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Why C.E.O.s Are Getting Fired More
Credit Illustration by Christoph Niemann In 1960, the Department of Justice indicted executives from several companies for involvement in a huge price-fixing scheme across much of the electrical
transparency  win  corporateIndemnity  oligarchy 
november 2016 by joeybaker
Thomas Piketty: New thoughts on capital in the twenty-first century
French economist Thomas Piketty caused a sensation in early 2014 with his book on a simple, brutal formula explaining economic inequality: r is greater than ...
wealthGap  transparency  plutocracy 
october 2016 by joeybaker
This Is Huge: New Project Releases All Current (Non-Confidential) Congressional Research Service Reports
Going back nearly a decade, we've been talking about the ridiculousness of Congress refusing to publicly release reports from the Congressional Research Service (CRS). As we've discussed many times,
governmentIncompetence  fourthEstate  governmentLies  win  transparency  governmentMalfeasance  encryptionWars 
october 2016 by joeybaker
Progress Worth Noting: Congress Passes A Major Blow To Government Secrecy
In a gloomy news week dominated by the slaughter of 49 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla. and its aftermath, it is understandable that Congressional approval of unrelated legislation easing
governmentIncompetence  transparency  governmentOverreach  governmentLies  fourthEstate  win 
june 2016 by joeybaker
I Would Like to Buy a Drink for the Poor Soul Who Ran the San Francisco BART Twitter Account Last Night
Last night, the person in charge of the official San Francisco BART Twitter account lost it. In 57 tweets, the account espoused truth and honesty, and pretty much admitted what everyone in the Bay
governmentIncompetence  transparency  governmentLies  win 
march 2016 by joeybaker
San Francisco’s transit system stopped being polite and got real about complaints on Twitter
Wednesday was a rough day for two of the biggest public transit systems in the US. First the Washington, DC, Metro shut down its train service for 29 hours Wednesday for safety inspections. Then,
governmentIncompetence  transparency  governmentLies  win 
march 2016 by joeybaker
The mega-haven
THE world is becoming less welcoming to tax dodgers. That is the conclusion of the latest Financial Secrecy Index, published every two years by the Tax Justice Network (TJN), an NGO. It looks at
globalization  transparency 
november 2015 by joeybaker
Privacy Groups Challenge Director of National Intelligence to Uphold Transparency Promise
More than 30 privacy and civil liberties organizations are challenging Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to uphold the promise he made Tuesday to increase transparency in the
surveillanceState  transparency 
october 2015 by joeybaker
Volkswagen and Cheating Software
For the past six years, Volkswagen has been cheating on the emissions testing for its diesel cars. The cars' computers were able to detect when they were being tested, and temporarily alter how their…
informationObscurity  governmentIncompetence  transparency  corporateCorruption 
september 2015 by joeybaker
The new propaganda: How the American government is trying to control what you think
President Obama, accompanied by Alaska Gov. Bill Walker. (Andrew Harnik/AP)NASA tweeting that Congress should give it more money so our astronauts won’t have to ride on Russian rockets.…
governmentLies  transparency 
september 2015 by joeybaker
Despite Law Enforcement Concerns, Lebanon Board Will Reactivate Privacy Network Tor at Kilton Library
West Lebanon — The Kilton Public Library will reactivate its piece of the anonymous Internet browsing network Tor, despite law enforcement’s concerns that the network might be used for…
informationSecurity  informationObscurity  governmentLies  win  transparency  encryptionWars  governmentOverreach 
september 2015 by joeybaker
ESPN To Employees: Only Tweet About ESPN | WebProNews
ESPN has not only ended transparency, they've effectively shut down their presence on social media until they build an automated solution!? How is this better? Haven't we learned that the personal touch is better/works?
mediaAndJournalism  transparency  mediaOldThinking  * 
august 2009 by joeybaker
Crowdsourcing vs. crowdsecrecy, how having neither has brought down titans
Engrossing analysis of transparency vs. secrecy vs. rut. Very well thought out. Conclusion: pick one, but don't go in the middle, you'll stagnate. • Secrecy requires brand trust, and constant surprises with quality products. Stimulates a large speculative community in the blogosphere. This means that your PR is largely uncontrolled, but intense. • Transparency requires complete openness and a staff to manage the community. PR is out in the open, but with the ability to respond, and a pulse on it, controllable. • Being in a rut means stagnation of product, a lack of community engagement.
mediaAndJournalism  transparency  crowdsourcing  newmedia  ****  pressBusinessModel 
august 2009 by joeybaker
Google's Microsoft Moment
Excellent post that helps thinking about Google, the impact of ChromeOS, the cycle of tech companies, and transparency.
*****  transparency 
july 2009 by joeybaker
Dear Bill Keller
Bill Keller, Executive Editor of the New York Times, gave an interview to TIME magazine that showed a total lack of transparency, a fear that journalism itself was under attack, and a disturbing amount of the ‘old media’ mindset. This is a look at what he got wrong, how to fix it.
mediaAndJournalism  transparency  mediaOldThinking  newmedia  **** 
july 2009 by joeybaker
Five Keys to Authenticity
"FIVE KEYS TO AUTHENTICITY Be Human Be Honest Be Aware Be Everywhere Show Your Work"
****  mediaAndJournalism  transparency 
june 2009 by joeybaker
Can you still trust me?
Can you still trust Alan because he's got a business venture? Sure, now more than ever because he's a) professional, b) you know his bias. Can you trust him now that he's behind a paid content model? No.
mediaAndJournalism  transparency  **  pressBusinessModel 
june 2009 by joeybaker
Real Time: The Web's New Prime Time
Wanna get around the problem of marketing not being fast enough for the real-time web? Be transparent: it's constant, real-time, advertising.
mediaAndJournalism  transparency  advertising  **  pressBusinessModel 
may 2009 by joeybaker
Secret of Googlenomics: Data-Fueled Recipe Brews Profitability
A totally engrossing look into Google's business model. My mind was blown.
transparency  *****  newmedia  pressBusinessModel 
may 2009 by joeybaker
College Papers Won't Rewrite History For Alumni
College newsorgs are digitizing their print archives and causing PR issues for alumni. I don't get it – did they just expect their misbehavior to not be recorded? Transparency/Truth is a bitch ain't it?
mediaAndJournalism  newspapers  transparency  newmedia  *** 
may 2009 by joeybaker
Journalists shouldn't hide behind a mask Transforming the Gaz
You’re a part of the community you cover. Let the readers know who you are. Give them personal insight, and they’ll love you. People love to see behind the scenes. Give them that perspective, and you’ve found, a loyal, trusting reader.
mediaAndJournalism  transparency  newmedia  **** 
may 2009 by joeybaker
Twitter & New York Times Reporters Ethnography
A in depth, but not surprising look at how journalists use twitter and the ethical issues involved. Conclusion: use it to be transparent and to find leads.
mediaAndJournalism  transparency  newmedia  ** 
may 2009 by joeybaker
Twitter & New York Times Reporters Ethnography
A in depth, but not surprising look at how journalists use twitter and the ethical issues involved. Conclusion: use it to be transparent and to find leads.
mediaAndJournalism  transparency  newmedia  ** 
may 2009 by joeybaker
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