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Press release - Kronos and Ultimate Software Enter Definitive Merger Agreement Creating Company Valued at $22 Billion | Business Wire
"Hellman & Friedman LLC (H&F), the controlling shareholder of both Kronos and Ultimate, will be the controlling shareholder of the newly formed company. Following H&F, private equity funds managed by Blackstone will be the largest minority investor, followed by GIC, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPP Investments), and JMI Equity."
14 hours ago
If soft skills truly matter, you better have an ROI result. Here's how Dellbrook JKS pulled it off
"Even a soft skills advocate such as myself has to admit: soft skills are too nebulous, vague, and hard to tie back to ROI. Enter Dellbrook | JKS, and a soft skills use case that sharpens the conversation - and the ROI."
14 hours ago
Exclusive: Details of 10.6 million MGM hotel guests posted on a hacking forum | ZDNet
"The leaked data is a treasure trove for contact details for many high-profile users, working for big tech firms and governments all over the world. These users now face a higher risk of receiving spear-phishing emails, and being SIM swapped, Under the Breach told ZDNet.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, pop star Justin Bieber, and DHS and TSA officials are some of the big names Under the Breach spotted in the leaked files."
14 hours ago
44% of Security Threats Start in the Cloud
"Amazon Web Services is a top source of cyberattacks, responsible for 94% of all Web attacks originating in the public cloud.

Cloud-enabled cyberattacks are ramping up, as indicated in a new Netskope study that found 44% of security threats use cloud services in various stages of the kill chain. Attackers are targeting popular cloud apps and services to exploit the growing trust in commonly used enterprise platforms."
Coronavirus takes its toll on Apple and Alibaba - and they won't be the last
"Apple has pulled guidance and Alibaba is bracing itself for problems. How much economic damage will the Coronavirus cause before the crisis is contained?"
SAP Payroll Beyond the Cloud - ASUG
"A choice of payroll solution is not binary: either cloud or on-premise. You can think of this choice as a continuum across the anticipated changes in the economy, your business trajectory, and the technology landscape. Things you should consider include:

Engaging the workforce: A tight labor market might call for payroll innovations that attract and retain employees—like FlexPay, an SAP on-demand pay solution. It certainly calls for payroll that is accurate and on time. A Kronos Workforce Institute Survey found that almost half of Americans will leave their job after just two payroll errors."
Amazon and commercial open source in the cloud: It's complicated | ZDNet
"AWS is not the only one to do this. Many smaller players do something similar -- take OSS, it did not build and offer it as a service. Databases are complex as much as they are critical, and keeping them up and running is hard. This is why outsourcing management is something many organizations are willing to do.

AWS, however, is different. AWS also runs its database product line and has a size no other player has, as its own executives boast. AWS controls the market and has products in the market. Coincidentally, Amazon also pays zero tax. This leaves AWS open to allegations of unfair competition, predatory pricing, and market foreclosure. That may be IRS and FTC material, but its impact is felt across the board."
2 days ago
Why enterprises need a distinction between multiple clouds and multi-cloud - the latter requires careful network planning - by @krmarko
"Why enterprises need a distinction between multiple clouds and multi-cloud - the latter requires careful network planning."
2 days ago
Coronavirus impact on tech industry predicted in new report - The Verge
"Supply-chain analytics provider TrendForce has issued a report assessing the likely impact of the 2019-nCoV outbreak on tech manufacturing. The coronavirus has already caused major disruption throughout the tech industry, with huge trade shows cancelled and companies like Apple expecting to miss their forecasts.

