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'National Enquirer' Owner Admits Paying Off Ex-Playboy Model for Donald Trump
Federal prosecutors have agreed not to prosecute American Media Inc. for campaign contributions upon the acceptance of responsibility, cooperation with an investigation, and compliance improvements.
trumpCorruption  trumpAristocracy 
5 hours ago
New Australian Backdoor Law
Last week, Australia passed a law giving the government the ability to demand backdoors in computers and communications systems. Details are still to be…
19 hours ago
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20 hours ago
The State of Technology at the End of 2018
This article is a bit of an annual tradition: in mid-December I summarize the state of technology,1 and appropriately enough, this year’s edition coincides with…
20 hours ago
Donald Trump’s Travel Ban Faces a New Day in Court
Opponents of Donald Trump’s travel ban have a chance to chip away at it this week by challenging the way it’s been implemented. If they’re successful, Trump…
20 hours ago
Studies Reveal Role of Red Meat in Gut Bacteria, Heart Disease Development
Studies compare impacts of dietary red meat versus other protein sources
21 hours ago
Egypt Bans the Sale of Yellow Vests Suspecting that Egyptians Might Copy the French
Officials and retailers revealed to the Associated Press (AP) on 10 December that Egyptian authorities have ordered them to restrict the sale of the yellow vests fearing that Egyptian protesters might copy the French’s ‘gilets jaunes’ protests in light of the eighth anniversary of the 2011 spring. According to AP, the officials informed the safety […]
authoritarianism  globalUnrest 
21 hours ago
Last-Minute Push to Restore Net Neutrality Stymied by Democrats Flush With Telecom Cash.
Net neutrality proponents now have less than two weeks to convince 38 House lawmakers to support an effort to overturn the Federal Communications Commission’s repeal of net neutrality. Seventeen of those votes could come from Democrats who have yet to sign on—all of whom have received significant contributions from internet service providers such as Comcast.
netNeutrality  oligarchy  corruptedPolitics 
21 hours ago
Comcast rejected by small town—residents vote for municipal fiber instead
Comcast offered to wire up Charlemont, Mass. for $462,000—town said, “no.”
localizedGovernment  ISP  win 
21 hours ago
Google CEO responds to Steve King's iPhone concerns: 'Congressman, iPhone is made by a different company'
Google CEO Sundar Pichai Tuesday responded to Rep. Steve King’s (R-Iowa) confusion over why he sees unwelcome news on his iPhone, telling King, “Congressman, iPhone is made by a different company.”
21 hours ago
Is Microsoft scrapping EdgeHTML
#369 — December 5, 2018

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A Look At CSS Resets in 2018 — A review of CSS reset options (to cancel out the default styles…
Marriott Data Breach Is Traced to Chinese Hackers as U.S. Readies Crackdown on Beijing
Trade talks between China and the United States continue even as tensions over the Chinese company Huawei simmer in the background. WASHINGTON — President Trump…
Google CEO Hammered by Members of Congress on China Censorship Plan
Google CEO Sundar Pichai came under fire from lawmakers on Tuesday over the company’s secretive plan to launch a censored search engine in China.

During a…
Something New Is Happening in the House Progressives Are Winning Internal Fights
For years in the House of Representatives, a simple majority was all that was needed to pass legislation — unless that bill included a tax increase. In that…
Colder quickfix lists
I may be an oldie, but I’m a goodie too
– “Eighteen with a Bullet”, Pete Wingfield
This article is going to walk through a process of finding an interesting…
Activists Found Guilty of Terrorism-Related Offence For Stopping U.K. Migrant Deportations
The guilty verdict arrived around lunchtime on December 10 — Human Rights Day, which this year marked the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human…
Kyle Fewell
Who are you, and what do you do?

Hello! I am Kyle Fewell and I am a freelance illustrator in Brooklyn, New York. I mostly work in editorial and advertising,…
React Popup Component - Modals,Tooltips and Menus —  All in one
Welcome Reactjs-popup is a simple react popup component with a lot of benefits : Built with react fragment that’s mean no additional wrapper Divs in your code…
Lessons from the fall of a great republic
Mortal Republic: How Rome Fell into Tyranny. By Edward Watts. Basic Books; 352 pages; $32. To be published in Britain in March; £25. S HAKESPEARE MISSED a…
DuPont Has Spread Its Pollution Around the World. Now It Wants to Filter Your Contaminated Drinking Water.
DuPont opened a factory in Saudi Arabia last week that will produce reverse osmosis water filters. The filters use ultra-thin membranes to remove water…
Thousands of mailed ballots in Florida were not counted
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Florida officials say thousands of mailed ballots were not counted because they were delivered too late to state election offices. The Department of State late last week informed a federal judge that 6,670 ballots were mailed ahead of the Nov. 6 election but were not counted because they were not received by Election Day. The tally prepared by state officials includes totals from 65 of Florida’s 67 counties. The two counties yet to report their totals are Palm Beach, a Democratic stronghold in south Florida, and Polk in central Florida.
2 days ago
How Fiber works
#117 — December 5, 2018

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Inside 'Fiber': How the New Reconciliation Algorithm in React Works — With React 16, React included…
2 days ago
Flutter 1.0 released
Mobile Dev Weekly

December 7, 2018   #235

Holly Schinsky recommends

Google’s Cross-Platform Flutter UI Toolkit Hits Version 1.0 — Flutter, Google’s UI…
2 days ago
Rights Groups Up Pressure on Google Over China Censorship Ahead of Congressional Hearing
Google is facing a renewed wave of criticism from human rights groups over its controversial plan to launch a censored search engine in China.

