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Game of Clouds: Lock-In Is Coming
""Born-in the Cloud" workloads might be designed to be platform-agnostic now, but that doesn't mean it will always be the case, as hyperscalers like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure continue to add specific and unique functionality to their hosted services."
9 hours ago
Bringing DevOps to the Full Stack at Colonial Life
"Our CI process now has two parts. The first part is a nightly Jenkins build that allows teams could get daily feedback on the entire stack — both application and database code changes. The second part is a triggered Jenkins build that occurs whenever application code is checked in. Since application code is faster to build, these triggered builds provide developers with more immediate feedback on application code changes during the course of the workday."
ci  cd  devops  technology  contributed 
9 hours ago
Hire for skills, not degrees – a new paradigm to tackle disenfranchisement in the digital economy
"The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting takes its agenda into the area of skilling up the workforce in a digital economy."
digital  skills  and  training  future  of  work  hcm  the  new  professional  it  as  a  service 
9 hours ago
How the U.S. Govt. Shutdown Harms Security
"The ongoing partial U.S. federal government shutdown is having a tangible, negative impact on cybercrime investigations, according to interviews with federal law enforcement investigators and a report issued this week by a group representing the interests of FBI agents. Even if lawmakers move forward on new proposals to reopen the government, sources say the standoff is likely to have serious repercussions for federal law enforcement agencies for years to come."
9 hours ago
Change as a discipline – how Accumold excels at data-driven manufacturing with IQMS
"Transformation is perceived as a huge project that pushes against cultural norms. But for micro molding pioneer Accumold, change has always been a constant. Here's how they've harnessed data to fuel their growth - and how they were in on IoT before the buzzword existed."
digital  enterprise  in  the  real  world  transformation  -  frictionless  internet  of  things  use  cases  manufacturing 
Event Report: #WEF19 #Davos2019 Globalization 4.0 Under Fire As Global Leaders Fail The Populace
"While noble in intent, the forum drives deep discussion among its members. The research into political, societal, economic, and technology issues have raised public awareness. Despite the number of world leaders, business executives, non-profit pioneers, and other change agents, few major initiatives move from concept to commercialization and impact the general populace. Hence, many skeptics continue to criticize the WEF efforts."
@rwang0  2019  alliances  apps  strategy  artificial  intelligence  business  transformation  ceo  chief  customer  officer  data  digital  executive  financial 
Start the reskilling revolution without me: Future of Work trends and soft data on soft skills | ZDNet
"The WEF highlights what it calls Transition Pathways: how workers could transition to new jobs based on overlapping skills. The obvious first step towards this would be to document the ecology of skills, and map individual worker skills. While some skills are acquired through education, and can be traced back and documented in this way, this is not always the case. "
At the dawn of a new generation of enterprise applications
"Slack, Zendesk and a few others are a new generation of cloud-native vendors set to reinvent enterprise applications for a connected, frictionless future"
cloud  erp  financials  and  supply  chain  platforms  -  infrastructure  architecture  collaboration  sharing  digital  productivity  crm  customer  experience  frictionless  enterprise  xaas 
When is it Time to Say Goodbye to Accenture, Deloitte, IBM or KPMG?
"Here are a few signs to look for:

You are in deployment mode and your cost per day for ERP consultants is greater than 15% of the rate you would pay for a solid independent
The SI’s team lacks experience and you are spending more time developing their talent than your own
You need fresh ideas to solve new problems and the SI team you hired is not qualified
Your SI is attempting to spread its influence well beyond your program without your direction"
system  integrators  accenture  business  transformation  contract  negotiations  deloitte  ibm  it  cost  reduction  project  implementation  kpmg  governance  integrator 
The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): Four Things to Watch Before 2020
"The majority of existing IIoT systems use a low-power, short-range wireless connection. This is due to the connectivity constraints in both bandwidth and data throughput capacities in the current 3G/4G cellular environment. Such IIoT systems that use public 3G/4G networks are forced to share bandwidth and throughput with other concurrent mobile users on the same cell, resulting in potential security risks and some serious performance issues."