The report breaks its assessments down into individual components as well as product categories to provide a broad overview of the industry. It could also give some indication of what’s in store for individual companies like Apple"
2 days ago
Advancing economies' missing link
"There are also at least three critical issues that are adversely affecting hundreds of millions of people across 22 OECD countries, which may help to explain the mismatch between aggregate economic data and individual experience, write Sven Smit and Anu Madgavkar in Project Syndicate."
mgi  in  the  news 
3 days ago
Enterprise hits and misses - Amazon and Uber press their legal cases, while customers face the upgrade-or-transform dilemma
"This week - tech gets political, but is the stagnation of innovation the bigger story? Two industry shows cancel as coronavirus' economic impact is felt. Customers grapple with the upgrade-or-tranform dilemma - will vendors listen? Your whiffs include (bad) personalization."
3 days ago
Target's Shipt Delivery App Workers Describe Culture of Retaliation, Fear - VICE
"Last year, Shipt flooded its markets with new workers and began rolling out an algorithmic pay model in certain cities, like Seattle, that many workers say has left them scrambling to piece together gigs and took a chunk out of their paychecks, as Gizmodo reported. "
3 days ago
Solving the vexing problem of IoT security - Mrinal Wadhwa of Ockam's open source community challenge
"The vexing problem of IoT security is slowing IoT adoption and creating waves of sensational headlines, from insecure smart homes to industrial IoT concerns. Mrinal Wadhwa and his team at Ockam has an ambitious plan to address this, but how? Via open source for one. As a follow up to last year's dignomica podcast with Ockam and Den Howlett, this new podcast shares how Wadhwa's thinking has evolved. In a nutshell: "Decoupling the secure channel protocol from the transport layer protocols removes complexity, minimizes the attack surface and can enable us to build end-to-end secure and private systems." This in-depth talk breaks that concept down in real-world terms. Wadhwa explains why this is a potential IoT security breakthrough. The guys also revisit their blockchain debates, and how Wadhwa sees blockchain fitting into IoT security going forward. An invitation for others to get involved with Ockam's open source pursuits at is also included."
5 days ago
Oracle and SAP - going soft in their old age?
"There's a subtle but perceptible change at two of the world's largest application software vendors. What's going on."
5 days ago
Alibaba Cloud revenue reaches $1.5B for the quarter on 62% growth rate | TechCrunch
"Alibaba has a lot in common with Amazon. Both are eCommerce giants. Both have cloud computing arms. Alibaba, however, came much later to the cloud computing side of the house, launching in 2009, but really only beginning to take it seriously in 2015.

At the time, cloud division president Simon Hu boasted to Reuters that his company would overtake Amazon in the cloud market within 4 years. “Our goal is to overtake Amazon in four years, whether that’s in customers, technology, or worldwide scale,” he said at the time."
5 days ago
Oracle AI apps chief - ‘Customers mostly want basic automation, not magic’
"Clive Swan, Oracle’s VP of Adaptive Intelligent Apps, explains that customers start out wanting magic from AI, when actually what they’re asking for is automation."
6 days ago
Judge temporarily halts work on JEDI contract until court can hear AWS protest | TechCrunch
"This is all part of an ongoing drama that has gone on for a couple of years since the DoD put this out to bid. After much wrangling, the DoD awarded the contract to Microsoft at the end of October. Amazon filed suit in November, claiming that the president had unduly influenced the process.

As we reported in December, at a press conference at AWS re:Invent, the cloud arm’s annual customer conference, AWS CEO Andy Jassy made clear the company thought the president had unfairly influenced the procurement process"
6 days ago
Three challenges that will make or break your BI and analytics investment
"Data is the new oil, but BI and analytics teams are being asked to do more with less. Something has to give. ASUG CEO Geoff Scott shares surprises about self-service BI - and the three stumbling blocks BI teams must overcome."
7 days ago
Acumatica Summit 2020 highlight - how customer award winner Power Storage Solutions sparked a best-of-breed debate
"Is going best-in-class really worst-in-class? When it comes to integration, maybe so. And with that, Derrick Elledge of Power Storage Solutions raised a big SaaS question from the Acumatica Summit stage. But there is more to the story - such as how his team took Acumatica live in three months."
7 days ago
Babel of IoT Authentication Poses Security Challenges
"The major cloud providers all have software development kits (SDKs) for integrating internet-of-things (IoT) devices with their cloud services. Microsoft includes a number of authentication options in its Azure IoT Hub services, and Amazon has a well-defined process for issuing certificates to IoT devices for authentication. Google announced a year ago that its Google Cloud IoT SDK would include the ability to connect to third-party authentication libraries.'
7 days ago
Unsecured Estee Lauder Database Exposed 440 Million Records
"Over the past several years, the discovery of unprotected cloud-based databases has turned into a cottage industry, with security researchers discovering new examples every month.

