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A Russian Lawyer Said She Filmed Police Abuse. Then She Was Found Dead. Human rights lawyer Galina Muzyka was found dead in her apartment one day after she is thought to have made a video showing nine Investigative Committee employees beating a detained s
Residents of a Siberian town were outraged when a prominent defense lawyer was found dead, one day after recording a video purportedly showing police investigators beating a detained suspect. The video has not been found.
policeBrutality  policeoverreach  authoritarianism 
14 days ago by joeybaker
Sheriff Ends Cooperation With ICE After Agency Tried to Deport U.S. Marine Born in Michigan
A sheriff’s department in Michigan is ending a controversial agreement with ICE after the agency put a U.S. Marine into administrative detention over false claims that he was an undocumented immigrant.
immigration  governmentOverreach  policeoverreach  casteingTheLowerClass 
9 weeks ago by joeybaker
EFF Sues California Law Enforcement Agency For Refusing To Hand Over Stingray Documents
The EFF is taking the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department to court. The dispute centers on Stingray warrants possessed by the agency. The Sheriff’s Department likely holds more of these records than any other agency in the state...
surveillanceState  policeoverreach 
october 2018 by joeybaker
The Alabama Sheriff, who jailed a kid after he exposed him for using jail food funds, just lost his bid for reelection.
Etowah County Sheriff Todd Entrekin has conceded to his opponent in the Republican primary for the position he currently holds.
popularUnrest  corruption  policeoverreach  win 
june 2018 by joeybaker
'Too expensive' to delete millions of police mugshots of innocent people, minister claims - Up to 20m facial images are retained - six years after High Court ruling that the practice is unlawful because of the 'risk of stigmatisation'
Millions of police mugshots of innocent people cannot be deleted because it would be too expensive, a government minister has claimed – despite a High Court ruling that the practice is unlawful. The work would have to be “done manually” by local forces, making the costs “difficult to justify”, a committee of MPs investigating the controversy has been told.
policeoverreach  surveillanceState  judicialImpotence  judicialStupidity 
april 2018 by joeybaker
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