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Leveraging Enterprise Technology Adoption (ETA) Profiles for Product Marketing
"Second, now that you know your ideal ETA groups, you can consider tailoring messaging to appeal to them. A simple example: If you find that your ideal customer profile is FID (flexible planning, IT-led, Dynamic pace of change), then you want to emphasize how your technology can help them move faster than the competition."
go-to-market  enterprise  technology  adoption  eta  profiles  messaging  product  marketing  psychographics 
16 hours ago
Key Issues for Generating Value from AI
"Not everything called AI is real. Psychologists and neuroscientists are still trying to understand what human intelligence is, so “intelligence” in the context of “artificial” and “human” is the same word to describe two different things, like Paris, France and Paris, Texas. Distinguishing between core AI disciplines and technologies and AI applications that are built from those technologies is important to keep track of AI investments and expected business outcomes (see Figure 1)."
16 hours ago
Twelve IT Project Disasters Demonstrate There are No “Safe” Choices - UpperEdge
"Major IT project disasters continue to be the bane of software providers and software implementors alike. No platform or integrator is immune from the potential of a major disaster. Below are twelve recent disasters that demonstrate the point. Join us December 11th as we dig deeper into these disasters to discover what they have in common, four things to get right early, and what enterprises can do to improve probability that your project will not end up on this list in the future."
16 hours ago
SAP UK & Ireland User Group report continuing issues with indirect access and SAP technology adoption
"SAP UK & Ireland User Group provide a mixed bag of results over the progress made with S/4 HANA, C/4HANA, and indirect access."
brexit  cloud  erp  financials  and  supply  chain  event  reports  indirect  access 
16 hours ago
"I'm a person, not a number" - why microchipping staff is a sinister step too far | TUC
"Yesterday it emerged that some major UK companies are preparing to microchip their employees using the same technology implanted in household pets.

According to media reports, a Swedish company that provides human chip implants is in talks with UK legal and financial firms to implant staff in order to “boost security and stop them accessing sensitive areas”
16 hours ago
How Plex disrupted the analyst day – via a shop floor tour with customer Coastal Automotive
"Analysts are spending the day with Plex Systems again - what could happen? Nothing predictable, thank goodness. On deck: a revealing shop floor tour with Plex customer Coastal Automotive. Here's my illustrated review."
cloud  erp  financials  and  supply  chain  platforms  -  infrastructure  architecture  digital  enterprise  in  the  real  world  use  cases 
16 hours ago
How Culture Will Make or Break Cloud Native DevOps
"“So, there’s been a massive cultural shift and to adopt agile working DevOps, but I think the bank really wants change so it’s embracing this change so it’s open to challenging new ideas,” Razzell said.

HSBC also made the cultural shift by acquiring people from outside of the banking sector “because they want to change their culture from within and they want to bring out that new ideas,” Razzell said."
culture  devops  ebook  series  article  sponsored 
16 hours ago
Qualtrics acquired – SAP’s high priced bid to solve customer experience
"SAP just poneyed up $8bn for Qualtrics, a company that provides analytics in the customer experience space. Does it make sense? Well yes - but only if companies actually care in the first place."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  crm  customer  experience  service  management 
19 hours ago
News Analysis - SAP intends to buy Qualtrics - Pairing operational and experience data – And it’s 6 sisters
"In the longer run, CxOs need to think of what benefits can be derived from the SAP ownership – think financial stability, reach, support and services. It’s different to be the 3B or so small battleship, then dealing with the same battleship as part of a large fleet of vessels. Understand the course, investment plans and new roadmaps asap. The potential delay on future capabilities due to re-platforming on SAP CP and SAP HANA also has to be considered, as well as the readiness to run these technologies in house."
19 hours ago
SAP buys Qualtrics – Some quick thoughts
"From the press release – I understand that combining experience data from Qualtrics with operational data from SAP is where the value is . I think that’s a fair statement. But for that to be a reality – the differentiation needs to come from specialized algorithms . SAP has bought some small ML companies in the past . If these XM + OM theory needs to be converted into practice – SAP probably needs to buy some more ML companies , hire more PhDs and license more IP – and maybe invest in some large university. All of it can be done and SAP has the money and brand to do it – but that will take time to materialize . I am very curious to see the next steps on this front."
