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Is Microsoft’s reality for AI really that different?
"This is an inherently challenging area – especially for a vendor with the history of Microsoft. It is welcome that such a powerful technology company is considering the potential pitfalls and possible solutions to these ethical questions. But it runs the risk of Microsoft being seen to be forcing its own West Coast morality and ethics on the rest of the world. In fact, the company is already experiencing the challenges of ethics itself with some employees wanting to stop providing AI services to the US military. This highlights how what’s right or wrong is very subjective and an area where any corporate should tread carefully."
blogs  ai  azure  ethics  google  government  ibm  industry  microsoft  ruur  society  xiaoice 
8 weeks ago by jonerp
What is the Difference Between an Application and a Platform and Why it Matters?
"Unfortunately, there are a number of reasons why SaaS vendors struggle to make the transition to platform vendors. First, it time-consuming and resource intensive. While investing in a platform and its associated services open up an opportunity to clean up technical debt, fixing architectural issues “under the covers” are typically less exciting that new features that generate more excitement from customers, partners and analysts."
featured  posts  technology  software  aws  cloud  computing  microsoft  azure  platform-thinking  saas 
september 2018 by jonerp
Event Report - Microsoft Build 2018 - AI, IoT and bringing it together
"We had the opportunity to attend Microsoft’s developer conference Build, held from May 7th till 9th 2018 at the Seattle Convention Center in Seattle. Attendance with over 7k attendees, and a large global representation of the press colleagues makes this one of the best attended events from an influencer perspective."
ai  azure  build  cloud  constellation  research  developers  future  of  work  holger  mueller  iot  microsoft  ml  nextgen  apps 
may 2018 by jonerp
NetSuite on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: What It Means for Customers
"But now, at NetSuite’s customer conference last month, NetSuite has announced its plans to migrate its application suite to OCI.

The fact that Oracle now owns NetSuite does not take away from the significance of this announcement. Although NetSuite has always been built on Oracle’s database, it has only been using the database for physical storage. (Salesforce takes a similar approach.) NetSuite built all of its administration and provisioning tools, including multitenant management, on top of the database. Although Oracle is currently in process of moving its Fusion customers to OCI, the move by NetSuite is a much larger workload—with tens of thousands of customer instances to migrate. If NetSuite and Oracle can accomplish this migration—and NetSuite executives repeatedly assured us that it will—it will be a major proof case establishing OCI as a platform for cloud ISVs."
crm  selection  erp  it  infrastructure  amazon  aws  azure  cloud  iaas  microsoft  netsuite  oracle 
may 2018 by jonerp
Yawn: Amazon cloud business just keeps rolling along
"A technology highlight at SuiteWorld 2018 is the introduction of machine intelligence to the NetSuite midmarket ERP platform for real-world use cases"
cloud  earnings  amazon  aws  azure  marketshare  google  platform  microsoft 
april 2018 by jonerp
Internet of Things Platforms: Microsoft Azure vs. Google Cloud Platform vs. Amazon Web Services
"Far in the lead in the cloud computing race is Amazon Web Services, Amazon’s own cloud offering. Among its main features are infrastructure as a service, cloud storage solutions, database system management, application and content migration, developer tools that make development faster, as well as machine learning capabilities. IoT-targeted features are available through the AWS IoT platform."
contributed  op-ed  technology  top  stories  amazon  web  services  azure  google  cloud  platform  internet  of  things  mobilunity  sensors 
february 2018 by jonerp
Progress Report - Microsoft wants to enable the digital feedback loop with its Biz Apps and more - by @holgermu
"On the concern side, Microsoft is late to the ERP suite game. It certainly has put the leadership team in place, now it comes to delivering. 2018 already saw the ERP market leader announce an on premises product, a key lesson learnt that when you don’t develop fast enough, customers will dictate the platform."
azure  cloud  crm  erp  hcm  holger  mueller  iaas  microsoft  nextgen  nextgenapps  nextgenerp  paas 
february 2018 by jonerp
Red Hat Acquires CoreOS To Emerge As A Strong Leader In Container Space - by @krishnan
"Today, Red Hat, the open source company focussed on enterprise IT, announced the acquisition of CoreOS, its competitor in the container market (Red Hat press release). This is clearly shaking up the enterprise application platform market and, definitely, the Kubernetes community."
