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Reprise: A Great Miracle Happened Here! - by @infullbloomus
"I could go on, but I think you get the picture. It would really be a miracle if we woke up on the last day of Chanukah to find that all of these wishes had come true. But even more important, although it has absolutely nothing to do with HRM or IT, I hope that the miracles of good health (mental, physical, and financial) are granted to each and every one of you."
holiday  thoughts  hr  tech  looking  back  forward 
5 hours ago
Urgency and the Buying Process - by @barnes_hank
"There are 4 categories of urgency that come to mind for me–in order of opportunity value for a provider being legitimately considered.

Buyer Acknowledged Urgency – This is a situation where they buyer understands and is committed to change. I spoke to one company in the recent past who made a decision to purchase an employee performance management system in 4 days! How/Why? Because their board mandated that a system be in place by the start of the new year. If not, the repercussions would be significant. These are often the source of “bluebirds” and your best approach, once you know the customer has this urgency, is to make it as easy as possible for them to buy. And quickly."
go-to-market  buying  cycle  customer  experience  marketing  effectiveness  messaging  sales  urgency 
5 hours ago
More Bitcoin - by @denispombriant
"My friends involved in this say that Bitcoin and other crypto currencies provide a measure of freedom from government regulation, which is more conducive to doing business. But all of this freedom only reminds me of the words of Anatole France, an early 20th century poet, novelist and journalist, and Nobel Laureate, “The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.”
current  affairs  anatole  france  bitcoin  futures  black  swan  hedge  fund  m1  schwab  trump 
5 hours ago
Embrace an android – it’s not after your job after all! - by @whostu
"Hug a robot - they're not coming for your jobs after all, despite the armageddon peddlers dire predictions. A wide-ranging report on the Future of Work that deserves a lot of attention."
digital  government  and  public  services  future  of  work  iot  robotics  ai  machine  intelligence 
5 hours ago
The accounting field confronts workplace diversity – data and reflections from #Xerocon - by @jonerp
"Workplace diversity is an important topic, but one that can be tuned out. At Xerocon 2017, a panel brought new data from Xero to light. Some of the data was troubling - but I also heard fresh ideas on going forward."
cloud  erp  financials  and  supply  chain  diversity  hcm  the  digital  future  of  work 
5 hours ago
Tone down your AI expectations - by @dealarchitect
"Ginni does not overtly talk about it, but 50% of IBM revenues come from services. Go ask early Watson healthcare clients how much of the tab was in services. IBM’s interest in Salesforce’s AI tool, Einstein is being driven by its Bluewolf services unit. Amazon offers its engineers as consultants via its ML Solutions Lab, Google via its The Machine Learning Advanced Solutions Lab. We will need highly skilled labor to train the machines. And we will also need tactical labor to keep refining the data. Amazon has its talent networks – the Kindle author, the Flex courier, the Mechanical Turk and fulfillment networks it can mine. Apple has its iTune and iOS networks to draw from.

Enough usable data, enough compute, enough talent? Take a hard look at each from the lens of your AI project."
featured  posts  trends  &  concepts  industry  commentary  silicon  collar 
5 hours ago
Innovative, Disruptive, Enterprise Focused and Boring – Choose Four. Reflections on SAP TechEd - by @fintanr
"The conundrum for SAP is how to attract new developers while keeping their existing users happy. TechEd is not going to be this forum, but SAP have clearly recognised this and are reaching out into other communities."
business  cio  cloud  foundry  native  community  conferences  configuration  management  containers  cto  internet  of  things  leadership 
“We’re not your father’s accountant” – how Upsourced Accounting is changing accounting with the Xero cloud - by @jonerp
"Upsourced Accounting always knew they wanted cloud accounting software. But they could not have expected all the changes ahead. Ryan Watson shared their story at XeroCon - and his take on the AI and automation changes to come."
cloud  erp  financials  and  supply  chain  digital  enterprise  in  the  real  world  use  cases 
The big 4 tech companies -- my musings on two, Microsoft and Salesforce - by @pgreenbe
"A few weeks ago, I unveiled a part of the Watchlist evolution with the Emergence Maturity Index (EMI) (more on that coming) and at the same time was able to identify a near-breakout candidate with the EMI prototype (subject to change without notice) -- Cogito.

