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Tis the season for software lawsuits
"I want to see how Teradata attorneys can succinctly explain arcane optimization algorithms to a jury. Also how they refute SAP’s considerable prior art when it comes to analytics – their three tier architecture in R/3 which allowed it to support multiple databases and understand how users access certain fields more than others , Business Warehouse going back to 1997, its Business Objects acquisition in 2007 and its Sybase acquisition in 2010 and many other elements. In The New Polymath, in 2010 I had written about work at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Pottsdam which I believe was the genesis for what became HANA. Not saying one side has more merit than the other, but it will mean looking at a lot of documentation to say who developed what and when before the other did."
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august 2018 by jonerp
Davos debrief Part 1 - by @dealarchitect
"That said, I heard several times where people were tying this back to social media and trust. You can draw a straight line through recent political events … You look at what happened in France. They went from a left-leaning government to a young centrist who had zero governmental experience. The UK had the Brexit."
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february 2018 by jonerp
Microsoft Business Applications Analyst Forum – a scorecard - by @dealarchitect
"The event was very well paced and covered wide ground with slides, panels and demos. From a business process perspective, CRM dominated especially with recent moves with LinkedIn and partnering with Adobe. That was understandable because the audience was heavily skewed towards CRM analysts."
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february 2018 by jonerp
GE and Digital Transformations: Dont jump to conclusions - by @dealarchitect
"Go ahead and malign GE. Short its stock. But don’t ignore what it has shown us as possible when it comes to Big D. If you get timid and go with small d projects you will make the same mistake so many companies made in the 90s. Instead of proper process reengineering we took the easy way out – so called best practices embedded in packaged software. We ended up with massive overruns, bloated costs but not much better processes. With small d, yes you will feel good about being in the cloud, but your products, field service and business models will not have evolved."
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february 2018 by jonerp
The Year of Intelligent Apps - by @dealarchitect
"What are intelligent apps? Let me cite a definition, Hasso Plattner of SAP used at SapphireNow. He invoked:

Intelligent Transactions – automate high-frequency repetitive tasks
Analytics – make data-driven insights available to everybody
Collaboration – tap into the collective intelligence of knowledge workers
Digital Assistant – provide the right answer at the right time

I would broaden the definition. For the last few years social, mobile, and cloud technologies reshaped the look and feel traditional enterprise apps. Now sensor data, automation, blockchains and vertical unbundling and morphing are transforming their guts."
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january 2018 by jonerp
The other technical debt - by @dealarchitect
"Vendors have been accumulating gobs of technical debt by not keeping the software up with the times, even though customers keep paying them maintenance or annual subscriptions. You see it manifested in many ways."
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december 2017 by jonerp
The Future of Workin an automated world - by @dealarchitect
"A guest speaker was J.P. Gownder of Forrester. He had a nice framework for how work is evolving – machine-first, machine-human teaming and humans-first. Even in machine-first scenarios like at the Goldman Sachs cash equities desk, the number of traders has dropped from 600 in 2,000 down to 2. But now 200 software engineers support the automated trading. In contrast, in a human-first scenario, Autodesk is hiring novelists to write scripts for its chatbots. He had plenty of other examples of man leading or following machines or teaming with them. But each still has a human element."
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december 2017 by jonerp
Tone down your AI expectations - by @dealarchitect
"Ginni does not overtly talk about it, but 50% of IBM revenues come from services. Go ask early Watson healthcare clients how much of the tab was in services. IBM’s interest in Salesforce’s AI tool, Einstein is being driven by its Bluewolf services unit. Amazon offers its engineers as consultants via its ML Solutions Lab, Google via its The Machine Learning Advanced Solutions Lab. We will need highly skilled labor to train the machines. And we will also need tactical labor to keep refining the data. Amazon has its talent networks – the Kindle author, the Flex courier, the Mechanical Turk and fulfillment networks it can mine. Apple has its iTune and iOS networks to draw from.

Enough usable data, enough compute, enough talent? Take a hard look at each from the lens of your AI project."
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december 2017 by jonerp
Raising the Bar – for clouds, renewables and digital – Part 3 - by @dealarchitect
"For years now, pundits have said technology budgets are being taken over by the CMO. That is their narrow definition of digital – implement a social sentiment analysis technology or roll out a mobile consumer focused app. Much better payback has come from the product side of the house. It is not unusual to find in auto makers more software engineers who report to product engineering/R&D than do to the CIO. It is not uncommon to see in companies seriously making their products smarter that the spend with contract manufacturers like Flex and Foxconn and product design firms like IDEO and Frog exceeds the spend with IT outsourcers and strategy firms."
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november 2017 by jonerp
A more realistic, less alarmist Oxford study on automation and jobs - by @dealarchitect
"And yet, I wish this new study had surveyed practitioners, not just AI experts. They would have heard automation is still too expensive. That their industry regulators take a long time to approve technology in the workplace.