open  source  aws  azure  containers  coreos  developers  google  ibm  kubernetes  linux  openshift  oracle 
february 2018 by jonerp
Microsoft makes Azure Bot Service generally available for developers - by @ron_miller
"Microsoft introduced the Azure Bot Framework more than two years ago and companies have been building chatbots for a variety of scenarios ever since. Today, the company made generally available the Microsoft Azure Bot Service and Microsoft Cognitive Language Understanding service (known as LUIS)."
artificial  intelligence  cloud  developer  enterprise  tc  microsoft  azure  chatbots  conversational  ai 
december 2017 by jonerp
News Analysis - Microsoft and SAP join forces to give customers a trusted path to digital transformation in the cloud - by @holgermu
MyPOV – No surprise – Microsoft and SAP will drink their own champagne and use each other products / services… the emphasis on clear roadmap maybe some self-reflection on the fact that there has not been too much roadmap traction in the past 18 months. Good to see co-created and supported offerings and services – that’s what prospects and customers expect from both vendors when they partner."
azure  cloud  constellation  research  holger  mueller  iaas  microsoft  nextgen  apps  paas  partnership  s4  hana  saas 
november 2017 by jonerp
Why the Cloud Wars Will Be Good for Your Business
"That said, over time, a fractured market benefits no one. Users have to manage the complexity and providers are limited in reach. So we will likely see the pendulum continue to swing as the market ultimately navigates towards an equilibrium point. Of course, when we get to that point, the discussion will shift to supplier management strategies, which will again strengthen the case for a multi-cloud future."
analysis  contributed  op-ed  top  stories  amazon  web  services  architecture  azure  channel  cloud  google  juniper  networks  multicloud 
november 2017 by jonerp
post Dockercon some thoughts on functions and serverless and services and containers and complexity
"I was expecting more detail to follow, but none was forthcoming. I guess we can safely assume Docker is working on serverless, which certainly shouldn’t surprise us, but to mention it in the keynote, and then never say anything else about it was interesting. I couldn’t work out if there some news that in the end that didn’t get announced, or whether Singh was just putting forward a teaser."
uncategorized  aws  azure  docker  google  gcp  kubernetes  puppet 
october 2017 by jonerp
Oracle Cloud Strategy – An Analysis - by @krishnan
"Oracle., the enterprise giant of the legacy era, hosted their annual user conference Oracle OpenWorld last week shed some more light on their cloud strategy. Oracle made some announcements focussed on cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain but it came out more like an organization trying to jumpstart their vehicle to catch up with competition."
infrastructure  aws  azure  containers  google  cloud  openworld  2017  oracle  iaas 
october 2017 by jonerp
Event Report - Microsoft Ignite / Envision 2017 - Broad push - few highlights - by @holgermu
"On the concern side Microsoft took an even more notable timeout on the Hololens side. And despite making key announcements that matter to customers (for instance support for Kubernetes, Tensorflow, CloudFoundry), these partnerships were all mentioned in the keynotes but not shown in demos (I may have missed them) or announced in roadmaps. Instead a lot of innovation on Docker came to light, e.g. SQL Server 2017 can run in… a Docker container. The biggest challenge enterprises have with Microsoft is the absence of a holistic PaaS strategy."
azure  constellation  research  dynamics  future  of  work  futurist  holger  mueller  iaas  microsoft  nextgen  apps  paas  sql  server  trusted  advisor 
september 2017 by jonerp
Pivotal Container Service – A Quick Analysis - by @krishnan
"One way to compete is to highlight the technical strength of CloudFoundry platform against Kubernetes and find a way to sell into enterprise accounts. But the momentum in Kubernetes is too strong for Pivotal to spend their sales cycles fighting Kubernetes. A smarter move is to support Kubernetes and add a layer of abstraction to hide its complexities. This is exactly what Pivotal is trying to achieve with this announcement. The key thing to notice here is BOSH as the glue to Kubernetes world (more about it later)."
