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The decline of local newspapers reduces competition in mayoral elections and is linked to lower voter turnout.
Subscription and open access journals from SAGE Publishing, the world’s leading independent academic publisher.
14 days ago by joeybaker
Panama Papers helps recover more than $1.6B around the world
Canada’s Revenue Agency has released its first figures, saying it has assessed $14.9 million in tax and fines from audits into Canadians in the Panama Papers,
corruption  kleptocracy  fourthEstate  win 
16 days ago by joeybaker
Pinterest's perfect response to misinformation
The Interface - Programming note: The Interface will be off Thursday as I finish up a project that I will share with you next week.Since the reckoning over socia
fourthEstate  informationWar 
8 weeks ago by joeybaker
Trump declares New York Times 'enemy of the people'
President Trump on Wednesday labeled The New York Times “a true enemy of the people” one day after an extensive report detailing the ways in which he has sought to influence the investigations into his presidency and allies.
trumpAuthoritarianism  trumpPropaganda  fourthEstate 
8 weeks ago by joeybaker
Maria Ressa, one of the Philippines' most high-profile journalists and a vocal critic of Duterte, served with an ​arrest warrant in the ​Philippines.
Maria Ressa, a high-profile Philippine journalist and vocal critic of the country’s president, was arrested Wednesday in connection with “cyber libel” charges against Rappler, the news site she oversees.
authoritarianism  fourthEstate 
9 weeks ago by joeybaker
The Ajit Pai FCC Often Battles FOIA Requests For No Reason, Showcasing Its Hostility To Transparency
You might recall that FCC boss Ajit Pai promised to operate the “most transparent” FCC ever. Initially, Pai lived up to that promise by changing FCC policy so that FCC orders would be released before they were voted on; a pretty obvious...
authoritarianism  governmentOverreach  fourthEstate  censorship 
january 2019 by joeybaker
Expert: Acosta video distributed by White House was doctored
NEW YORK (AP) — A video distributed by the Trump administration to support its argument for banning CNN reporter Jim Acosta from the White House appears to have been doctored to make Acosta look more aggressive than he was during an exchange with a White House intern, an independent expert said Thursday. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted the video, which shows Acosta asking President Donald Trump a question on Wednesday as the intern tries to take his microphone away. But a frame-by-frame comparison with an Associated Press video of the same incident shows that the one tweeted by Sanders appears to have been altered to speed up Acosta’s arm movement as he touches the intern’s arm, according to Abba Shapiro, an independent video producer who examined the footage at AP’s request.
fourthEstate  trumpPropaganda  trumpLies 
november 2018 by joeybaker
Ted Cruz declines, so challenger Beto O’Rourke gets an hour on national TV by himself
U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz won’t appear in a CNN debate with Democratic challenger U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke. So CNN decides to give Beto an hour long town hall in McAllen just weeks before the Nov. 6 election.
october 2018 by joeybaker
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