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Reinventing After-Sales Service In A Subscription Economy World
"91% of manufacturers are investing in predictive analytics in the next 12 months, and 50% consider Artificial Intelligence (AI) a major planned investment for 2019 to support their subscription-based business models.
New subscription business models and smart, connected products are freeing manufacturers up from competing for one-time transaction revenues to recurring revenues based on subscriptions.
By 2020, manufacturers are predicting 67% of their product portfolios will be smart, connected products according to an excellent study by Capgemini."
business  featured  posts  technology  software  trends  &  concepts  digital  disruption  internet  of  things  iot  louis  columbus'  blog  manufacturing  services  revenue  subscription  economy 
november 2018 by jonerp
New York pauses ride hailing expansion – the gig economy glow fading?
"The proposed cap on the number of ride hailing licenses issued by New York City accompanied by a hike in driver wages divides opinion."
future  of  work  gig  economy 
august 2018 by jonerp
Market Move - ADP Acquires WorkMarket to Further Extend Human Capital Management to Contingent Workers [...] - The Gig Economy looms on the Future of Work
"A first move by a key HCM player, so certainly worth one of our customary news analysis blog posts, with a Market Move format angle at the end. The press release can be found here."
acquisition  adp  constellation  research  contractors  future  of  work  gig  economy  hcm  holger  mueller  hr  market  move  nextgen 
january 2018 by jonerp
Kellblog Predictions for 2018 - by @kellblog
"The war on facts and expertise will continue to escalate. Read The Death of Expertise for more. This will extend to a war on college. While an attempted opening salvo on graduate student tuition waivers didn’t fire, in an environment where the President’s son says, “we’ll take $200,000 of your money; in exchange we’ll train your children to hate our country,” you can expect ongoing attacks on post-secondary education. This spells trouble for Silicon Valley, where a large number of founders and entrepreneurs are former grad students as well as immigrants (which is a whole different area of potential trouble)."
bi  epm  ipo  media  predictions  silicon  valley  social  ai  cloud  freelance  economy  gig  iot 
january 2018 by jonerp
Does Intuit’s contingent labor claim stand up?
"Intuit made headlines with its estimate that 40% of the workforce would be contingent labor. Other research casts doubt on that estimate. What''s happening?"
future  of  work  gig  economy 
august 2017 by jonerp
NetSuite to Leverage Oracle’s Global Resources and Reach - by @erp_cindyjutras
"While Oracle hopes to be the standard at corporate headquarters, NetSuite is trying very hard to establish its OneWorld product as that corporate standard in the operating divisions. But this places an added burden on the local solution to play nicely in a multi-national corporate setting. Mint Jutras has long been a fan of cloud solutions as an enabler of growth, particularly when it comes to expansion beyond national boundaries. And yet cloud alone isn’t enough. Not only might you have multi-language requirements, but also the solution must be localized to meet the tax and regulatory requirements of the new location. And finally, you need special functionality to handle multi- company financial and operational needs once you establish multiple legal entities."
uncategorized  cindy  jutras  cloud  digital  economy  erp  global  globalization  mint  netsuite  oracle  saas 
may 2017 by jonerp
The broader issues behind Brexit send a frightening message to the services industry - by @pfersht
"Moreover, this rebellion against the establishment can be clearly mirrored in many of our enterprises, where similar issues of disenfranchisement are rapidly permeating."
business  process  outsourcing  (bpo)  digital  transformation  homepage  hr  strategy  it  services  sourcing  change  management  the  as-a-service  economy  brexit  enterprise  irregulars 
june 2016 by jonerp
The $15 Minimum Wage Wins Where Silicon Valley Fails Hard
"And yet for now, the $15 minimum wage and the movement it represents will likely have as much of a disruptive effect on the future of work as anything Silicon Valley might create. Silicon Valley may be rethinking the future of labor, but so far the fruits of those ideas have yet to meaningfully trickle down to the bottom of the wage spectrum. In the meantime, raising that floor for everyone will mean a more substantive change for workers than anything a startup has come up with."
silicon  valley  minimum  wage  on-demand  economy  income  inequality  labor  business 
april 2016 by jonerp
New Group at Infor Helps Customers Navigate Digital Disruption - by @erp_cindyjutras
"Infor is now taking this a step further and spinning out a new group from Hook & Loop. It’s called H&L Digital and its proclaimed mission is to create “Differentiation through personalized digital experiences at scale that help enterprises outpace digital disruption and unlock digital growth opportunities.” That’s a mouthful that exposes Hook & Loop’s “agency” lineage."
erp  cindy  jutras  cloud  creative  agency  digital  disruption  economy  ecommerce  hook  and  loop  infor  mint  smb 
april 2016 by jonerp
The mysterious HfS business model… revealed - by @pfersht
"The answer is simple: flood the market with a daily dose of insight and have everyone feel part of what you are doing. Make your information company open, social and collaborative; make everyone feel like they are a “client”, even when they are not. Make people want to spend time reading your stuff and also invite them to weigh in with their views and opinions."
