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Adobe gets its company, snaring Marketo for $4.75 billion | TechCrunch
"A week ago rumors were flying that Adobe would be buying Marketo, and lo and behold it announced today that it was acquiring the marketing automation company for $4.75 billion.

It was a pretty nice return for Vista Equity partners, which purchased Marketo in May 2016 for $1.8 billion in cash. They held onto it for two years and hauled in a hefty $2.95 billion in profit."
Turn the NIST Cybersecurity Framework into Reality: ...
"It makes a lot of sense to start with a single department or a subset of departments within your organization. Run a pilot program so that you can learn what does and doesn't work, and identify the right tools and best practices for wider deployment. This will help you to craft further implementations and accurately estimate the cost."
More Things to Look for at Inforum 2018
"Whether or not you're attending the Inforum 2018 conference in late September, you'll want to read this review of Infor's vertical and horizontal software solutions. Get a preview of what to look for at this upcoming event."
Cloud repatriation – the latest push back to public cloud is analyst vaporware
"Cloud repatriation is the latest analyst inspired taking point among on-premise diehards. But is it real?"
cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  and  architecture 
Build DevOps Teams, Start Your Digital Transformation
"Within the team structures, relegating tasks in ways that better make use of team members’ experience is beneficial, PagerDuty’s Stratton said. Traditionally, for example, senior developers and engineers have often been in charge of developing new software features while the junior staff has been tasked with bug fixes. However, it is the senior team members who likely have the experience to better understand the entire system that fixes often require. “Maybe as a senior engineer it is not as interesting to troubleshoot,” Stratton said. “But having experience gives you that understanding of how the system is built.”
events  interviews  podcast  sponsored  top  stories  development  devops  the  new  stack  makers 
Enterprise hits and misses - retailers get a personalization grade, and big data gets a rethink
"This week – Retail personalization gets a critique; millennials get a decoder ring. Plus: (finally) getting value out of big data. Oracle hits an earnings bump; weather broadcasting hits an integrity wall. That’s not the only whiff either."
“Shadow IT” Goes Mainstream | Enterprise Alliance
"This trend has been slowly but inexorably evolving for a number of years and has been heavily driven by business stakeholders’ persistent disappointment in the business utility of enterprise applications"
Oracles streak of missed opportunities
"But even within its peer group, Oracle has missed out on several opportunities. It took way too long to deliver Fusion. Even then, it could have stalled growth at Workday, Salesforce, Adobe and other cloud vendors. It could have delivered a knockout punch to SAP starting around 2010 with its early start with Fusion and its many cloud acquisitions. It could have taken several of its vertical industry capabilities to the cloud and gone after SAP in those markets. It did not and SAP with S/4 and its own cloud acquisitions has weathered the storm."
business  featured  posts  enterprise  software  (ibm  microsoft  oracle  sap 
2 days ago
McKinsey warns that AI will further divide the world economy into winners and losers
"The world is moving quietly, but inexorably, toward a world that will not only change the way humans live and work but also divide the world economy according to McKinsey’s latest AI report."
iot  robotics  and  ai  machine  intelligence 
2 days ago
The European Union Versus the Internet
"I chose this rather obscure source to quote from for a reason: should Stratechery ever have more than either 50 employees or €10 million in revenue, under this legislation I would likely need to compensate EUbusiness for that excerpt. Fortunately (well, unfortunately!), this won’t be the case anytime soon; I appreciate the European Parliament giving me a chance to start-up and innovate."
