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Event Report - Oracle Open World 2017 - Top 3 Positives / Top 3 Concerns - Overall good - by @holgermu
"On the concern side, Oracle needs to find a better way with customers and improve its image and day to day standing. Betting solely on the better product is risky. And with the overall bet of Oracle on the large, integrated, chip to click stack (from the Silicon to the user click in SaaS) – enterprises will even more think twice before they do business with a vendor of Oracle’s wreputation. Doing right and better with customers is always a good true North – but it seems it is not (yet) a priority for Oracle executives, as none of that was mentioned in the critical keynotes."
autonomous  constellation  research  daas  database  future  of  work  hcm  holger  mueller  iaas  nextgen  apps  openworld  oracle  paas 
october 2017 by jonerp
Oracle’s Cloud Journey… Accelerated - by @erp_cindyjutras
"However, in order to meet its goal of being the first to reach $10 billion in cloud revenue, it will have to continue its momentum of adding new customers, but will likely need a good portion of that revenue to come from transitioning its own on-premise installed base to the cloud. Before that happens, those customers will need to see the value of the move and be confident that Oracle is the best choice to get them there."
erp  cloud  daas  iaas  larry  ellison  mark  hurd  mint  jutras  netsuite  oracle  paas  saas  software  as  a  service 
may 2017 by jonerp
Progress Report - Oracle Cloud - More ready than ever, now needs adoption - by @holgermu
"Oracle remains the only cloud vendor stressing DaaS – Data as a Service capabilities. The future of enterprise applications is more than running software, but also allowing access to data sources that power next generation applications. Oracle has been adamant of DaaS being part of xaaS – right from the first cloud summit 2 years ago."
daas  iaas  nextgen  apps  hcm  nextgenapps  oracle  cloud  paas  saas 
january 2016 by jonerp
Event Report - Informatica World 2015 - Product Progress and New Approaches - by @holgermu
"It also looks that Informatica – at least for the attendees I spoke to – has been able to dissolve potential concerns around being taken private by a Private Equity player recently. It was good for Abbasi to tackle the subject directly in the keynote, but Informatica still has to share where the investment going forward is going to be, using the usual argument of being able to transform the company without the quarterly reporting pressures. "
analytics  bigdata  cloud  daas  dun+bradstreet  informatica  integration  user  conference 
may 2015 by jonerp

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