2 days ago
Want to build more revenue in manufacturing? Real-time monitoring is the key
"Manufacturers face global competition and pricing pressures in 2019. But some are thriving. How are they pulling it off? Louis Columbus of IQMS reveals customer views on the impact of real-time monitoring."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  digital  enterprise  in  the  real  world  iqms  partner  zone  manufacturing 
2 days ago
What Comes Next After Microservices, Kubernetes, and Serverless
"The premise behind AIOps is that by using machine learning and artificial intelligence, we can build tools that fully automate much of the work traditionally done by IT Ops teams. Instead of relying on human engineers to figure out why a cloud native application service has slowed down, for example, or to pinpoint the root cause of a complex system failure, AIOps tools can use data to interpret the problem, then fix it automatically."
cloud  native  containers  serverless  sponsored 
2 days ago
An Update on the SaaS Rule of 40
"The big question around the Rule of 40 is: when should companies start to target it? A superstar like Elastic had 76% growth and 8% FCF margin so a R40 score of 84% at its spectacular IPO. However, Avalara had 26% growth and -28% FCF margin for an R40 score of -2% and its IPO went fine. Ditto Anaplan."
metrics  saas  uncategorized  burn  rate  cash  growth  vs.  profitability  rule  of  40 
3 days ago
Why you should take notice of the open source in enterprise suckers conundrum
"Using open source in enterprises is common practice but where does it start and stop and what are the problems underpinning its usage in an enterprise context?"
financials  infrastructure  open  source 
3 days ago
Tesla Is Cutting 7% Of Its Full-Time Employees
"Tesla said in a memo to employees on Friday that it would "reduce full-time employee headcount by approximately 7%" and "retain only the most critical temps and contractors" in an effort to reduce costs.

The news sent Tesla shares down dramatically on Friday. By mid-morning, they had fallen by more than 9%."
3 days ago
Apple CEO Tim Cook Calls For New Privacy Law With The Right To Delete Your Data
"Apple CEO Tim Cook on Thursday called on US Congress to pass a new, comprehensive federal privacy law — one that would give every American access to the personal data being collected about them by technology companies, and the ability to delete it.

"In 2019, it’s time to stand up for the right to privacy — yours, mine, all of ours," Cook said in an op-ed for Time magazine published early on Thursday. "Consumers shouldn’t have to tolerate another year of companies irresponsibly amassing huge user profiles, data breaches that seem out of control and the vanishing ability to control our own digital lives."
4 days ago
Enterprise hits and misses – IoT security gets blockchained, and open source gets blogchained
"This week, the problem of IoT security gets open sourced as we track blog chains and blockchains for insights. Retail's big show gets a diginomica dissection, and whiffs are off to a good start with indestructable snowmen and ill-fated trials by combat."
cloud  erp  financials  and  supply  chain  hits  misses  open  source  retail  e-commerce  the  omni-channel 
4 days ago
Open Source, Enterprise Software, and Free Lumber | EAConsult
"Open Source is popular not just because it’s good but because it’s foundational model is a sucker’s game. People develop this stuff for free, loads of them, and in the process hand enterprising vendors and investors a mighty fine nest egg on which to build out a for-profit enterprise. This makes Open Source hard to resist as a starting point for enterprise software. If someone hands me a free pile of pre-cut lumber to build a house, why would I bother to cut down my own trees and mill them? And if it were truly free, no strings attached, all the better."
4 days ago
My top productivity tools and tricks for managing my daily workflow (2019 edition)
"Do you have too many items on your todo list or in your email inbox? If so, you might want to learn some of the insider techniques and tools our own David Gewirtz has put into practice to keep his very busy schedule under control."
5 days ago
The Data Warehouse is dead – long live the Data Warehouse
"Data warehouse technology is shifting to the cloud with much ballyhoo around new entrants. But do they have the muscle to compete with the tried, tested and surviving incumbents?"
