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jojobong : development   49 -2000 Lines Of Code
"Bill Atkinson, the author of Quickdraw and the main user interface designer, who was by far the most important Lisa implementor, thought that lines of code was a silly measure of software productivity. He thought his goal was to write as small and fast a program as possible, and that the lines of code metric only encouraged writing sloppy, bloated, broken code."
development  lifehacks 
5 weeks ago by jojobong
AIB opens up to software developers and fintechs
AIB has launched a new portal for those wanting to find out more about its open APIs and how to get access to its sandbox.
See for more information.
aib  ireland  development 
november 2018 by jojobong
User Stories and User Story Examples by Mike Cohn
User stories are short, simple descriptions of a feature told from the perspective of the person who desires the new capability, usually a user or customer of the system. They typically follow a simple template:
As a < type of user >, I want < some goal > so that < some reason >.
agile  development 
november 2018 by jojobong
Project from Hell
12 yrs
6M lines of non-standard C++ code
48hr builds
100+Mb EXE files
15min startup time, crashes every 30 mins
development  humour  techhistory 
april 2018 by jojobong
The Free Lunch Is Over: A Fundamental Turn Toward Concurrency in Software
When you hit processor power limits, parallel is going to become the only option
concurrency  development 
november 2017 by jojobong
A Few Good Tech Talks – Medium / Mithi
- Programming is Terrible, Lesson Learned from a Life Wasted — Thomas Figg — EMF 2012
- Nothing is Something — Sandi Metz — RailsConf 2015
- Beyond PEP 8: Best practices for beautiful intelligible code — Raymond Hettinger — PyCon 2015
- Working Hard to Keep It Simple — Martin Odersky — OSCON Java 2011
- Anjana Vakil: Learning Functional Programming with JavaScript — JSUnconf 2016
- Stop Writing Classes — Jack Diederich — PyCon2012
- Cecily Carver — Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Learning How to Code — 2013
- Peter Norvic — Teach Yourself Programming in 10 years — Why is everyone in a rush?
webdev  development  programming 
september 2017 by jojobong
Serverless Architectures
"Serverless architectures refer to applications that significantly depend on third-party services (knows as Backend as a Service or "BaaS") or on custom code that's run in ephemeral containers (Function as a Service or "FaaS"), the best known vendor host of which currently is AWS Lambda"

- Backend as a Service (Baas)
- Function as a Service (AWS lambda), run your code without managing a server, app is brought up and down for each request (20ms), auto-scale
- API gateway
- vendor lock-in
aws  development 
july 2017 by jojobong
Top mentioned books on
#1 Working Effectively with Legacy Code
#2 Design Patterns
#3 Clean code
books  development  programming 
february 2017 by jojobong
12-Factor Apps in Plain English - ClearlyTech
"Popular platform-as-a-service provider Heroku maintains a manifesto of sorts called The Twelve-Factor App" - explained here in plain english..
cloud  development  devops 
january 2017 by jojobong
David Dollar - Foreman process startup
Foreman is an attempt to make this easier. Using foreman you can declare the various processes that are needed to run your application using a Procfile.
december 2016 by jojobong
Carbide Alpha | Buggy But Live!
"Carbide is a new kind of programming environment... distinguish between input and output, using generalized machine learning techniques to run programs backwards"

What could possibly go wrong...
javascript  programming  development 
august 2016 by jojobong
Software as Spec
"Make it do what it already does." That’s a tempting and
simple way to view software requirements on a rewrite project
"I unscientifically conclude that almost all production software is in such bad shape that it would be nearly useless as a guide to re-implementing itself."
development  programming 
july 2016 by jojobong
NewSprint (GitHub: rodati/newsprint, License: MIT, npm: newsprint) from Rodati is a command-line Node tool for generating a mobile-friendly email based on Trello cards.
development  webdev 
april 2016 by jojobong
Plunker is an online community for creating, collaborating on and sharing your web development ideas.
development  javascript  webdev 
april 2016 by jojobong
MAD for it: meeting mobile app demand with microservices, agile and DevOps | Information Age
MAD = microservices, agile development and DevOps
The (UK OfCOM) Communications Market 2015 (August): Two thirds of people now own a smartphone and more people prefer to access the internet from their mobile phone than their laptop.

Domino’s Pizza revealed that, for the first time in the company’s history, more of its online customers ordered their pizzas through mobile phone apps than from a computer.
webdev  node.js  microservice  development  devops 
october 2015 by jojobong
Falcor: JSON Graph
JSON Graph is a convention for modeling graph information as a JSON object. Applications that use Falcor represent all their domain data as a single JSON Graph object.
development  algorithm 
september 2015 by jojobong
/ndy: The Failure of Agile
The word “agile” has become sloganized; meaningless at best, jingoist at worst
agile  development 
may 2015 by jojobong
JRebel Java Plugin: Eclipse, IntelliJ, NetBeans |
Skip the build and redeploy process. JRebel reloads changes to Java classes, resources, and over 90 frameworks.
java  development 
march 2015 by jojobong
Welcome - ASF JIRA
GreenHopper has two primary modes, Kanban for constraint-based task management, and Scrum for iteration planning
Scrum Board
java  development 
june 2013 by jojobong
ReportViewer Control in Visual Studio 2010
"ReportViewer is a freely redistributable control that enables embedding reports in applications developed using the .NET Framework. Reports are designed with drag-and-drop simplicity using Report Designer included in Visual Studio 2010. "
MS reporting (replacement for crystal reports)
microsoft  development 
may 2013 by jojobong
Let's make the web faster - Google Code
The tools listed below can help you discover those variables and improve your site
google  web  development  webdev 
july 2009 by jojobong
Cobertura is a free Java tool that calculates the percentage of code accessed by tests. It can be used to identify which parts of your Java program are lacking test coverage. It is based on jcoverage.
java  development  testing 
october 2008 by jojobong
Firebug Lite
version of firebug that runs in ms ie
june 2008 by jojobong
IEBlog : From Microsoft TechEd 2007: Web Development Tools for Internet Explorer
handy tools for internet explorer development - need a firebug substitute
june 2008 by jojobong
Table of contents [Dive Into Greasemonkey]
Still not sure what this is for... but I like it...
development  web 
april 2008 by jojobong

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