As you probably also noticed, I spoke of four companies that I thought were "re-breaking out." Now as a brief call it, year end effort, I'm going to give you a short summary of the state of the Big Four -- and there will be some inclusive info about the 0.5 addition to it -- Adobe -- which remains 0.5, not at the level of a Big 5 yet."
China Will Surpass US in AI Around 2025, Says Google's Eric Schmidt
"For example, Trump’s 2018 budget request slashes funds for basic science and research by $4.3 billion, roughly 13 percent compared to 2016. (Trump’s military budget does increase money for basic science and research in the Pentagon, but only by $117 million.) While there’s lots of private and corporate money going into AI research, those funds don’t guarantee advantage on a national level."
2 days ago
Digital progress for Lands End, but land’s end not yet in sight for US heritage brand - by @whostu
"Lands End CEO Jerome Griffith can see signs of the retailer's shift to digital paying off, but there's still a long way to go to turn around the brand."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  retail  e-commerce  the  omni-channel 
2 days ago
In spite of digital transformation, 2017 did not yield the desired financial results for GE - by @ron_miller
"Yet for all its issues, GE is very much a case study in digital transformation, just by virtue of the scale of the change it has been undergoing for the last several years. Just because it has hit a speed bump, doesn’t mean that stops. It will be up to Flannery to figure out how to right the ship, but the digital transformation continues."
2 days ago
Silicon Valley’s Wild West Culture Makes It Harder To Root Out Sexual Misconduct
"In Silicon Valley, nobody just goes to work — employees do what they love, entrepreneurs follow their dreams, and gig workers relish independence by setting their own schedules. This culture creates myriad gray areas where it’s hard to know what really constitutes professional behavior, and people at every tier of the startup ecosystem are vulnerable to inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace."
3 days ago
Why the AI revolution needs its own government overseer - by @whostu
"A UK cross-political party group has produced some interesting and compelling recommendations around AI policy that could be usefully adapted at home and internationally."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  privacy  digital  government  public  services  future  of  work  iot  robotics  ai  machine  intelligence  regulation 
3 days ago
Salesforce is latest big tech vendor to join the Cloud Native Computing Foundation - by @ron_miller
"Salesforce announced today that it was joining the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), the open-source organization that manages Kubernetes, the popular open-source container orchestration tool. It is the latest in a long line of big name companies, joining the likes of AWS, Oracle, Microsoft, VMware and Pivotal, all of whom joined earlier this year."
cloud  enterprise  tc  salesforce  native  computing  foundation  kubernetes  open  source 
3 days ago
Mathwashing: How Algorithms Can Hide Gender and Racial Biases
"It seems that machines can and do indeed assimilate human prejudices, whether they are based on race, gender, age or aesthetics. Experts are now finding more evidence that supports this phenomenon of algorithmic bias. As sets of instructions that help machines to learn, reason, recognize patterns and perform tasks on their own, algorithms increasingly pervade our lives. And in a world where algorithms already underlie many of those big decisions that can change lives forever, researchers are finding that many of these algorithms aren’t as objective as we assume them to be."
culture  research  science  technology  top  stories  algorithmic  auditing  bias  algorithms  artificial  intelligence  bias-correction  data  development 
4 days ago
How content became the crowning digital disruptor achievement for Netflix - by @whostu
"Netflix has disrupted the broadcast TV industry and now has its sights on the movie business. Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos talks through the challenges ahead."
content  marketing  digital  and  enterprise  in  the  real  world  user  experience 
4 days ago
Phishing for Phools - by @timoreilly
"Akerlof and Shiller propose a different theory, one with that marvelous quality of the best insights, which change the way you see, so the world never looks quite the same way again: Fraud and abuse are not market failures. There is an efficient market for everything, including manipulation, fraud, and abuse. For every phish, there is at least one “phool.” We each line up for the phishes that best match our own flawed estimate of our supposedly rational choices, and the phishermen efficiently learn to cast their lures where they can catch their self-selected prey."