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  warehouse 
5 days ago
AWS, MongoDB, and the Economic Realities of Open Source
"The result is that “performance, scalability, and availability” is a tremendously attractive business: the more customers AWS has not only drive that much more recurring revenue, but also deepen AWS’ moat by allowing the company to bring that many more resources to bear on ever more obscure use cases, making AWS that much more attractive to new customers. Microsoft is competing but is a distant second; Google is even further behind. In fact, even MongoDB’s managed service runs on the three giants: it simply makes no sense to go it alone."
5 days ago
Supply Chain 2019: SCM Software Vendors on Tariffs, Global Trade, and Amazon Effects
"TEC principal analyst PJ jakovljevic continues to bring you supply chain predictions for 2019 and beyond. This post features the perspectives of A.T. Kearney and HighJump on tariffs and the ensuing uncertainty, global supply chain networks, and Amazon's influence on warehouse management."
6 days ago
NRF to retailers, and Wall Street – we need better metrics to assess retail health
"Amidst all the next-gen tech at NRF's Big Show 2019, a different and vitally important debate ensued: are retailers even measuring the right things? Here's what I learned about NRF's push to broach a dialogue on new retail metrics."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  crm  customer  experience  retail  e-commerce  the  omni-channel 
6 days ago
The What and Why of a Unified Security Strategy
"Build a multi-layered defense. A multi-layered security system is one that secures multiple types of components — like storage, networking and application runtimes. Not only is multi-layered security critical in today’s complex environments, but it’s the only way to build a broad, unified security architecture. Some of your environments or infrastructure may not have all of the layers you secure; for example, a bare-metal containerized environment won’t have a virtualization hypervisor for you to worry about. But you should still focus on securing all layers so that you cover all layers that exist in all of your environments;"
application  security  culture  sponsored 
6 days ago
Why Is Open Source Not More Successful for Enteprise Applications?
"Although open source software now completely dominates some categories of software, this has not been true for enterprise applications, such as ERP or CRM? What is it about enterprise applications that makes them so resistant to open source as a business model?"
adempiere  compiere  consona  crm  erp  oodo  open  source  opentaps  sugarcrm 
6 days ago
Infor CEO Charles Phillips on the $1.5bn that sets up a massive tech IPO
"Infor CEO Charles Phlllips gives us the lowdown on the $1.5 billion investment that primes the enterprise software giant for a massive tech IPO"
cloud  erp  financials  and  supply  chain  platforms  -  infrastructure  architecture  crm  customer  experience  hcm  the  digital  future  of  work 
6 days ago
Revolut’s clumsy automated bank compliance results in frozen accounts and lack of customer service
"The hand off of perceived account irregularities from Revolut’s AI driven compliance systems and algorithms to their support and partners is when the account freeze ups appear to start, and customers are suffering"
6 days ago
How SAP and Kronos’ Reseller Agreement Affects Existing Customers - UpperEdge
"This move may seem curious given SAP’s prior partnership and reseller agreement with WorkForce Software that was first announced in 2015 and expanded in 2016. Though the WorkForce Software agreement is still in place, this latest announcement suggests that SAP will prioritize reselling Kronos’ solution. Whether that is the case or not, it is not surprising to see SAP adding 3rd party solutions its customers are already using to its portfolio. It would also not be surprising to see those customers confronted with unexpected changes to their agreement as a result of this new partnership."
7 days ago
NRF 2019 – All retailers are in the data business now; Chick-fil-A shows why.
"The big lesson from NRF 2019 is that you're not winning in retail without tackling your data problem - and turning it into an asset. Here's an illustrated view of how Chick-fil-A approached this problem, and how modern data analytics, in this case Tableau, fits in."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  crm  customer  experience  digital  enterprise  in  the  real  world  retail  e-commerce  omni-channel 
7 days ago
Infor lands $1.5 billion investment ahead of IPO | TechCrunch
“We expect this paydown, in combination with cash flows and estimated IPO proceeds, will provide Infor with leverage levels consistent with other successful IPOs over the past few years,” Infor CFO Kevin Samuelson explained during an investor call today."
