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Intel's leadership crisis hits in midst of reorganization
"Google founders and top Silicon Valley executives would be out of work if Intel's high standards of employee conduct were applied."
june 2018 by jonerp
Intel’s latest chip is designed for computing at the edge - by @ron_miller
"As we develop increasingly sophisticated technologies like self-driving cars and industrial internet of things sensors, it’s going to require that we move computing to the edge. Essentially this means that instead of sending data to the cloud for processing, it needs to be done right on the device itself because even a little bit of latency is too much."
cloud  enterprise  hardware  tc  intel  edge  computing  system  on  a  chip 
february 2018 by jonerp
Intel does its best to tamp down impact of Spectre and Meltdown in earnings call - by @ron_miller
"Intel CEO Brian Krzanich was delighted to report that Intel had a record year in the company’s quarterly earnings call with analysts yesterday. Of course, he also had to acknowledge the Spectre and Meltdown chip vulnerabilities revealed earlier this month in perhaps the ultimate good news-bad news moment"
earnings  security  tc  intel  meltdown-spectre  chips 
january 2018 by jonerp
Researchers Found Two Major Security Flaws In Processors That Affect Most Of The World's Computers
"In a blog post responding to the research, Intel said the flaws described had "the potential to improperly gather sensitive data from computing devices that are operating as designed," but that the company "believes these exploits do not have the potential to corrupt, modify or delete data."
In  a  blog  post  responding  to  the  research  Intel  said  flaws  described  had  "the  potential  improperly  gather  sensitive  data  from  computing  devices  that  are  operating  as  designed  "  but  company  "believes  these  exploits  do  not  have  corrupt  modify  or  delete  data." 
january 2018 by jonerp
Intel will invest $7 billion to finish a factory it started in 2011
"Intel announced today that it would spend $7 billion to complete Fab 42, a factory in Chandler, Arizona that will eventually be used to build chips on Intel's 7nm manufacturing process. According to Intel's release, the facility will "directly create 3,000 high-tech, high-wage Intel jobs for process engineers, equipment technicians, and facilities-support engineers and technicians who will work at the site" and that a further 7,000 jobs will be created indirectly to support the facility. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich made the announcement at the White House with President Donald Trump; Krzanich briefly attracted controversy last summer when he canceled a Trump fundraising event."
gear  &  gadgets  ministry  of  innovation  intel 
february 2017 by jonerp
A Farewell to Moore’s Law
But after more than 50 years, that will no longer be the guiding reality for the semiconductor industry.

“The doubling has already started to falter,” Nature reported Tuesday, “thanks to the heat that is unavoidably generated when more and more silicon circuitry is jammed into the same small area.”
culture  science  technology  top  stories  hardware  intel  microprocessors  moore's  law  silicon 
february 2016 by jonerp
Seven Misconceptions on Managing Inventory in a Market-Driven World - by @lcecere
"I have been studying the evolution of inventory technologies as an industry analyst since 2002. This week, I published an in-depth analysis on the topic. In this post, I share my reflections along with seven misconceptions."
uncategorized  carlsberg  cisco  systems  form  and  function  of  inventory  intel  management  optimization  market-driven  value  networks  multi-tier  oracle  sap  seven  misconceptions 
may 2015 by jonerp
Intel cuts outlook, cites weak PC sales - by @ldignan
"Intel said it cut its first quarter outlook because of "weaker than expected demand for business desktop PCs and lower than expected inventory levels across the PC supply chain."
hardware  Intel  IT  earnings 
march 2015 by jonerp

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