2 days ago
Fundamentals Rarely Change-Situations Do
"Unfortunately, in the wake of new techniques, new tools, and new ideas, it’s easy to forget the fundamentals. And then we lose our way. When Gartner (as CEB) introduced Challenger, it was heralded as one of the freshest, newest ideas in selling. And it was a great new perspective that still matters today. It is still a focus for Gartner Research and Advisory efforts. But underneath the covers, it is based on an age old fundamental–understanding your customer and their situation deeply."
go-to-market  b2b  challenger  customer  understanding  fundamentals  sales 
3 days ago
How are retailers winning? Stats and reflections from
"I went to 2018 with the goal of finding out how retailers are winning - and what stands in the way. I found some surprises, as well as fresh data from IHL Group that takes the sensationalism out of storefront closings."
crm  and  customer  experience  e-commerce  retail  the  omni-channel 
3 days ago
5 Mistakes to Avoid When Developing a SOW With Accenture, Deloitte, and IBM - UpperEdge
"nfortunately, in a world where projects can run off the rails and actually destroy value, a vague, high-level SOW simply isn’t going to cut it. And even in the best-case scenario, where your project delivers the expected benefits both on-time and on-budget, it’s going to take more than a handshake to get you there. Why? Because as your project progresses, things are going to change"
3 days ago
PagerDuty CEO: DevOps Success Relies on Teams, Empathy, and Inclusion
"“There is often chaos before there is order,” she acknowledged. The way people are working is changing. The workforce is distributed and needs to collaborate and work well together because minutes and seconds count. Real-time operations are about technology, she said, but it’s more about helping people get the most out of the time and investment and tools they have to get the best outcome for their customers and their businesses."
events  interviews  podcast  top  stories  the  new  stack  makers 
4 days ago
World Economic Forum – robots will take jobs, but upskilling will put humans ahead…if we do it properly

A major future of work report from the World Economic Forum puts skills investment top of the corporate and governmental agenda."
digital  skills  and  training  future  of  work  iot  robotics  ai  machine  intelligence 
4 days ago
What to do with the data? The evolution of data platforms in a post big data world (Part 2)
"Thought leader Esteban Kolsky takes on the big question: What will data platforms look like now that big data's hype is over and big data "solutions" are at hand? This is the second part beckoning."
4 days ago
A woman’s place is in the digital revolution | McKinsey
Likewise, in China, 55% of new Internet businesses are founded by women, and Alibaba’s Taobao e-commerce platform has an equal number of male and female store owners. In fact, China is home to 114 of the world’s 147 self-made female billionaires, compared to just 14 in the second-place country, the United States."
5 days ago
Europe deals the open internet a blow as controversial copyright rules take a step closer to law
"Europe just dealt the open internet a blow - and probably undermined its own Digital Single Market economy plans in the process."
digital  and  content  marketing  governing  identity  privacy  security  regulation  social 
5 days ago
Finding time
"Know your available time so that you can optimize it . For me – that means I decide upfront all the personal activities I won’t compromise on like picking my kiddo from school when I am not traveling, sleeping 7-8 hours every day, tending to my garden on weekends , reading a book etc . Those are explicitly marked as blocked time on my calendar . So I know exactly how much time I have left to tackle the problems I know of . I also block some time every day for potential A level problems . If none seem to appear by previous night, I will release the block to do something else."
5 days ago
Eight Ways to Make Your D&I Efforts Less Talk and More Walk
"It’s time to raise the bar for diversity & inclusion — and Aubrey Blanche has the playbook that can help startups couple caring deeply with acting quickly. Here, she shares eight strategies that have made a difference at Atlassian."
6 days ago
Book review – Dreams and Details, Jim Snabe’s insights into SAP’s business transformation
"Jim Snabe, former co-CEO SAP, board chair Maersk and vice chair Siemens along with Danish national volleyball coach Mikael Trolle offer a model for business transformation. Does it success?"
collaboration  sharing  and  digital  productivity  transformation  -  frictionless  enterprise 
6 days ago
Four SMB views on why you need a fast-moving business system
"Agility, speed and a fast-moving business system are key to SMB success, according to four Zoho customers who spoke at an event in London this week"
collaboration  sharing  and  digital  productivity  crm  customer  experience  transformation  -  frictionless  enterprise  use  cases 
6 days ago
Why Serverless vs. Kubernetes Isn’t a Real Debate
"The idea that serverless architectures will replace containerized applications does not seem to be a rational proposal. Not everything can be reduced to an ephemeral function. Some applications will always require the ability to persist data and state while an application is running, and this is not something that Serverless architectures are particularly designed for. But interest in Serverless is nevertheless growing rapidly."