And I wish they had considered what I called in my book societal “circuit breakers” to rapid adoption of automation."
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august 2017 by jonerp
Enterprise Cross-currents observations from this years event season - by @dealarchitect
"We have way too many new-age software products with core finance capabilities or those offering support for services businesses and hardly any for all variety of “books of record” for other industries. Utility billing, retail merchandising, electronic medical records in healthcare, travel reservation engines and countless others have been ignored by most software vendors as they develop their next-gen products."
featured  posts  technology  software  cloud  computing  erp  industry  commentary  microsoft  oracle  saas 
may 2017 by jonerp
The CIO is dead. Long live the CIO. -by @dealarchitect
"For years now, pundits have said technology budgets are being taken over by the CMO. Actually, they have been taken over as much by the product side of the house. It is not unusual to find in auto makers there are more software engineers who report to product engineering/R&D than do to the CIO."
featured  posts  trends  &  concepts  cio  cmo  industry  commentary 
march 2017 by jonerp
The changing outsourcing world: Conversation with Malcolm Frank of Cognizant - by @dealarchitect
"The third, it’s sort of obvious but not talked about enough, is the IT backbone. What the CIO has built over time and is responsible for are primarily systems of record to support an industrial business model. Yet, suddenly IT now has to support a real-time digital business model. Just think through of it: If you’re Airbus or Boeing or you now have hundreds of sensors on every plane. How do you maintain that whole IOT infrastructure? How do you manage the data that is being thrown across an entire fleet? How do you analyze that data? How does that then integrate back into your systems record? How do you create new systems of engagement based on top of that? And how do you then keep it all secure? There are some big challenges in front of CIOs today."
business  technology  software  globalization  and  industry  commentary 
january 2017 by jonerp
The State of Manufacturing: A conversation with Jason Blessing, CEO of Plex Systems - by @dealarchitect
"The first is the fact that we’re creating great new jobs with long-term career potential. I get to visit a lot of factories, because they’re Plex customers, and the jobs that they’re hiring for are definitely more high-end jobs that require more computer skills; jobs that handle some of the automation and more technical aspects of their manufacturing operations. There are a lot of unfilled jobs out there and new opportunities. The fact that there aren’t people to take on those opportunities is, I think, quite remarkable. There’s just not the skill set out there."
featured  posts  technology  software  industry  commentary  manufacturing 
december 2016 by jonerp
Part 2 of Interview with Stephan Sieber of Unit4 - by @dealarchitect
"We certainly have appetite for more growth. However, we also have to factor that it is expensive to grow brand recognition in North America. Many European companies have burned their fingers attempting North American expansion because it is a rather complex market. It's probably more homogeneous than Europe but still there are huge differences between east coast, west coast, and whatever, the states in between and so on and so forth."
industry  commentary 
june 2016 by jonerp
We read Bill Gurley’s big warning about Silicon Valley’s big money troubles so you don’t have to
"Last night, Benchmark VC Bill Gurley posted a 5,700-word piece sounding the alarm about the state of over-funded Silicon Valley companies and the investors who over-funded them. It’s going to be the talk of the tech world today, so if you haven’t read it yet, you’d better get started ASAP."
commentary  funding  unicorns 
april 2016 by jonerp
Mossberg: How to make Slack better
"Almost every single colleague with whom I spoke put threading of Slack posts at or near the top of their lists of desired features. Why? Well, today, a Slack interchange is kind of like conversing in an AOL chat room from the 1990s. You’ll be discussing topic A with a person or a few people, when somebody else suddenly introduces a totally unrelated topic B, and a third introduces topic C. Attention keeps shifting among them, and none comes to a logical resolution as quickly as it might."
commentary  social  chat  rooms  corporate  communication  email  instant  messaging 
april 2016 by jonerp
Interview with Malcolm Frank of Cognizant: Davos and Digital - by @dealarchitect
"Around the Code Halos book, I think the key nugget people picked up was that any person, place, or thing is going to have a virtual life as well as a physical life. It has its digital twin. We have seen a number of our clients pick up on that. It resonates with them. That clearly has been a very helpful construct."
industry  commentary  outsourcing  negotiations  best  practices 
april 2016 by jonerp
Interview with Paul Wright of Accuride : Steady Wheels Will Get You Far - by @dealarchitect
"Because Accuride was built through acquisition, each of the different businesses brought together had its own way of doing things, and some of our brands were using older ERP systems that didn’t fit with our business vision. Data was disconnected from the reality of our plants, and we were spending more time gathering and interrogating data than we were making decisions with it.”
industry  commentary 
march 2016 by jonerp
Mossberg: The False Debate Between Open and Closed in Tech
"A lot of the open versus closed debate today really comes down to a second kind of issue that has little or nothing to do with open source. It’s about how easy it is to tinker with, or alter, commercial products. Most people who buy smartphones and laptops have no interest in poking through the guts of the device and altering its basic software (or hardware). But some do, and passionately so. They believe that since they paid for it, the device should be designed in such a way as to make it easy for them to change it as much as they like."
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march 2016 by jonerp
Mossberg: The Cloud Loophole
"Why does Apple treat iCloud differently from the phone itself?

