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10 Charts That Will Change Your Perspective Of AI In Security
"AI’s greatest benefit is the increase in the speed of analyzing threats (69%) followed by an acceleration in the containment of infected endpoints/devices and hosts (64%). Because AI reduces the time to respond to cyber exploits organizations can potentially save an average of more than $2.5 million in operating costs. Source: The Value of Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity – Sponsored by IBM Security Independently conducted by Ponemon Institute LLC, July 2018."
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november 2019 by jonerp
Improving Endpoint Security Needs To Be A Top Goal In 2020
"Cyberattacks are growing more complex and difficult to prevent now and will accelerate in the future, making endpoint security a top goal in 2020. Cybercriminals are using structured and unstructured machine learning algorithms to hack organizations’ endpoints with increasing frequency. Endpoint attacks and their levels of complexity will accelerate as cybercriminals gain greater mastery of these techniques."
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november 2019 by jonerp
UK government vows to sink $2.3 billion into new cybersecurity plan
"The UK government has promised to spend nearly £2 billion over the next five years to try to tackle the growing problem of cyber attacks in the country."
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november 2016 by jonerp

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