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Trump claims he suffers 'highest level of Presidential Harassment in history', despite assassination of four previous presidents
Donald Trump has claimed he suffers the “highest level” of presidential harassment in American history, despite four of his predecessors having been assassinated. “There is nothing we can ever give
16 days ago by joeybaker
Trump tells fake story about US general slaughtering 49 Muslims using bullets dipped in pig’s blood, in resurfaced video
‘There’s a whole thing with swine, and animals, and pigs, and you know the story OK? They don’t like that,’ US president says in 2016 footage
trumpPropaganda  trumpIncompetence  racism 
4 weeks ago by joeybaker
Trump Has Retweeted at Least Four White Nationalist Accounts That Were Later Suspended
Trump says it’s “ridiculous” to connect him to the New Zealand attack, but his embrace of white-nationalist extremists has happened in plain sight.
trumpPropaganda  racism 
4 weeks ago by joeybaker
Trump just called immigration an 'invasion.' So did the New Zealand shooter.
President Trump and a New Zealand shooter have picked some eerily similar words.
On Friday morning in Christchurch, New Zealand, attacks by at least one shooter at two mosques left 49 people dead. The alleged gunman, who has been arrested, was found to have a manifesto where he declared “we are experiencing an invasion on a level never seen before in history,” per The Kansas City Star. The purported shooter specifically decried the “millions of people pouring across our borders.”
Hours later, a shockingly similar phrase came from the president. Trump, after vetoing a bill that would’ve blocked his national emergency declaration to access border wall funding, briefly condemned the shooting before pivoting back to border talk. There are “crimes of all kinds coming through our southern border,” Trump said, adding that “people hate the word ‘invasion,’ but that’s what it is.” Shortly after Trump calls the attack in New Zealand, where shooter called his victims “invaders,” a “horrible thing,” he goes on to talk ab
trumpPropaganda  immigration  cultureWars  racism 
5 weeks ago by joeybaker
Trump issues warning to opponents: ‘It would be very bad’ if his military, police and biker supporters got ‘tough’
U.S. president uttered the remark in an interview with Breitbart News, which said he was arguing that “the left” plays politics in a “tougher” and more “vicious” manner than the pro-Trump right.
trumpAuthoritarianism  trumpPropaganda 
5 weeks ago by joeybaker
“I have a follow-up to my colleague’s question” – finally, the White House press corps works together
In an increasingly rare briefing from the podium on Monday – her first in 42 days – Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders faced a White House press corps that felt much more like it was actually doing its job of holding the president to account than it has on previous outings. Nominally to announce the president’s proposed budget, an almost entirely fictional exercise given the Democratic party now controls the House of Representatives, the briefing quickly veered into combative territory over Trump’s statements about alleged anti-Semitism in the Democratic party. On Friday, the president slammed the Democrats as an “anti-Israel” and “anti-Jewish” party. The tension between Sanders and reporters was so frosty by the end of the briefing that it led April Ryan, a veteran White House reporter, to note the “change in atmosphere in here.” The first question Sanders was asked was whether Trump “believes that Democrats hate Jews,” referring to the preposterous statement the president made in response to the furore
trumpPropaganda  pressIncompetence  win 
5 weeks ago by joeybaker
Democrats won't let Fox News host primary debates, citing 'inappropriate' relationship with Trump
The DNC cites a recent article in The New Yorker that characterized Fox as an agent of the Trump White House.
trumpPropaganda  cultureWars  informationWar 
6 weeks ago by joeybaker
Trey Gowdy, Who Led 11-Hour Benghazi Hearing, Declares Public Congressional Hearings ‘Utterly Useless’
The architect of 2015’s infamous 11-hour Hillary Clinton hearing on Benghazi calls it ‘an unmitigated failure.’
endOfTheGOP  trumpPropaganda 
6 weeks ago by joeybaker
Trump’s alleged meddling with CNN could be an impeachable offense
The president reportedly demanded the Justice Department file an antitrust lawsuit to hurt CNN.
trumpAuthoritarianism  trumpCorruption  trumpPropaganda 
6 weeks ago by joeybaker
Roger Stone Couldn’t Resist Responding to Cohen’s Testimony and May Be Jailed as a Result
Roger Stone’s comments in multiple publications on Wednesday in response to Michael Cohen’s testimony on Capitol Hill has some attorneys thinking he may have already violated a gag order and risked jail before trial.
trumpPropaganda  trumpAristocracy 
7 weeks ago by joeybaker
Why doesn’t the ‘voter fraud’ crowd care about what happened in North Carolina?