analysis  contributed  technology  top  stories  kubernetes  serverless 
6 days ago
The Quickening: a keynote about software development velocity at New Relic’s Futurestack 2018 Conference
"It’s not all good news on the enterprise side of course. I pointed to an absolutely brutal takedown of BA in the FT for not investing in software development. This was the first big breach of the GDPR era, and this story is merciless."
uncategorized  ci  cd  devops  kubernetes  monitoring  observability 
6 days ago
SuccessConnect 2018 – well-being at work isn’t fluffy; it’s the future we should be pushing for
"We ignore the issue of well-being at work at our own peril. SuccessConnect 2018 brought this conversation into focus. Here's the questions I posed to SAP, and the plans for SuccessFactors' Work-Life solution."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  future  of  work  hcm  the  digital  healthcare  transformation  talent  management 
6 days ago
Assume Your Top Partners Compete With You By Year 4
"This is part of life in SaaS. Not only does competition grow as folks take notice of your progress — especially after about 4-5 years, once you get big enough even the top execs at BigCos can see it — but it often starts with your partners. It’s natural. The ones that see the biggest synergies are also the ones that see the easier path to directly expanding into your space. We touched on this a bit back in the early days of SaaStr here."
startup  lessons  blog  posts  growth 
6 days ago
Why Microservices Will Become a Core Business Strategy for Most Organizations
"Microservices, by virtue of offering a well-structured way to engage and integrate with the world at large in scalable, digital terms, now appear to hold the answer to enabling faster digital transformation, lowering our levels of of tight coupling and technical debt, and substantially increasing much needed levels of IT integration. More centrally to business impact and growth, they also make it possible for us to build and cultivate bigger and more robust digital ecosystems with our stakeholders. This includes 3rd party developers and business partners to our very own workers and customers."
featured  posts  apis  business  strategy  cdo  cio  ecosystem  enterprise  architecture  microservices  platform 
7 days ago
#SuccessConnect 2018 – inside Ernst & Young’s drive for a purposeful workplace - by @jonerp
"Project Dovetail is aimed at building bridges between Blockchains and, further out, sticking them together in collaborative environments that make practical sense in business terms"
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  digital  enterprise  in  the  real  world  future  of  work  hcm  use  cases 
7 days ago
Tibco Labs and the Blockchain Experiment – cue scary music!
"Project Dovetail is aimed at building bridges between Blockchains and, further out, sticking them together in collaborative environments that make practical sense in business terms"
cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  and  architecture 
7 days ago
Barely a third of outsourcing deals are now safe: Window-dressing legacy engagements is over
"As this year’s State of Operations and Outsourcing study of 381 enterprise operations leaders across the Global 2000 reveals, only 30% of these relationships will continue to operate in the old model, while a similar number will stick with their service provider if they can have a shift towards business outcome pricing and a degree of automation applied. 27% have already given up on shifting the model with their current provider and have declared their attention to switch, while 17% want to end the misery and focus on bringing the work back inhouse, and look to simply automate it"
business  featured  posts 
7 days ago
TIBCO Extends its Data Intelligence Vision
"Analytics and data science can only thrive where there is ready access to solid, well-managed data. Thus, I do like how the data catalog and data virtualization assets complement Spotfire and, potentially, Tibco Data Science. I’ve been following Composite Software for a long time, so it’s good to see stepped up investment in what’s now known as TIBCO Data Virtualization. I didn’t get to see enough at TIBCO NOW, so I’ve asked for deeper briefings on how DV works with modern cloud architectures, unstructured sources and object stores such as Amazon S3."