social-media  words-that-matter-2017  facebook  phishing  bias 
4 days ago
The Hidden 80/20 of IT Spend: Where to Mine for Savings - by @jasondbusch
"On the webinar, I’ll be sharing quite a bit more on the topic of how best to drive IT category savings, as well as picking the brains of category experts who have much deeper knowledge than I do. But for now, I’ll tease you with a few ideas below on the category savings side. (Hint: Driving IT category savings starts with the same strategies and techniques that you would apply to other areas from a strategic sourcing and category management perspective.)"
business  category  management  general  news  l2  procurement  strategy  &  planning  technology  twenties 
4 days ago
Machine learning, the dark web and cybercrime – an unholy trinity
"What should we expect in the on-going arm-wrestle with cybercriminals as malware gets smart, devious and hard to find?"
digital  government  and  public  services  governing  identity  privacy  security  iot  robotics  ai  machine  intelligence 
4 days ago
What’s Scary About Amazon Web Services - by @sogrady
"As it turns out, that wasn’t the new services, nor the unparalleled velocity at which they continue to be introduced. Both are impressive, to be sure, and under other circumstances would be grim news for other market participants. But if re:Invent demonstrated anything, it’s that AWS competitors should be far more concerned instead about what’s happening around the introduction of all of the new features."
cloud  conferences  &  shows 
4 days ago
HPE Re-Discovers itself, but is it on the right track?
"However, HPE has strength in certain verticals and is bringing to market products and services that focus on those areas. For example, its new Express App Platform is for manufacturers that want Cloud benefits in an on-premise infrastructure that is tailored to their specific needs and technology. Competing with the other big hardware vendors in specific niches is more likely to be successful than a broader market strategy."
blog  homepage  slider  analysis  ariba  cloud  28+  data  center  centre  hpe  discover  meg  whitman  servers 
5 days ago
Enterprise hits and misses – AI faces workplace diversity, Amazon faces re:Invent overload - by @jonerp
"This week: what is the role for AI in workplace diversity? And why were analysts frustrated at AWS re:Invent? Plus: retail carnage with Amazon versus everybody else. Loads of whiffs this week as the social media spank tunnel ramps up."
diversity  hits  and  misses  machine  intelligence  ai 
5 days ago
Decision time is here for blockchain, but are enterprises ready? - by @joemckendrick
"It also means -- and this is a huge part of it -- getting organizational buy-in to the approach. The rise of blockchain-savvy disruptors may help push the issue, but until that happens, business and IT leaders may resist the idea of tearing up current processes embedded within current infrastructures."
5 days ago
We Surveyed Hundreds About Tech’s Harassment Problem. Here Are Their Stories.
"“I was the only female on the 12-person management team. I was talked over in meetings and had my area of expertise 'mansplained' to me. I made a complaint to HR and they said they would address it. A few weeks later I was let go."
5 days ago
Is the finance profession ready for its digital future? More from Mark Nittler - by @philww
"Workday Financials progenitor Mark Nittler has long worried that the finance profession isn't ready with the skills or mindset to embrace its digital future"
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  digital  skills  training  financials  talent  management 
5 days ago
Here’s How to Wield Empathy and Data to Build an Inclusive Team
"When it comes to diversity and inclusion, D&I leader Ciara Trinidad lets the data speak. When she left her last startup, the 125-person company was 59% women, its sales team had gender parity, and underrepresented minorities constituted the majority of its product team. Here she shares why a culture of data underpins a culture of inclusion — and how to do it."
5 days ago
Two decades of HR Tech - by @dealarchitect
"After my last book, Silicon Collar about automation, I get the sense HR is in for a huge change over the next few years. Automation via AI, robotics, drones, wearables – is changing the nature of work in every profession. We will see new job titles emerge we did not anticipate just a few years ago. More of the workforce will be on platforms, in franchises and other “extended enterprise” formats."
trends  &  concepts  cloud  computing  saas  silicon  collar 
6 days ago
AI in the workplace – a female perspective
"If the introduction of AI in the workplace means that demand for soft skills will rise, and soft skills have traditionally been associated with women, just where does that leave men?"
diversity  future  of  work  iot  robotics  and  ai  machine  intelligence 
6 days ago
The Top 10 Internal Issues Impacting Vendor Relations
"he disconnect between procurement and IT is often evident. The introduction of IT Vendor Management Organizations (VMOs), in many cases, has driven procurement to become more defensive and controlling in nature. But procurement and IT would be well served to support the positioning of each other as partners in the process. Left unresolved, the vendor may expose this division and executive leadership will be underserved."
