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jonerp : 2020   9

How to Lead Supply Chain Management Transformations of the Future
"Manufacturers are realizing the value of supply chain flexibility. Some supply chains were better able to adapt to the changes of 2020 better than others. The ones that weren’t able to respond as quickly are finding the need to build flexibility into their supply chains. They need to find better ways to optimize their supply chains to respond to and plan for evolving needs of their global customer bases and supply chains.

Big ERP systems or SCM software may or may not be the answer. Addressing these needs may or may not involve massive technology initiatives such as ERP implementations. Business process improvements or organizational changes are often lower-cost, lower-risk, and higher-value options for manufacturers. We are seeing many manufacturers take a two-phase approach to 1) address short-term needs that provide immediate relief and improvement, and 2) do so within the context of a broader long-term digital strategy and roadmap."
digital  strategy  supply  chain  management  business  process  erp  implementation  top  10  systems  for  2020 
10 days ago by jonerp
HCM Software and The Health Pandemic of 2020
"A client we worked with to implement an HCM initiative has launched on online Covivid-19 response plan that employees can access daily (or whenever they want to) via their HCM system. This flexible database contains a multitude of information from travel advisories to how to handle exposure. With the evolving virus situation, it is updated frequently and > 75% of employees access it daily. This client is currently enhancing their system to contain an online chat feature, which is a clever use of technology to help manage and foster communication during difficult times."
digital  strategy  hcm  implementations  2020  erp  and  report  vs.  implementation  successfactors  workday  sap 
13 days ago by jonerp
News Analysis: Tech Vendors Takes On #Coronavirus
"Most big tech companies are in a sound financial position with massive free cash flow and cash on hand. These companies have the resources in talent, technology, and know how to assist. As more companies step up to help in the coronavirus battle, expect these efforts to come from authenticity not a public relations opportunity. Anything less would be detrimental to the technology vendor’s brand and their standing in the public."
@rwang0  2020  apple  siri  artificial  intelligence  b2b  b2c  best  practices  big  tech  cdo  ceo  change  agents 
14 days ago by jonerp
To Change or Not to Change: The Decision to Stay on the Green Screen
"Let’s consider a few reasons why you may not want to replace your legacy system, just yet:

They simply don’t break: Like your Grandad’s 1992 Honda or Swiss watch, the thing will pretty much run forever. The technology behind the old IBM mainframes is simple and sturdy, and as long as it is cleaned and maintained it will work. Cloud ERP systems, on the other hand, are only as reliable as your users’ internet connections.
Your business has not changed: We find many scenarios where companies have been doing the same thing for 30 years, and with good reason. Consider a company that manufactures a niche supply part for an industrial manufacturing segment. It may be specialized enough that the barriers and cost of entry is too great for competitors to chase and they have consistent clientele. With no desire to expand, there may be no reason to change what’s working."
digital  strategy  erp  software  selection  cloud  cyber  security  cybersecurity  failures  independent  consultants  top  10  systems  for  2020 
8 weeks ago by jonerp
Blockchain 2020 – thoughts, comments and the future
"Blockchain 2020: though many will deny it, 2019 was a year of relatively small progress for blockchain in the enterprise. Yes, progress occurred. But it was not of an earth-shattering form.

As a mild antidote as well as precursor to 2020 Enterprise Times offers up a selection of statements made about blockchain for next year. Take them as you will…"
blockchain  latest  news  2020  ava  labs  chain  accelerator  closecross  crypto  valley  association  cudo  ventures  factom  findora  fundament  securities 
january 2020 by jonerp
ERP vs. HCM Implementations: Which is the Better Bet?
"HCM may affect a larger population of people than an ERP or CRM implementation, but they can actually deliver more value with less risk. For industries that spend too much on employee retention and morale-related issues each year, better performance management, learning and development, and other human capital capabilities can deliver much higher business benefits than having more efficient accounting or inventory management competencies."
digital  strategy  hcm  implementations  successfactors  workday  2020  erp  and  report  vs.  implementation  successful  oracle  cloud 
december 2019 by jonerp
Undercover: “Independent” ERP Software Selection Firms
"We have stressed this time and time again, but “independent” on paper or promises does not mean your selection firm is truly independent. There are vast mechanisms for vendors, implementation partners and other influencers to create bias within an “independent” firm. The most common is financial, but there are also firms who are simply too lazy to keep up with the changing enterprise technology market and rest on the few vendors they have worked with in the past. This is also very common for smaller shops that were formed by consultants that have moved from the Big 5 consulting space."
erp  software  selection  independent  consultants  best  consultant  top  10  systems  for  2020  what  is  of  breed  erp? 
november 2019 by jonerp
Self-Serve ERP Software Please
"ERP software has evolved to the point where it can allow a self-serve methodology to work efficiently and potentially save companies money. Algorithms help point clients in the right direction towards ready-to-use pathways. When done right, this is a win-win. The client gets to interact/transact in their preferred way, and the company can redeploy its human assets."
digital  strategy  hcm  implementations  organizational  change  management  artificial  intelligence  implementation  iot  self-serve  erp  software  top  10  systems  for  2020 
november 2019 by jonerp
How to Define Your Digital ERP Strategy in 2020
How important is flexibility vs. scale to your business model?
What are you internal IT competencies, and what would you like them to be in the future?
How does this all align with and support your corporate strategy and objectives – or does it?
How big of a change are we really willing to make as part of our transformation?
How much time and money are we willing to invest?
What is our risk tolerance as an organization?
How will organizational change management need to support our answers to these and other questions?"
digital  strategy  best  transformation  erp  failures  predictions  software  in  2020  industry  for  top  10 
october 2019 by jonerp

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