8 days ago
Enterprise hits and misses – recruiting tech needs a fix, vendor contract negotiations need transparency
"This week - why recruiting tech stinks, and how to fix it. Plus: contract negotiations pitfalls, and why product management is broken. Your whiffs include AI security preening and Google being Google."
hcm  and  the  digital  future  of  work  hits  misses  professional  services  talent  management  new  it  as  a  service 
8 days ago
What to do with the data? The evolution of data platforms in a post big data world
"In the last 10 years, we saw slow progress from simple, demographic data-in-storage to multi-dimensional data-in-use: We moved away from creating huge electronic storage areas for data, and we began to use it in real-time; unfortunately, most enterprise data today is still stored in disparate systems waiting to be processed. Value comes from aggregating the right data from myriad sources and using it efficiently and effectively to solve business quandaries and optimize processes — and to do that, we need to understand what the data shows, not just the data itself."
featured  posts  technology  software 
8 days ago
Digital media disruptions 23 – audience metrics that matter, and the content brevity debate
"It's time for another review of media disruptions, with the enterprise reader in mind. In this edition - audience metrics over vanity metrics, and subscribers for the win. And: content brevity versus long-form immersion."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  content  marketing  digital  social  media 
9 days ago
The High Cost of Anxiety in Negotiations
"Given how many agreements Oracle, SAP, Salesforce and other top-tier suppliers negotiate every year, it is no wonder they get anxious when it comes time to hammer out the final details of contract documents and statements of work. From delivering excessive data points on irrelevant topics, to building massive complexity into pricing and licensing policies, to making every offer a “special offer,” these companies know how to lean on potential clients and existing customers."
contract  negotiations  crm  enterprise  agreements  erp  licensing  negotiation  leverage 
9 days ago
Engagement, functions, resources – a connected digital enterprise architecture
"Connected digital technologies are reshaping enterprise architectures around a platform of engagement functions & resources to support next-gen applications"
cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  and  architecture  collaboration  sharing  digital  productivity  devops  nosql  the  open  source  stack  frictionless  enterprise  xaas 
9 days ago
How Multicloud Will Transform the Future of Enterprise IT
"If the future is multicloud, then it is useful to consider whether that creates additional requirements for IT.

How will processes extend across different cloud environments? Are teams organized by cloud or by workload? How is architectural planning done? The list goes on and, where IT has typically operated in silos, multicloud demands more coordination between teams. This could have profound implications on enterprise IT organizational structure and operating models."
contributed  multi-cloud  networking 
9 days ago
Buying – A (Small) Piece of the Puzzle
"It is really important to remember that people don’t buy things to buy them. They buy to solve a problem or satisfy a desire. They want to get something done. You don’t buy a house and then just admire it and do nothing with it. Buying the house often triggers more buying as you “make it your own.” You get value from buying the house because it is a great place to live and it makes you happy."
go-to-market  b2bsales  buying  cycle  enablement  problem  solving  sales  value 
10 days ago
How Medivis plans to use augmented reality and AI to change medicine
"Typically I don't write about how cool augmented reality and AI are. But the experts at Medivis think they can change healthcare with these technologies - and the help of partners like Paperspace."
digital  enterprise  in  the  real  world  healthcare  transformation  machine  intelligence  and  ai  use  cases  augmented  reality 
10 days ago
7 Promises, and Potential Pitfalls, in Adopting a Cloud Native Approach to DevOps
"What’s Wrong with That: DevOps is only DevOps, I’m told, when it automates the development and operation of all applications. If we go subdividing our processes into the cloud native ones and the not-so-cloud-native ones, then we run the risk of rebuilding the silos we thought we had already disassembled.

Put another way, it would be wrong to create a DevOps for only one pool of development. Now, maybe it’s feasible to implement such a methodology if and only if the organization will develop only cloud native apps throughout its entire existence. But to restrain the organization to any single platform, I’m told, is antithetical to another of the goals of DevOps: to decouple processes from infrastructure."
analysis  technology  top  stories  cloud-native  continuous  integration  and  deployment  devops 
10 days ago
Products are Conversations
The right customers for you will understand your tradeoffs, validate and support your decisions, and align. They will value the experience you are creating for them, and progress in a longer term relationship, not a transaction.