6 days ago
Event Report - Pivotal SpringOne 2017 - It’s all about PCF – and some Spring - by @holgermu
"On the concern side, while it was almost refreshing not to hear a mention of Machine Learning / AI at a conference in 2017, it still means that Pivotal will have to give its customers and users a solution in this important space. But fair enough, serverless first. Equally the BigData / Hadoop relationship is not mended with the leading vendors, giving Pivotal’ s database history… but better to fix this sooner than later… and the only IaaS hold outs really have been AWS and Oracle… but it is likely that Pivotal is out to get those players in 2018."
cloud  cloudfoundry  constellation  research  developer  framework  holger  mueller  nextgen  apps  nextgenapps  paas  pivotal  springone 
6 days ago
Is the enterprise still in content shock? A content marketing debate with a new twist - by @jonerp
"Are enterprises still in content shock? New data suggests that content saturation levels are a real problem. I revisit a classic debate, and explain why my advice to enterprises has shifted since 2014."
content  marketing  digital  and 
6 days ago
Most Common Positioning Mistake – Attacking the Competitive Alternative - by @barnes_hank
"And here is where things go wrong. The vast majority of positioning efforts that I review go far beyond declaring the alternative. They attack it. They say things like “UNLIKE the costly, constrained, siloed <<whatever>>” and go on further to talk about why that approach is really really stupid."
go-to-market  communication  competition  positioning 
6 days ago
Study: No Shortcuts From SEO — Old Web Dominates Google Search - by @tomforemski
"The Ahrefs study, however appears to show that businesses are wasting money pursuing SEO as a quick short-cut to attaining first page ranking. Ahrefs discovered that it takes two to three years to attain number one ranking on a keyword. Trust is a relationship that needs to be consistent over time in order to build. There is no shortcut through SEO and it's risky business, IMHO."
a  top  story  every  company  is  media  searchwatch  seo 
7 days ago
How AWS is rotting the buyer’s brain with sprawl - by @krmarko
"AWS re:Invent introduced a new concept, product sprawl. Is AWS at risk of losing the enterprise plot as it seeks to continuously innovate?"
infrastructure  event  reports 
7 days ago
Pivotal has something for everyone in the latest Cloud Foundry Platform release - by @ron_miller
"Pivotal wants to be the development platform that serves everyone, and today at their SpringOne Platform (S1P) developer conference in San Francisco, they announced a huge upgrade to their Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform (PCF) that includes support for serverless computing, containers and a new app store."
cloud  developer  enterprise  tc  pivotal  foundry  serverless  containers  kubernetes 
7 days ago
Amazon Web Services Adds Yet More Data and ML Services, But When is Enough Enough? - by @dhenschen
"Bring more automation and AI to building and management capabilities. Following up on the last point, I was really intrigued by Werner Vogel’s discussion of the AWS Well-Architected Framework and Well-Architected Principles, but everything under this category seems to about white papers, best-practice documents, and case studies. That’s all great, but I sense an opportunity to turn this content into helpful services or, better still, new advisory features embedded into existing services. Point the sexy stuff, like machine learning and AI, at how customers use AWS and surface recommendations at every stage of development, deployment and operations."
8 days ago
Classroom robots – China’s educational gambit poses questions for the West
"As China adopts AI-enabled education as part of its national strategy, what might this mean for the West?"
education  iot  robotics  and  ai  machine  intelligence 
8 days ago
Monday’s Musings: What’s Top Of Mind From SAP Customers - by @rwang0
"Consequently, customers remain cautious and reserved in working with SAP sales reps to resolve this issue for fear of nullifying previous agreements and resulting in accidentally raising their overall total account value. Customers should work with their user groups such as the UK and Ireland SAP User Group have created a SAP Licensing Transparency Centre and other influencers familiar with the process."
