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The Costly, Damaging, and Futile Myth of Business & IT Alignment Replacing nonsensical ‘business and IT alignment’ with a newer, better environment
"Now is the ideal time to partition business and IT in such a fashion. The emerging viability of what has been somewhat arbitrarily grouped into ‘digital transformation’ assets (Big Data, Machine Learning, Internet-of-Things and Analytics) can only be successfully adopted by an organization with an efficient and credible foundation of integrated business applications. With business stakeholders firmly at the wheel, such efficiency and credibility are more easily achieved than through an alignment effort that has been a dismal failure since the days of manual typewriters, hi-fis, black & white television, and rotary telephones."
business  requirements  it  alignment  cio  role  digital  transformation  disruption  enterprise  applications  functional  design  internet-of-things  iot  of 
11 weeks ago by jonerp
Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Is about the Big Picture and the Little Things
"The first gathering of London’s new AI and Machine Learning in Enterprise Applications Meetup wasn’t too fussed with this war of tech giants. Microsoft’s Global Strategist Nigel Willson came to reveal the signs of oncoming AI, and then KPMG’s Chief Technology Officer Priti Padhy was all about how to apply it to the enterprise space. Today we’re going to cover what they see as currently available to us and how enterprises are going to take advantage of it. It’s a lot more practical and a lot less sci-fi than you think."
analysis  technology  top  stories  ai  and  machine  learning  in  enterprise  applications  meetup  artificial  intelligence  cognitive  computing  kpmg  microsoft  pix  video  indexer 
august 2017 by jonerp
Security in the Cloud Native Era
"The container abstraction embodies three fundamental characteristics that are important to security: minimalistic (e.g., single process), declarative, and immutable. These characteristics combined make it possible to secure applications in ways that in the past were difficult or manual."
analysis  contributed  top  stories  cloud  native  applications  container  ecosystem  orchestration  security  node.js  twistlock 
november 2016 by jonerp
Intelligent Applications - by @mfauscette
"Applying AI to existing types of applications has a great deal to offer. An AI based “agent” could manage tasks like scheduling meetings for example. I’ve participated in a beta of an agent like this from a company called that very effectively functions as a personal assistant to help manage your schedule. Managing calendars, meetings, email (prioritizing and maybe even providing simple responses to some types of email), many simple tasks could be managed with an AI agent."
featured  posts  technology  software  ai  analysis  analytics  applications  artificial  intelligence  automation  cloud  cognitive  computing  data 
september 2016 by jonerp
Slack is 2016’s hottest startup, but can it make the leap to big enterprise?
"A similar case could be made for Box, another company Hamid has invested in: The cloud-storage company has to convert free customers to paid to be successful. “It’s similar,” Hamid said. “But at Slack, it’s faster and at a higher conversion rate than anything seen before.” A third of free users convert to paid, he said, a sign that the tool fills a need that existed well before it came along."
enterprise  cloud  applications  investment  venture  capital  workplace  collaboration 
april 2016 by jonerp
A Year After IPO, Aaron Levie’s Box Is Showing Signs of Growing Up
"What’s missing? SAP, he says, referring to the German business software giant best known for its software used by large companies to run their operation soup-to-nuts, a market segment known as Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP. “If there’s one thing that’s missing here, it’s an ERP company. I don’t have a way to get ERP documents into Box.” The same is true of Oracle, another ERP player. “We want to work with everybody.”
enterprise  cloud  applications  computing  storage  ipo 
april 2016 by jonerp
All You Need to Know About Microservices and Containers is Here In Our New Ebook
"Today, we release our second ebook on the container revolution, “Applications & Microservices with Docker & Containers.”

