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#NeverTrump Neocons Try to Make Peace With “Unfit” President
Neoconservatives spent months attacking Donald Trump, arguing that he has been insufficiently supportive of overseas military intervention. But the news that
oligarchy  governmentRevolvingDoor 
november 2016 by joeybaker
With SEC head’s resignation, field clears for Trump to cut back regulations
Mary Jo White, the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission, on Monday announced that she would step down two years before the end of her term, clearing the way for President-elect Donald Trump
governmentRevolvingDoor  pressStupidity  trumpAuthoritarianism 
november 2016 by joeybaker
Drinks, junkets and jobs: How the insurance industry courts state commissioners
When the Arkansas insurance commissioner weighed the merits of a hospital’s billing complaint against United Healthcare, her interactions with one of the nation’s largest health insurers extended far
governmentRevolvingDoor  corruptedPolitics  corruption 
october 2016 by joeybaker
The Secret Justice System That Lets Executives Escape Their Crimes
Imagine a private, global super court that empowers corporations to bend countries to their will.Say a nation tries to prosecute a corrupt CEO or ban dangerous pollution. Imagine that a company could
corporateCorruption  governmentLies  casteingTheLowerClass  plutocracy  corruption  governmentOverreach  governmentIncompetence  governmentRevolvingDoor  globalization  kleptocracy  corporateIndemnity  governmentMalfeasance 
october 2016 by joeybaker
Why Wells Fargo’s Executives Will Keep Their Bonuses, Even After Fake Accounts Scandal
Last week, Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf testified before the Senate Banking Committee after the bank paid fines for creating over two million fake customer accounts to boost their sales growth
governmentIncompetence  bankMalfeasance  plutocracy  governmentRevolvingDoor 
september 2016 by joeybaker
John Boehner Cashes Out, Joins Corporate Lobbying Firm That Represents China
John Boehner, the retired Speaker of the House, is monetizing his decades of political relationships and cashing out to serve some of the most powerful special interests in the world. Boehner is
governmentRevolvingDoor  plutocracy 
september 2016 by joeybaker
Panama Papers Source Offers Documents To Governments, Hints At More To Come
The anonymous whistleblower behind the Panama Papers has conditionally offered to make the documents available to government authorities. In a statement issued to the German newspaper
wealthGap  governmentLies  governmentIncompetence  governmentRevolvingDoor  plutocracy  *****  corruption 
may 2016 by joeybaker
Former Tax Lobbyists Are Writing the Rules on Tax Dodging
The secret tax-dodging strategies of the global elite in China, Russia, Brazil, the U.K., and beyond were exposed in speculator fashion by the recent Panama Papers investigation, fueling a worldwide
corruption  plutocracy  corporateIndemnity  governmentRevolvingDoor 
april 2016 by joeybaker
Congress Keeps Holding Repeated, Pointless Hearings Just To Punish The FCC For Standing Up To ISPs On Net Neutrality | Techdirt
In the year since the FCC passed net neutrality rules, ISP allies in Congress have run the agency through an endless gauntlet of show-pony hearings. While most of these hearings profess to be focused
netNeutrality  governmentLies  governmentIncompetence  governmentRevolvingDoor 
march 2016 by joeybaker
Larry Fink and His BlackRock Team Poised to Take Over Hillary Clinton’s Treasury Department
Goldman Sachs paid Hillary Clinton $675,000 for three speeches, but an even bigger Wall Street player stands ready to mold and enact her economic and financial policy if she becomes president.
governmentRevolvingDoor  kleptocracy  plutocracy 
march 2016 by joeybaker
Former Google CEO Schmidt to head new Pentagon innovation board
SAN FRANCISCO Eric Schmidt, the former chief executive officer of Google, will head a new Pentagon advisory board aimed at bringing Silicon Valley innovation and best practices to the U.S. military,
march 2016 by joeybaker
N.Y. Governor Hands Top Wall Street Regulatory Job to a Defender of Wall Street
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Thursday handed a critically important bank regulatory position to a longtime donor and corporate lawyer who defended financial institutions in private practice.
corruptedPolitics  bankMalfeasance  governmentRevolvingDoor 
january 2016 by joeybaker
From Google Payroll to Government and Back Again
Joshua Wright, whose term as a Republican commissioner at the Federal Trade Commission ended in August, has joined the antitrust practice of Wilson Sonsini Goodrich
january 2016 by joeybaker
Ex-Obama Aide Known As “Hedge Funds’ Secret Weapon” Assails Bernie Sanders’ Wall Street Overhaul
In response to a plan that Bernie Sanders offered this week to break up Wall Street banks, former top Obama economic adviser Austan Goolsbee took to Twitter to criticize the Vermont senator for
corporateIndemnity  bankMalfeasance  governmentRevolvingDoor 
january 2016 by joeybaker
Why Are Drug Monopolies Running Amok Meet Deborah Feinstein
One of the biggest policy debates in America today concerns the unparalleled rise in prescription drug costs. Enormous pharmaceutical industry profit margins, tales of companies like Turing, Valeant
governmentIncompetence  governmentRevolvingDoor 
december 2015 by joeybaker
Nominee to Oversee Wall Street Works at Think Tank Dedicated to Blocking Regulation
President Barack Obama recently nominatedHester Maria Peirce to fill a Republican seat on the Securities and Exchange Commission. His announcement included her formal title
bankMalfeasance  governmentIncompetence  governmentRevolvingDoor 
november 2015 by joeybaker
The U.S. Digital Service
A lot of us complain about how the government is not very good at technology.  The U.S. Digital Service is actually trying to do something about it, by applying the way startups build…
governmentIncompetence  governmentMalfeasance  win  governmentRevolvingDoor 
august 2015 by joeybaker
Court Shuts Down Police Union's Attempt To Bury Reporting On Sheriff's Dept.'s Hiring Of Bad Cops, Thieves And Sex Offenders | Techdirt
Late in 2013, the LA Times published information from applications processed by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department that showed the agency was generally unconcerned by past misconduct and illegal…
policeBrutality  governmentRevolvingDoor  governmentIncompetence 
july 2015 by joeybaker
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