#techoptimization  2017  amazon  web  services  apps  strategy  best  practices  blockchain  technology  boardroom  priorities  c-suite  c3  iot  cdo 
8 days ago
Progress Report - Ultimate Software Analyst Day 2017 - Keeping the momentum - by @holgermu
"We had the opportunity to attend Ultimate Software’s first analyst summit, held at the vendor’s headquarters in Weston, Florida, November 16th. Always good to be at an inaugural analyst meeting, good attendance by the usual HCM analysts."
ai  constellation  research  hcm  holger  mueller  hr  mobile  nextgen  payroll  ultimate  workforce  management 
8 days ago
RBS, Feather and Black, Thomas Cook, Toys ‘R’ Us and Multiyork. Symptoms of retail carnage courtesy of Amazon and omnichannel? - by @dahowlett
"The almost daily diet of retail closures is spreading. Currently, big-ticket household goods stores are in the spotlight but they are far from alone. Is this the Amazon effect?"
retail  e-commerce  and  the  omni-channel 
8 days ago
Asking the awkward question about employee engagement surveys. - by @vendorprisey
"When algorithms are hidden behind the firewall of intellectual property, it makes it hard to really know how robust they are. If we are to base major decisions on poll data, it is beholden on us to make sure that we know how the results are derived."
8 days ago
Could an AI Generate the First Line of a Novel?
"And of course, the other half of the fun is sharing the ridiculous results on her blog. For example, given a dataset of 37,265 fish names, the neural network tried its hardest to generate its own. And last week Shane trained it on the first lines from 224 Disney songs. But this month Shane turned her attention to one of the most human endeavors of all: writing a novel. “When you’re faced with a blank page, sometimes it’s just hard to get started,” Shane joked on her web page. “I wanted to see if I could train a computer program to help.”
culture  research  technology  top  stories  artificial  intelligence  char-rnn  national  novel  writing  month  novel-generating  neural  networks  tech  the  arts  and  science  torch 
9 days ago
Suicide prevention Facebook style. A net good in an AI-driven world?
"While the truism that technology is neither inherently good nor inherently evil remains true, Facebook’s suicide intervention program powered by AI pattern recognition pushes existing legal, moral and ethical boundaries."
data  privacy  machine  intelligence  and  ai  regulation 
9 days ago
Infosys repeats history, but this time goes for a services man in Salil Parekh - by @pfersht
"Salil Parekh ticks all the right boxes without upsetting the apple cart - it's the external play, without the risky unknowns that a guy like Vishal brings. Firstly, Salil is not just a services man, but also a real consulting man. This is a sensible, pragmatic move that will help build and grow Infosys' higher end consulting business."
9 days ago
AWS kept the announcements coming at a frenetic pace this week - by @ron_miller
"Deep breath. That was quite a deluge of announcements this week at the AWS:reinvent customer conference in Las Vegas. The pace left journalists covering the event dripping in sweat as they put us through our paces like a trainer at a brutal workout with one announcement after another."
10 days ago
Highlighting our worst fears – shocking lack of equality and fairness in tech
"Women and people with a disability are treated particularly badly, a BCS diversity report reveals. Men need to help drive the change from the top."
digital  government  and  public  services  diversity  hcm  the  future  of  work 
10 days ago
On the Complicated Economics of Attention Capital
"We assumed that slow communication and inadequate information was a primary bottleneck for knowledge work. But reality proved more complicated. As we’re learning, extracting a good return on investments in “attention capital” (to use a term from Nixon) requires that you balance two things:

providing your employees’ brains timely access to the right information; and
providing these brains the right conditions under which to process this information effectively."
10 days ago
Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Jobs - by @tomraftery
"The fact of the matter is that technology in general, and AI in particular will contribute enormously to a hugely changing labour landscape. I mentioned at the start of this post that my role in SAP is IoT Evangelist – this is a role I fully expect to no longer exist in 5 years time, because by then everything will be connected, and so the term Internet of Things will be redundant, in the same way terms like “Internet connected phone”, or “interactive website” are redundant today."
featured  posts  trends  &  concepts  ai  artificial  intelligence  future  of  jobs  iiot  internet  things  (iot)  iot  robots 
10 days ago
The price of omni-channel success at Thomas Cook is job cuts - by @whostu
"Thomas Cook is seeing more and more business coming from online sales which is encouraging it to close more stores. Omni-channel thinking in action."