infrastructure  platforms  amazon  aws  azure  bosh  containers  google  cloud  google+  kubernetes  microsoft  openshift 
august 2017 by jonerp
So about this Dell digital transformation story. Pivots. - by @monkchips
"How do VMware and Pivotal begin to mesh? How does RSA become a big data company? These are gnarly questions in their own right, and of course public cloud isn’t going away. Dell, as an infrastructure company itself, isn’t in a position to simply cede infrastructure to AWS, as Salesforce and Heroku can. Dell needs to be in the cloud infrastructure game, and as things stand it simply isn’t. Microsoft is there, Google is pushing hard, Oracle has stepped up dramatically in cloud of late. IBM acquired SoftLayer, but is now focusing on platform services to move up the stack."
cloud  native  aws  azure  bluemix  ci  cd  digital  transformation  emc  gcp  google  ibm 
august 2017 by jonerp
Summer 2017 News Analysis - Microsoft makes Azure Stack available - by @holgermu
Why it matters: Despite the trend to cloud there are still many enterprises that have to operate enterprise automation on premises. Look at the number of SAP customers opting to run S/4HANA on premises. Microsoft now offers a path for them to run Azure similar / identical products – and build and move applications and load to an Azure like on premises stack – with the option to move it later. And there are plenty of motivated hardware vendors that want to sell more servers to customers for their local data centers (Cisco, Dell, HP etc etc.)"
azure  cloud  constellation  research  dell  futurist  holger  mueller  hp  microsoft  nextgen  apps  on  premise  partners  trusted  advisor 
august 2017 by jonerp
So What’s Up with Oracle Cloud? - by @monkchips
"Microsoft has done a stellar job of turning around its reputation. A change of CEO was required to really cement the change, but we don’t expect this at Oracle. Today when we talk to commercial open source software companies they pretty much uniformly say Azure is the best cloud to negotiate and partner with. Oracle is going to need a similar perception change if it really wants to change the game in terms of engineering-led adoption."
clo  aws  azure  google  cloud  platform  kubernetes  oracle  sidecar 
july 2017 by jonerp
That giant sucking sound? Hadoop moving into the cloud - by @monkchips
"Even in the cloud though it promises elastic scalability, capacity planning is an issue – what happens when your Hadoop cluster grows out of the sizing you have set up on AWS Cloud? Hadoop and associated tooling carries a fairly significant management overhead. While the distribution players can mitigate these issues to some extent, the alternative is managed serviced from AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP."
featured  posts  technology  software  aws  azure  big  data  bigquery  bigtable  gcp  google  hadoop  microsoft 
may 2017 by jonerp
Down Report – Power failure takes Azure services down - 3 Cloud Load Toads - by @holgermu
"Good summary of what happened, a power failure / power event. Good to see that customers were notified. Power events can always be tricky to recover, and it looks like Azure management erred on the side of caution bringing up services rack by rack and then adding services like SLB later. But the downtime for affected customers was long, best case – when in the first 25% of racks was almost four hours, and worst case 10 hours+. Remarkable it took Azure technicians 2 hours 20 or so minutes to get the power back."
azure  cloud  constellation  research  down  report  holger  mueller  iaas  microsoft  nextgen  apps  nextgenapps  power 
march 2017 by jonerp
Google’s Enterprise Ambitions – Google Cloud Next ’17 Report - by @krishnan
"I have long been advocating that Google’s path to relevance in the cloud is through Machine Learning and AI. I heard the same from various enterprise customers in this conference. One of Google’s strengths is in big data and, with the announcements related to Machine Learning, they are positioning themselves as the go-to cloud for ML workloads. Google’s machine learning engine and Google Vision API is now generally available."
conference  report  artificial  intelligence  aws  lambda  azure  enterprise  gae  gcp  google  cloud  next  17  ibm 
march 2017 by jonerp
Briefing Notes: Oracle IaaS - by @krishnan
"Even though they are late by close to a decade, Oracle has moved into the public cloud space. They are clearly disadvantaged at this point in terms of richness of developer and other higher order services on top of their IaaS. But we expect them to fill the gap through acquisitions and compete hard with AWS."
briefing  notes  amazon  aws  azure  baremetal  cloud  infrastructure  containers  google  google+  ibm  microsoft  oracle 
january 2017 by jonerp
Event Report - Microsoft Connect - No April's Fools - Linux, Google and more - by @holgermu
"On the concern side Microsoft still has steps ahead to become an enterprise level PaaS that starts with analysis, design capabilities, does requirement collection, end to end test automation etc. It will be interesting and potentially very powerful to see Visual Studio and Teams come together. I maybe wrong, but it always seems to me that Microsoft is about the developer (nothing wrong with it) and less about the enterprise that needs to build a next generation application."