Earlier this week, reports surfaced that Israel's entire voter registration database - comprising close to 6.5 million people - was exposed to the internet because of an elementary coding flaw in an election application (see: Coding Flaw Exposes Voter Details for 6.5 Million Israelis).
7 days ago
Infor answers questions on Koch acquisition
"As I noted earlier this week, the deal raises a lot of questions for customers and observers. For example, Koch has gone from being a customer, to an investor, to owner - what are its ambitions for Infor? What impact will this have on Infor’s strategy, which until this point has been consistent and cogent? What does Infor have planned for its on-premise install base?"
7 days ago
Indirect Access vs. Digital Access: Should I Stay or Should I Go?
"At first glance, this seems to give the customer leverage and additional access and integration to the SAP software, but there is a caveat: The Digital Access model is document-based, so there is the potential for non-humans to automatically create a larger number of documents than you may have accounted for in your initial assessment, resulting in a high price tag for the customer. In this scenario, the customer could find themselves paying for an increased number of created documents rather than just paying for the non-human user license upfront, either through an initial purchase with SAP or through the Indirect Access model."
7 days ago
SARS Stung the Global Economy. The Coronavirus Is a Greater Menace. - The New York Times
"Seventeen years later, another deadly virus is spreading rapidly through the world’s most populous country. But China has evolved into a principal element of the global economy, making the epidemic a substantially more potent threat to fortunes.

International companies that rely on Chinese factories to make their products and depend on Chinese consumers for sales are already warning of costly problems."
8 days ago
Zoho takes their B2B data privacy stand - "We will not be part of this industry practice." But will it pay off?
"Zoho took a bold stance on B2B data privacy at ZohoDay 2020. That stance has huge implications for their heavy bets on AI - and their avoidance of the public cloud. Here's a look behind the debate."
8 days ago
ASUG Research Recap: 3 Important Findings on SAP S/4HANA Certifications of Third-Party Applications - ASUG
"While current customers (who are likely in a similar situation as Johnsonville) told us their number one challenge is with their partners’ inability to keep up with certifications, those third-party providers told us they were facing steep challenges, too. On average, they said they are spending about $75,000 per year to pursue these SAP certifications."
8 days ago
MWC hangs by a thread after Nokia, DT and other big names back out | TechCrunch
"More big names are stepping Mobile World Congress, the world’s biggest phone and telecom trade fair, prompting the organizers to urgently decide what they wish to do going forward.

Nokia, one of the omnipresent firms at major tech trade conferences, won’t be attending this year’s Mobile World Congress. It cited health and safety concerns over coronavirus outbreak. Electronics giant HMD, which sells smartphones under Nokia brand, cited similar reasoning for its withdrawal, too."
8 days ago
Oracle CEO Safra Catz - ‘We had to change, we are here to serve you’
"For those familiar with Oracle and its style, this feels like a marked difference to how it normally presents itself. There was no mention of competitors and the whole presentation felt less antagonistic, more conciliatory. And whilst Catz spoke at length about the capabilities of Oracle’s AI-enabled systems and ‘second generation cloud’, it appeared that the speech delivered was intended to align Oracle’s own understanding of change with what customers are likely experiencing in the digital enterprise."
8 days ago
Your Transformation Program May Be Sick
The system integrator (SI) partner selection is critical and complex and can be a life or death decision for the program. Expected program scale and complexity should be a key determinate in selecting your first group of potential vendors. You may think the constant of the program is your company. This is an incorrect assumption made by many. Your company has mutated to a new organism, due in part to the impact of the legacy system you are about to replace and your company’s need to exist in a dynamic digital marketplace. Additional changes to consider are new faces in company leadership, new products, higher customer expectations, a lower tolerance for service disruptions, and expectations of a quick and smooth transition.