7 days ago
Principles of Good Large-Scale Agile
"Agile organizations need to balance push (the investors, sales, competitors, market conditions and others creating demand) versus the pull (which is constrained by limited capacity, skills, time, costs, etc). Product backlog management can help this, by driving strategy and vision. End-to-end visibility of how value is added is the other important aspect of enabling an organization to embrace this mentality."
devops  contributed 
11 days ago
Retail’s Black Thursday – digital laggards Debenhams and M&S spread New Year’s gloom
"UK retail institutions Debenhams and Marks and Spencer updated on their Christmas performance - and it wasn't a pretty picture"
e-commerce  retail  and  the  omni-channel 
11 days ago
Telcos promise to stop selling location data, but Congress is not satisfied | ZDNet
"While some carriers have now recommitted to stopping such unauthorized disclosure, the public can no longer rely on their voluntary promises to protect this extremely sensitive information," Pallone said in a letter to the FCC.

The letter follows a Motherboard report, which demonstrated how T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint continue to sell location data to third-party aggregators, who in turn allow the data to be resold on the black market to anyone willing to pay. This practice continues, even though wireless carriers promised to end the practice last June.
11 days ago
The Internet Is A Privacy Disaster. But We Still Don't Know How To Talk About It.
"Twinning’s privacy debacle was another in a seemingly endless string of such incidents arising from the opaque and sloppily Byzantine policies and practices that govern our digital information. "
12 days ago
Enterprise hits and misses – talking IoT and blockchain futures, while data privacy is bought and sold
"In our triumphant/petulant new year's return, hits and misses features the impact of IoT, blockchain and cleantech. Retail omni-woes are nudged off center stage by a slew of data privacy controversies. Your whiffs include an underwhelming war of the machines."
data  privacy  governing  identity  and  security  hits  misses  internet  of  things  machine  intelligence  ai 
12 days ago
The Exaggerated Promise of So-Called Unbiased Data Mining | WIRED
"Good research begins with a clear idea of what one is looking for and expects to find. Data mining just looks for patterns and inevitably finds some.

The problem has become endemic nowadays because powerful computers are so good at plundering Big Data. Data miners have found correlations between Twitter words or Google search queries and criminal activity, heart attacks, stock prices, election outcomes, Bitcoin prices, and soccer matches. You might think I am making these examples up. I am not."
12 days ago
Security Worries Rise as Container Adoption Increases
"Of the 266 that have containers in production, 47 percent said the containers had vulnerabilities, with that figure rising to 58 percent for those with more than 100 containers in production. The percentage of those that “don’t know” if there are vulnerabilities declines as the number of containers running increases."
application  security  containers  research  this  week  in  numbers 
13 days ago
DataSelf on BI adoption – to move beyond the data geeks, we have to solve human problems.
"Getting results from data will be a burning question all year in my coverage. There's no one better to kick it off than Joni Girardi of DataSelf. He speaks to the problem of BI adoption, and the changes DataSelf has gone through."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  crm  customer  experience  frictionless  enterprise 
13 days ago
How to Negotiate the Right Deal with Microsoft - UpperEdge
"Microsoft is well aware of this and knows they hold all the cards when it comes time to discuss a customer’s renewal. During one renewal, an IT executive was actually told by his Microsoft sales rep that there was nothing else they could do to meet their requirements and that he could always try and see what the ‘other’ Microsoft might offer him if he was not satisfied with the current offer. Yes, this actually happened.

In fairness, this was before Satya Nadella became CEO and started to reshape the corporate culture."
13 days ago
AIOps and the Myth of Efficient Multitasking
"When applying this to IT, monotasking means organizing, streamlining, and prioritizing individual tasks wherever possible. To a certain extent, IT Ops has to react to notification of problems — but those should be few and far between. An IT department that is constantly in fire-fighting mode cannot also be thinking strategically about the future. Attempts to make wide-ranging strategic changes while also jumping on incoming tickets and keeping one eye on an event queue is a sure-fire recipe for missing a semicolon somewhere, leading to major production outages."