retail  e-commerce  and  the  omni-channel 
10 days ago
Tim O'Reilly's WTF? A book that tells us how to keep the technology baby and throw out the Big Tech bathwater / Boing Boing
"The question is, can we have one without the other? The answer from Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, Comcast, Apple, Uber, et al is no. If you want to be able to switch from hailing cabs by waving your arms and praying to pressing a button; if you want to be able to search all the world's knowledge; if you want to keep in touch with friends (or foment revolution); if you want rollicking political debate, etc, etc, then the price you pay is all the baggage of late-stage capitalism: extreme wealth inequality, labor abuses, waste, surveillance, control. "
10 days ago
Alexa for Business likely to win in smart office, leverage AWS, Echo, developers and consumers | ZDNet
"These commands are coming to an office near you via an Amazon Web Services Alexa for Business playbook that includes a bit of developer democratization and Apple's well-worn consumerization approach. Amazon has carpet-bombed your home with Alexa-powered Echo devices and now this inexpensive hardware will be landing at an office near you."
12 days ago
The ambitious journey to modern HR – talking risk, retention, and SuccessFactors with Corning’s Christy Pambianchi - by @jonerp
"Modern HR is a worthy goal, but for a company of Corning's scale, it's an ambitious undertaking. Corning Incorporated's Christy Pambianchi told me her secrets to strategic HR - and how her team pulled off a big bang SuccessFactors rollout this year."
future  of  work  hcm  and  the  digital  talent  management  use  cases 
12 days ago
FCC Net Neutrality Repeal Faces One Hell of a Court Fight
"The FCC will need to prove that the broadband market changed substantially in the two years since the rules were created to justify such a stark reversal of what, by any measure, was a very popular policy. Consumer advocate lawyers will be looking to prove that the FCC acted in an "arbitrary and capricious" manner in violation of the Administrative Procedure Act."
12 days ago
The CIO Is No Longer the Top Technology Geek
"- Advertisement -

It's no news flash that more and more companies are taking a CIO-as-a-Service approach. Others are eliminating the CIO position altogether. Says Krupitzer: "The CIO can no longer be the top technology geek. He or she can no longer be inward facing. There's a need for broad and deep dialog and interaction across the organization and beyond. Moving forward, it's likely that companies will look for a very different kind of CIO."
12 days ago
Dont write off SAP yet - by @dealarchitect
"Not sure why it feels the need to exaggerate progress on S/4. In SAP Nation 2.0 I profiled progress of several next-gen products and I wrote “As we have seen earlier with Oracle, Microsoft and JD Edwards, a next-gen product takes years of development and maturation. Migrating a legacy customer base takes even longer. Those are just the laws of physics. SAP may be able to bend them slightly with S/4, but will likely not be able to break them.”
business  featured  posts  enterprise  software  (ibm  microsoft  oracle  sap 
12 days ago
Armageddon by AI – declarations of Hyper War to scare Dr Strangelove - by @whostu
"In an age of AI and machine-learning, the future of war looks very different and needs some radical re-thinking of defence strategies from NATO states."
digital  government  and  public  services  iot  robotics  ai  machine  intelligence 
12 days ago
How Human Workers Can Control Robots from Their Homes — with Virtual Reality
"It’s not clear what will happen, but it’s also possible that there’s a middle way. Rather than outright replacement, humans could be incorporated into the equation, working alongside collaborative robots or operating robots through virtual reality."
research  technology  csail  homunculus  model  massachusetts  institute  of  mit computer  science  and  artificial  intelligence  laboratory  oculus  rift  rethink  robotics  robots  telerobotics  virtual  reality 
12 days ago
Autodesk plans to lay off more than 1,000 employees
"The restructuring comes amid Autodesk's ongoing transition away from perpetual license sales in favor of subscriptions and flexible license arrangements."
