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Facebook employees react to the latest scandals: “Why does our company suck at having a moral compass?”
Employees at the California tech giant are reacting with a mixture of frustration with senior executives and distrust of the media.
ethicalEngineering  corporateCorruption  corporateLies  corporateIndemnity 
november 2018 by joeybaker
surveillance, whistleblowing, and security engineering
Yesterday morning, Reuters dropped a news story revealing that Yahoo installed a backdoor on their own infrastructure in 2015 in compliance with a secret order from either the FBI or the NSA. While
informationSecurity  informationObscurity  ethicalEngineering  corporateCorruption  corporateIndemnity  surveillanceState  governmentOverreach 
december 2016 by joeybaker
Medical Equipment Crashes During Heart Procedure Because of Antivirus Scan
A critical medical equipment crashed during a heart procedure due to a timely scan triggered by the antivirus software installed on the PC to which the said device was sending data for logging and
may 2016 by joeybaker

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