19 hours ago
Amazon’s sexist hiring algorithm could still be better than a human
"Given the low proportion of women working in the company, as in most technology companies, the algorithm quickly spotted male dominance and thought it was a factor in success."
2 days ago
Could the new kingmakers turn us into puppets?
"Developers as the new kingmakers is now an established meme. But they should not be the arbiters of what is ethical programming. That debate has to be much wider."
devops  nosql  and  the  open  source  stack  digital  transformation  -  frictionless  enterprise  governing  identity  privacy  security  ethics 
2 days ago
Cord cutting accelerates: 1M customers dropped pay TV last quarter
Cable and satellite TV providers lost about 1.1 million subscribers during the July to September period, the largest quarterly loss ever – and the first time the industry lost more than 1 million subscribers in a quarter, according to media and telecommunications research firm MoffettNathanson.
2 days ago
Reinventing After-Sales Service In A Subscription Economy World
"91% of manufacturers are investing in predictive analytics in the next 12 months, and 50% consider Artificial Intelligence (AI) a major planned investment for 2019 to support their subscription-based business models.
New subscription business models and smart, connected products are freeing manufacturers up from competing for one-time transaction revenues to recurring revenues based on subscriptions.
By 2020, manufacturers are predicting 67% of their product portfolios will be smart, connected products according to an excellent study by Capgemini."
business  featured  posts  technology  software  trends  &  concepts  digital  disruption  internet  of  things  iot  louis  columbus'  blog  manufacturing  services  revenue  subscription  economy 
2 days ago
Parkinson’s UK takes battle for a cure to the cloud with Snowflake Computing
"Director of Digital Transformation Julie Dodd believes that a joined-up data approach could hold the key to tackling the neurodegenerative illness once and for all."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  digital  enterprise  in  the  real  world  transformation  -  frictionless  future  of  work  productivity 
2 days ago
Amazon Execs Addressed Concerns About Amazon Rekognition And ICE At An All-Hands Meeting
Amazon employees and civil liberties groups aren’t the only ones who have concerns about Rekognition. Natasha Lamb, a managing partner of Arjuna Capital — one of the Amazon shareholders who signed a letter regarding Rekognition addressed to Bezos — told BuzzFeed News in an interview that the investment firm was concerned about the efficacy of Amazon’s facial recognition tools, based on the testing so far that its accuracy has been flawed. “The rollout of the product appears short-sighted,” Lamb said. “The long-term concerns around civil liberties aren’t being considered.”
2 days ago
What You Should Know About Grayware (and What to Do ...
'Everyone has seen them: applications that come on many new systems offering services with unfamiliar names, or apps that have familiar names but are offered on sites that aren't from their publishers. They're grayware – or "potentially unwanted applications" – and they're an ongoing issue for computer security."
4 days ago
Enterprise hits and misses – tech leaders weigh in on AI and IoT, but can AI save us from ourselves?
"In this “ducks over schmucks" version of hits and misses, Jon picks the highlights from the week’s biggest shows, his best-of picks from the enterprise web, and, as always – your weekly whiffs."
cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  and  architecture  hits  misses  retail  e-commerce  the  omni-channel 
4 days ago
SAS exposes the contradictions in Analytics and the true nature of AI
"Understanding the context and role that AI can play today and in the future is crucial in recognising the true opportunities that it offers. But the simple reality underpinning AI is the fact that data is important. Organised data is more important especially for organisations that wish to derive value from assets they own which so far they undervalue. This is akin to owning a plot of land in the City, as yet unbuilt upon. As it exists it is nothing but a piece of empty space. But what could it be?"
blogs  agi  ai  analytics  ani.  augmented  blog  cic  elon  musk  milan  sas  sky  umc  utrecht 
4 days ago
The executive's AI playbook
"It's time to break out of pilot purgatory and more effectively apply artificial intelligence and advanced analytics throughout your organization. Our interactive playbook can help."
analytics  insights 
4 days ago
5 nations now demanding Mark Zuckerberg testify on Facebook's data misuse - CBS News
"But the newly reinforced committee, now hailing from five countries, is stepping up pressure.

"We were very disappointed with this dismissive response....Five parliaments are now calling on you to do the right thing by the 170 million users in the countries they represent," they wrote."