culture  contributed 
15 days ago
Microstrategy 2019 – Hyperintelligence plays to the emerging voice market
"Microstrategy 2019 is one of its biggest releases with emphasis on ease of use and deployment coupled with access to new technologies such as voice. It's an interesting take on the evolution of BI."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis 
15 days ago
Apple’s trillion-dollar market cap was always a false idol | TechCrunch
"Nobody grows forever, not even Apple. It had to cool off at some point, and if this is cooling off, 87 billion instead of 91 billion, it’s a drop-off that investors should be able to understand and live with"
15 days ago
Kellblog Predictions for 2019
"6. Ethics make a comeback, for two reasons. The first will be as a backlash to the blatant corruption of the current administration. To wit: the House recently passed a measure requiring annual ethics training for its members. The second will have to do with AI and automation. The Trolley Problem, once a theoretical exercise in ethics, is now all too real with self-driving cars. Consider this data, based on MIT research in this article which shows preferences for sparing various characters in the event of a crash."
enterprise  software  predictions  uncategorized  2019  kellblog  startups  technology  vc 
16 days ago
Manufacturing a crisis? Upbeat data meets Trump’s tariffs
"An upbeat report on tech trends in US manufacturing finds tech can be used by manufacturers to offset impact of Trump's tariffs, but also that those tariffs aren't helpful."
cloud  erp  financials  and  supply  chain  infrastructure  iot  robotics  ai  regulation 
16 days ago
Are Firstline Workers Microsoft’s Key to Keeping Google Out of the Enterprise? - UpperEdge
"It is clear by their product development focus, marketing efforts, and aggressive sales tactics that Microsoft realizes that not only is the firstline worker opportunity massive and represents a significant immediate and long-term revenue stream, but it also represents a real potential vulnerability as Google continues to focus on gaining more enterprise customers. If Microsoft is able to get enterprises to adopt Office 365 F1 or Microsoft 365 F1, it creates an even greater barrier to entry for Google and their G-Suite offering."
16 days ago
Globalization, robots, and universal basic income: Jason Furman on the future of work
"President Obama’s top economic adviser explains which policies could help workers succeed in an era of globalization and automation."
future  of  work 
17 days ago
Robot rights – a legal necessity or ethical absurdity?
"The question of robot rights has emerged as a much more nuanced topic than at first seems the case. We examine the pros and cons."
iot  robotics  and  ai 
17 days ago
How Trulia began paying down its technical debt | TechCrunch
"What they really needed to do was move to a completely modern microservices architecture that allowed engineering teams to work independently in a continuous delivery approach without breaking any other team’s code. That’s where the concept of islands came into play."
17 days ago
Which Analytics And BI Technologies Will Be The Highest Priority In 2019?
"82% of enterprises are prioritizing analytics and BI applications and platforms as part of their budgets for new technologies and cloud-based services. 78% of enterprises are prioritizing advanced analytics, and 76% data preparation. 54% say AI, machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are also a high investment priority. The following graphic ranks enterprises’ investment priorities for acquiring or subscribing to new technologies and cloud-based services by analytics and BI initiatives or strategies. Please click on the graphic to expand for easier reading."
business  featured  posts  technology  software  trends  &  concepts  analytics  bi  and  in  the  age  of  ai  big  data  intelligence  cloud  computing  lake  louis  columbus'  blog 
18 days ago
Powerpoint-drenched events are legacy. Why unconferences and white board sessions are the way forward
"Stale slide decks, boring panels and cheesy motivational speakers have obscured the essence of enterprise events: peers learning from peers. Here's six proven formats you can use to make your event more interactive - and indispensable."
collaboration  sharing  and  digital  productivity  crm  customer  experience  skills  training  future  of  work 
18 days ago
Why It Is Difficult to Hire for DevOps?
"1. Yes, there is a DevOps dilemma. What we understood is the meaning of DevOps and its practices can be different for different companies; hence there is still a dilemma regarding the definition of what exactly DevOps is. As we dig further, there are no set universal principles for implementing DevOps.