Your failure to recognize the dynamics of the different stakeholders in this transformation will be a huge miss on your part.
8 days ago
Goodbye, Sprint: US judge approves T-Mobile’s purchase of competitor | Ars Technica
""This court has ignored the clear evidence from the record demonstrating the harm that will befall consumers, particularly rural consumers," the Rural Wireless Association said. "With only some concessions by T-Mobile and Sprint to sell off parts of their business to Dish, the consolidation will result in the US having only three viable national wireless carriers, which in the long game will result in price increases for all consumers in the US."
9 days ago
Wipro must appoint a ruthless CEO with teeth to escape its current predicament
"However, that change was planned, Wipro’s doesn’t seem to have any real plan behind it – and belies a degree of chaos and anarchy that could become disastrous for the firm. In a complex and unstable global political environment, clients look to providers to bring stability and simplicity – impromptu leadership changes and boardroom dramas, while fodder for analysts and journalists, go straight to the top of the risk register in existing engagements and can see some clients back our before the ink is dry on new deals."
9 days ago
Enterprise hits and misses - quantum gets real, Koch buys Infor, and Shadow's failed app gets lit up
"This week - quantum computing gets a real-world gut check. Koch buys Infor; we analyze. SAP extends maintenance, and Alphabet finally reveals Google cloud earnings. Shadow apologizes for a terrible election app launch; I skewer. And the whiffs keep coming..."
9 days ago
Laggards, Logos, and Licenses: Inside The Enterprise Software Industry’s Upgrade Dilemma | EAConsult
"So it’s important to bear in mind that every time a vendor brags that a large customer upgraded to the latest and greatest, it’s highly unlikely that customer has upgraded its entire infrastructure. Indeed, for many companies, an upgrade that is undertaken to support a new digital transformation initiative may only touch a small subset of the enterprise software systems in the company, leaving the majority still lagging behind the vendor’s roadmap."
9 days ago
💭🦠 Six ways coronavirus will change our world - Exponential View
"The Chinese authorities are using computerised systems that track IDs to round up people from Wuhan and separate them from others, although ‘across the country, the response from local authorities often resembles the mass mobilizations of the Mao era rather than the technocratic, data-driven wizardry depicted in propaganda about China’s emerging surveillance state. They have also turned to techniques Beijing used to fight the outbreak of SARS, another deadly disease, in 2002 and 2003, when China was much less technologically sophisticated.’"
11 days ago
"You have to be brave enough!" - tough love on tech's gender inequalities from Salesforce's deliberately difficult Dame
"If gender equality is to be achieved in the tech sector, it's going to need courage, conviction and cultural challenges, says Salesforce UK CEO Jayne-Anne Gadhia."
11 days ago
What's in your network? Shadow IT and shadow IoT challenge technology sensibilities | ZDNet
"User-initiated shadow IT continues unabated. It may be hard to measure shadow IT, of course, and one vendor, 1Password, recently went outside of enterprises, surveying a representative sample of 2,119 US adults who work in an office with an IT department. The survey finds 64 percent of respondents report they have created at least one account in the past 12 months that their IT department "doesn't know about." For close to one-third, 32 percent, this was one shadow account, while 52 percent report creating between two and five accounts that their IT department doesn't know about. For 16 percent, the tally exceeded five accounts."
11 days ago
What To Do When Someone Says You're Not Listening | Kellblog
"Don’t interrupt. If the speaker says something you disagree with, write it down. I put it in triangle I’ve pre-marked at the bottom of the page. Doing this gives you a third option other than conceding the point or interrupting to dispute it. I’m amazed by how infrequently I come back to these points that, in the heated moment, seemed worthy of interrupting someone."
12 days ago
To Change or Not to Change: The Decision to Stay on the Green Screen
"Let’s consider a few reasons why you may not want to replace your legacy system, just yet:

They simply don’t break: Like your Grandad’s 1992 Honda or Swiss watch, the thing will pretty much run forever. The technology behind the old IBM mainframes is simple and sturdy, and as long as it is cleaned and maintained it will work. Cloud ERP systems, on the other hand, are only as reliable as your users’ internet connections.
Your business has not changed: We find many scenarios where companies have been doing the same thing for 30 years, and with good reason. Consider a company that manufactures a niche supply part for an industrial manufacturing segment. It may be specialized enough that the barriers and cost of entry is too great for competitors to chase and they have consistent clientele. With no desire to expand, there may be no reason to change what’s working."
digital  strategy  erp  software  selection  cloud  cyber  security  cybersecurity  failures  independent  consultants  top  10  systems  for  2020 
12 days ago
Zoho Analyst Summit 2020: What the Full Tech Stack Really Means for Customer Relationships
"If you want to grow a business through durable customer relationships built on great customer experiences, purpose-built systems are essential. In order to operate an entire business that is centered around customers, your applications and systems must be designed specifically to support a shared, consistent understanding of customers. Every employee in the organization can make the best decisions and take the right action to support customers when they have the information and insights they need. Where applications are easy and intuitive to use (UX), adoption isn’t an issue. Individual employees benefit directly from using these applications because they help them do their jobs better (CX). Merely using such tools validates and updates the data they contain. This is how systems become self-reinforcing and self-sustaining—essential to delivering consistently great customer experiences over time."
12 days ago
Personal productivity 2020 - Slack and Microsoft Teams didn't ruin work - but they didn't fix work either
"We're in the era of messaging disillusionment. Slack, Teams et al didn't solve our productivity problems. But we can't squander this year hoping for a better tool to come along. In that spirit, here's my zen of personal productivity for 2020."
12 days ago
Shadow Inc. CEO Iowa Interview: ‘We Feel Really Terrible’ - Bloomberg
"Shadow’s failures raise questions about the role of technology in vote tabulation. Niemira said that his company hadn’t previously done election-related work and that Shadow had built the app specifically for the Iowa caucus, with another app in the works for the upcoming Nevada caucus. The Nevada Democratic Party said on Tuesday it no longer planned to use Shadow’s technology."
12 days ago
Learning from Milk Bar about Spectacles, a new community tool for Looker integration and DevOps buffs
"Why should we geek out over DevOps? How about serving business users better? How about automated data testing? That was the goal when two engineers launched Spectacles, an open source Looker tool."
13 days ago
Coronavirus affecting tech firms as outbreak spreads - CNET
"The coronavirus is taking a toll on the global technology industry. Apple and Google, among others, have begun closing stores and offices, limiting business travel to China and bracing for supply chain disruption as health officials around the world seek to contain the disease. The GSMA, the group that organizes Mobile World Congress, said it would have additional medical personnel on-site when the conference opens in Barcelona on Feb. 24. One major company, South Korea's LG, has pulled out of the annual gathering."
13 days ago
Mysterious New Ransomware Targets Industrial Control Systems | WIRED
"But EKANS also uses another trick to ratchet up the pain: It's designed to terminate 64 different software processes on victim computers, including many that are specific to industrial control systems. That allows it to then encrypt the data that those control system programs interact with. While crude compared to other malware purpose-built for industrial sabotage, that targeting can nonetheless break the software used to monitor infrastructure, like an oil firm's pipelines or a factory's robots. That could have potentially dangerous consequences, like preventing staff from remotely monitoring or controlling the equipment's operation."
13 days ago
ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott on changing the rules of engagement in the enterprise
"I’ve been following the company for many years and have always been impressed by the platform and its applicability to multiple enterprise scenarios - with the key being changing workflows and outcomes to improve engagement. However, I’ve also noted how the company has suffered sometimes struggled to shed its ITSM history (the IT department is still typically the first purchaser of ServiceNow) and find a consistent message that resonates with all buying personas. The potential for ServiceNow is huge, given that ‘a workflow is a workflow’, regardless of where it sits in the enterprise.'
13 days ago
How to Estimate ERP and HCM Implementation Time
"Magnitude of change. The bigger the change this project will mean for your company, the longer it will take.
Number of locations. A higher number of locations requires more time to accommodate different operations.
Number of countries. A higher number of countries in scope requires more time to accommodate different cultures.
Complexity of your operations. The more complex and unique your operations, the longer it will take you to implement.
Your internal competencies. The less implementation experience and capabilities your internal team has, the longer the project will likely take."
cloud  erp  implementations  digital  strategy  global  hcm  microsoft  dynamics  365  netsuite  oracle  sap  s  4hana  successfactors  workday 
13 days ago
IT in retail: Time for technology modernization? | McKinsey
"Invisible trenches between the IT department and the rest of the company constitute one of the main reasons why brick-and-mortar retailers often struggle far more with technology than their digitally grown counterparts. Many decision makers in traditional companies still see IT as an administrative function positioned somewhere below the CFO, far away from the operative business owners. IT departments like this tend to be places where countless people toil on large monolithic projects and political criteria rather than arguments that help determine how resources are allocated. Business-side practitioners and developers seldom share ideas directly. As a result, this type of IT function is generally unattractive for digital talents, and commercially successful retailers often struggle to build the internal technology competence that they need."
14 days ago
ZohoDay 2020 - Zoho’s uphill growth (as told in the Texas hill country)
"Zoho’s got clarity around its stack. It has only one stack and doesn’t want to grow via acquisitions as those would introduce non-Zoho or expensive proprietary stack components (This policy is akin to Workday’s Power of One strategy.). That’s critical if the company is to maintain its rock-bottom, industry leading price advantage. Acquisitions could also introduce different clouds, data redundancy across clouds, different data definitions, etc. All of this would have an adverse impact on customers’ experiences and potentially drive up costs."
14 days ago
Transformation Done Right: “No Plan” is Not Your Default
"Protect your data and systems, but do not forget the public and your role in the supply chain. You may not realize the elevated risk environment your new systems are operating in unless your Chief Information Security Officer is part of your steering committee or PMO. Compounding the risk level is that the cost of tools to launch cyber-attacks has become cheaper on the dark web. You do not have to be a “foreign dark state” to finance and launch an attack or even someone intent on stealing data. You could just be anyone trying to satisfy their curiosity or intent on creating damage or making an anarchy statement."
14 days ago
An ‘Off-the-Shelf, Skeleton Project’: Experts Analyze the App That Broke Iowa - VICE
""Our message is that apps like this should be developed in the sunlight and part of an open bug bounty"
15 days ago
Is S&OP Excellence Slip Slidin’ Away?
"Clarity of Strategy. Great S&OP processes start with clarity of strategy. Companies that do S&OP do it well can quickly answer the question of, “What is the role of S&OP? What defines success?” Sadly, most companies cannot answer these questions. When I ask them, they look at me like I am the dumbest analyst in the world. The answer is not easy, but needs to be defined for each organization.To move forward quickly, there needs to be clarity of the role of the supply chain in driving growth."
sales  and  operations  planning  supply  chain  leadership  s&op  excellence 
15 days ago
New Relic's Lew Cirne - observability platforms aren't optional if software matters to you (as the Iowa Democratic Caucus just found out...)
"If your organization takes its software seriously, then you need the kind of tech that New Relic has to offer, argues CEO Cirne on a bumpy day for the firm on Wall Street."
15 days ago
SAP Extends Maintenance Options to 2030, But the Devil is in the Details
"Only Core Applications are Covered – SAP was very specific in its statements regarding Extended Maintenance, stating that only core applications of Business Suite 7 will be covered. While we know from our experience with SAP that they have announced no longer supporting certain non-core applications in the past, Extended Maintenance will not be a full solve for your entire existing Business Suite 7 landscape. You will likely have to negotiate customer-specific maintenance for non-core applications or already have migrated to the S/4HANA equivalents."
15 days ago
SAP Extends Maintenance for SAP Business Suite 7 and Commits to SAP S/4HANA - ASUG
"SAP will now provide mainstream maintenance for core applications of SAP Business Suite 7 software, which include SAP ERP 6.0, SAP CRM 7.0, SAP Supply Chain Management 7.0, SAP Supplier Relationship Management 7.0, and SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA until the end of 2027 for no additional charge.