5 days ago
New Relic’s Lew Cirne and the art of knowing your place
"Knowing where your company is addressing needs is a recipe for success."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  architecture  devops  nosql  the  open  source  stack  digital  enterprise  in  real  world 
5 days ago
CRM's Oligopoly | Beagle Research Group, LLC
"The future CRM oligopoly could condense in several ways. Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft could maintain their holds on their customer bases while taking market share from the others and each other. That’s logical and there’s a certain amount of that zero-sum back and forth going on right now but it’s not a likely final outcome.

Sugar and Zoho could establish solid niches. Zoho has a global SMB business with ambitions to grow and Sugar, which has its annual user conference in Las Vegas beginning October 9th, could articulate a strategy of its own to claim some undiscovered market niches. Time will tell."
5 days ago
Brexit will will rip out the underbelly of the British economy - and we'll likely never recover
"The key point is that Britain has grown as a technology titan not through the efforts of its native population alone. It’s access to an enormous pool of talented professionals and bright academics that help drive national economic growth. A report from the European Commission (we even rely on Europe for decent data) highlights a shortfall in domestic British STEM graduates based on the demands of the labour market which, coupled with the insight that the destination of 32% of EU foreign STEM students makes us wonder what the future holds."
5 days ago
Inside the surprising Workplace by Facebook – what I learned from Workplace product leaders
"Workplace by Facebook has added complications to my already complicated relationship with Facebook. But Facebook's Simon Cross believes that Workplace can make a difference, by fueling the culture that good teams emerge from."
collaboration  sharing  and  digital  productivity  crm  customer  experience  hcm  the  future  of  work  social 
5 days ago
Red Hat-IBM Acquisition: Clash of Cultures or Best of Both Worlds?
"“It really depends on how IBM handles this acquisition to reassure these employees, otherwise they are going to have a huge issue retaining talent over time,” said Aniszczyk."
technology  analysis  open  source  the  new  stack  analysts 
5 days ago
Microsoft, Google apps feature in the top 20 vulnerabilities in enterprise environments | ZDNet
"According to cybersecurity firm Tenable, the most prevalent vulnerabilities which have been assigned a CVE score and number -- based on update and severity metrics -- have the potential to impact between 20 and 30 percent of enterprises if left unpatched or unresolved."
6 days ago
Cloud service adoption is not a cost-cutting exercise
"What is it about the cost argument that it still rears its head in discussions about public cloud service adoption?"
cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  and  architecture 
6 days ago
The Kubernetes World: VMware Acquires Heptio
"One week ago, a one hundred and seven year old technology company bet its future, at least in part, on an open source project that turned four this past June. It shouldn’t come as a total surprise, therefore, that a twenty year old six hundred pound gorilla of virtualization paid a premium for one of the best regarded collections of talent of that same open source project, the fact that containers are disruptive to classic virtualization notwithstanding."
containers  m&a  announcements 
6 days ago
Above the funnel no more
Full Circle won’t turn back the clock for vendors, and customers are still firmly in charge of purchase process. But by gathering what were once considered whispers of data and analyzing it appropriately, vendors can get a better sense of what’s happening in the market and plan accordingly. That’s a lot better than having to discount at the last minute because of shortened sales cycles."
6 days ago
How Talend mobilizes the data behind Domino’s digital deliveries
"Domino's has proven that the pizza business is absolutely a digital business. But what does that look like on the back end? Here's an inside view of Domino's data platform - and how Talend powers it."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  architecture  digital  enterprise  in  the  real  world  use  cases 
6 days ago
Problem Solving – what does good look like ?
"The difficulty with understanding is not usually a lack of data – but more of our tendency to see only what we want to see. Ability to listen well, poke at it thoughtfully and transfer it to deep understanding is quite hard in practice."
6 days ago
Will Putting a Red Hat On Make IBM Cool Now?
"IBM acquires open source software developer Red Hat. TEC's PJ Jakovljevic explains what IBM will gain and how its business focus will change, and what IBM customers can expect as a result."
