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Integrating Different Perspectives
"But isn’t there a risk here? We also see challenges achieving consensus and managing through different objectives. Broad involvement could also derail projects, right?


But I think it can be managed. It requires, first and foremost, clear goals and objectives for the project to be declared and shared. These should be cast in “soft” stone–only to be revisited if significant business change has occurred."
go-to-market  new  customer  acquisition  product  marketing  impact  sales  effectiveness  and  enablement  b2b  decision  making  diversity  influence 
20 days ago by jonerp
The One Thing Providers Could Do To Make Buying Easier
"The two things that jump out immediately are responsiveness and details. Responsiveness is important—when buying teams ask for information, pricing, or clarifications; you should give it to them. Seems simple, right? But it doesn’t seem to happen as easily as it should. In fact, our respondents told us that the “inability to get specific product or implementation details” from vendors was the second most likely cause of significant delays in their buying decision! It’s easy to complain about lengthening sales cycles, but when vendors contribute to it, they need to take ownership of some of the blame."
go-to-market  b2b  buying  delays  responsiveness 
4 weeks ago by jonerp
New Research: Many Enterprise Buyers Resigned to Failure
"We also asked the respondents about the satisfaction level with the buying experience and their lead vendor, again on a 7 point scale (7-very satisfied).

For this group, that basically say they aren’t being successful, 93% indicated that were satisfied with the buying experience and experience with the lead vendor (with 63% and 64%, respectively, providing a score of 6 or 7).

Really. Being fine with buying and vendor experience and then having a failing project is not good. It’s indicative of a culture of complacency."
go-to-market  b2b  buying  customer  success 
6 weeks ago by jonerp
The Story We Don’t Tell – But Should
"This story should be based on reality–the stories of other customers and other situations. Build confidence in the buying team that issues can be overcome. Be the vendor that is not only ambitious, but also authentic. The fear of being wrong; the fear of mistakes paralyzes many people. It delays buying decisions, or results in outright project cancellations. You may have even painted a picture of the “pain of same”, but the “personal fear of failure” often wins out."
go-to-market  b2b  buying  complexity  confidence  pre-mortem  problems  storytelling 
april 2019 by jonerp
The Most Frustrating Things for B2B Buyers
"While there is more information available than ever, buyers find it really hard to find what they are looking for. This is not a vendor-only problem. It’s an industry problem, and maybe even an internal one for the buying team. We know that buying efforts blend research done internally (‘what do we know already’), with vendors, and with independent influencers). Collectively, this mix makes buying hard."
go-to-market  b2b  buying  process  content  marketing  frustration 
march 2019 by jonerp
The DEVOlution of Enterprise Technology Buying
" It’s an imperfect world and long standing practices, risk aversion, and broad buying teams are reinforcing the bad, even as both sides improve in some areas. It could be a truly “Beautiful World,” but today it’s not for everyone. It is gonna take some change by vendors, by partners, and by customers to get to where we should be."
