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Ireland votes 71% to repeal the constitutional ban on blasphemy
Voters have overwhelmingly supported the proposal to remove the prohibition on blasphemy from the Constitution, according to a Red C exit poll for RTÉ.
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october 2018 by joeybaker
Climate change denial strongly linked to right-wing nationalism, finds a new study.
Scientific awareness of the greenhouse effect, and human influence on the climate has existed for over three decades. During the 1980s, there was a strong environmental movement and a political consensus on the issue, but in recent years, climate change denial – denying that changes to the climate a
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august 2018 by joeybaker
A study has found that in the last 32 years of annually-assessed student opinions, it is clear that belief among students that a god is the ultimate or contributing cause of human origins has steeply declined from being a majority view in 1986 to being a
32-year-long Australian study reveals steep decline in student belief that God created humans Australian university students give far more credit than the previous generation to the science of human evolution and far less to creationism or divine guidance, according to a landmark new study.
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august 2018 by joeybaker
94% of Canadians believe journalism is important to democracy & that policy should reflect protecting it.
New survey finds 94 per cent of Canadians believe journalism plays critical role to democracy, and that policy should reflect protecting it.
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march 2018 by joeybaker

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