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War is a Racket
War is a Racket By General Smedley D. Butler That war is a racket has been told us by many, but rarely by one of this stature.
cyclesOfHumanHistory  corruptedMilitary  plutocracy 
december 2016 by joeybaker
How Stable Are Democracies? ‘Warning Signs Are Flashing Red’
To answer that question, Mr. Mounk teamed up with Roberto Stefan Foa, a political scientist at the University of Melbourne in Australia. They have since gathered and crunched data on the strength of
generationGap  globalUnrest  cyclesOfHumanHistory  authoritarianism 
december 2016 by joeybaker
Our Favorite Cliche - A World Filled With Idiots
... or Why Film and Fiction Routinely Depict Society and its Citizens as Fools By David Brin, Ph.D. It can be hard to notice things you take for granted
informationWar  cyclesOfHumanHistory 
november 2016 by joeybaker
Shirtless Trump Saves Drowning Kitten
Is anyone surprised that Mark Zuckerberg doesn't feel responsible? One of the luxuries of power in Silicon Valley is the luxury to deny that your power exists. It wasn't you, it was the algorithm.
governmentIncompetence  fourthEstate  governmentLies  casteingTheLowerClass  endOfTheGOP  notSiliconValley  corporateIndemnity  endOfTheDNC  cyclesOfHumanHistory  popularism 
november 2016 by joeybaker
It's Charisma, Stupid
November 2004, corrected June 2006Occam's razor says we should prefer the simpler of two explanations. I begin by reminding readers of this principle because I'm about to propose a theory that will
november 2016 by joeybaker
Why the Industrial Revolution didn’t happen in China
(Washington Post illustration; iStockphoto) To economic historians like Joel Mokyr, there's nothing inevitable about the incredible wealth and health of the modern world. But for a spark in a little
october 2016 by joeybaker
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