I served on Trump’s now-defunct fraud commission. Its members are ignoring alarming reports out of a House race.
endOfTheGOP  voterSuppression  trumpPropaganda 
8 weeks ago by joeybaker
Trump declares New York Times 'enemy of the people'
President Trump on Wednesday labeled The New York Times “a true enemy of the people” one day after an extensive report detailing the ways in which he has sought to influence the investigations into his presidency and allies.
trumpAuthoritarianism  trumpPropaganda  fourthEstate 
8 weeks ago by joeybaker
CBS leaves Trump for 'The Price is Right'
CBS cut away from President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency at the border on Friday to return to its regularly scheduled programming of “The Price is Right” on the East Coast.
trumpPropaganda  pressStupidity  win 
9 weeks ago by joeybaker
Pentagon Confirms Climate Change Is A National Security Threat, Contradicting Trump
The military walks a fine line between the White House’s official climate denialism and the stark realities of a warming planet.
trumpIncompetence  trumpPropaganda  trumpLies  climateChange 
january 2019 by joeybaker
Cohen responds to report on poll rigging: 'What I did was at the direction of and for the sole benefit of' Trump
President Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen on Thursday said that he acted at “the direction of and for the sole benefit of” President Trump after a
trumpAristocracy  trumpPropaganda 
january 2019 by joeybaker
It’s Official: The Trump Tax Cuts Didn’t Pay for Themselves in Year One
Federal tax revenues declined in 2018 while economic growth accelerated, undercutting the Trump administration’s insistence that the $1.5 trillion tax package would pay for itself.
governmentMalfeasance  trumpPropaganda  trumpMalfeasance  kleptocracy 
january 2019 by joeybaker
Donald Trump Gives a Fake Press Briefing Because Nancy Pelosi Was Getting All the Attention
Your “president” is a stunt queen who manufactures drama. He doesn’t like anyone to get more attention than he does, and he will do anything to put a stop to that. Today was no exception.
january 2019 by joeybaker
Key Mueller witness: I lied and I'm ready to die in jail
In a blockbuster interview, key Mueller witness and Roger Stone associate Jerome Corsi admits to MSNBC’s Ari Melber that he lied to Congress, that he tried to get stolen Clinton emails back to the Trump campaign in 2016, that he “absolutely” intended to help the Trump campaign by doing so, that he told Roger Stone about John Podesta’s emails and that his lawyers are still communicating with Trump’s legal team “as if” there is a joint legal defense. Ari Melber also presses Corsi on being a leader of the “birther movement” which Ari describes as a “total and complete lie” and asks him whether he is auditioning for a Trump pardon by bringing the subject of pardons up during the interview.
trumpAristocracy  trumpPropaganda 
november 2018 by joeybaker
The GOP is now the party of neo-Confederates
They’ve been encouraged to come into the open by Trump’s appeals to racism and xenophobia.
racism  trumpPropaganda  popularUnrest  cultureWars 
november 2018 by joeybaker
Mitch McConnell wrote an op-ed calling for bipartisanship, and people are not having it
His main message of “bipartisanship” was that Democrats shouldn’t investigate Trump.
november 2018 by joeybaker
Expert: Acosta video distributed by White House was doctored
NEW YORK (AP) — A video distributed by the Trump administration to support its argument for banning CNN reporter Jim Acosta from the White House appears to have been doctored to make Acosta look more aggressive than he was during an exchange with a White House intern, an independent expert said Thursday. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted the video, which shows Acosta asking President Donald Trump a question on Wednesday as the intern tries to take his microphone away. But a frame-by-frame comparison with an Associated Press video of the same incident shows that the one tweeted by Sanders appears to have been altered to speed up Acosta’s arm movement as he touches the intern’s arm, according to Abba Shapiro, an independent video producer who examined the footage at AP’s request.
fourthEstate  trumpPropaganda  trumpLies 
november 2018 by joeybaker
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