In this volume, we explore the way that container-based microservices have impacted application development and delivery. We take a closer look at what containers mean to the process of creating and utilizing microservices, and how container technology has become so important in implementing the pattern of microservices."
ebook  series  article  news  top  stories  containers  ebook2  applications  and  microservices 
january 2016 by jonerp
Michael Coté, Pivotal: What Does It Mean to Be Cloud Native? - podcast w/ @alexwilliams + @cote
"Over the course of this interview, Coté discusses best practices and illustrates three requirements for cloud-native development and deployment: utilizing the patterns of microservices architecture, implementing a DevOps approach, and striving for continuous delivery as the primary vehicle for software delivery."
ebook  series  article  interviews  podcast  continuous  delivery  integration  devops  ebook2  applications  and  microservices  pivotal  the  new  stack  makers 
january 2016 by jonerp
News Analysis: In Search Of Growth Amidst Digital Disruption - by @rwang0
"Organizations focused on jump starting growth must begin their transformation to a digital business. With fewer and fewer companies surviving as margin based businesses, those organizations building new digital business models will be rewarded with growth valuations. As the winner takes all market continues, digital transformation is a key lever in the ability to grow profits, expand markets, and dominate a market."
apps  strategy  enterprise  applications  software  r  "ray"  wang;  vendor  rwang0  insider  softwareinsider  cio  cmo 
january 2016 by jonerp
The Exploding Infrastructure Automation Stack and Its Ecosystem
"Microservices is a software architectural model in which you componentize your application and run each component as its own container across one or many physical or virtual machines. These containers can be built by developers, then shipped into production via continuous delivery. Containers should be fungible. You should be able to run one or many identical containers, depending on how much you need to scale your application."
sponsored  technology  top  stories  applications  apps  ci  cd  containers  continuous  delivery  infographic  infrastructure  automation  profitbricks 
december 2015 by jonerp
14 Big Opportunities In Enterprise Markets You Should Be Seizing
Decent list....."The last few years have brought a new wave of innovation to enterprise software. From companies like Workday and Zendesk redefining traditional business processes to Slack and Box opening new areas of innovation, the enterprise software space have seen companies rise up to bring innovation to a space that didn’t see a lot of creativity in the previous 30 years."
code  internet  of  things  3d  printing  enterprise  software  cybersecurity  augmented  reality  business  applications  industrial  control  systems  guest  posts  ar 
august 2015 by jonerp
The cloud is becoming exactly what it sought to replace - by @davidlinthicum
"I remember the pitch: Cloud computing (called on-demand at the time) was the alternative to traditional enterprise software. You purchased cloud services using an on-demand or subscription model, you paid for only what you used, and you owned no hardware or software. What could be better? Ten years later, cloud providers are becoming "enterprise-y" in their behavior -- more like the very traditional enterprise providers they were supposed to differ from."
cloud  computing  technology  industry  applications 
july 2015 by jonerp
Enterprise Odd Couple: Plex Systems Partners with Workday - by @erp_cindyjutras
"At first glance these two might seem like the proverbial odd couple. As another ERP vendor, Workday would appear to be a competitor. But it is not, because Workday is not a solution that is focused on the needs of manufacturers. And companies that “make things” are the only targets for Plex Systems. So if Workday isn’t for manufacturers, why would any Plex customer be interested in connecting to it? Because typically corporate headquarters doesn’t make anything, but might have sophisticated accounting requirements to support global operations. This partnership is all about delivering a pre-packaged 2-tier ERP."
uncategorized  2  tier  erp  adaptive  insights  cindy  jutras  cloud  demandcaster  enterprise  applications  hcm  innovation  integration  manufacturing 
july 2015 by jonerp
When it comes to mobile apps, IT is ‘slow, poor and weak’ - by @marypcbuk
"When 80 percent of employees say mobile technology is critical for getting their job done, but the same number say they haven’t asked their IT department for the apps they need because they don't think they'd get what they need, that’s a sure sign of trouble."
mobile  apps  development  it  management  applications 
june 2015 by jonerp
Plex Systems Takes a Page From Manufacturer’s Play Book - by @erp_cindyjutras
"Continuous improvement has long been the mantra for many manufacturers. Kaizen and other formal programs like Lean, Six Sigma, and Total Quality Management (TQM) have dominated the manufacturing scene for years. But what about the world of enterprise software for manufacturing? Not so much."
erp  cindy  jutras  cloud  continuous  improvement  enterprise  applications  innovation  manufacturing  mint  plex  systems  saas 
march 2015 by jonerp
NetSuite CEO Nelson Talks the ‘End of the Beginning’ of Cloud Software Era
"The CEO of the oldest enterprise cloud software player reflects on how the business and his company have evolved"
commerce  enterprise  cloud  applications  computing  software  erp 
march 2015 by jonerp

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