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Mastodon Is Better than Twitter: Elevator Pitch | CodeSections
Mastodon Is Better than Twitter: Elevator Pitch Mastodon is a newcomer social media platform that is a lot like Twitter—shortmessages, followers, hashtags, all…
14 hours ago
Ryan Zinke Uses Climate-Fueled Wildfires to Boost the Timber Industry — and It’s Not the First Time
Wildfire season struck early this year. Before August, California’s Mendocino Complex fire was already the largest in the state’s history, and the Santa Ana…
21 hours ago
The Secret to Ant Efficiency Is Idleness
ScienceTake Video Ants have a lesson for humans on how to be more productive: Less is more. Here’s the ingenious trick the insects deploy for maximizing…
23 hours ago
Brett Kavanaugh Chose Corporations Over the Public in a Major Net Neutrality Fight
Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, will have his Senate confirmation hearings next month. An exacting look at his judicial record is crucial to understand where he stands on issues of critical importance to the American people. In one such case, United States Telecom Association. v. FCC, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals was called upon to review the constitutionality of the Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality regulations from 2015. Kavanaugh’s dissenting opinion places a troublingly limited value on the free speech interests of the public relative to those of internet service providers.In his United States Telecom dissent, Kavanaugh acknowledges the importance of the net neutrality issue, writing that:The FCC’s 2015 net neutrality rule is one of the most consequential regulations ever issued by any executive or independent agency in the history of the United States. The rule transforms the Internet … prohibiting Internet service providers from exercising ed
corporateIndemnity  ISP  netNeutrality  trumpAristocracy 
23 hours ago
Netflix will now interrupt series binges with video ads for its other series
Netflix confirms “test”; video ads appear with a “but first, check out...” prompt.
23 hours ago
Sex Workers Are Rallying Behind a Democratic Socialist Running for New York Senate
Julia Salazar, a candidate for the New York state Senate, is doing what few Democratic politicians have done before: taking sex workers’ rights seriously. The…
'Complete Joke': Democrats Ripped for Totally Failing to Grill FCC Chair Ajit Pai Over Net Neutrality Cyberattack Lies
“There were many opportunities to talk about how the FCC misled the press and mistreated reporters. That should have been the story of this hearing, but they didn’t make Pai sweat nearly enough.”
governmentIncompetence  governmentLies  netNeutrality 
2 days ago
Rice to the Rescue - Researchers develop transgenic rice plant that expresses 3 different proteins that can stop HIV from entering human cells. The finding could lead to a less costly, easier way of producing prophylactics that could stop the spread of HI
AMES, Iowa – Extracts from transgenic rice plants could help stop the spread of HIV, according to research results from an international effort that included an Iowa State University scientist. Raziel Antonio-Ordonez, a postdoctoral researcher in agronomy, contributed to a research team that successfully developed a transgenic rice plant that expresses three different proteins that can stop human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) from entering human cells. The finding could lead to a less costly, easier way of producing prophylactics that could stop the spread of HIV, particularly in the developing world. The peer-reviewed academic journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published the research findings. The research team also included scientists from the Universitat de Lleida-Agrotecnio Center in Spain; the IrsiCaixa AIDS Research Institute, Spain; the National Cancer Institute; Imperial College in London and the Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies. The team was led by Paul Christ
scienceAdvancement  healthcareAdvancement 
2 days ago
Everything You Need To Know About Alignment in Flexbox
#353 — August 15, 2018

Read on the Web

Frontend Focus

webhint: A Linting Tool for Web Best Practices — A customizable (and extensible) tool that checks your…
2 days ago
New Ways to Track Internet Browsing
Interesting research on web tracking: "Who Left Open the Cookie Jar? A Comprehensive Evaluation of Third-Party Cookie Policies:

Abstract: Nowadays, cookies are…
2 days ago
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2 days ago
Donald Trump's Military Parade Could Feed Every Homeless Veteran for Almost 9 Months, Based on Reported New Cost
The total price tag is $80 million more than the original $12 million the Pentagon estimated, according to a new report.
trumpIncompetence  governmentMalfeasance  militaryMalfeasence 
2 days ago
Former South African police officer found dead after revealing alleged details of a secret government paedophile ring.
South Africa is gripped by the mysterious death of an ex-policeman who exposed an alleged paedophile ring in the former regime.
corruption  oligarchy 
2 days ago
Google Staff Tell Bosses China Censorship is “Moral and Ethical” Crisis
Google employees are demanding answers from the company’s leadership amid growing internal protests over plans to launch a censored search engine in…
2 days ago
Brett Kavanaugh Opponents Are Raising Money for Sen. Susan Collins’s 2020 Opponent — but Will Refund It If She Votes “No”
When Judge Brett Kavanaugh begins his Supreme Court confirmation hearings this fall, all eyes will be on a pair of Republican senators: Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski…
2 days ago
Black Hat Hacker Conference Begins to Grapple With Gender Discrimination and Sexual Assault in Cybersecurity
Black Hat has established its reputation as a world-famous hacker conference by drawing attention to the complex problems in cybersecurity that no one else has…
2 days ago
Paige Icardi
Who are you, and what do you do?

Hi! My name is Paige Icardi. What I do currently is drastically different than what I've been doing for the past 5…
2 days ago
Flame Graphs, Browser Paint, Service Workers, High Availability & Good-looking Content! 👠 — Pony Foo Weekly
We’re glad you could make it this week!

With your help, we can make Pony Foo Weekly even more awesome: send tips about cool resources.

Performance Gems

2 days ago
It is a sign of how rough the digital subscription business is for non-national newspapers that reaching 36,000 dig…
2 days ago
130 Chicago Officers Account for 29 Percent of Police Shootings
From Michael Brown to Laquan McDonald, the names of victims of police shootings have become rallying cries for police reform across America. Reporters have…
2 days ago
Invisible Institute Relaunches the Citizens Police Data Project
Today the Invisible Institute, in collaboration with The Intercept, releases the Citizens Police Data Project 2.0, a public database containing the disciplinary…
2 days ago
U.S. and Mexico to announce joint plan to fight drug cartels
U.S. and Mexican law enforcement authorities will set up a joint team based in Chicago targeting the leaders and finances of drug cartels that ship opioids into the United States, aiming to stanch a spike in overdose deaths, officials said on Wednesday.
3 days ago
Treasury Department deletes Trump retweet touting 'Red Wave' that experts say was a violation of the Hatch Act
Government ethics experts immediately sounded the alarm, suggesting it may have been a violation of the Hatch Act, which prohibits federal employees from engaging in political activity while on the job.
trumpIncompetence  trumpAristocracy  trumpCorruption  informationWar 
3 days ago
328 NSA Documents Reveal “Vast Network” of Iranian Agents, Details of a Key Intelligence Coup, and A Fervor for Voice Matching Technology
It began not by tapping enemy insurgents’ phones or capturing their emails, but by following the money.

When the National Security Agency discovered that Iran…
3 days ago
$100 Million Was Once Big Money for a Start-Up. Now, It’s Common.
Credit Jon Reinfurt In late April, when Mike Massaro set out to get $40 million to $75 million in funding for his payments start-up, Flywire, he contacted a…
3 days ago
Repair or Replace
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3 days ago
As Twitter Suspends Alex Jones, Should We Worry About Silicon Valley Regulating Speech
Apple, Facebook, Spotify, and YouTube’s decision to ban right-wing shock jock Alex Jones and his media site, Infowars, from their platforms in early August has…
3 days ago
Elizabeth Warren’s Accountable Capitalism Act, explained - Vox
My hope is that by the end of the 2020 primary Warren will be considered the "centrist" candidate.
3 days ago
Newly elected Mexico lawmaker kidnapped
Gunmen shot at the car of Veracruz lawmaker-elect Norma Azucena Rodríguez Zamora and abducted her.
securityNegligence  governmentIncompetence  drugProhibition 
3 days ago
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