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Event Report - Ceridian Insights 2018 - Ceridian is on a roll
"On the concern side, Ceridian needs to push the envelope in the direction of Machine Learning / AI in general and voice as the new UI more. Last year at the user conference the vendor showed the most impressive voice demos of all HCM vendors in 2017 – a worker talking to Alexa (?) for an understanding of their shift situation and executing a shift swap. No demo this year, the vendor citing keynote time reasons… Behind an effective Machine Learning / AI strategy is the move to public cloud, to be able to leverage cheaper compute, spare capacity, low cost storage and overall compute elasticity. And Ceridian says the Dayforce suite runs on public cloud IaaS (I think Azure) but needs to move there for good. When the whole industry is moving to IaaS, it’s time for all vendors to move there to level the field."
ai  ceridian  constellation  research  future  of  work  holger  mueller  machine  learning  nextgen  hcm  payroll  succession  management  talent  workforce 
november 2018 by jonerp
Event Report - Ceridian Insights 2017 - Ceridian widens and deepens the Dayforce Suite
"We had the opportunity to attend the Ceridian yearly user conference, Insights, held at the Aria in Las Vegas, from the 3rdtill 5th of October 2017. The conference had record attendance with almost 3000 participants and was very well attended from influencers and analysts."
ceridian  constellation  research  fow  future  of  work  hcm  holger  mueller  nextgen  payroll  strategic  advisor  trusted  workforce  management 
october 2017 by jonerp
Progress Report - Ceridian makes good progress, the basics are done now its about next - by @holgermu gen capabilities
"Good progress at Ceridian on the Dayforce product. In general the team has a good delivery track record and that shows after 3 days of significant investment in product. Now the question is where Ceridian will take the product next – more global is already a direction the vendor is executing on. HCM anywhere is a promising direction but needs more validation and further investment."
ceridian  compliance  hcm  hr  core  nextgen  payroll  progress  talent  management 
february 2016 by jonerp
Industry Disruption - Going to 0 data centers in Healthcare in 12 months - by @holgermu - it can be done!
"One of the key benefits was that the IT team is now spending more time with the business, effectively being more engaged with the business as the need to take care of technology has gone down from 80% to 50% of the overall work time."
ceridian  cloud  data  center  dayforce  healthcare  regulation  virtualization  vmware 
november 2015 by jonerp
Event Report - Ceridian Insights - Momentum and Differentiation Building - by @holgermu
"On the concern side Ceridian is growing fast and needs to scale beyond the product – on the sales, implementation and support side. As of July it looks like the sales side is in good shape, Ceridian even shared that it is now giving existing customers the choice to stay on the legacy product or move to Dayforce, something vendors pressed for revenue won’t do."
benefits  ceridian  dayforce  hcm  hr  payroll  talent  management  workforce 
july 2015 by jonerp
Progress Report - Oracle HCM moves from essentials to differentiators - will it work? - by @holgermu
"We had the opportunity to attend the Oracle HCM Analyst Summit in Redwood Shores recently. This was the largest analyst attendance ever for an Oracle HCM Cloud event and it is a proof point for Oracle momentum as well as the vendor’s investment in the HCM space"
adp  ceridian  cloud  hcm  hr  core  oracle  payroll  sap  successfactors  talent  management 
may 2015 by jonerp
Market Move - Salesforce (re) enters HCM - will it rypple the market this time? - by @holgermu
"So with some surprise – announced it is (re) entering the HCM market with ‘Salesforce for HR’. So let’s dissect the press release in our customary style (it can be found here):"
adp  ceridian  cornerstone  hcm  hr  core  infor  lumesse  oracle  payroll  salesforce  salesforce1 
april 2015 by jonerp
News Analysis - Workday supports UK Payroll - now speaks (British English) Payroll - by @holgermu
"Payroll and related services are somewhere beyond 80 to 90% of HCM enterprise spend, and making sure that an enterprises is compliant with legal and statutory updates, as well as it can pay its employees correctly and on time is a ‘must have’ for HR Leaders… so big news today comes from Workday – as the vendor is adding Payroll support for the UK in Workday 24, its 3rd vendor supported country (Workday supports USA and Canada already). "
adp  ceridian  cloud  hcm  compliance  fusion  global  globalization  infor  oracle  payroll  r  3 
april 2015 by jonerp
Event Report - Oracle HCM World - Full Steam ahead, a Learning surprise and potential growth challenges - by @holgermu
"A good event for Oracle customers and the vendor, who keeps showing traction in HCM. Oracle believes, as Hurd shared that when you have the ‘foot in the door’ with HCM in the cloud – the rest of the enterprises will follow. As much as we agree that the ‘golden rule’ of enterprise software that ‘suites always win’ should remain true for the cloud era, we also know that the PeopleSoft history (on premise of course) has shown us differently."
adp  ceridian  cornerstone  hr  core  oracle  payroll  sap  successfactors  talent  management  taleo  ultimate  user  conference 
april 2015 by jonerp
First Take - Oracle HCM World Thursday Keynote - off to a good start - by @holgermu #hcmworld
"Oracle committed to HCM – from top down – Similar like last year Mark Hurd opened the event, which is a good sign showing the top executives are committed to keep up the HCM momentum. To compare – other vendors in the big, big category (SAP, Microsoft) have not shown the same presence – or not even formulated their HCM strategy. "
adp  ceridian  cornerstone  hr  core  oracle  payroll  sap  successfactors  talent  management  taleo  ultimate  user  conference 
march 2015 by jonerp
Event Report - It’s all coming together for ADP in 2015, product wise - - by @holgermu #hcm
"Good software is like wine, it takes time to mature, and ADP is on track to bring its innovations across its vast product suite. Gone will be the days of inconsistent UIs that troubled users, different architectures that hampered consultants and irritated IT professionals"
adp  ceridian  cornerstone  hcm  meeting  of  the  minds  oracle  payroll  sap  successfactors  talent  management  ultimate  workday 
march 2015 by jonerp
Progress Report – Ceridian executes on product, next challenge – implementation capacity, then sales - by @holgermu
"Ceridian has created a new version of the user interface for Dayforce, which addresses shortfalls of the previous user interface. In the last 20 month’s Ceridian has moved off a very Microsoft centric user interface, to a HTML5 based user interface that was and looked like a first version to now a good looking, dense enough for their heavy users and still visually appealing modern user interface."
ceridian  cloud  hcm  global  kronos  oracle  payroll  sap  successfactors  talent  management  ultimate  workday 
march 2015 by jonerp
Progress Report - SAP HCM makes progress and consolidates - a lot of moving parts - by @holgermu
"SAP had their yearly analyst meeting in San Francisco and it was a good time to catch up on overall progress almost 6 months after SuccessConnect in Las Vegas (my takeaways here)."
adp  ceridian  cornerstone  hcm  oracle  payroll  sap  successfactors  talent  management  ultimate  workday 
february 2015 by jonerp

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