Rather than see the Head of Product as the CEO of Product, the PM is put as close to the customer as possible to make decisions on their behalf, and plays the role of Information Hub to align stakeholders through effective conversations. Your stakeholders want to have these conversations, and it’s your job to make sure they happen."
featured  posts  technology  software  conversations  product  management  roadmap  slack 
10 days ago
Fixing the recruiting process mess – Part 3, getting from zero to one
"How can technology make recruiting better and the acquisition of more and better-qualified talent a reality? How do we stop the leakage from the recruiting funnel and do so in a way that doesn’t add to the workload of recruiters? Can a better process for recruiting improve candidates’ experiences and those of recruiters?"
hcm  and  the  digital  future  of  work  iot  robotics  ai  talent  management 
10 days ago
How WhatsApp Destroyed A Village
"The Indian government, however, had been hoping for more: It had asked for WhatsApp to develop tools to help trace the origin of messages, ostensibly to help authorities hunt down the creators of the fake videos.

Carl Woog, a spokesperson for WhatsApp, provided the following statement to BuzzFeed News: “We believe that building ‘traceability’ into WhatsApp would undermine end-to-end encryption and the private nature of WhatsApp creating the potential for serious misuse. As we go forward, WhatsApp remains committed to working with others in society on the challenge of misinformation though we will not weaken the privacy protections we provide.”
"The  Indian  government  however  had  been  hoping  for  more:  It  asked  WhatsApp  to  develop  tools  help  trace  the  origin  of  messages  ostensibly  authorities  hunt  down  creators  fake  videos.  Carl  Woog  a  spokesperson  provided  following  statement  BuzzFeed  News:  “We  believe  that  building  ‘traceability’  into  would  undermine  end-to-end  encryption  and  private  nature  creating  potential  serious  misuse.  As  we  go  forward  remains  committed  working  with  others  in  society  on  challenge  misinformation  though  will  not  weaken  privacy  protections  provide.” 
11 days ago
How to make sure your customer panel is boring and forgettable again this year
"It takes skill and determination to make a customer panel truly boring. But if you follow these seventeen tips, you too can roll out a truly yawn-inducing panel. After the satire is over, I reveal the keys to avoiding this fate."
content  marketing  crm  and  customer  experience  digital  social 
11 days ago
Doing DevOps the Cloud Native Way
"One of the dangers of the microservices approach, if we take this train of thought to its extreme, is that it could frame the entire scenario of an enterprise’s software from the exclusive perspective of the developer. Since cloud native platforms are marketed towards developers’ interests, the result is that, at the minimum, Ops professionals could feel left out. And at the maximum, they could be left out."
ebook  series  article  technology  top  stories  cloud-native  continuous  integration  and  deployment  devops 
11 days ago
It’s a mad, mad, mad IoT world – protecting America’s power grid from common household appliances
"The Internet of Things is a network comprised of billions of devices that connect to the internet through sensors or Wi-Fi. Mostly invisible and often unsecured, they are a potential goldmine for hackers and evildoers."
internet  of  things  security 
11 days ago
Google Needs To Make Machine Learning Their Growth Fuel
"Google needs new AI- and machine learning-driven businesses that have lower Total Acquisition Costs (TAC) to offset the rising acquisition costs of their ad and search businesses. CB Insights found Google is experiencing rising TAC in their core ad and search businesses. With the strategic shift to mobile, Google will see TAC escalate even further. Their greatest potential for growth is infusing greater contextual intelligence and knowledge across the entire series of companies that comprise Alphabet, shown in the graphic below."
business  featured  posts  technology  software  trends  &  concepts  cb  insights  google  ai  machine  learning  louis  columbus'  blog  patents 
11 days ago
Workday Q2 FY2019 impresses, warns of headwinds associated with Adaptive Insights acquisition
"Another solid quarter from Workday but with plenty of questions around what happens now that the Adaptive Insights acquisition has been consummated."
cloud  erp  financials  and  supply  chain  hcm  the  digital  future  of  work  earnings  reports 
12 days ago
Overcoming the AI, ML and data science skills gap - a video chat with Vijay Vijayasankar of IBM
"In their first online talk in several years, Jon Reed of is reunited with one of his old school guests for a fresh talk on the problem of hiring data science skills - and what to do about it. Vijayasankar details the types of data science skills that a data science team needs, and where the hiring gaps are. There's plenty of advice for individuals on how to fill those gaps. The guys also hit on the problem of algorithmic bias, and issues of diversity in data science."