13 days ago
Enterprise hits and misses – Black Friday gets a retail assessment, B2B buyers face a dichotomy - by @jonerpy
"This week: Black Friday and Cyber Monday are in the books - we glean insights from the chaos. Plus: B2B buyers face a dichotomy - why technology buying remains a conundrum. Your whiffs include Twitter potshots, breaches, and an unfair/hilarious video about Millennials."
crm  and  customer  experience  hits  misses  retail  e-commerce  the  omni-channel 
13 days ago
News Analysis - Microsoft and SAP join forces to give customers a trusted path to digital transformation in the cloud - by @holgermu
MyPOV – No surprise – Microsoft and SAP will drink their own champagne and use each other products / services… the emphasis on clear roadmap maybe some self-reflection on the fact that there has not been too much roadmap traction in the past 18 months. Good to see co-created and supported offerings and services – that’s what prospects and customers expect from both vendors when they partner."
azure  cloud  constellation  research  holger  mueller  iaas  microsoft  nextgen  apps  paas  partnership  s4  hana  saas 
13 days ago
3 Small Mistakes IT Vendors Make During a Sourcing Event that are Detrimental to their Success - UpperEdge
"One of the most common frustrations raised by buy-side organizations is tied to situations where IT vendors reference additional documentation without providing guidance as to where in the documentation the question is actually addressed. For example, when you reference a master services agreement because there is contractual language within it that addresses the question, you must also clearly identify the actual section within the master services agreement where the language is found that addresses the question."
14 days ago
The B2B Technology Buying Conundrum - by @barnes_hank
"These dichotomies create a conundrum. An environment that seems optimized for the buyer isn’t. And decisions take longer and longer. Indecision is more common, to the point of organizations sticking with the status quo much longer than they would like."
go-to-market  b2b  marketing  sales  buyer  power  buying  process  evaluation  information  access  trust  user  reviews 
14 days ago
Cyber Monday chalks up the biggest US online retail day to date - by @whostu
"Cyber Monday met expectations and delivered a set of record numbers, particularly around mobile platforms. "
mobile  retail  e-commerce  and  the  omni-channel  ux  application  design 
14 days ago
Media Disruption: Is the Race To The Bottom Bottoming Out? - by @tomforemski
"The darlings of the new media sector such as Buzzfeed, Gawker, and Mashable attained massive amounts of traffic yet even they were unable to run fast enough to stem the race to the bottom on declining advertising revenues.

Google is also racing to the bottom. Every quarter it reports less money per click than the same period in the prior year. In it's most recent quarter it reported 18% less -- a larger than expected decline. But it beat Wall Street estimates because it found more places to show more ads."
a  top  story  every  company  is  media  valley  mediawatch 
14 days ago
Mark Zuckerberg's False Dream of a Neutral Facebook
"But the sophisticated critiques of Facebook are not about ideas and content that people don’t like, but rather the new structural forces that Facebook has created. News and information flow differently now than they did before Facebook; capturing the human attention that constitutes that flow is Facebook's raison d’être (and value to advertisers). Now that it has done so, Zuckerberg would like to pretend that his software is a pure conduit through which social and political truths can flow."
15 days ago
Cloud pricing discussions at AWS re:Invent? Your cheat sheet to a complicated topic - by @krmarko
"Picking the best cost profile for cloud workloads is complex. Savvy customers are adopting a multi-cloud approach as a hedge against uncertainty."
15 days ago
Tech Ageism and the Myth of the ‘Digital Native’
"It turns out that older employees are not discriminated against once they are hired. Exceptions exist, of course, but the data shows that after 40, non-manager tech workers enter the “Tech Sage Age” (a term coined by Visier). Visier found workers in the Tech Sage Age are increasingly likely to receive top performance ratings. This is not true in non-tech industries, said Weisbeck, where older workers find their performance ratings decline."
culture  top  stories  ageism  cisco  digital  native  discrimination  diversity  employment  intuit  mcafee  tech  visier 
15 days ago
Welcome to the era of Shock and Awe automation deals... it's the only way - by @pfersht
"Bot licenses are not cheap, and simply do not make financial sense for a lot of processes, the way they are currently being operated. You can simply end up paying $8K a year for a bot that only is utilized for 20 minutes a day, when you could streamline that process into a broader workflow and use that same bot to process a lot more work for the same cost."