7 days ago
The Most Important Thing about B2B Personas-Common Ground
"The most important persona-style effort a B2B organization can invest in is the development of an ideal customer profile, something we coined as “The Enterprise Persona.” That profile can, and should include psychographics of the enterprise (among other dimensions)–something that Gartner is helping with via our Enterprise Technology Adoption Profiles. You can build 3 personas in this area. You start with the ideal customer. Then identify deviations from the ideal that would be viable as a good target–the acceptable customer profile. And, finally, identify deviations from ideal that would be a signal that a win, or the ability to make sure the client got value even if you win, would be unlikely–the unacceptable customer profile. Understanding this is most important."
go-to-market  enterprise  persona  technology  adoption  profiles  eta  ideal  customer  profile  personas  psychographics 
7 days ago
Blockchain-based elections would be a disaster for democracy | Ars Technica
"Blockchain voting would be much, much worse. Hardly anyone understands how a blockchain works, and even experts don't have a good way to observe the online voting process for irregularities the way an election observer does in a traditional paper election. A voter might be able to use her private key to verify how her vote was recorded after the fact. But if her vote wasn't counted the way she expected (or wasn't counted at all) she'd have no good way to prove that she tried to vote a different way."
7 days ago
Microsoft’s Future Decoded – it’s all about AI and ethics
"CEO Satya Nadella is now pumping the trio of cloud + intelligent edge + AI pretty hard, and pumps some more in London, where the experts say AI expertise and ethical understanding is probably the best in the world."
cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  and  architecture  data  privacy  future  of  work  iot  robotics  ai  machine  intelligence  regulation 
7 days ago
Samsung president Young Sohn: 'we should really worry about ethics' in artificial intelligence - Business Insider
""So, I don't agree with Chinese support for social score, I think that's a problem," Sohn told Business Insider. "And I think we also have to be very careful of how the data is shared, even by Google link, any big platform companies, we should be mindful of that because power in the hands of [people with] wrong purpose can create abuse. I'm not a politician. But as technologists I think we need to be more truly aware of what we are doing. It's more education [needed] right there."
7 days ago
The ‘Father of the Web’ wants a new contract to redeem his troubled child
"Saving the World Wide Web from itself - Sir Tim Berners-Lee calls for a new contract."
cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  and  architecture  machine  intelligence  ai  regulation  social 
7 days ago
Tech Leaders Look To IoT, AI & Robotics To Fuel Growth Through 2021
30% of tech leaders globally predict blockchain will disrupt their businesses by 2021.
IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics have the greatest potential to digitally transform businesses, making them more customer-centered and efficient.
26% of global tech leaders say e-Commerce apps and platforms will be the most disruptive new business model in their countries by 2021.
IDC predicts worldwide IoT spending will reach $1.1T by 2021."
business  featured  posts  technology  software  trends  &  concepts  analytics  internet  of  things  (iot)  iot  kpmg  louis  columbus'  blog  robotics 
7 days ago
How Adore Me stepped off the BI rollercoaster and brought self-service analytics to business users
"Self-service analytics sounds cool - so does achieving high levels of user adoption. But there's always more to the story. At Looker JOIN 2018, BI developer Diana Streche gave me an unflinching look at their analytics journey with Looker - and how she herself had to change."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  collaboration  sharing  digital  productivity  enterprise  in  the  real  world  frictionless  use  cases 
8 days ago
Our Voting System Is Hackable. Here's How to Secure It
"A recent DEF CON report revealed massive vulnerabilities in voting equipment. A voting tabulator used in 23 states can be remotely hacked via a network attack. A second critical vulnerability was disclosed to the vendor a decade ago, yet the machine still contains that flaw. The report also revealed that an electronic card used to activate voting terminals can be wirelessly reprogrammed. This vulnerability could allow a nefarious actor to cast an endless amount of votes."
8 days ago
Former Coca-Cola CIO reveals the recipe for AWS transformation
"Former Coca-Cola CIO Miriam McLemore tells AWS audience how process and culture change were key elements of its cloud transformation."
cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  and  architecture  digital  enterprise  in  the  real  world  transformation  frictionless 
8 days ago
On Tech, Power and Responsibility. Notes from Nice
"While it’s true that developers are the new kingmakers, with great power comes great responsibility. Are developers ready for that responsibility? We’ll need new ethical frameworks to make better, more socially responsible choices. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. I was very pleased with how the talk was received. I didn’t have a single complaint that I shouldn’t be talking about ethics at a tech conference. I specifically called out our responsibilities, and how we could improve – for example improving diversity, creating safer environments for women to thrive, with more welcoming behaviors and strong, well enforced codes of conduct."
