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Kansas Official Tells Black Woman He's Member of the 'Master Race:' 'Don't Ever Forget That'
“You have a gap in your teeth. We are part of the master race, don’t ever forget that,” said Leavenworth County Commissioner Louis Klemp.
racism  governmentOverreach  casteingTheLowerClass 
13 hours ago by joeybaker
Constitutional Amendment 4 passes, restoring voting rights to former felons
Oliver called Florida “the disenfranchisement capital of America” and said the process for felons to regain voting rights was “insane.”
casteingTheLowerClass  governmentOverreach  voterSuppression  prisonSystemAbuse  win 
9 days ago by joeybaker
Black Voters in Georgia Say Something Funny Is Going on With Their Voting Machines
After voters alerted the NAACP of irregularities with voting machines across Georgia, including vote-switching and touch screen malfunctions, the organization has filed complaints with the State Board of Elections for possible voter suppression tactics.
governmentIncompetence  digitalDemocracy  casteingTheLowerClass  voterSuppression 
22 days ago by joeybaker
Motorola Becomes First Smartphone Company to Sell DIY Repair Kits to Its Customers
As Apple continues to fight independent repair, Motorola partners with iFixit and supports the right to repair movement.
casteingTheLowerClass  casteingTheMiddleClass  corporateCorruption  win 
23 days ago by joeybaker
Mitch McConnell says it out loud: Republicans are gunning for Social Security, Medicare and Obamacare next
Republicans haven’t hidden their desire to gut Social Security and Medicare, but they’ve seldom been as open about it as now.
casteingTheLowerClass  casteingTheMiddleClass  trumpAristocracy 
25 days ago by joeybaker
Analysis: Brian Kemp has purged over 300,000 voters from Georgia rolls
Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp is accused of seeking to suppress the black vote ahead of his big election
casteingTheLowerClass  voterSuppression  racism 
25 days ago by joeybaker
Mitch McConnell Calls for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid Cuts After Passing Tax Cuts, Massive Defense Spending
After instituting a $1.5 trillion tax cut, the Senate majority leader said Tuesday that the only way to lower the record-high federal deficit would be to cut entitlement programs.
governmentIncompetence  governmentMalfeasance  casteingTheMiddleClass  casteingTheLowerClass  kleptocracy 
4 weeks ago by joeybaker
Samsung Electronics chairman indicted on charges of union sabotage
The chairman of Samsung Electronic’s board of directors, has been indicted for allegedly sabotaging unions formed within the company
casteingTheMiddleClass  casteingTheLowerClass  corporateConsolidation 
7 weeks ago by joeybaker
Study shows that insulin prices could be much lower and drug makers would still make healthy profits
Introduction High prices for insulin pose a barrier to treatment for people living with diabetes, with an estimated 50% of 100 million patients needing insulin lacking reliable access. As insulin analogues replace regular human insulin (RHI) globally, their relative prices will become increasingly important. Three originator companies control 96% of the global insulin market, and few biosimilar insulins are available. We estimated the price reductions that could be achieved if numerous biosimilar manufacturers entered the insulin market. Methods Data on the price of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) exported from India were retrieved from an online customs database. Manufacturers of insulins were contacted for price quotes. Where market API prices could not be identified, prices were estimated based on comparison of similarity, in terms of manufacturing process, with APIs for which prices were available. Potential biosimilar prices were estimated by adding costs of excipients, formulation, transport, dev
corporateCorruption  healthcareMalfeasance  casteingTheLowerClass  kleptocracy 
7 weeks ago by joeybaker
Nearly a third of US young adults in a new study (N = 3,050, 18–24 years) were found to be “financially precarious” because they had poor financial literacy and lacked money management skills and income stability.
Nearly a third of young adults ages 18-24 were ‘financially precarious,’ lacked financial literacy and had poor money-management skills, a University of Illinois scholar found in a new study.
educationIncompetence  casteingTheLowerClass  casteingTheMiddleClass 
11 weeks ago by joeybaker
Beto O’Rourke calls on Texas to decriminalize pot, stop arresting so many students
Dallas News: your source for breaking news and analysis for Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas and around the world. Read it here, first.
popularism  drugProhibition  casteingTheLowerClass  win 
11 weeks ago by joeybaker
Elections consultant fired over proposal to close Georgia precincts
An elections consultant who proposed closing seven out of nine precincts in Randolph County has been fired as the county’s elections board plans a vote on the issue Friday.
localizedGovernment  racism  governmentOverreach  casteingTheLowerClass  win 
12 weeks ago by joeybaker
Senate rejects Paul's effort to strip Planned Parenthood of federal funding
The Senate rejected an effort by GOP Sen. Rand Paul (Ky.) to attach a provision blocking federal funding for Planned Parenthood to a massive government spending bill.
casteingTheLowerClass  healthcare  governmentIncompetence  cultureWars  win 
12 weeks ago by joeybaker
New study finds that, contrary to expectations, female sexualisation on social media is *not* related to gender inequality. Instead, they found that local income inequality was a far better predictor of whether women tended to post sexualised pictures of
Female sexualization is increasing, and scholars are divided on whether this trend reflects a form of gendered oppression or an expression of female competitiveness. Here, we proxy local status competition with income inequality, showing that female sexualization and physical appearance enhancement are most prevalent in environments that are economically unequal. We found no association with gender oppression. Exploratory analyses show that the association between economic inequality and sexualization is stronger in developed nations. Our findings have important implications: Sexualization manifests in response to economic conditions but does not covary with female subordination. These results raise the possibility that sexualization may be a marker of social climbing among women that track the degree of status competition in the local environment. Publicly displayed, sexualized depictions of women have proliferated, enabled by new communication technologies, including the internet and mobile devices. These d
12 weeks ago by joeybaker
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