12 days ago
Boosting the skills of incumbent workers: An interview with Walmart’s Kathleen McLaughlin
"Kathleen McLaughlin: I think the challenges are mostly driven by changes in technology. Certainly for a company like Walmart, we’re now a tech company as much as a retail company. So the diversity of skills required to advance in a place like Walmart and the opportunities available through many different career paths are unlike anything before."
public  sector  insights 
12 days ago
Meltwater pivots to let data scientists loose on the world’s biggest business dataset
"Media intelligence provider Meltwater pivots to a platform strategy with, opening its huge dataset of online business content to data scientists"
cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  and  architecture  digital  content  marketing  machine  intelligence  ai  social 
12 days ago
More work required to understand the user in UX, survey shows
"Many times in designing and developing the user experience (UX) related to systems and services, something gets left out of the equation: the user. In a recent tweet, Jason Williams, expressed the need to rectify this so well:"You can't start with the technology and then develop the customer experience (UX).You have to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology."
it  priorities 
12 days ago
Lands End goes over the cliff as omni-channel progress remains sluggish
"There's no land's end in sight yet for the beleagured US retailer in pursuit of an omni-channel future."
e-commerce  retail  and  the  omni-channel 
14 days ago
If you fix just one process in HR, make it recruiting – Part 1 the dumb ATS
"Every Fall, there’s plenty of HR technology news. Unfortunately, little of this innovation will solve the talent shortfalls many firms are experiencing. Bad technology and bad acts by recruiters cause millions of great potential hires to be missed."
hcm  and  the  digital  future  of  work  talent  management 
14 days ago
Pinterest and Grubhub’s Former Growth Lead on Building Content Loops
"While at Pinterest and Grubhub, Casey Winters relied on content loops, an overlooked path to growth. Now a scaling advisor to companies such as Eventbrite and Reddit, he shares a 5-step process and three more advanced strategies for using this approach to achieve steep and sustainable growth."
14 days ago
Enterprise hits and misses – blockchain is a paradox; AI is a customer service automater
"This week - Blockchain is officially a paradox, and AI is a riddle for customer service teams to solve. Plus: diginomica gets critiqued, and personalization gets humanized (or does it?). Your whiffs go from rattlesnake bites to a big pile o' Skype."
crm  and  customer  experience  service  management  hits  misses  iot  robotics  ai  blockchain 
15 days ago
SAP Tells Teradata to go Jump in a (Data) Lake - UpperEdge
"On August 31, 2018, SAP responded with a data-based (pun intended) motion to dismiss, which essentially says we didn’t do it and even if we did, it is too late to file suit. SAP’s motion to dismiss is peppered with 74 references to previous cases and points to 10 additional statutes and rules. SAP requested that all claims be dismissed, and that Teradata take its troubles elsewhere."
15 days ago
Purchase Regret – The Bane of Land and Expand Strategies
"Purchase Regret. We consider purchase regret to have happened when members of the buying team feel the purchase failed to meet expectations or they purchased a smaller solution than planned or they just felt they regretted it. This just tracks those that bought. Imagine the “status quo regret” that must occur when teams invest time and resources into buying and then do nothing."
uncategorized  b2bmarketing  b2bsales  buying  approach  experience  customer  cx  regret 
16 days ago
Brian Sommer’s The Month in Brief – August, 2018
"Once a month, Brian cleans off his desk, empties his voicemail and recollects the zillion interactions he has with vendors, trade press and business publications. Here’s the roundup from August."
cloud  erp  financials  and  supply  chain  hcm  the  digital  future  of  work 
16 days ago
Personalization and Humanization: Serious about customer engagement? Then you need them both
"We spend a lot of time on personalization of the customer's experience, but as the customer demands more control over their choices and greater levels of interaction and better experience with the company, humanization comes to the fore. What's the difference between personalization and humanization and why are both necessary? Paul Greenberg responds."
