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The Monopolist in the House Rep. David Trone’s Wine Company Seeks to Overturn a Constitutional Amendment
President Donald Trump has been reasonably condemned for attempting to trash the Constitution. But there’s only one active politician in America working to…
january 2019
TS Tricks: Type Guards
With everyone getting excited about Typescript I thought it'd be fun to do a walkthrough of one of my favorite features, type guards. These are type-safe…
january 2019
China reduces army by half, increases size of navy and air force as part of an "unprecedented" strategic shift.
China News: China’s military, the world’s largest force, has cut the size of its land-based army by about 50 per cent and significantly boosted its navy and air f
globalGameOfThrones  militaryTactics 
january 2019
Extreme heatwave in Australia results in mass death of wild horses - the third major incident of mass animal deaths during recent record hot weather
A mass feral horse death at the base of a dry waterhole in Central Australia has been blamed on an extreme heatwave in the region.
january 2019
Trump Stared At Walls, Wandered Out Of Room While Ryan Explained Health Care
In excerpts from former communications staffer Cliff Sims’ new White House exposé, President Donald Trump is at times irate, paranoid...
january 2019
“Trump Is Screaming. He’s So Mad at Rudy”: Giuliani’s Fate Is Uncertain After Botched Interviews
As Giuliani’s unforced errors pile up, former West Wing officials and 2016 campaign veterans are privately debating what’s gone wrong with Rudy.
trumpAristocracy  trumpStupidity 
january 2019
Valve Breaks the Shackles of Proton – Boiling Steam
Valve has just updated Steam’s client (at least the beta one) to introduce some very welcome changes for Linux gamers. There are two major ones. First , Steam…
january 2019
Why you should re-read Paradise Lost
Milton’s Paradise Lost is rarely read today. But this epic poem, 350 years old this month, remains a work of unparalleled imaginative genius that shapes English…
january 2019
7.3.0 Released: Named capturing groups, private instance accessors and smart pipelines · Babel
After over 80 commits, the latest Babel minor release is here! This release includes support for named capturing groups in regular expressions, private instance…
january 2019
CO2/ventilation sleep experiment -
Some psychology studies find that CO2 impairs cognition, and some sleep studies find that better ventilation may improve sleep quality. Use of a Netatmo air…
january 2019
Carbon capture system turns CO2 into electricity and hydrogen fuel: Inspired by the ocean's role as a natural carbon sink, researchers have developed a new system that absorbs CO2 and produces electricity and useable hydrogen fuel. The new device, a Hybri
Inspired by the ocean’s role as a natural carbon sink, researchers at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) and Georgia Tech have developed a new system that absorbs CO2 and produces electricity and useable hydrogen fuel.
scienceAdvancement  climateChange  win 
january 2019
Solar and wind are booming, while coal keeps shrinking
The boom in solar and wind power in the United States will deal a fresh blow to coal country in the next few years.
greenEconomy  win 
january 2019
"Low energy": Trump works less than most Americans
In a Special Report, MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent, Ari Melber, examines Trump’s first two years in office and a scandal hiding in plain sight: mounting evidence that there are stretches of time when Trump avoids doing most of the work of the Presidency. Melber breaks down how Trump has demonstrated a “new low” in Presidential work ethic, coming into the office late, play golf frequently, spending “Executive Time” watching TV and making personal calls and failing to make many key Government appointments in the State, Defense and other departments.
january 2019
Paul Weinstein
Who are you, and what do you do?

I'm Paul Weinstein, a.k.a. Chipocrite. I'm a chiptune artist who makes music with Nintendo Game Boys, often accompanied by…
january 2019
Protests erupt in Pakistan after Police killed parents in front of the kids claiming them to be terrorists
According to CTD, those killed were “terrorists” belonging to terror outfit Daesh. Also present in the car were the couple’s three other children. While the minor son sustained a bullet injury, the two daughters are reported to be safe.
popularUnrest  theTerrorismExcuse  governmentOverreach  mesopotamia 
january 2019
World's 26 richest people own as much as poorest 50%, says Oxfam
Charity calls for 1% wealth tax, saying it would raise enough to educate every child not in school
january 2019
Here's Why You Don't Need to Exercise for Hours a Week to Look and Feel Better, According to Science
It's the time of year for self-improvement . But if getting healthy is on your list of ways to be a better version of yourself , know this: it doesn't…
january 2019
Clever Smartphone Malware Concealment Technique
This is clever:

Malicious apps hosted in the Google Play market are trying a clever trick to avoid detection -- they monitor the motion-sensor input of an…
january 2019
Learn how to automate your newsroom
Updates from Hacks/Hackers chapters around the world.