According to an Apple official familiar with the company’s philosophy on privacy, Apple sees the privacy and security issues with the phone itself as being different from those surrounding iCloud."
commentary  apple-fbi  icloud 
march 2016 by jonerp
The never-ending technology hype cycle - by @dealarchitect
"And it made me think, we (I am no exception) technology fans hype up technology a bit too much. For years I have seen enterprise vendors over-promise payback from their products, but they are selling products to corporations who have analysts and accountants who can vet their claims. In consumer world, the hype leads to unintended reactions from many quarters."
industry  commentary 
february 2016 by jonerp
Mossberg: Apple’s Own Apps Need Work
"Complexity, feature gaps and bugs have crept in."
commentary  bugs  itunes  software 
february 2016 by jonerp
Mossberg: Twitter Has Become Secret-Handshake Software
"I like Twitter. I learn from it. I promote my work there and I cite the work of others. I take seriously civil criticism of my writing that appears there. Like a million others this past week, I shared snowstorm photos there.

But Twitter needs much more than improved news feed algorithms and 10,000-word posts. It needs a real re-think."
commentary  social  blocking  direct  messages  muting  retweets  while  you  were  away 
january 2016 by jonerp
Technology and Inequality - by @dealarchitect
"As Paul Graham, the co-founder of Y-Combinator (which has created quite a few millionaires with the startups it has funded) writes in his passionate essay “let's attack poverty, and if necessary damage wealth in the process. That's much more likely to work than attacking wealth in the hope that you will thereby fix poverty.”
industry  commentary 
january 2016 by jonerp
Revisiting The New Polymath - by @dealarchitect
"I spent some time with my kids over the holidays discussing my latest book research. They don’t seem as worried as my older peers appear to be about automation and the changing definitions of work. To them it is the “new normal” to be surrounded by technology and accents – they were born digital, born global. Now, they are early in their careers and their views on careers and specialists and generalists are still immature. I look forward to their debates about The New Polymath over the next few years."
industry  commentary 
january 2016 by jonerp
Mossberg: An Encryption ‘Backdoor’ Is a Bad Idea
"I understand their exasperation, but not their proposed solution: Forcing American companies, notably Apple and Google, to build “backdoors” into their encrypted smartphones that would allow the government access. This would be a huge change, because both companies have introduced whole-device encryption that even they can’t decrypt. It would also be a huge mistake."
commentary  data  breach  security  network  online  hacking 
december 2015 by jonerp
Mossberg: The Steve Jobs I Knew Isn’t in This Movie
"Steve Jobs wasn’t perfect. He was difficult. He was unnecessarily rude and brusque at times. He lied. But he also mellowed and grew as a person, and that mellowing coincided with the best part of his career. Mr. Sorkin opts to hide all of that from his audience. The best of the real Steve Jobs story begins to unfold just as the “Steve Jobs” story ends."
commentary  culture  general  media  movie 
october 2015 by jonerp
Digital Myopia - by @dealarchitect
"This is an important reminder at a time when every consultant and tech vendor is talking Digital Transformation.
Unfortunately, most of them focus on specific areas like social marketing or digital back office processes. That’s clearly needed but will have little impact unless companies make their products, services and business models digital."
industry  commentary 
july 2015 by jonerp
The mainstreaming of Third Party Maintenance - by @dealarchitect
"I first wrote about ERP third party maintenance (support independent of the software publisher) in 2005. Even earlier, I have written about similar offerings like plug-compatible mainframes and specialty auto shops who do better than official dealers."
enterprise  software  (ibm  microsoft  oracle  sap)  industry  commentary 
july 2015 by jonerp
Death of a (software) salesman? - by @dealarchitect
"Cloud salesmen come with their own wrinkles – tricky new fees, long term commitments, and games to avoid demoing functionality (especially industry specific) they know their on-premise competitors can better deliver."
cloud  computing  saas  industry  commentary 
july 2015 by jonerp
Virtual Reality Is Still Not Ready for Primetime
"While the price of computing horsepower has come down dramatically, the processing demands of VR will keep it out of reach for most consumers for now. That makes video game players and developers obvious initial candidates of VR"
commentary  gaming  oculus  rift  primetime  project  morpheus  virtual  reality  vr 
june 2015 by jonerp
Workdaytime for a fork? - by @dealarchitect
rare to see a post digging into Workday's challenges in the public domain... "Some customers are starting to call Workday “PeopleSoft updated for the cloud”. The PeopleSoft footprint of the enterprise in the 90s was relatively small, and the enterprise has grown so much bigger since with digital marketing, far more automated shop floor, smart product R&D, predictive asset maintenance. telematics in insurance, mobile banking, omni-channel retail, smart cities with sensors everywhere and so much more. There is significant fatigue with the current crop of “strategic” tech vendors, and Workday could well move into that vacuum, but not with its current small footprint."
cloud  computing  saas  industry  commentary  Workday 
april 2015 by jonerp
Hello again, Moores Law - by @dealarchitect
"There are rumors of massive layoffs at IBM. True or not, there is no denying the company has had years of consecutive quarterly revenue declines. Poor Ginni Rommety gets the blame, but my view is IBM forgot about Moore’s Law and continuous value improvements as it diversified into software and services over the last two decades."
industry  commentary 
february 2015 by jonerp

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