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Erdogan shows NZ attack video at rallies
New Zealand says airing footage of the mosque attacks at Turkish rallies endangers its citizens.
authoritarianism  mesopotamia  religion 
4 days ago by joeybaker
Gunman opens fire at mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand
A 28-year-old man will appear in court on Saturday, charged with murder, after 49 people were killed in shootings at two Christchurch mosques.
religion  globalUnrest 
8 days ago by joeybaker
Brett Kavanaugh Shows How Eager He Is to Tear Down the Wall Between Church and State
The Supreme Court justice is creating a new First Amendment right to taxpayer-subsidized religion.
religion  trumpAristocracy  judicialCorruption 
18 days ago by joeybaker
Ireland: Outdated sex education blamed for record HIV diagnoses
Numbers are higher than the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s, with campaigners blaming sex education that has not changed in 20 years.
healthcare  governmentIncompetence  religion  censorship 
26 days ago by joeybaker
SCOTUS Ignores First Amendment, Allows Alabama to Force Muslim Man to Have Protestant Chaplain at Execution
Late Thursday night, five justices of the United States Supreme Court made a decision that was in equal parts lazy and cowardly. SCOTUS faced a last-minute appeal from an Alabama death row inmate; that appeal wasn’t about the unfairness of death penalty generally, or about the inmate’s innocence, or even about clemency. It was about the inmate’s request to have a religious figure of his choosing by his side during his execution – and about Alabama’s insistence that only religious figures of its choosing would be permitted, even if that meant a Muslim man’s execution would be presided over by a Protestant chaplain.
prisonSystemAbuse  religion  judicialStupidity  judicialOverreach 
5 weeks ago by joeybaker
Pope admits clerical abuse of nuns including sexual slavery
Pope Francis admits that nuns have been sexually abused by clerics - and it is an ongoing problem.
religion  oligarchy  casteingTheLowerClass  corruption 
6 weeks ago by joeybaker
Kyrsten Sinema swears in to Congress using law book instead of religious book
Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) took her ceremonial oath of office holding her hand on a copy of the Constitution rather than a religious text such as the Bible.
religion  governmentOverreach  win 
11 weeks ago by joeybaker
China has arrested 100 Christians, including a prominent pastor, in a crackdown on underground churches in the officially atheist nation
“We’re seeing a relapse into a time of history that was marked by...these sort of arcane perspectives on religion and religious leaders,” Reverend Johnnie Moore said.
religion  authoritarianism 
december 2018 by joeybaker
State Rep’s Outline For Killing Non-Believers In Holy War Is Referred To FBI
A Washington state lawmaker who moonlights as a wannabe theocrat has stumbled into FBI scrutiny over a how-to guide he...
religion  governmentIncompetence  cultureWars 
november 2018 by joeybaker
Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting Suspect's Gab Posts Are Part of a Pattern
It may never be entirely clear why Cesar Sayoc and Robert Bowers chose to carry out violent attacks. But their social media activity, on places like Gab and Twitter, mirrors a broader increase in anti-Semitism on the internet.
cultureWars  religion 
october 2018 by joeybaker
Ireland votes 71% to repeal the constitutional ban on blasphemy
Voters have overwhelmingly supported the proposal to remove the prohibition on blasphemy from the Constitution, according to a Red C exit poll for RTÉ.
religion  governmentOverreach  popularStupidity  popularIgnorance  win 
october 2018 by joeybaker
China legalizes Xinjiang 're-education camps' after denying they exist
Authorities in China’s far-western Xinjiang region appear to have officially legalized so-called re-education camps for people accused of religious extremism a little more than a month after denying such centers exist.
authoritarianism  religion  governmentLies 
october 2018 by joeybaker
China cracks down on religion, crosses burned at Christian churches, Xi Jinping photos installed
China intensifies its crackdown on religion, with images emerging of Christian crosses burned and ripped down.
religion  authoritarianism 
september 2018 by joeybaker
Indian government criminalizes instant Triple Talaq, the practice where a Muslim man can divorce his wife on the spot by saying talaq, talaq, talaq
India News: The Union Cabinet on Wednesday cleared the ordinance on triple talaq on Wednesday making it an punishable offence. The government had earlier failed t
governmentIncompetence  religion  win 
september 2018 by joeybaker
China demolishes hundreds of churches and confiscates Bibles during a crackdown on Christianity
Concerns have been raised over China’s apparent crackdown on Christianity as the atheist ruling Community party continues to intensify its control over religious freedom in the country.
religion  authoritarianism 
september 2018 by joeybaker
Call for atheism to be included in religious education
Report recommends sweeping changes with the emphasis on respect and empathy for different faiths and worldviews
educationReform  religion  win 
september 2018 by joeybaker
19-year-old film student in Russia facing 5 years in prison for memes mocking religion
Russian authorities have registered 762 “extremist crimes” so far this year, many of them consisting of social media posts. In some cases, the authorities make little effort to conceal that they are using the country’s broad and vague anti-extremism legislation to silence free expression.
religion  censorship  authoritarianism 
august 2018 by joeybaker
Indonesia's top Islamic body issues fatwa against measles vaccine, calling it 'religiously forbidden'
Indonesia’s peak Islamic body issues a fatwa declaring the Rubella-Measles vaccine to be haram or religiously forbidden.
religion  healthcare  popularStupidity 
august 2018 by joeybaker
All 34 of Chile’s Catholic bishops resign in fallout from huge child sex abuse scandal
Pope Francis also under fire for his support of Chilean bishop who allegedly covered up abuse.
religion  oligarchy 
may 2018 by joeybaker
Pakistan's parliament has approved a law guaranteeing basic rights for transgender people in a country which sees prevalent discrimination. The law bans discrimination against transgender people by employers and business owners as well as outlawing harass
Pakistan’s parliament has approved a law guaranteeing basic rights for transgender people in a country which sees prevalent discrimination. The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) act was passed by a majority in the National Assembly in Islamabad. The law bans discrimination against transgender people by employers and business owners as well as outlawing harassment in public places or at home.
racism  mesopotamia  governmentIncompetence  win  authoritarianism  religion 
may 2018 by joeybaker
Appeals court: Indiana abortion law signed by Mike Pence unconstitutional
Indiana’s ban on “selective abortions,” which was signed into law in 2016 by then-Gov. Mike Pence, is unconstitutional, a federal appeals court ruled on Thursday.
religion  judicialStupidity  win  trumpAristocracy  authoritarianism 
april 2018 by joeybaker
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