8 days ago
AI Guru Andrew Ng on the Job Market of Tomorrow - BusinessTelegraph
"Silicon Valley has a lot of excitement about unconditional basic income. I don’t support that. There’s a lot of dignity to work. For someone that’s unemployed I really support the government giving them a safety net with the expectation that they’ll do something to contribute back, such as study, so they can gain the skills they need to re-enter the workforce and contribute back to the tax base that is hopefully paying for all of this."
9 days ago
Amazon’s reduced holiday hiring is a bad sign for human workers — Quartz
"Robinson said Amazon has added 300,000 full-time jobs since 2012. ”It’s a myth that automation replaces jobs and destroys net job growth,” she said by email. “Our teams work alongside more than 100,000 robots at over 26 fulfillment centers worldwide and we are excited to continue increasing the technology we use at our sites while growing our global workforce.”"
9 days ago
Thomas Otter on owning your HR tech strategy – are you a sunflower or a daisy?
"Former HCM tech product manager and Gartner analyst Thomas Otter on owning your HR tech strategy, SaaS, integration, data sovereignty, AI, DIY - and botany"
cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  and  architecture  data  privacy  hcm  the  digital  future  of  work  regulation 
9 days ago
The next finance transformation starts with the CFO | McKinsey
"It would comprise a flat network of teams rather than a traditional hierarchy. Finance work would be clearly divided into two types: first, transactional tasks handled by a small cadre of individuals using standard, streamlined, repeatable processes; and second, higher-level strategic tasks managed by staffers drawn from one or more “communities of interest,” with formal and informal links among community members. The communities of interest would serve as home base for finance staffers who are rotating in and out of small teams that are tasked to high-priority finance projects."
9 days ago
Overcoming IT project failure - Josh Greenbaum on how ProQ wants to change project outcomes
""Up to 2/3 of all enterprise software projects fail to deliver their expected value. Will your project be one of them?" That's the basis for Jon's first-ever podcast with analyst and ProQ founder Josh Greenbaum. On some hidden bean bag chairs in the basement of SAP TechEd, the guys discuss the multiple ways that enterprise projects can fail or underperform, and why early interventions can change outcomes. Greenbaum explains why ProQ's approach, by providing a way of measuring teamwork and project health, can have impact. The guys also talk about other efforts to disrupt and improve the consulting industry, including Raven Intel. Note: while this was taped at SAP TechEd, SAP is not the topical focus on this podcast. Check Jon's recent TechEd wraps for your SAP analysis fix. Bonus: the guys are interrupted at the 22:00 mark by disruptive window tape measurers. Yes, you can get Busting the Omnichannel on iTunes."
9 days ago
Enterprise hits and misses – IBM gets Red Hat, the tech media goes trick or treating
"In the latest “road burn” version of hits and misses, Jon picks the highlights from the week’s biggest shows, the highs from the enterprise web, and, as always – your weekly whiffs. Plus: separating the best IBM - Red Hat analysis from the rest."
cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  and  architecture  hits  misses  open  source 
9 days ago
How Blockchain Can Improve Manufacturing In 2019
"Blockchain’s greatest potential to deliver business value is in manufacturing. Increasing visibility across every area of manufacturing starting with suppliers, strategic sourcing, procurement, and supplier quality to shop floor operations including machine-level monitoring and service, blockchain can enable entirely new manufacturing business models."
business  featured  posts  technology  software  trends  &  concepts  blockchain  industry  4.0  internet  of  things  (iot)  louis  columbus'  blog  manufacturing  smart  traceability 
9 days ago
Special Report: Kubernetes orchestrates a mass movement to the cloud - SiliconANGLE
"Software development will become simpler and more accessible to nontechnical people. As complexity is increasingly abstracted away, software development tools will evolve to a higher level based upon business logic, said Wikibon’s Kobielus. For example, graph modeling tools enable developers to represent complex dependencies and flows among distributed components visually. These high-level models can be compiled into containers for execution.

“The developer won’t need to know where or when particular compute or storage or resources are allocated,” Kobielus said. “That will all be handled in a magical way through abstraction in the cloud.”