In some cases, it can be difficult to establish DevOps practices in established companies because of their need to maintain existing environments and legacy applications. This makes it hard for engineers to get their hands on modern DevOps practices and tools."
culture  devops  contributed 
18 days ago
Mind-Reading, Self-Replicating: A Look Back at the Year’s Best AI Stories
"Nothing makes us potentially more human than the ability to learn from our mistakes. One might find something similar in machines in what’s called reinforcement learning, but as researchers over at OpenAI point out, designing the reward systems behind reinforcement learning models can become quite complicated, and may actually discourage machines from exploring possibilities beyond the tasked goal. Instead, this team proposes an open-source alternative they call Hindsight Experience Replay (HER)."
machine  learning  science 
20 days ago
Defense contractor: IT must embrace ‘radical transparency and culture change’
" One of the things that I didn’t like when I joined, and it’s common in corporate culture but I wanted to change within L3 is, somebody would ask a perfectly reasonable question, and another person will say, “Well, we don’t know the answer. We’ll get back to you.”

Well, now the conversation is dead. But, what you want is an active, “Well, let’s see what the data says,” because it exists, right? That’s the thing that drove me crazy. Somebody has got the data. How come it all isn’t in a giant warehouse so that we can peal things back to the infinite level that we want to? Sort of like an onion. You peel back the layers and peel back the layers to get down to the answer to say, “The reason why this isn’t working or is working so well, is because of this.”"
business  featured  posts 
20 days ago
2019 productivity gut check – don’t let metrics squeeze your value
"We've pushed away from the holiday table and we're dialing into our 2019 kick off calls in 3, 2, 1. But before the inbox exacts its revenge, here's a different take on productivity."
collaboration  sharing  and  digital  productivity  skills  training  social  the  new  professional  it  as  a  service 
20 days ago
Enterprise Software—Recapping 2018 and Making Predictions for 2019 and Beyond
"AI will be used in enterprise software in more pragmatic ways (easily understandable and explainable) rather than in a black-box rocket science manner (not comprehensible to the average user). Several software capabilities will reduce the time users spend on low value-adding tasks—these include intelligent applications (that is, apps that sense problems and prescribe or recommend solutions in real time), automated processes, a simple user experience (UX), and conversational interfaces."
20 days ago
Welcome 2019
"Trend 5. Digital Manufacturing Success. In the next two years, companies will make the most progress in the area of digital manufacturing. The combination of technologies for track and trace (an example is ThinkIQ), 3D printing, robotics, and wearables improves flexibility in operations. Company digital initiatives will have the most success in production operations."
global  supply  chains  market-driven  network  of  networks  new  technologies  uncategorized  2019  demand  driven  market  years  predictions  chain  excellence 
20 days ago
HMV falls, Sears gets a glimmer of hope – retail 2019 off to a busy start
"The UK's HMV faces its second collapse, while Sears might - maybe - rise from the ashes."
e-commerce  retail  and  the  omni-channel 
20 days ago
Tech Ethics New Year’s Resolution: Don’t Build Software You Will Regret
"The Institute of Future and the Tech and Society Solutions Lab together created a collection of PDFs which form an Ethical OS Toolkit which helps tech teams anticipate the future impact of today’s technology. For anyone delegated organizational ethical considerations — and, again, everyone should be considering it — this toolkit includes eight zones to help you identify emerging areas of risk and social harm for your software’s future:

Truth, disinformation, and propaganda
Addiction and dopamine economy
Economic and asset inequalities
Machine ethics and algorithmic biases
Surveillance state
Data control and monetization
Implicit trust and user understanding
Hateful and criminal actors"
culture  devops 
20 days ago
Conversational AI goes mainstream at Capital One bank
"One of the world's largest banks explains how it uses natural language processing and intelligent assistants to improve customer service on the web and mobile. Read this insider glimpse into the future of banking and user interfaces."
