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Judge strikes down Kentucky law banning abortion procedure
Gov. Matt Bevin’s administration says it will appeal and “take the case all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.”
judicialStupidity  judicialOverreach  healthcare  win 
may 2019 by joeybaker
Ohio's Congressional Map Ruled Unconstitutional By Federal Court
A federal court has ruled that Ohio’s congressional map is an “unconstitutional partisan gerrymander” and must be redrawn before the 2020 election.
voterSuppression  judicialStupidity  judicialImpotence  governmentIncompetence  governmentOverreach  endOfTheGOP  win 
may 2019 by joeybaker
Federal court: Michigan political maps illegally gerrymandered
Michigan must redraw legislative and congressional districts for the 2020 election because GOP lawmakers gerrymandered the maps, a federal panel ruled.
endOfTheGOP  corruptedPolitics  judicialStupidity  judicalImpotence  win 
april 2019 by joeybaker
Judge blocks Wisconsin's Republican-written lame-duck laws
A judge on Thursday temporarily blocked Wisconsin Republicans’ contentious lame-duck laws, passed after the GOP lost the governor’s office to the new Democratic Gov. Tony Evers.
judicialStupidity  judicialImpotence  win  cultureWars 
march 2019 by joeybaker
U.S. federal court jury finds Apple infringed three Qualcomm patents
Mobile chipmaker Qualcomm has chalked up another small legal victory against Apple in another patent litigation suit. A jury in a U.S. federal court in San Diego found Friday that Apple owes Qualcomm about $31M for infringing three patents, per Reuters. As we reported earlier the San Diego patent s…
intellectualProperty  judicialStupidity  corporateCorruption 
march 2019 by joeybaker
Cardinal George Pell has been sentenced to six years in prison for the sexual abuse of two choir boys in the 1990s
Members of the public pack a Melbourne courtroom where Cardinal George Pell is this morning being sentenced for sexually abusing two choirboys in the 1990s.
judicialStupidity  oligarchy 
march 2019 by joeybaker
Italian protests over men cleared of rape because woman was 'too masculine'
Judges said alleged victim’s story was not credible enough because she was unattractive
sexism  judicialStupidity  popularUnrest  judicialIncompetence 
march 2019 by joeybaker
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says Manafort sentencing shows justice isn't 'blind,' it's 'bought'
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) sees Paul Manafort’s 47-month sentence for bank and tax fraud as further proof that the criminal justice system is broken.
On Thursday evening, MSNBC’s Ari Melber tweeted that the sentence is “far below” the recommended 20 years, despite “extensive felonies and post-conviction obstruction.” This is a “reminder of the blatant inequalities in our justice system that we all know about, because they reoccur every week in courts across America.”
Ocasio-Cortez agreed. “Paul Manafort getting such little jail time for such serious crimes lays out for the world how it’s almost impossible for rich people to go to jail for the same amount of time as someone who is lower income,” she tweeted. “In our current broken system, ‘justice’ isn’t blind. It’s bought.” Catherine Garcia
judicialStupidity  judicialCorruption  oligarchy  trumpAristocracy 
march 2019 by joeybaker
Judge rules against Walmart for firing employee with medical marijuana card
A federal judge ruled against Walmart in a recent lawsuit for terminating an Arizona employee who possessed a valid medical marijuana card after a drug test of the worker came back positive, the
judicialStupidity  drugProhibition  corporateIndemnity  win 
february 2019 by joeybaker
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