Matt Klein, a software engineer at ride-hailing service Lyft Inc., agreed. “In 10 years’ time, people are going to be writing business logic” rather than code, he said last year in an interview on theCUBE."
10 days ago
Sage appoints Steve Hare as CEO
"Donald Brydon, Chairman, said: “I am delighted Steve has agreed to lead Sage on the next stage of its journey to become a great SaaS business. He has impressed the Board with the momentum, focus and clarity he has brought to the organisation over the last few months as COO but also throughout his tenure as CFO. As we looked externally for the experience, vision and deep knowledge required to accelerate operational execution it very quickly became clear through Steve’s early decisions and his clear prioritisation that he is the right person to lead Sage.”
business  erp  latest  news  appointment  ceo  cfo  rob  reid  sage  intacct 
10 days ago
Zuckerberg’s annus horribilis continues as Facebook growth slows
"A "tough year" for the Facebook CEO - and 2019's not looking that much better..."
data  privacy  digital  and  content  marketing  governing  identity  security  social 
10 days ago
What IBM’s Purchase of Red Hat Will Mean for Open Source
"Our regular host, TNS editor Libby Clark is out this week, so Alex Williams, founder and editor in chief at The New Stack hosted this episode, with the assistance of TNS managing editor Joab Jackson."
cloud  native  open  source  podcasts  the  new  stack  context 
10 days ago
How To Protect Healthcare IoT Devices In A Zero Trust World
"Healthcare and medical device manufacturers need to start taking action now to secure these devices during the research and development, design and engineering phases of their next generation of IoT products. Specifying and validating that every IoT access point is compatible and can scale to support Zero Trust Security (ZTS) is essential if the network of devices being designed and sold will be secure. ZTS is proving to be very effective at thwarting potential breach attempts across every threat surface an organization has. Its four core pillars include verifying the identity of every user, validating every device, limiting access and privilege, and utilizing machine learning to analyze user behavior and gain greater insights from analytics."
business  featured  posts  technology  software  trends  &  concepts  accenture  capgemini  centrify  healthcare  internet  of  things  (iot)  iot  louis  columbus'  blog 
10 days ago
FinancialForce and the quest to remake midmarket ERP for a digital world
"The latest release from FinancialForce builds in analytics and billing in the quest to remake midmarket ERP as agile and connected for a digital world"
cloud  erp  financials  and  supply  chain  crm  customer  experience  frictionless  enterprise  professional  services  user 
10 days ago
A last word on #fakenews and the need to create our own original concepts...
"In general it is getting harder and harder to differentiate experts across the industry as many are very adept at hiring marketing resources to create whatever spin they feel they need to win business, while others simply extract another firm's creations as their own. With the daily deluge of terminology being thrown at us, we just need to try harder than ever to provide our own original thought leadership and insight, as any smart enterprise today sees straight through the glossy veneer."
10 days ago
3 Reasons Why API Management Is Dead
"The service control platform intelligently brokers information across all services. Instead of simply transferring information from Point A to Point B, it will understand the information and make intelligent decisions for what to with it."
cloud  native  contributed  op-ed 
11 days ago
The New York Times – far from ‘failing’ as a Subscription Economy exemplar
"Donald Trump reckons it should be called "the failing New York Times", but in reality it's a digital transformation success story. "
collaboration  sharing  and  digital  productivity  content  marketing  enterprise  in  the  real  world  social 
11 days ago
Apple stock tanks after it says it will stop reporting how many devices it sells - SiliconANGLE
"Apple is effectively an iPhone company now and it stands and falls with its iPhone sales,” Mueller said. “And with iPhone unit sales disappointing this quarter it doesn’t matter that services sales have hit a record high.”
11 days ago
Bleedingbit zero-day chip flaws may expose majority of enterprises to remote code execution attacks | ZDNet
"Bleedingbit is a wakeup call to enterprise security for two reasons," said Armis CEO Yevgeny Dibrov. "First, the fact that an attacker can enter the network without any indication or warning raises serious security concerns. Second, these vulnerabilities can destroy network segmentation -- the primary security strategy that most enterprises use to protect themselves from unknown or dangerous unmanaged and IoT devices. And here, the access point is the unmanaged device.""
