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Three New Insights on Supply Chain Talent - by @lcecere
"In summary, if you are trying to attract supply chain talent, focus on three elements:

1) Clear Career Paths, Internships and Development Programs. Realize that the needs and requirements for Millennials are far greater in these areas than Baby-Boomers realize. To maximize job satisfaction, make sure that development activities embrace opportunity and process innovation."
supply  chain  leadership  talent  baby  boomers  generation  x  job  satisfaction  insights 
may 2017 by jonerp
Infor: On a Mission to Go the Last Mile - by @erp_cindyjutras
Some deep content from Ms. Jutras..."The investment that Infor has been making over the past few years is now coming together and producing some pretty dramatic results. Its verticalized CloudSuites have been emerging on the scene. This of course is an on-going process, but expect more (functionality), and expect more vertical focus. New ways of engaging with ERP are being introduced. They are both efficient and visually appealing. These suites look nothing like the old software of yesterday. This is a new Infor."
erp  baby  boomer  cindy  jutras  coud  generation  gap  info  millenials  mint  saas  software  as  a  service  user  experience 
may 2015 by jonerp

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