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Hello hacks and hackers! Interested in learning about the impact of AI…
january 2019
Trouble hiring senior engineers? It's probably you - Hiring Engineers
Undeniably, hiring senior software engineers is hard. However, I don’t buy into the narrative that the market is completely dried out. Throughout my career,…
january 2019
Install using npm npm install --save react-top-loading-bar using yarn yarn add react-top-loading-bar Usage import React , { Component } from " react " ; import…
january 2019
Facebook open-sources mobile image transcoding library
Mobile Dev Weekly

January 18, 2019   #239

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Check If Your Native App Is Installed With getInstalledRelatedApps — This in-development…
january 2019
A Problem for Kamala Harris Can a Prosecutor Become President in the Age of Black Lives Matter
Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., listens to testimony from U.S. Attorney General nominee William Barr during his confirmation hearing on Jan. 15, 2019 in…
january 2019
Sheriff Ends Cooperation With ICE After Agency Tried to Deport U.S. Marine Born in Michigan
A sheriff’s department in Michigan is ending a controversial agreement with ICE after the agency put a U.S. Marine into administrative detention over false claims that he was an undocumented immigrant.
immigration  governmentOverreach  policeoverreach  casteingTheLowerClass 
january 2019
The US and UK have let xenophobia bring them to the brink
The UK still has no Brexit deal, and the US is enduring the longest government shutdown in its history over funding for a border wall.
fearmongering  theTerrorismExcuse  immigration  casteingTheLowerClass  popularUnrest  governmentIncompetence  endOfTheUSEmpire 
january 2019
There are five types of insomnia, each with its own distinct features, according to a recent study. By enlisting the help of thousands of volunteer participants for the study, the scientists were able to discover that insomnia is a more complicated health
Insomnia is a much-dreaded health issue, but emerging research may make the disorder easier to identify, and subsequently treat. As it turns out, insomnia is not a “one-size-fits-all” health issue, so to speak: A new study discovered there are five…
january 2019
Having hobbies that require me to use different areas of my brain (and especially elements away from computing) hav…
january 2019
Why I've stopped exporting defaults from my JavaScript modules - Human Who Codes
Last week, I tweeted something that got quite a few surprising responses: In 2019, one of the things I’m going to do is stop exporting things as default from my…
january 2019
Almost 1000 curated React projects and resources
#121 — January 16, 2019

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react status

Lucid: A React-GraphQL Debugging Tool — A Chrome-based developer tool designed to help you debug React…
january 2019
72% of people whose genetic data is used in studies came from just 3 countries: the UK (40%), the US (19%), and Iceland (12%). Meanwhile, 76% of the world's population lives in Africa and Asia. For precision medicine to be effective, more diverse particip
Melinda Mills and Charles Rahal discuss genome-wide association studies published in the last 13 years, finding increases in sample sizes, rates of discovery, and traits studied over time. They discuss limitations, including sample diversity, and make recommendations for scientists and funding bodies.
healthcareIncompetence  racism  scienceIncompetence 
january 2019
Federal judge unseals trove of internal Facebook documents about how it made money off children
Facebook’s own employees worried they were bamboozling children who racked up hundreds, and sometimes even thousands, of dollars in game charges, documents show.
january 2019
Pentagon Confirms Climate Change Is A National Security Threat, Contradicting Trump
The military walks a fine line between the White House’s official climate denialism and the stark realities of a warming planet.
trumpIncompetence  trumpPropaganda  trumpLies  climateChange 
january 2019
The more drugmakers wowed doctors with gifts and lunches, the more people died of drug overdoses, study shows
“Our findings suggest that direct-to-physician opioid marketing may counter current national efforts to reduce the number of opioids prescribed.”
healthcareMalfeasance  healthcareCorruption  corporateCorruption 
january 2019
Moving from Flow to TypeScript for static typing
#420 — January 18, 2019

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JavaScript Weekly

Exploring JavaScript Modules: From IIFEs to CommonJS to ES6 Modules — A commonly 'under-learned'…
january 2019
Google Faces Renewed Protests and Criticism Over China Search Project
Google is facing a new campaign of global protests over its plan to launch a censored version of its search engine in China.

On Friday, a coalition of Chinese,…
january 2019
This repository provides examples and best practices for building recommendation systems, provided as Jupyter notebooks. The examples detail our learnings on…
january 2019
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