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Facebook Security Bug Affects 90M Users
"Facebook said it was removing the insecure “View As” feature, and resetting the access tokens of 50 million accounts that the company said it knows were affected, as well as the tokens for another 40 million users that may have been impacted over the past year."
a  little  sunshine  data  breaches  90  million  facebook  breach  view-as  bug 
september 2018 by jonerp
Federacy wants to put bug bounty programs in reach of every startup
"“We think that we can make the biggest impact by making the platform free to set up and incredibly simple for even the most resource-strapped startup to extract value. In doing so, we want to expand bug bounties from probably a few hundred companies currently — across Bugcrowd, HackerOne, etc. — to a million or more in the long run,” William Sulinski told TechCrunch."
developer  security  startups  bug  bounty  programs  federacy  ycombinator 
august 2018 by jonerp

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