go-to-market  b2b  buying  brand  devo  implementation  partners  scenarios 
february 2019 by jonerp
What is a Shortlist Anymore?
"Buying teams start their exploration with a few vendors in mind (they may not call this a short-list, but in some ways it is);
As they research, they uncover more options, expanding the list;
They then narrow it down (the first short-list);
As they research more–other vendors are discovered (by their peers or recommended by experts or through their own research) or new requirements emerge and the short-list expands"
go-to-market  b2b  buying  process  short-list  vendor  strategies 
february 2019 by jonerp
Keeping Attention – Substance Over Style
"For example, consider demo videos. I’ve seen many of these that purport to be demos, but they are clearly glossy, stylized productions that obscure the reality of the product and how it works. The style may be fine, but don’t call it a demo. Call it something else. Demos need substance. They don’t have to be cool. But they really need to be authentic."
go-to-market  authenticity  b2b  buying  messaging  trust 
february 2019 by jonerp
Fundamentals Rarely Change-Situations Do
"Unfortunately, in the wake of new techniques, new tools, and new ideas, it’s easy to forget the fundamentals. And then we lose our way. When Gartner (as CEB) introduced Challenger, it was heralded as one of the freshest, newest ideas in selling. And it was a great new perspective that still matters today. It is still a focus for Gartner Research and Advisory efforts. But underneath the covers, it is based on an age old fundamental–understanding your customer and their situation deeply."
go-to-market  b2b  challenger  customer  understanding  fundamentals  sales 
september 2018 by jonerp
The multiplier effect (remaking marketing priorities)
"B2B Buyers don’t spend most of their “buying time” engaging with vendors or their content. They are talking to each other (so ABM strategies help here), but also looking to other people that they trust–analysts, press, bloggers, other influencers, and their peers."
go-to-market  b2b  buying  customer  community  demand  generation  influencer  marketing 
july 2018 by jonerp
Content Versus Conversation
"Breakthrough strategies require this conversational content to be captured and delivered in written form. Be bold, tell stories, differentiate. While all of this is hard, it’s far from impossible—it’s done all the time in conversations. The one thing that can’t be duplicated is the dialog that enables clarifications and deeper understanding. But building to that is possible."
go-to-market  b2b  marketing  content  conversation  dialog  messaging 
july 2018 by jonerp
Building the Network of Networks
"Together, the group is attempting to understand the future of these technologies and the potential to redefine multi-tier processes. An example is the European pilot outlined in Figure 5. Since Blockchain technologies are currently limited in scalability, and the ability to connect many parties to many parties, the group is using Blockchain to connect existing supply chain operating networks. (Most Blockchain deployments are one-company to one-company, or one-company to many-companies. The technology is not scalable to support a many-to-many architecture.)"
digital  supply  chain  chains  network  of  networks  new  technologies  b2b  business 
april 2018 by jonerp
Philippine rural banks partner with UnionBank for blockchain
"There are two takeawys from this. The first concerns Visa and broadeneing acceptance og B2B Connect. Though not formally available it is clearly making progress.

