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Summer News Analysis - Google introduces Google Hire - by @holgermu
"Google is getting more and more in the enterprise software space / SaaS market. Good to see it knows that e.g. data migration and reports are a must for the enterprise. It will have to answer questions soon in regards of plans to offer more than recruiting capabilities, e.g. onboarding and learning come to mind."
constellation  research  google  cloud  platform  for  work  gsuite  hcm  holger  mueller  hr  lean  recruiting  talent  acquisition  depth  chart 
july 2017 by jonerp
What Google Can Teach Us about Security
"Google has taken the interesting step of revealing exactly how its own protection works. The company has published a document, Google Infrastructure Security Design Overview, which sets out the core principles the company has adopted to keep itself secure."
analysis  news  top  stories  application  layer  security  automation  cloud  alliance  defense  in  depth  encryption  google  infrastructure  design  overview  national  institute  of  standards  and  technology 
january 2017 by jonerp

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