azure  cloud  constellation  research  developers  futurist  google  holger  mueller  hybrid  linux  microsoft  nextgen  apps  sql  server 
november 2016 by jonerp
TNS Research: What We Know about Cloud Market Share
"Microsoft doesn’t break out its cloud revenue between Azure and Office 365, nor does Alphabet (Google’s parent company) distinguish between Google Cloud Platform and other cloud apps (now collectively called G Suite). Until this happens, most news about cloud market share is speculation or cloud-washing."
analysis  research  top  stories  451  alphabet  amazon  web  services  azure  demandbase  digital  ocean  digitalocean  gartner  google 
october 2016 by jonerp
Turning APIs into Products: The Next Stage of Business Growth
"Last year at API Strategy and Practice in Austin, Texas, one of the key themes that arose from speakers across multiple streams was the next challenge in this typical rollout. Business leaders charged with the responsibility of (a) encouraging internal APIs to be used by engineering teams creating new products, and (b) facilitating open APIs to be used by partner and external developers found they needed to move beyond a pilot or innovation project mindset and treat their APIs as products."
analysis  top  stories  api  strategy  and  management  apis  azure  microsoft  productization  tns 
october 2016 by jonerp
First Take - Microsoft Ignite - AI, Adobe and FPGA [From the Fences] - by @holgermu
"On the concern side Microsoft needs to stretch the rubber between where it needs to be vis a vis the competition (there most notably AWS and Google) and at the same time where its customers are. There is a lot for customers to digest, understand and bring back to their executive teams for the adoption conversation. Making the case to a CIO’s peers was something that Microsoft has room to improve on, and at the same time needs to make sure their customer base does not get overwhelmed. Sometimes less is more. But a good problem to have."
ai  artificial  intelligence  azure  constellation  research  cortana  holger  mueller  ingnite  machine  learning  microsoft  office  strategic  advisor 
september 2016 by jonerp
News Analysis - GE and Microsoft partner to bring Predix to Azure - Multi-Cloud becomes tangible for IoT - by @holgermu
"This is the second ‘mega’ partnership Microsoft announces – after the Azure partnership with SAP, the focus with GE though is on next generation applications, building IoT solutions with GE’s Predix. Both partnerships are important for Microsoft as they bring ‘load’ to Azure, and load is what power the economics of scale that make IaaS providers competitive. Microsoft needs these partnerships to fuel Azure growth post the era of the current number one growth engine for Azure – Office conversions."
azure  cloud  cortana  ge  digital  internet  of  things  iot  machine  learning  microsoft 
july 2016 by jonerp
News Analysis - Hewlett Packard Enterprise Announces New Machine Learning as a Service Offering - Haven to Azure - by @holgermu
"Earlier today, HPE announced the availability of a number of Haven capabilities being available on the cloud (more specifically Microsoft Azure). Given the change in cloud strategy, the partnership with Microsoft for pubic cloud and the need of enterprises to build next generation applications, it’s time to check in what is happening at HPE in general and Haven in specific."
azure  haven  hp  cloud  enterprise  helion  iaas  microsoft  nextgen  apps  nextgenapps 
march 2016 by jonerp
A Life Aquatic for Microsoft’s Experimental Underwater Data Centers
"Microsoft lengthened the trial to 105 days, according to the New York Times, and it even ran some Azure data-processing projects. Now Microsoft is working on a system that’s three times as large, which they’re expecting to test in 2017. “Basically, what we’re doing is taking green data centers, and deploying them in the ocean off the coast,” explained Ben Cutler in a video on the project’s site."
culture  research  science  technology  top  stories  data  center  design  microsoft  azure 
february 2016 by jonerp
News Analysis - Microsoft announcements at Convergence Barcelona - Office365. Dynamics CRM and Power Apps
"Microsoft is currently having its European Convergence conference in Barcelona - and has unleashed three major announcements, my colleague Alan Lepovsky and me take a first stab analyzing them."
azure  end  user  future  of  work  microsoft  nextgen  apps  office365  paas  powerapps 
december 2015 by jonerp
News Analysis - Microsoft and Salesforce Strengthen Strategic Partnership at Dreamforce 2015 - Good for joint customers
"The Salesforce Dreamforce event is happening in San Francisco, and a number of key news are coming out of the event, todays was a joint announcement of Microsoft and Salesforce."