After that time, customers will have two options. The first option is for those who are in the process of moving to SAP S/4HANA but need more time. They can opt for a three-year extension at a premium of two percentage points on their existing maintenance base. This option expires at the end of 2030, after which customers who have not moved to SAP S/4HANA will automatically fall into the second option. "
16 days ago
What Is (Real) Artificial Intelligence?
"The ability to make decisions in unfamiliar situations. Applying learnings from the past to the future is only the first step for AI. Intelligent systems should be able to infer from old data to not only predict an upcoming event but to attempt to come up with an answer for a new situation that has not been encountered in the past. Imagine an autonomous car in California that has learned to drive in good weather and heavy traffic, that must now learn how to react on an early rainy morning when there is light traffic. Does it drive fast? Slow? What happens if a child crosses the road chasing a ball? A true AI system is able to adjust to the unfamiliar and avoid not only avoid the child but to expect a child to be behind the next rolling ball."
machine  learning  contributed 
16 days ago
Infor to be acquired by Koch Industries - what’s the likely impact?
"What is Koch’s plan for this? The key is that Infor needs to be aggressive in its approach to convincing customers to move if it wants to keep that cloud growth rate up. The company has struggled to cultivate a thriving partner ecosystem that could help with this (although this has improved in recent years). Adopting an approach where the status quo is ‘good enough’ will not do.. And we need to hear this strategy articulated."
16 days ago
IBM’s Lost Decade
"After years of rearranging the financial deckchairs with segment redefinitions and “strategic initiatives”, plus non-sequiturs like “blockchain”, the company has all but admitted it cannot compete with the public clouds. Instead, the company has embraced a backwards-looking, consulting-led strategy they are calling “hybrid cloud” (a.k.a. “legacy 4eva!”) in hopes of confusing the market about their relevance in the cloud era (just check out their latest TV ads). The $34 billion Hail Mary that is the Red Hat acquisition is a lot to pay for a proprietary Kubernetes distribution."
blog  capex  cloud  computing  ibm 
17 days ago
Enterprise hits and misses - Data Privacy Day gets breached, and IBM places its leadership bet
"This week - Data Privacy Day comes and goes, leaving a trail of breaches and debates in its wake. IBM does the CEO shuffle, and evokes salty reactions. The diginomica team hits the enterprise tarmac; explainable AI gets a wake-up call. Plus: your weekly whiffs."
17 days ago
Marketing Didn’t Get to Authentic by Accident
"Authentic marketing is best described as a strategy defined by engagements that are based in fact while remaining true to the personality, spirit and character of the brand. It expects marketers to develop deep relationships with the market, with customers and with the industry writ large. It is bidirectional in nature and devoid of imitation or false promise. It embracese data without being paralyzed by it, using all the colors in the box while leveraging data to keep that creativity focused, contextual and relevant to an audience of one.'
17 days ago
How Human Trust Varies with Different Types of ‘Explainable AI’
"“For future work, the field should further examine and prioritize making models that are both performant and provide explanations,” said Edmonds. “This is in stark contrast to most current AI that only focus on performance. Our work highlights the need to make both a priority in model design. Providing an understanding of what humans find trustworthy will ease AI’s adoption into society and our daily lives. Humans are likely to want to trust a system before it takes over safety-critical activities. Trust is also fundamental for collaboration: if two AI agents don’t trust each other, why would they work together?”"
machine  learning  feature  science 
18 days ago
Are you really disrupting, or are you running in place? Weighing both sides of the disruption debate
"The term "disruption" is widely used, along with "digital transformation." But are we using these terms accurately? And what does real disruption look like? A recent debate brought these issues to a head."
18 days ago
Imperiled information | Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
"“We also showed that a cyber criminal doesn’t have to have a specific victim in mind. They can now search for victims who meet a certain set of criteria,” Metropolitansky said.