16 days ago
Building a Triple A Supply Chain: Ten Tactics That Work
"Most companies want to be agile, but they drive an agenda focused on efficiency. By definition, an efficient supply chain is not adaptive, agile or aligned. Our data also shows that it underperforms the peer group. For a financial team, this will seem illogical. Leaders must explain that the the supply chain strategy needs to be about more than cost mitigation."
customer-centric  supply  chains  sales  and  operations  planning  chain  excellence  leadership  talent  analtyics  cost-to-serve  metrics  s&op  supplier  development  insights 
17 days ago
The Blockchain Paradox – or why we can’t agree on anything
"The hype over the blockchain has created the Blockchain Paradox. I explain how this manifests, what it means and where it goes."
digital  transformation  -  frictionless  enterprise  blockchain 
17 days ago
There’s an Elephant in the Room with Your Cloud Service Provider 
"Are you confident in the long-term viability of your current cloud service provider (CSP)? Though many companies have short-term needs or a current project in mind when selecting a vendor, the long-term viability of the CSP cannot be overlooked. While the CSP selected a few years ago may have been an economical or strategic decision at the time, that same CSP could be a challenge to integrate into your future environment and ultimately be a burden."
17 days ago
Top 5 lessons learned working at startups
"Negativity is a killjoy. As are incessantly negative people, especially those in positions of power. A single team member has the ability to kill morale by dint of being constantly pessimistic or couching pessimism or defeatism in sarcasm. In my experience, especially when the chips are down, it’s much easier for a negative attitude to blanket the entire team (and possibly even the company) pretty quickly and suck all the motivation out of the team."
hiring  hiring-for-startup  startup-lessons  startup-life  startup 
19 days ago
C’mon now – the customer isn’t in control. On Google, Amazon and the algorithmic plight of the super-user
"The customer is in control? That's an extravagant universal claim - and a recipe for disillusionment. In this Friday roast-and-think, I lay out the true sources of customer power and the predicament of the super-user, who has been sold some Florida swampland."
crm  and  customer  experience  service  management  machine  intelligence  ai 
19 days ago
The Three Types of Customer Success Manager
"The art of setting up the right Customer Success Model is to clearly map out the sales and CSM roles (who does what), define the appropriate frequencies (how often do they do it), and then put the right people in the right roles — both to maximize job satisfaction as well as performance [4] [5]."
churn  csm  customer  success  saas  sales  model  uncategorized 
19 days ago
What is the Difference Between an Application and a Platform and Why it Matters?
"Unfortunately, there are a number of reasons why SaaS vendors struggle to make the transition to platform vendors. First, it time-consuming and resource intensive. While investing in a platform and its associated services open up an opportunity to clean up technical debt, fixing architectural issues “under the covers” are typically less exciting that new features that generate more excitement from customers, partners and analysts."
featured  posts  technology  software  aws  cloud  computing  microsoft  azure  platform-thinking  saas 
20 days ago
Enterprise hits and misses – big data falls, blockchain rises, and security trusts no one
"This week - a look at Google's big data fall from grace - an opening for blockchain, or not? Also: security's weak link, and the zero trust imperative. Ideas versus execution, data silos, and whiffs-a-plenty."
governing  identity  privacy  and  security  hits  misses  machine  intelligence  ai  blockchain 
20 days ago
Taking Care of Business: Your Business Case Isn’t Shelfware - UpperEdge
"So, although it is a necessary and important means for getting the project off the ground, don’t make the mistake of treating the business case as little more than an administrative formality that gets shelved once you’ve obtained approval and buy-in. Take the time to do it right in the first place and include time in your project plan to periodically revalidate and update the key assumptions as your project progresses. This will keep your business case up-to-date and provide you with much more than a sales tool."