azure  chatter  delve  future  of  work  lighting  microsoft  office  onenote  salesforce  salesforce1 
september 2015 by jonerp
MOOCs Teach IT Lessons Before Summer Ends
"An array of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) from traditional educational institutions such as Harvard, vendors like Microsoft, and researcher Johns Hopkins University offer free and paid scheduled web-based classes. By the time summer ends, IT experts can garner new expertise, often with a certificate, in areas such as analytics; mobile app development; big data, and security,"
datacenter  editor's  pick:  front  page  picks:  slider:  analytics  apps  azure  computer  graphics  cybersecurity  education 
july 2015 by jonerp
News Analysis - Unit4 picks Microsoft Azure for ‘Self-Driving’ ERP vision - Cloud, Machine Learning, Office and PaaS are the attractors - by @holgermu
"Earlier today Unit4 announced that it has picked Azure as its platform to build its next generation ERP applications.
Let’s digest the press release in our custom Constellation style"
analytics  azure  cloud  machine  learning  microsoft  nextgen  apps  paas  unit4 
june 2015 by jonerp
News Analysis - Google does it again (lower prices for Google Cloud Platform), enterprises take notice - by @holgermu
"This morning’s Google release the news about more price reductions for Google Cloud Platform, with the catchy tag line ‘pay less, compute Moore’. Yes Moore (and not more) as Google has promised to pass on the savings from Moore’s Law to customers."
amazon  aws  azure  cloud  google  platform  microsoft 
may 2015 by jonerp
News Analyis - NetSuite announced Cloud Alliance with Microsoft - by @holgermu
"At NetSuite’s user conference SuiteWorld in San Jose, CEO Zach Nelson announced a partnership with Microsoft. Satya Nadella was at hand (via pre-recorded video, I guess he is busy in Chicago at Microsoft Ignite) to comment on the partnership, too. The announcement came as a surprise, as in general NetSuite has been seen (maybe wrongely) to be in Oracle’s’ back pocket technology wise."
amazon  aws  azure  cloud  cloudsuite  microsoft  netsuite  office365  partner  partnership  suiteworld  windows 
may 2015 by jonerp
Event Report - Microsoft Build - Microsoft really wants to make developers' lives easy - by @holgermu
"Overall good progress by Microsoft and a good mix between organic platform innovation and growth, as well as a more aggressive stance towards competitors in order to win over developers. But Microsoft knows that ultimately money rules and needs to attract a larger platform that attracts developers through better monetization."
azure  build  cloud  developers  microsoft  nextgen  apps  paas  sql  server  windows 
may 2015 by jonerp
The Irrelevance Of Open Sourcing Windows - by @mjasay
"But open sourcing Windows isn't going to move the needle on Microsoft's Windows business. Not even close. After all, the real currency of developers isn't code so much as it is the communities that thrive on this code."
hack  azure  developers  linux  mark  russinovich  microsoft  novell  open  source  community  windows 
april 2015 by jonerp
News Analysis - Pivotal makes CloudFoundry more about multi-cloud - by @holgermu
"On March 24th Pivotal announced that it will support deployments to Amazon Web Services (AWS) per ‘one click’ from its Cloud Foundry product."
amazon  aws  azure  bluemix  cloud  foundry  iaas  ibm  microsoft  openshift  openstack  oracle  paas 
march 2015 by jonerp
First Take - IBM InterConnect Day #1 Keynote - BlueMix, SoftLayer, Watson - by @holgermu
"It is end of February and it is time to make it to Las Vegas for IBM InterConnect, the new mega IBM event, combining three separate previous events. Spanning from Mandalay Bay to MGM Grand it will for sure get those health tracker stats up – but better one mega event than 3 trips… "
amazon  aws  azure  bluemix  cloud  cognitive  computing  google  ibm  oracle  paas  softlayer  watson 
february 2015 by jonerp
As the cloud turns: AWS tops, but look out for Microsoft's Azure - by @ldignan
"Cloud decisions for enterprises are shifting back to central IT; Amazon Web Services leads; Microsoft's Azure surges and there's a lot of headroom left for infrastructure as a service."
clouds  AWS  Azure 
february 2015 by jonerp

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