For example, in less than 10 seconds she produced a dataset with more than 1,000 people who have high net worth, are married, have children, and also have a username or password on a cheating website. Another query pulled up a list of senior-level politicians, revealing the credit scores, phone numbers, and addresses of three U.S. senators, three U.S. representatives, the mayor of Washington, D.C., and a Cabinet member."
18 days ago
Department of Interior grounding drone fleet over cybersecurity concerns
The order, which will be temporary, “is intended to better ensure the cybersecurity and supply of American technology of unmanned aircraft systems,” according to the order. Part of the DOI’s concern is that information on American energy, transportation, and defense infrastructure collected by DOI drones “has the potential to be valuable to foreign entities, organizations, and governments,” the order says.

While DOI grounded a fleet of approximately 800 Chinese-made drones last October, this order is intended to formalize and expand that grounding, a senior I
18 days ago
Our evilplans for progressive web apps - an update
"You might ask - but heh - that's what an RSS feed reader is for isn't it? Well yes, that's possibly true. But as Jon Reed pointed out, the utility of RSS readers may be great for a certain class of user but the reality is that their use is fading. What's more, I don't believe that a general purpose RSS reader allows us to do the kinds of thing we should be doing for interested readers."
18 days ago
Just how big a deal is Google's new Meena chatbot model? | VentureBeat
"First, to claim that Meena outperforms other chatbots, we would need some evaluation criteria. Google introduced a new metric to help with this called the “Sensibleness and Specificity Average” or SSA. The innovation this score introduces is that it measures both whether a bot’s answer is sensible, i.e. what a human would reasonably rate as an appropriate response, and whether the response is specific."
18 days ago
The Real Serverless Revolution
"The cloud’s pay-as-you-go model, with apologies to predecessors such as time sharing, heralded a revolution in pricing, consumption and infrastructure and redefined the industry in its image. It had such an advantage in accessibility over the model that preceded it that not offering a pay-as-you-go option was not, itself, an option.

