lack of Rails-based message board app
rails  ruby  programming  geek 
august 2006 by jmignault
ruby blinksale code
atom and rrs2 fed templates for Rails
ruby  rails  geek  programming 
august 2006 by jmignault
retrievr - search by sketch / search by image
Doesn't really work well, but interesting concept
flickr  photography  geek 
august 2006 by jmignault
Names and addresses
The URN memo for dummies, or in english, depending on POV
web  geek  reference 
august 2006 by jmignault

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