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Why AI projects fail – 5 Common mistakes in customer service
"Addressing the wrong challenges: Organisations often try to fix everything with one project, we call this ‘trying to boil the ocean’. At the other end of the scale, people can spend 18 months writing an AI strategy paper that ultimately delivers nothing. Remember to scope out the issue first and then address the challenge."
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25 days ago by jonerp
Cyber warfare may be imminent, but defender power is on the rise
"Outside of geopolitical conflict and terrorism, our research has found that malware continues to be a major threat. In fact, it was the most prolific type of cyberattack UK businesses experienced in 2019. Our latest UK Threat Report was published in October 2019. One in five businesses (21%) reported seeing custom malware attacks most frequently and 10% cited commodity malware. It means that 31% of businesses reported malware to be the most witnessed attack type."
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4 weeks ago by jonerp
Forecasting the future of blockchain
"The polarised arguments around blockchain’s value suggest there is no shared understanding of the value of decentralisation. Organisations express concern around the arbitrary power of governments as well as large organisations. However, do they understand the trade-offs and additional resources required to attain higher trust? Privacy is also a concern. Yet most of us share data daily in exchange for free access to the internet and social media platforms."
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12 weeks ago by jonerp
Is Microsoft’s reality for AI really that different?
"This is an inherently challenging area – especially for a vendor with the history of Microsoft. It is welcome that such a powerful technology company is considering the potential pitfalls and possible solutions to these ethical questions. But it runs the risk of Microsoft being seen to be forcing its own West Coast morality and ethics on the rest of the world. In fact, the company is already experiencing the challenges of ethics itself with some employees wanting to stop providing AI services to the US military. This highlights how what’s right or wrong is very subjective and an area where any corporate should tread carefully."
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april 2019 by jonerp
Blockchain Frontline: 2018 recap and what to watch for in 2019
"In that spirit, this blog looks back across the 2018 blockchain year, drawing out some specific examples and shinning a spotlight on where to watch as 2019 progresses. Necessarily there will be the unexpected in 2019 but the following four topics present a reasonable sample to keep your attention."
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january 2019 by jonerp
SAS exposes the contradictions in Analytics and the true nature of AI
"Understanding the context and role that AI can play today and in the future is crucial in recognising the true opportunities that it offers. But the simple reality underpinning AI is the fact that data is important. Organised data is more important especially for organisations that wish to derive value from assets they own which so far they undervalue. This is akin to owning a plot of land in the City, as yet unbuilt upon. As it exists it is nothing but a piece of empty space. But what could it be?"
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november 2018 by jonerp
A CFO Success Story: Jim Burns, CFO of Accela
" I think the combination of getting the mentors through my career that not only helped and coached me, but took chances on me to do jobs that I had never done before. Because I had kind of shown a track record before. I always believe your job isn’t just to run it, your job is to make it substantially better when you left the role versus when you started it"
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august 2016 by jonerp
A CFO Success Story: Vinay Mehra, CFO of POLITICO - by @dergelcfo
"Sometimes, as a CFO, you tend to look at things are pretty black and white. Things are just numbers. But when you get involved with a non-profit, the thing that I’ve come to appreciate is – sometimes, when you are making an investment, you don’t have a true ROI, from a financial perspective. But you will have ROI from a human impact."
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march 2016 by jonerp
CFO Buzz – week ending February 5, 2016 - by @dengelCFO
"CFO Buzz is a news feature capturing top stories affecting CFOs. This feature is published Fridays so that CFOs can gain perspective over the weekend, allowing them to challenge themselves and think about how to improve their lives, careers and companies."
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february 2016 by jonerp
So Long Blogging. Hello—Yep, We’re Going to Say It—Plogging
"Last week, Facebook updated its little-known Notes feature to encourage users to write “more beautiful and customizable” posts separate from status updates. Medium announced a $57 million round of funding (on Medium, of course) and is holding a VIP event next week to reveal new features. Everyone’s favorite unicorn Slack relaunched its Posts feature to help users write longer at work. And Re/code reports that Twitter is building a product to allow users to share posts longer than the typical 140-character limit."
medium  facebook  blogs  twitter  slack  business 
october 2015 by jonerp
A CFO Success Story: Aidan Cullen, CFO of CliQr - by @dergelCFO
"I’ve always been a long term planner and thinker. I started my career in public accounting getting the fundamentals. I then went into internal audit consciously thinking about where I need to go for my success. That gave me an understanding of what’s underneath the hood of a company. From there I started to specialize in the functional roles and business partnerships, so I went to engineering and managed an engineering group worth about 120 million dollars."
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august 2015 by jonerp
A CFO Success Story: Craig Foster, CFO of Amobee - by @samueldergel
"The following is from an interview with Craig Foster, recently hired as CFO of Amobee, as announced in CFO Moves. This interview was edited for clarity"
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may 2015 by jonerp
A CFO Success Story: Ken Goldman, CFO of Everbridge - by @samueldergel
"If you think about, going back 20 – 30 years ago. CFOs were thought about as the Chief Accountant, Green Eye Shade, Risk Manager. They were someone to protect the company. While protection is part of my mandate, I would say that it really starts with enablement. My job is to enable the company to achieve success and greatness. I spend all of my time thinking about “How to do I do that?” Yes, protection is important, limiting the downside. But nobody ever built a company by just limiting downside. It’s about investing in upside."
all  of  samuel's  blogs  books  for  cfos  build  your  finance  team  ceo  cfo  peer  group  groups  relationships  success  story  chief  financial  officer  everbridge  executive  coaching 
april 2015 by jonerp

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