12 days ago
The state of Tableau 2018 – CPO Ajenstat on Tableau as a data platform, and the push for analytics ubiquity
"At last year's Tableau Conference, Tableau laid out its vision for AI/ML and its impact on data analysts. Tableau's platform ambitions were another crucial storyline. Time for a progress report."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  architecture  crm  customer  experience 
12 days ago
IT Outsourcing Agreements: 3 Details Many Negotiations Forget - UpperEdge
"The total service level credit needs to be meaningful (2% is not meaningful) and it should be scaled based upon the extent of non-conformance. With regard to having the right to terminate, although it is often unlikely that an organization would chose this path given the complications it would create (for example, how is the service going to be delivered while finding a new provider?), it should still be addressed and should provide the ability to re-address it upon repetitive service level non-conformance (i.e., two or more consecutive reporting periods). You also should not accept the service provider’s requirement that a termination penalty is included. The only fees that should be required upon termination are reasonable wind-down fees and expenses, which should also be specified in the agreement.
12 days ago
Supply Chain is the New CRM: Digital Transformation, Customer Experience, and the End of the TLA | EAConsult
"In a funny way they’re not as mutually exclusive as they may seem. What’s not funny is how the bipolar nature of this messaging problem means that vendors are missing an important opportunity to do more than promote the sale of the next few hundred licenses of a highly-touted three-letter acronym product in order to meet some sales team’s quota. And in the process of missing the opportunity to truly lead their customers, vendor conferences are increasingly examples of how the enterprise software market is continually driving itself directly into a marketing and sales wall."
13 days ago
NetSuite’s growth agenda – and its plans for software expansion
"At SuiteConnect West, part of last week’s Oracle OpenWorld event, NetSuite CEO Evan Goldberg described how supporting growing customers means growing its own product, too."
cloud  erp  financials  and  supply  chain  platforms  -  infrastructure  architecture 
13 days ago
Big Blue Puts on a Red Hat: IBM Acquires Red Hat – tecosystems
"Much of the rhetoric accompanying the announcement of the deal cited “hybrid cloud” opportunities as a primary justification for the move. If one assumes that that term implies highly integrated on and off premise environments, however, the use of that term might be aspirational. While many organizations have extensive on and off premise infrastructure investments, comparatively few of them are sophisticated in the way that those environments are tied to each other. If expectations are scaled back to the more realistic “multi-cloud” – the idea that an organization may have investments in more than one environment – the relevance and importance of OpenShift becomes more clear."
13 days ago
This is how hackers can take down our critical energy systems through the Internet | ZDNet
"One of the easiest methods employed to find these resources is to use Internet scanning, such as through the Shodan search engine. Another way to find these systems is through mapping physical locations to IP addresses in a process known as "geostalking."

It did not take long for the researchers to uncover a range of exposed HMIs, including water systems in Sweden, geothermal systems in Spain, water filtration equipment in Colombia, and sterilization plants in Australia."
14 days ago
Conversational experiences: Building relationships one conversation at a time
"Mitch Lieberman, thought leader for CRM and conversations over the years, graces us with a discussion as to why conversational systems are incredibly beneficial to building both business relationships and customer engagement."
14 days ago
Sage Intacct CEO Rob Reid on the state on Intacct – AI should help the CFO transform
"At Sage Intacct Advantage 2018, I heard a radical vision of Financial Leadership 3.0. So how will Sage Intacct help customers get there? How does AI factor in? And how does Sage's acquisition of Intacct look now? Robert Reid is on deck."
cloud  erp  financials  and  supply  chain  iot  robotics  ai  machine  intelligence 
14 days ago
IBM / RedHat: A grand play at out-sharing Microsoft’s open source economy
"So what it’s really about, is cornering the growing appetite for Open Source in the enterprise IT services market. As Paul Cormier, President of Product and Technologies at RedHat recently announced “Today is a banner day for open source. The largest software transaction in history and it’s an open source company. Let that sink in for a minute. We just made history.”
business  featured  posts  technology  software  bluehat  ibm  open  souce  redhat 
14 days ago
IBM Red Hat: Reading the tea leaves
"Reading the tea leaves, though I wonder if this signals

a) The end of another hype cycle for AI?