15 days ago
Cornerstone OnDemand – a case study in SaaS vendor maturation - by @brianssommer
"Cornerstone OnDemand is a major HCM player that has expanded well beyond its Learning roots. A recent financing deal shines a light on the adaptations the company will make as it enters a more mature stage of its evolution."
hcm  and  the  digital  future  of  work 
15 days ago
Navigating the Supply Chain Management Fault Line - by @lcecere
"Fire the narcissistic supply chain leaders that believe that they have the answers. We don’t have the answers. We have historical practices, not best practices. Stalled progress on metrics: 90% of companies find themselves stuck on key supply chain metrics (cost, inventory, growth, ROIC)."
big  data  supply  chains  digital  chain  3pls  artificial  intelligence  business  process  outsourcing  cognitive  computing  innovation 
15 days ago
Software developers and designers risk over-automating enterprises - by @joemckendrick
"We develop and design systems with the intention of wringing out human judgement - but we may be losing too much human judgement in the process. Norman's words of caution are also encapsulated in a recent YouTube video, in which he states that "we want to design technology to be a collaborator, a team worker, with people. And yet, we still think that people are somehow deficient, and we have to replace them with machines."
16 days ago
Trust and relevance – the twin challenges SAP faces as it meets with SAP UK & Ireland User Group - by @dahowlett
"SAP UK & Ireland User Group meet this week. SAP will face some testing questions. Here is my pre-event assessment around the top of mind topics."
cloud  erp  financials  and  supply  chain  future  of  work  regulation  security  event  reports 
16 days ago
I'm on the FCC. Please stop us from killing net neutrality
"Wiping out net neutrality would have big consequences. Without it, your broadband provider could carve internet access into fast and slow lanes, favoring the traffic of online platforms that have made special payments and consigning all others to a bumpy road. Your provider would have the power to choose which voices online to amplify and which to censor. The move could affect everything online, including the connections we make and the communities we create."
16 days ago
Can A.I. Be Taught to Explain Itself? - via @philww
"Kosinski’s results suggested something stranger: that artificial intelligences often excel by developing whole new ways of seeing, or even thinking, that are inscrutable to us. It’s a more profound version of what’s often called the “black box” problem — the inability to discern exactly what machines are doing when they’re teaching themselves novel skills — and it has become a central concern in artificial-intelligence research."
16 days ago
Connected Cars, Autonomous Vehicles, and the Internet of Things (IoT) - by @tomraftery
"Beyond industry disruption, less need for parking would open up tremendous urban space in the form of unused lots and garages. Maybe this would mean more populous cities with room to build for more people to live more comfortably without traffic congestion or pollution. Or how about using some of the space for indoor vertical farming using hydroponics technology and LED lights to grow more food and feed more people? Of course, this is already happening. But that’s a blog for another time."
featured  posts  technology  software  autonomous  vehicle  connected  car  internet  of  things  (iot)  iot  tesla 
16 days ago
Enterprise hits and misses – AI finds consequences, Uber rides into the security quagmire - by @jonerp
"This week: the consequences of AI enterprises need to reckon with. Plus: consumer brand-pimping versus buyer trust. And - Uber drives though the mud again. Plus my first pre-whiff ever."
hits  and  misses  iot  robotics  ai  machine  intelligence  retail  e-commerce  the  omni-channel 
16 days ago
How bad decision making could undermine good innovation - by @ron_miller
"Kodak is a company that’s always held up as the poster child for an organization that missed the digital boat in order to protect its existing businesses. Tricia Wang, a technology ethnographer, who studies organizational and user behavior, says her research reveals a different narrative. In her view, the big digital ideas weren’t simply rejected by short-sighted Kodak execs. Instead, she says, the real story is much more complicated involving big company decision making processes."
16 days ago
Five sticky SAP TechEd questions – ironing out the season with Björn Goerke - by @jonerp
"At SAP TechEd Barcelona, CTO Björn Goerke hit the deck in search of the intelligent enterprise. Diginomica did the same when we caught up with Goerke in a frank Q/A session. Here's five highlights - including Leonardo and consumption pricing."
cloud  erp  financials  and  supply  chain  platforms  -  infrastructure  architecture  iot  robotics  ai 
21 days ago
The Washington Post's Platform as a Service Venture
"Every company has to be a a tech company these days and the Washington Post is one example as it sells tech services to other newspapers — but should it?"
"enterprise  software 
21 days ago
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