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EU ready to set laws for accessibility testing | QA Financial
The EU parliament is drafting a directive that will force private sector companies to accommodate disabled people when offering their goods and services. It has already adopted a directive requiring
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december 2016 by joeybaker
Let's Encrypt Is Making Web Encryption Easier
That's the conclusion of a research paper: Once [costs and complexity] are eliminated, it enables big hosting providers to issue and deploy certificates for their customers in bulk, thus quickly and
win  webWeWant 
december 2016 by joeybaker
How a Reengineered Internet Could Protect Free Speech
That the internet works for so many people and across so many different technologies can seem kind of miraculous, but the internet's founders had nothing like this in mind. When you consider that the
webWeWant  informationSecurity  informationObscurity 
december 2016 by joeybaker
Has the internet become a failed state?
Here are some stories about the world we now inhabit
webWeWant  informationSecurity 
november 2016 by joeybaker
Twitter Could Have Been A Protocol
I've always been a big fan of Twitter as a platform. But like most people I've met who share that sentiment, I'm a bit disappointed by the grown-up it's become. I've been involved with it as an end
november 2016 by joeybaker
Google’s Chrome Hackers Are About to Upend Your Idea of Web Security
In a show of hacker team spirit in August of last year, Parisa Tabriz ordered hoodies for the staff she leads at Google, a group devoted to the security of the company
webWeWant  webSecurity 
november 2016 by joeybaker
Why I won't recommend Signal anymore - Sander Venema
One of the things I do is cryptography and infosec training for investigative journalists who have a need to keep either their sources and communications confidential so they can more safely do their
informationSecurity  webWeWant  informationObscurity 
november 2016 by joeybaker
A Quantum Leap for the Web – Mozilla Tech
Over the past year, our top priority for Firefox was the Electrolysis project to deliver a multi-process browsing experience to users. Running Firefox in multiple processes greatly improves security
october 2016 by joeybaker
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