artificial  intelligence 
23 days ago
The Year That Was – the Stuart version
"A tough year for some in the retail sector, but progress on the omni-channel journey for others."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  architecture  collaboration  sharing  digital  productivity  crm  customer  experience  content  marketing  enterprise  in  the  real  world  retail  e-commerce  omni-channel  social 
23 days ago
Humans vs. Algorithms: A Look Back at 2018
"Yet the march of technology is unmistakable, and sometimes a little ominous. China deployed facial recognition technology at checkpoints around the country. But Taylor Swift used a similar technology to spot stalkers at her concerts. And the same technique is also being used by historians to identify people in Civil War photos. It’s even being used to track and manage populations of animals — sometimes, endangered species — leading to what New York magazine described as “a growing cornucopia of animal faces loaded into databases.”
culture  machine  learning 
23 days ago
The Year That Was – the Phil version
"Frictionless enterprise, digital transformation, headless, serverless, XaaS, robots and scandal - Phil's look back on 2018 has it all."
collaboration  sharing  and  digital  productivity  crm  customer  experience  enterprise  in  the  real  world  frictionless  future  of  work  infrastructure  machine  intelligence  ai 
23 days ago
What Customers Can Learn from Oracle’s Earnings - UpperEdge
"How much of Oracle’s 2% growth is related to true net new product demand and net new customer wins that represent true market demand growth? We cannot accurately derive this answer based on how Oracle reports its numbers, but we can say true growth for the quarter was something less than 2%. There are at least three buckets of revenue sources that we would not characterize as market demand-driven growth."
23 days ago
Capital One AI chief sees path to explainable AI
"Nitzan Mekel-Bobrov, head of artificial intelligence work at card issuer Capital One Financial, disputes the notion deep learning forms of machine learning are "black boxes," and insists sensitive matters such as decisions to assign credit can be made "much more interpretable."
24 days ago
The Year That Was – the @jonerp version - the rise of the best of breed cloue enterprise and the CX farce
"Jon's year brought him from AI hype overload to use case inspiration and back again. Hot topics include the digital skills gap, the farce of customer experience, and the return of the best of breed enterprise."
cloud  erp  financials  and  supply  chain  platforms  -  infrastructure  architecture  crm  customer  experience  digital  enterprise  in  the  real  world  hits  misses  machine  intelligence  ai  retail  e-commerce  omni-channel 
24 days ago
How To Protect Healthcare Records In A Zero Trust World
"Using access credentials stolen from co-workers or stolen laptops, unethical healthcare insiders are among the most prolific at stealing and selling patient data of any insider threat across any industry. Accenture’s study, “Losing the Cyber Culture War in Healthcare: Accenture 2018 Healthcare Workforce Survey on Cybersecurity,” found that the most common ways healthcare employees financially gain from stealing medical records is to commit tax return and credit card fraud."
business  featured  posts  technology  software  trends  &  concepts  centrify  healthcare  breaches  protenus  breach  barometer  idaptive  louis  columbus  privileged  access  credentials  zero  trust  privilege 
24 days ago
2018 – the year ‘Big Tech’ lost its innocence
"It’s taken more than a decade but government regulators and lawmakers have finally figured out how Google and Facebook make obscene amounts of money by gathering personal data from millions of users. They aren’t happy about it."
data  privacy  governing  identity  and  security  regulation 
25 days ago
Preparing millennials for the age of automation
"Overall, about 30% of the time spent in most occupations could be technically automated-but in only about 5% of occupations are nearly all activities automatable, writes Anu Madgavkar in Live Mint."
mgi  in  the  news 
25 days ago
Sears wins reprieve from liquidation as Chairman Lampert makes last-minute bid
"Department store chain Sears won a reprieve from liquidating Friday after its chairman, Eddie Lampert, submitted a bid in an effort to buy the retailer and keep it alive, people familiar with the situation told CNBC."