20 days ago
How KeyBank Used DevOps to Overcome Cost, Complexity, and Legacy Constraints
"Rzeszotarski emphasized the importance of containers as “Rather than have to have 15 teams have to put their hands into the solution to release it, it’s all built within code. It’s reusable. You’re putting that responsibility back to the app team to manage it and we are making it testable and we are using Kubernetes to put the rails up to guard it and make sure it’s highly available and highly reliable.”"
case  study  culture  events  top  stories  devops  kubernetes 
21 days ago
Stephen Kelly ousted as Sage CEO after dismal results and faltering transformation
"Stephen Kelly has made an abrupt exit as CEO of Sage. What's going on and what happens next. We cast the runes."
cloud  erp  financials  and  supply  chain  digital  transformation  -  frictionless  enterprise  machine  intelligence  ai 
21 days ago
An Executive’s Guide to Dreamforce 2018 - UpperEdge
"Are there products your team is interested in adopting and/or including in your upcoming renewal? Consider whether there is a real need for those products or if they are just what your Salesforce’s account executive has been aggressively pushing. If there is a potential need, it would be a good idea to have your team attend sessions featuring those products, but also make sure they use all other opportunities available at the conference to gain perspectives on ease of use and adoption as well as value received."
21 days ago
The pressure's on: digital transformation seen as a make-or-break proposition for IT managers
"Are IT careers at stake with digital transformation? With the deluge of articles, seminars and analyst briefs on the glories of digital transformation, it's understandable why business leaders would be leaning really hard on their IT people to make things happen. And the pressure is on -- a recent survey finds 83 percent of IT leaders fear they actually could be fired if their digital transformation efforts fail. "
digital  transformation 
23 days ago
HPE and HP Inc – when breaking up works out for the best
"HPE and HP Inc are thriving in the post break-up years. Just those tariff concerns to deal with now..."
cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  and  architecture  financial  services  fintech  internet  of  things 
23 days ago
Identities Are The New Security Perimeter
"18% of healthcare employees are willing to sell confidential data to unauthorized parties for as little as $500 to $1,000, and 24% of employees know of someone who has sold privileged credentials to outsiders, according to a recent Accenture survey.
Privileged credentials for accessing an airport’s security system were recently for sale on the Dark Web for just $10, according to McAfee."
business  featured  posts  technology  software  trends  &  concepts  centrify  cybersecurity  louis  columbus'  blog  next-gen  access  zero  trust  security 
23 days ago
A Chinese e-commerce warning to Washington – a trade war will hurt you more than us
"President Trump tweets up a good trade war, but Alibaba has a warning for the White House."
e-commerce  retail  and  the  omni-channel 
24 days ago
Three Pitfalls to Avoid with Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service
"Customer service should be reserved for the exceptions, the cases that cannot be defined and resolved by rules and therefore cannot be automated. It’s been said many times that the optimal customer service is no customer service, no interactions between customers and the company. And the way to prevent this is to automate as much as possible the simple stuff."
24 days ago
Glassdoor’s 10 Highest Paying Tech Jobs Of 2018
Software Engineering Manager is the highest paying position with an average salary of $163,500 with 31,621 open positions on Glassdoor today.
Over 368,000 open positions are available across the 10 highest paying jobs on Glassdoor today.
$147,000 is the average salary of the top 10 tech jobs on Glassdoor today.
12.7% of all open positions are for software engineers, making this job the most in-demand in tech today."
business  featured  posts  technology  software  glassdoor  highest  paying  tech  jobs  louis  columbus'  blog 
25 days ago
How Milk Makeup is making its mark on e-commerce – a Salesforce use case
"As I prep for, now is the time to pull out the best retail stories I have yet to write about. Here's how Milk Makeup competes with the retail giants - and how Salesforce Commerce Cloud enters the picture."
digital  and  content  marketing  e-commerce  mobile  retail  the  omni-channel  use  cases 
25 days ago
Next-Generation CRM: Who Gets There First?
"Early CRM systems focused on giving the organization visibility into opportunities and a process of turning an opportunity into a sale. Marketing and sales efforts looked to leverage a product-centric offer to as many customers as possible to generate new sales opportunities. The opportunity record was at the heart of the system.

But today, it is no longer productive to start with the sales opportunity. Rather, make the customer profile the central record. Starting with determining who the customers are, what their needs are, and how their buying patterns demonstrate unique traits and behaviors."
25 days ago
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