A coalition of…
2 days ago
Runtime hackery
You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.
— Friedrich Nietzsche
Enhanced runtime powers In…
2 days ago
A GOP Governor Has a Chance to Fix a Blue State’s Draconian Approach to Paroling Juvenile Offenders
In 1993, a 40-year-old man in Maryland who was serving a life sentence for a 1975 murder left prison on the state’s prerelease program. Correctional officers…
2 days ago
Laptop Issues
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2 days ago
2018 Annual Report from AI Now
2018 Annual Report from AI Now

The research group AI Now just published its annual report. It's an excellent summary of today's AI security challenges, as well…
2 days ago
Two important ways Apple is preparing for life after the iPhone
Apple Over the many decades of its existence, Apple has faced a lot of challenges. There was the company’s battle against IBM early in the PC era, the seeming…
2 days ago
A farewell to arms: Costa Rica by abolishing the army in 1950 doubled the average annual GDP growth through 2010
Authors: Alejandro Abarca y Suráyabi Ramírez.This article estimates the causal long-term developmental effects of Costa Rica’s constitutional abolishment of its army in 1949 after the 1948 civil war.This is done by performing synthetic control estimates and analyzing the political history of Costa Rica in the 1940s and 1950s. We find that upon the abolishment of the army, Costa Rica’s annual average per capita GDP growth increased from 1.42% to 2.28% in the 1950-2010 period relative to a counterfactual Costa Rica that did not abolish its army. This implies that Costa Rica doubled its per capita GDP every 30 years rather than every 49. These estimates are robust to different model specifications and we show that this shock is exclusive to Costa Rica in Latin America. Furthermore, we provide evidence that the positive effects associated with this increase in the per capita GDP growth rates have endured over time; namely because the abolition of the army granted a political and institutional context that allowed
governmentMalfeasance  win 
2 days ago
Trump administration halts study that would use fetal tissue ‘to discover a cure for HIV’
The National Institutes of Health research was stopped before officials completed their audit of fetal tissue work, which is opposed by antiabortion groups.
trumpAristocracy  trumpStupidity  healthcare  politicalIncompetence 
2 days ago
Announcing MisInfoConX
Updates from Hacks/Hackers chapters around the world.

View this email in your browser

Welcome back, hacks and hackers! We're pleased to announce the…
3 days ago
JIRA is an antipattern
Atlassian’s JIRA began life as a bug-tracking tool. Today, though, it has become an agile planning suite, “ to plan, track, and release great software .” In…
3 days ago
The Mapping Business
Time For More Cookin’ In first part, we went through the basics of mappings, and how they fit into the big picture of Vim design and use.
We are now going to…
3 days ago
For Mappings And A Tutorial
On The Genealogy of Modality What makes Vim so different from other editors is, arguably, its rich set of motion commands. Once you can move around with…
3 days ago
Make your setup truly cross-platform
Make your setup truly cross-platform Once you have taken the time to setup Vim exactly the way you want, you might still encounter configuration issues. My…
3 days ago
John Kelly Was a Bully, Bigot, and Liar for Trump. Goodbye and Good Riddance.
White House Chief of Staff John Kelly listens as President Donald Trump speaks during the inaugural meeting of the President’s National Council for the American…
3 days ago
The Housing Boom Is Already Gigantic. How Long Can It Last?
Economic View Credit Byron Eggenschwiler We are, once again, experiencing one of the greatest housing booms in United States history. How long this will last…
3 days ago
Trump’s Attack on the Clean Water Act Will Fuel Destructive Pipeline Boom
A new water rule that will strip federal protections from an estimated 60-90 percent of U.S. waterways will dramatically ease restrictions on how polluting…
3 days ago
Electron is “Fundamentally wrong”. (According to the fundamentals of classic Apple developer dogma.)
4 days ago
Opinion | An Epidemic of Loneliness in America?
letters An Epidemic of Loneliness in America? Does it exist, and if so, what is the cause, and what can be done? Dec. 8, 2018 Credit John Taggart for The New…
4 days ago
What Happens When A Founder Is Fully Vested? – AVC
Let’s say you are the founder and CEO of a startup and you have now been at it for four years. The company is doing great, you’ve raised several rounds of…
4 days ago
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