25 days ago
Monday’s Musings: What’s Up With Big Tech Stocks? The Insider View For 2019
"Algo’s have been reset so the markets are operating on different rules and that model will be reset again soon. Why Big Tech? They play in a winner takes all market. Apple and Google provide 99% of all the consumer software in the US. Facebook, Google, and Amazon drive almost 63% of all advertising dollars
Tech is still strong with 20 to 40% growth. Investors will find it hard to find other asset allocation classes this good and this dominant."
business  featured  posts  technology  software  $appl  $goog  $nflx  $tsla  018  2018  2019  adbe 
25 days ago
Gender, GDPR and tooling up for the cyber-wars – thought leadership from Barbara Endicott-Popovsky
"IT security guru Barbara Endicott-Popovsky on the major hurdles the West faces in the cyber-war - and why she loves GDPR."
digital  skills  and  training  diversity  future  of  work  security 
25 days ago
The Cyclical Theory of Open Source
"Many of those that have resorted to problematic licenses, however, feel as if they’ve been left with little choice. In their view, they foot the bill for the majority of development on an open source asset, only to see a cloud provider pick up that code and offer it as a competitive service – often without so much as an acknowledgement of the open source codebase it’s derived from."
open  source 
25 days ago
One-fourth of corporate data now in the cloud | ZDNet
"The survey of 202 data and IT managers finds that on average, one in every four bytes of enterprise data is now
managed by public cloud providers. Close to half of new database projects are going to public cloud providers. At the same time, there will still be a large mass of data remaining on-premises. Two-thirds, 65%, say it's likely they will be moving into hybrid cloud arrangements over the next one to two years."
4 weeks ago
The Amazon Alexa Eavesdropping Nightmare Came True
"We were able to navigate around a complete stranger’s private life without his knowledge, and the immoral, almost voyeuristic nature of what we were doing got our hair standing on end. The alarms, Spotify commands, and public transport inquiries included in the data revealed a lot about the victims’ personal habits, their jobs, and their taste in music. Using these files, it was fairly easy to identify the person involved and his female companion. Weather queries, first names, and even someone’s last name enabled us to quickly zero in on his circle of friends. Public data from Facebook and Twitter rounded out the picture."
4 weeks ago
Enterprise hits and misses – peeling back the AI hype, and handing out this year’s cheeky blogger awards
"This week - we peel back the AI hype in search of use cases. ERP and SaaS vendors get an intellectual spanking. Plus: I hand out my annual cheeky enterprise blogger awards. As always, your whiffs - this time in 5G."
hits  and  misses 
4 weeks ago
Gatwick airport: How can a drone cause so much chaos?
"For airports serious about protecting themselves from drone attacks, there is the option of a more sophisticated, if expensive, system, such as that offered by Quantum Aviation, which employs radar, radio frequency detectors and cameras to detect when drones are nearby and locate where they came from."
4 weeks ago
Nasdaq enters bear market territory, down 20%
“It’s been a bear market for a little while now, whether it’s been reflected in Russell 2000 or the Nasdaq,” said Steven DeSanctis, a Jefferies equity strategist. “We’ve seen sectors like energy, financials and some consumer names that have been absolutely beaten up. It’s pretty broad-based.”

Investors were quick to abandon the tech household names in part thanks to how expensive technology stocks had become over the past year. Traders bought up such stocks throughout 2017 and into 2018 amid a swell in demand for chips and an acceleration in revenues at Facebook and Amazon that promised companies some of the best advertising exposure available."
4 weeks ago
How Tilray is pushing to scale with the cannabis market – and Acumatica SaaS ERP
"Puns aside, nothing is growing like the cannabis market. This week, I got the update from Tilray's Cuba Flowers on the heels of their IPO. Flowers is facing a whole new scale. He also has new expectations for Acumatica's cloud ERP - it's an integration game now."
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4 weeks ago
As Facebook Raised a Privacy Wall, It Carved an Opening for Tech Giants - The New York Times
Internal documents show that the social network gave Microsoft, Amazon, Spotify and others far greater access to people’s data than it has disclosed.
4 weeks ago
Open Source Investment: Show Me the Money (and Time)
"The battle for open source acceptance has been won. The next battle is creating a sustainable funding mechanism for open source developers. Companies that have created open source business models are facing challenges as companies like Amazon Web Services provide services based on OSS projects. Yet, public shaming like seen in the tweet below will not change this phenomenon. Instead, large cloud customers may be able to generate more open source investment by cloud providers if there is proof that involvement in projects has a demonstrable impact on service quality."
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4 weeks ago
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