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Trump vowed to eliminate the debt in 8 years. He’s on track to leave it at least 50 percent higher.
Trump has cut taxes and increased spending so far in his tenure, a recipe that is causing the annual deficit to top $1 trillion for the first time in good economic times.
governmentMalfeasance  trumpIncompetence  endOfTheGOP 
7 days ago by joeybaker
McConnell won't allow vote on election reform bill
“What is the problem we’re trying to solve here?” McConnell asked.
oligarchy  endOfTheGOP 
13 days ago by joeybaker
Trey Gowdy, Who Led 11-Hour Benghazi Hearing, Declares Public Congressional Hearings ‘Utterly Useless’
The architect of 2015’s infamous 11-hour Hillary Clinton hearing on Benghazi calls it ‘an unmitigated failure.’
endOfTheGOP  trumpPropaganda 
15 days ago by joeybaker
The Republican Party Completely and Utterly Disgraced Itself at Michael Cohen's Hearing
The questioning from these products of the conservative bubble world was so bad it made a career hoodlum look good.
endOfTheGOP  trumpAristocracy 
20 days ago by joeybaker
GOP Finally Has Documented Case of Election Fraud — Committed by Republicans
The GOP pushes voter suppression to fight imaginary fraud, but that wouldn’t have stopped Republicans accused of tainting a North Carolina House race.
endOfTheGOP  voterSuppression 
25 days ago by joeybaker
Why doesn’t the ‘voter fraud’ crowd care about what happened in North Carolina?
I served on Trump’s now-defunct fraud commission. Its members are ignoring alarming reports out of a House race.
endOfTheGOP  voterSuppression  trumpPropaganda 
27 days ago by joeybaker
North Carolina Election Board Finds Evidence Of Significant Fraud To Help GOP Candidate
The board’s executive director said an operative for candidate Mark Harris tried to conceal illegal acts with absentee ballots.
corruptedPolitics  corruption  governmentIncompetence  endOfTheGOP  voterSuppression  endOfTheUSEmpire 
29 days ago by joeybaker
Top GOP senators propose repealing estate tax, which is expected to be paid by fewer than 2,000 Americans a year
The proposal, backed by three of the top Republicans in the Senate, comes as leading Democrats call for dramatically increasing taxes on the wealthy.
endOfTheGOP  plutocracy 
7 weeks ago by joeybaker
Lindsey Graham renews probe into Hillary's emails; Democrats burst out laughing
New Judiciary Committee chair is eager for yet another go at Hillary and the FBI; Dems suggest Michael Cohen
endOfTheGOP  governmentIncompetence 
7 weeks ago by joeybaker
Chief justice of the California Supreme Court leaves the Republican Party, citing Brett Kavanaugh
California Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye has quietly given up her Republican registration and re-registered as a no-party preference voter, citing the Kavanaugh U.S. Supreme Court nomination and saying she had become increasingly uncomfortable with the GOP’s direction nationally and in the state. Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye of the California Supreme Court has left the Republican Party, the latest high-profile defection from the GOP.
december 2018 by joeybaker
Paul Ryan says one of his biggest regrets is the ballooning federal deficit. The evidence shows he has himself to blame.
House Speaker Paul Ryan on Thursday said one of his biggest letdowns was the increasing federal deficit, but he helped make the debt situation worse.
politicalLies  endOfTheGOP  endOfTheUSEmpire 
november 2018 by joeybaker
In at least three states, Republicans lost the popular vote but won the House
Gerrymandering might be an even bigger issue at the state legislative level than at the federal level, but it doesn’t get talked about as much.
endOfTheGOP  voterSuppression 
november 2018 by joeybaker
Midterms: Poorest states have Republican legislatures, and richest have Democratic ones
Heading into midterms, Republicans are the party of the poor and Democrats a the party of the rich. Look at state legislatures in the poorest states.
october 2018 by joeybaker
Brian Kemp Is Blocking 53K Applicants From Registering To Vote, Most Of Them Black
Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp’s (R) office is blocking 53,000 people from registering to vote, according to records obtained...
corruptedPolitics  racism  endOfTheGOP 
october 2018 by joeybaker
Activists Pledge $1.9 Million to Susan Collins’s Democratic Challenger If She Votes to Confirm Brett Kavanaugh
Susan Collins calls efforts to influence her vote on Brett Kavanaugh a “bribe,” despite her history of welcoming millions in corporate donations.
october 2018 by joeybaker
Ex-GOP Donor Urges Support for Dems in Midterms: 'Democracy is at Stake'
Former GOP mega-donor Seth Klarman urged voters to support Democrats in the coming midterm elections and said in a recent interview that he believes “democracy is at stake.”
september 2018 by joeybaker
That Anonymous Op-Ed Was About Saving the GOP — Not the Republic
A New York Times essay by an unnamed administration official reads like the opening gambit in a push for a Pence presidency.
endOfTheGOP  trumpAristocracy 
september 2018 by joeybaker
Republicans Are Terrified of What Democrats Will Uncover If They Take Back the House
For two years, Paul Ryan has ensured that the Trump administration doesn’t have to answer to voters. That could change soon.
endOfTheGOP  endOfTheUSEmpire  governmentLies  governmentIncompetence 
august 2018 by joeybaker
Sanders-backed Andrew Gillum wins major upset in Florida Dem gov primary
Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, a progressive aligned with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), pulled off a stunning win in Florida’s Democratic gubernatorial primary on Tuesday, edging out former Rep. Gwen Graham (D-Fla.).
endOfTheDNC  popularism  endOfTheGOP 
august 2018 by joeybaker
Climate change denial strongly linked to right-wing nationalism, finds a new study.
Scientific awareness of the greenhouse effect, and human influence on the climate has existed for over three decades. During the 1980s, there was a strong environmental movement and a political consensus on the issue, but in recent years, climate change denial – denying that changes to the climate a
climateChange  popularStupidity  popularIgnorance  endOfTheGOP  corruptedScience 
august 2018 by joeybaker
Audience bursts out laughing after GOP Senate candidate says Trump is ‘standing up’ to Russia
Republican Senate nominee Corey Stewart (Va.) was interrupted by audience laughter during a debate on Saturday after saying President Trump “stands up” to Russia.
endOfTheGOP  trumpAristocracy  popularUnrest 
july 2018 by joeybaker
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