The real question now about serverless then is not about the technology, but whether its pay-only-when-it’s-on economic model is about to do exactly the same thing that the cloud’s did before it."
business  models  cloud 
20 days ago
Acumatica Summit 2020 - with great growth comes great responsibility
"The headline takeaways from the Acumatica Summit 2020 prompt reflections on new responsibilities."
20 days ago
SAP FY 2019 Results: Is Stickiness Keeping SAP’s New Co-CEOs Up at Night?
"In my experience advising SAP customers, I have run into those who have purchased SAP solutions and have failed to migrate. I have also run into customers who purchased an SAP solution and leveraged a small subset of what they have purchased. In these instances, customers are not seeing the value of what they bought and when it comes time for the first renewal, they think long and hard about whether to renew instead of it being an obvious choice. Sometimes, we even see customers choose to RFP SAP’s business on the street and move away, even with the high cost of change."
20 days ago
Watching the second CEO transition at IBM
"I have only met her directly very few times . One thing I have always noticed is that she zooms into what is important very quickly without wasting any time. She also doesn’t hold back on feedback – good or bad . In one CEO level meeting at a client – she took me aside and asked about my family and what my daughter was learning at school these days . She was happy to hear about her interest in math and computer programming and asked me about how I thought IBM was helping shape the next generation of technical talent in schools . And an hour later she gave my boss and me some pretty hard hitting feedback on what we should improve on . Again, this was something I could learn from on the balance a leader needs to develop."
20 days ago
IBM changes leadership just in time to survive in today’s punishing IT services market
"Gini Rometty, the queen of Big Blue is stepping down after a turbulent few years at the helm, where her “imminent” retirement has been one of the industry’s most discussed topics since the failure of Watson to reach its early potential. However, the rapid shift in direction towards hybrid cloud - with the Red Hat acquisition just over a year ago - has rapidly paved a new direction for Big Blue and, perhaps, leaves Gini with a lasting legacy that won’t be all about her supercomputer that found fame on Jeopardy!"
20 days ago
ZohoDay 2020 - Software entrepreneur reveals plan to spur rural revival
"Cloud connectivity and distributed working can reverse the flight to cities and revive rural fortunes, according to Zoho co-founder Sridhar Vembu"
20 days ago
Arvind Krishna will replace Ginni Rometty as IBM CEO in April – TechCrunch
"IBM announced today that the board of directors has elected IBM senior vice president for Cloud and Cognitive Software Arvind Krishna to replace current CEO Ginni Rometty. He will take over on April 6th after a couple of months of transition. Rometty will remain with the company as chairman of the board.

Krishna reportedly drove the massive $34 billion acquisition of Red Hat at the end of 2018, and there was some speculation at the time that Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst was the heir apparent, but the board went with a more seasoned IBM insider for the job, while naming Whitehurst as president."
20 days ago
WHO declares China coronavirus a global health emergency
"The World Health Organization said the fast-spreading coronavirus that’s infected more than 8,200 people across the world is a global health emergency — a rare designation that helps the international agency mobilize financial and political support to contain the outbreak.

The announcement comes just hours after the U.S. confirmed its first human-to-human transmission of the virus, which has killed at least 171 people in China and has now spread to at least 18 other countries."
21 days ago
Sprint Exposed Customer Support Site to Web — Krebs on Security
KrebsOnSecurity recently contacted Sprint to let the company know that an internal customer support forum called “Social Care” was being indexed by search engines, and that several months worth of postings about customer complaints and other issues were viewable without authentication to anyone with a Web browser.
21 days ago
"We're on a move" - CEO Bill McDermott on ServiceNow's plans for vertical markets, partnering and winning CEO love
"The McDermott era at ServiceNow has gotten off to a strong start with an increased focus on the CEO customer base and an eye to vertical thinking."
21 days ago
10 Ways To Own Your Cybersecurity In 2020
"Vault away passwords to critical systems and data. In the privileged access world of Cybersecurity operations in any organization, password vaults have become commonplace. Password vaults are similar to password managers many people use for their personal devices, web applications, and sites they regularly visit. In the case of a password vault, privileged credentials are checked in and out by admins, with each password automatically rotating to ensure greater randomization."
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21 days ago
Businesses Improve Their Data Security, But Privacy ...
"With the annual January 28 marking of World Privacy Day, a gap has become apparent. While regulations, such as the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Payment Card Industry's Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), have forced companies to take data security more seriously, the more general policy concept of privacy has largely remained in limbo. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) addresses some of the privacy gap, but most businesses are more focused on keeping their data from leaking rather than structuring their services to promote privacy, says Ray Walsh, a data privacy advocate at"
22 days ago
Acumatica Summit 2020 first take - Hartzell Construction on how modern construction ERP changed their business
"My first review of Acumatica's annual user and partner Summit finds a cloud ERP company in confident growth mode - but not without its challenges. Here's my burning questions for the show - along with a fresh use case that shows how modern ERP impacts industry verticals."
22 days ago
The CIO challenge: Modern business needs a new kind of tech leader | McKinsey
"There’s no worse time than now to be an average CIO.” These words, uttered by an executive at a recent conference, neatly capture the intense pressure on CIOs. For years, executives have stressed the need for CIOs to move beyond simply managing IT to leveraging technology to create value for the business. This priority is now a requirement."
22 days ago
5 SOW Essentials to Make You Look Smart
"The SOW must contain evidence of support for the deliverable(s) within it. Your search for evidence, or lack of evidence, will allow you to identify and address potential blind spots that could jeopardize achieving the end goal. Your detective work may also lead you to realize the deliverable is not a valid deliverable."
22 days ago
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