I saw a recent Fortune issue which was all about AI and I wondered if that is a signal of the peak of the current AI hype cycle. BTW, we are going through the 4th or 5th hype cycle around AI. They appear and disappear every decade or so. As I wrote in Silicon Collar"
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15 days ago
IBM buys Redhat – a view from the peanut gallery !
"Redhat only makes about $3B in revenue with an operating income of $472M . It should be noted that both revenue and income have been growing year over year too, which is a good addition to existing IBM business . So yes it’s a big multiple indeed given it will take a long time on linear basis to recover that money. I am not making a comment on market cap given the news will typically send Redhat stocks up the stratosphere and make commentary meaningless."
15 days ago
IBM’s Old Playbook
"This is where the Red Hat acquisition comes in: while IBM will certainly be happy to have the company’s cash-generating RHEL subscription business, the real prize is Openshift, a software suite for building and managing Kubernetes containers"
15 days ago
Market Move - IBM buys RedHat - A bold move for hybrid cloud and PaaS | Enterprise Software Musings by Holger Mueller
"On the concern side, Red Hat’s problem was that on-premises servers were shrinking. This is why the vendor made new bet, in the container platform and PaaS (with OpenShift). Some investments fizzled for a number of reasons that are not in Red Hat’s control (like e.g. OpenStack). But Red Hat executives were very clear that they have understood the underlying shrink / growth mechanics: The new bets need to make up and do more than what Red Hat loose in on premise revenues. Not an easy feat. With IBM as an owner, Red Hat gets more scale and a huge sales force (and services bench). Maybe funds for more bets. But for now, IBM first needs to clarify what is right for customer in the not so few areas of overlap between what IBM offers and what Red Hat offers. That this isn’t easy and does not have to go well – just look at the IBM CMS vs IBM’s acquisition of SoftLayer."
15 days ago
Red Hat Acquisition Will Be Key to IBM’s Future in the Cloud
"IBM had to do something to gain relevance, especially in the cloud, which it considers a “strategic imperative,” or a pillar for its future. Enter the planned $34 billion acquisition of Red Hat, announced Sunday, which is IBM’s biggest acquisition ever, and gives the company a back-end for its cloud, AI and hardware systems, which have rebounded with the Power chips and Z14 mainframes."
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15 days ago
SAP TechEd Barcelona in Review - the Den Howlett and Dick Hirsh special edition
"In the third and final podcast in this special series from SAP TechEd Barcelona 2018, Den Howlett of diginomica talks to cloud expert and diginomica contributor Dick Hirsch review the takeaways from Barcelona, and assess the progress SAP has made with cloud models. The guys discuss how well SAP fleshed out the "intelligent enterprise." SAP's challenges with developer engagement in a more open/cloud model is also covered. Also check for Den's analysis of SAP TechEd Barcelona on You'll find Jon's prior TechEd Vegas reviews and use cases there as well."
16 days ago
AirAsia lands on Google Cloud to build a frictionless digital travel business
"The buzzword is frictionless, says CEO Tony Fernandes, as AirAsia partners with Google Cloud in its aim to become a digital travel business"
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16 days ago
Welcome to this sad era of #fakeresearch. Imitation is no longer flattery...
"This level of paper-thin "knowledge" in this industry has reached unbearable levels. So many people are just parroting each others' "thought leadership" and claiming to have real depth and knowledge of complex domain areas such as RPA, Machine Learning, cognitive computing etc. "
16 days ago
In Throwing His Weight Behind A San Francisco Homelessness Tax, Marc Benioff Has Found His Populist Voice
"“The challenges I’ve described today are not all the fault of the tech community,” Benioff said. “Just as I’m challenging the tech community to step up, I’m challenging others not to scapegoat the tech community.”

Five months on, Benioff has changed tack. Heading into the November election, one of San Francisco’s richest inhabitants has molded himself into the face of a local initiative to tax large businesses and raise money to help the homeless. And there’s no question who he’s making the scapegoat."
16 days ago
Enterprise hits and misses – Oracle OpenWorld blowout coverage as event season hits its final push
"In the latest “Jon feels the road burn” version of hits and misses, he picks the highlights from the week’s biggest shows, the best of the enterprise web, and, as always – your weekly whiffs."
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16 days ago
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