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Polishing brand ERP
"As an industry, we have implemented or upgraded ERP software tens of millions of times. It is absurd that we tolerate the failure rates and cost overruns that has become synonymous with ERP. Every aspect of ERP was a reason to gouge – close to 100% gross margins on software, ridiculous MPLS circuit and storage pricing, you name it. Offshore vendors who could show CMM Level 5 continuous improvements suddenly forgot that discipline when it came to ERP support. Much of what is delivered by SIs and outsourcers can and should be automated – see several ideas here"
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february 2019 by jonerp
When is it Time to Say Goodbye to Accenture, Deloitte, IBM or KPMG?
"Here are a few signs to look for:

You are in deployment mode and your cost per day for ERP consultants is greater than 15% of the rate you would pay for a solid independent
The SI’s team lacks experience and you are spending more time developing their talent than your own
You need fresh ideas to solve new problems and the SI team you hired is not qualified
Your SI is attempting to spread its influence well beyond your program without your direction"
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january 2019 by jonerp
How To Protect Healthcare IoT Devices In A Zero Trust World
"Healthcare and medical device manufacturers need to start taking action now to secure these devices during the research and development, design and engineering phases of their next generation of IoT products. Specifying and validating that every IoT access point is compatible and can scale to support Zero Trust Security (ZTS) is essential if the network of devices being designed and sold will be secure. ZTS is proving to be very effective at thwarting potential breach attempts across every threat surface an organization has. Its four core pillars include verifying the identity of every user, validating every device, limiting access and privilege, and utilizing machine learning to analyze user behavior and gain greater insights from analytics."
business  featured  posts  technology  software  trends  &  concepts  accenture  capgemini  centrify  healthcare  internet  of  things  (iot)  iot  louis  columbus'  blog 
november 2018 by jonerp
Penthouse, Poorhouse, or Courthouse: Where Will Your Project Take You? - by @micdoane
"One of the saddest aspects of the work of an expert witness for a failed IT software project is reading tales of woe in various depositions and realizing how so much heartache and wasted money could have been avoided if only people had spoken up about the reasons for the rift between the client team and the service provider team."
accenture  asap  deloitte  ibm  litigation  methodology  oracle  project  failure  management  projects  quality  assurance  sap 
may 2016 by jonerp
Digital Transformation Requires Total Organizational Commitment - by @ron_miller
"When you consider that 88 percent of the Fortune 500 companies in 1955 are now gone, it’s not hard to see that change has always been with us, but the rate of change is accelerating dramatically due in large part to the disruption brought about by digital transformation."
enterprise  tc  accenture  aaron  levie  digital  transformation  change  management 
january 2016 by jonerp
Harman, Tech Mahindra, IBM, Accenture and Atos leading the Internet of Things phenomenon - by @pfersht
"Suddenly, IT services are morphing into “Things services”. So we decided to get ahead of this and conduct exhaustive research into how the leading service providers are shaping up their capabilities and investing in this emerging space."
analytics  and  big  data  business  process  outsourcing  (bpo)  digital  transformation  hfs  blueprint  results  homepage  it  services  the  as-a-service  economy  internet  of  things  accenture  atos  charles  sutherland 
october 2015 by jonerp
Accenture’s Deal to Move $45B Rio Tinto to the Cloud – The Risk of the “Unknown Unknowns”
"John_20150415_Rio TintoAccenture announced on April 12, 2015, that they won a ground breaking “As-a-Service” deal with Rio Tinto, a UK based $45B dollar diversified mining company. Under the deal, Accenture will migrate all of Rio Tinto’s core information technology systems to an “As-a-Service” delivery model in the public cloud, leveraging Accenture’s cloud platform"
Accenture  clouds 
april 2015 by jonerp

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