The second is that, though blockchain is complex, that does not mean complexity has to exclude smaller business. As the UnionBank link with the four small Philippine rural banks shows, blockchain can reach any level of business."
blockchain  homepage  slider  latest  news  b2b  connect  commerce  bank  (usa)  philippines  rural  banking  sberbank  shinhan  sme  unionbank  united  overseas  of  singapore 
february 2018 by jonerp
The B2B Technology Buying Conundrum - by @barnes_hank
"These dichotomies create a conundrum. An environment that seems optimized for the buyer isn’t. And decisions take longer and longer. Indecision is more common, to the point of organizations sticking with the status quo much longer than they would like."
go-to-market  b2b  marketing  sales  buyer  power  buying  process  evaluation  information  access  trust  user  reviews 
november 2017 by jonerp
Contrasts are Critical - by @barnes_hank
Contrast the business results that are possible with your product/service vs. without.
Contrast yourself vs. alternative products or approaches.
Contrast your implementation and customer success model vs. others.
Contrast a day in the life of the users of your solution vs. a day without it."
go-to-market  b2b  marketing  sales  context  contrast  differentiation  messaging  storytelling 
november 2017 by jonerp
Personalities Trump Personas in B2B - by @barnes_hank
"But in B2B, that is much harder. First, you aren’t dealing with individuals making a buying decision, you are dealing with teams. CEB (now Gartner) finds that 6.8 people are involved in B2B buying decisions. For technology related purchases, it’s even higher. Gartner research shows between 6 and 8 people actively involved and another 5-6 occasionally involved. That is a lot of people and personalities. And it is nearly impossible to find a segment where you will find the same aspirations for specific CIOs, business unit leaders, and other roles. Further, appealing to individual personas could create conflict when these teams get together to build consensus."
go-to-market  b2b  buying  enterprise  personality  mobilizers  persona 
november 2017 by jonerp
Scenarios – The Missing Link in Simplifying B2B Buying and Selling? - by @barnes_hank
"Put much more emphasis on developing stories that highlight the business scenarios that you address well.
Re-orient your demonstrations and videos to be largely, if not entirely, scenario-driven. Let your features shine through the scenarios."
go-to-market  b2b  buying  sales  selling  process  rfp  scenarios 
october 2017 by jonerp
Why Is Blockchain Not Hotter? - by @lcecere
"Most of the blockchain work today is one-to-many, not many-parties-to-many-parties. Supply Chain Operating Networks like Elemica, GT Nexus (now Infor), and SAP Ariba are many-parties-to-many-parties. The complexity of many-to-many networks, as compared to one-to-many operating networks, is different by an order of magnitude. Security and data management in many-to-many architectures, and the management within blockchain, is still experimental."
market-driven  value  chains  networks  b2b  blockchain  supply  chain  insights 
august 2017 by jonerp
Your Most Important Digital Asset Needs The Most Work - by @barnes_hank
"Buyers consistently rank Web sites as the marketing asset that is most likely to get their attention and they rely on it heavily. At the same time, we consistently hear from buyers that they find Web sites extremely frustrating. Their frustrations typically stem from several factors."
go-to-market  activity  streams  b2b  sales  digital  engagement  evaluation  exploration  marketing  web  site 
august 2017 by jonerp
Research Summary: Artificial Intelligence Delivers Mass Personalization In Commerce - by @rwang0
"Lack of relevance leads to lack of engagement. Contextual relevancy can be correlated to an immediate effect on the top line. Constellation estimates that lack of content relevancy often results in 83 percent lower response rates in the average marketing campaign. Conversely, personalized contextual relevancy by time of day, geo-spatial location, weather, and identity improves commerce conversions between two to three times over normal non-personalized campaigns."
2017  ai  anticipatory  analytics  apps  strategy  artificial  intelligence  augmented  humanity  b2b  e-commerce  b2c  big  ideas  bigdata  business  transformation  cadence 
april 2017 by jonerp
Quality and Comprehensiveness Matter Most for Account Based Marketing - by @barnes_hank
"With an effective ABM program, you are reaching deeper and broader into accounts, through a wide variety of channels and forms of interaction. Quality counts more than ever. Sending the lousy e-mails that dominate e-mail marketing and social selling (see #FridayFails on LinkedIn) is a recipe for disaster."
go-to-market  abm  account  based  marketing  b2b  gartnertgi  strategy  sales 
april 2017 by jonerp
News Analysis: Acquisition Brings Salesforce Customers To The Commerce Party - by @rwang0
" Salesforce outbid many competitors to win over Demandware. The acquisition gives ammo to fend off IBM Smarter Commerce and Hybris deals, despite Hybris mostly being on-premises based. The future of CRM includes commerce because at the end of the day, conversion rate optimization matters. Going forward, Salesforce could include the B2B commerce space adding partners such as Avangate, Cloud Craze, and Digital River as part of the overall industry vertical strategy. Meanwhile, expect Adobe and Microsoft to step up their efforts around B2C and B2B commerce."
2016  acquisition  acquisitions  adobe  amazon  web  services  appexchange  apps  strategy  avangate  b2b  b2c  e-commerce 
june 2016 by jonerp
Spotting Fake Online Reviews - by @mfauscette
" If a review is completely or mostly lacking in specific details about the product, the user experience and the reasons for a good or bad review rating, there may be something wrong. In the course of using a product, and then relating your experience it is natural to share specific details, something about the process of using the product, the way the experience makes you feel, or what happened when it was used. Vague reviews are of little value in general, and could signal that a person really doesn’t have personal knowledge of the product."
business  models  networks  community  decision  systems  peer  reviews  software  technology  b2b  b2c  catfishing 
april 2016 by jonerp

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