business  process  outsourcing  (bpo)  homepage  it  services  the  as-a-service  economy  enterprise  irregulars 
february 2016 by jonerp
Congratulations, It’s Over, What’s Next? - by @denispombriant #tech
"To be clear, we will not retreat into some dark age and technology will continue to drive the global economy for quite some time. But when you think of the power that you can hold in your hand in the form of a device today, you can see that it’s getting rather hard to make a technology product at a profit and there is an important lesson. Technology and information are commoditizing the way that everything else from textiles, to cars, to TV did. They are all important parts of the global economy today but none drives it."
trends  &  concepts  climate  crm  current  affairs  forbes  paris  subscription  economy  technology  tien  tzuo  zuora 
december 2015 by jonerp
How Docker Turbocharged Uber’s Deployments - by @jkriggins
"Now Uber is about a third Dockerized but looking toward one hundred percent soon. Why? While the transition was painful, the end result was what they had hoped for, getting rid of their three greatest pain points that stifled continuous deployment. With Docker, they no longer had to:

Wait for the infrastructure team to write service scaffolding.
Wait for IT to locate services.
Wait for infrastructure team to provision services."
case  study  events  technology  top  stories  containers  devops  docker  dockercon  sharing  economy  uber 
november 2015 by jonerp
The Gig Economy Can Actually Be Great for Women
"Whatever their gender, people who are responsible for caring for loved ones need the ability to fit their work schedules and their caregiving schedules together. That’s where the new digital labor economy—call it what you like: the sharing economy, the gig economy, the on-demand economy, the platform economy—holds enormous promise, if we make the right choices."
magazine  on-demand  economy  diversity  magazine-23.11  gig  gender  business 
october 2015 by jonerp
Event Report - Apigee I love APIs - APIs are alive and well - by @holgermu
"On the concern side, APIs are just a small piece in the overall technology puzzle that enterprises have to sort out in order to build next generation applications. The tech stack vendors will do all they can do to minimize the importance of APIs compared to the rest of the stack, so Apigee will have to keep working on remaining relevant, have a seat at the table and make a difference for enterprises."
api  economy  apigee  apis  cloud  nextgen  apps  platform 
october 2015 by jonerp
The 2015 HfS Global IT Services Top Ten. Here it is. - by @pfersht
"AWS has dominated the infrastructure cloud market with revenues as much as ten times larger than its nearest pure play public cloud providers, at over $4.6 billion. In response to this threat, the traditional providers are also staking a major claim to be in the As-a-Service business with IBM, for example, stating it now has achieved cloud revenues of $7 billion in 2014, with $3 billion of which is As-a-Service, with the rest presumably comprising more traditional consulting and integration services."
cloud  computing  digital  transformation  homepage  it  outsourcing  services  saas  paas  iaas  and  bpaas  security  risk  the  as-a-service  economy  enterprise  irregulars 
october 2015 by jonerp
Harman, Tech Mahindra, IBM, Accenture and Atos leading the Internet of Things phenomenon - by @pfersht
"Suddenly, IT services are morphing into “Things services”. So we decided to get ahead of this and conduct exhaustive research into how the leading service providers are shaping up their capabilities and investing in this emerging space."
analytics  and  big  data  business  process  outsourcing  (bpo)  digital  transformation  hfs  blueprint  results  homepage  it  services  the  as-a-service  economy  internet  of  things  accenture  atos  charles  sutherland 
october 2015 by jonerp
IBM makes a meteoric rise into the HR-as-a-Service big three - by @pfersht
"Just when you thought IBM’s Global Business Services was cratering into an As-a-Sleep state, having sold-offits call center business exactly two years’ ago, Big Blue’s next-gen services star is once again shining, with the acquisition of one of the finest up-and-coming specialist Workday services firms in the market: Meteorix."
business  process  outsourcing  (bpo)  homepage  hr  strategy  it  services  saas  paas  iaas  and  bpaas  talent  in  sourcing  the  as-a-service  economy  enterprise  irregulars 
october 2015 by jonerp
Why Accenture’s acquisition of Cloud Sherpas is both an offensive and defensive move - by @pfersht
"HfS views the success of this acquisition tied to Accenture’s capability to integrate its capabilities across operations, consulting and systems integration and to use the core training and certification methodologies of Cloud Sherpas to transform Accenture’s own ability to grow Salesforce consulting, implementation and management talent."
business  process  outsourcing  (bpo)  cloud  computing  crm  and  marketing  design  thinking  homepage  it  services  saas  paas  iaas  bpaas  talent  in  sourcing  the  as-a-service  economy 
september 2015 by jonerp
Social intelligence and reputation are the keys to survival in this automating world - by @pfersht
"However, I have good news for the paranoid – computers are still really bad at simulating social interaction. What’s more, team work is becoming more critical than ever, as we need to keep adapting to a changing work environment. Your personality and ability to excite, befriend, intellectually stimulate, or just have a laugh with the people around you, is now more critical than ever."
2015  as-a-service  study  buyers'  sourcing  best  practices  design  thinking  homepage  social  networking  change  management  talent  in  the  economy  automation  enterprise  irregulars  hfs  research  phil  fersht 
august 2015 by jonerp
Uber’s Desperate Fight to Avoid a Massive Class Action Suit
"The hearing comes as on-demand companies like Uber, Lyft and Postmates surge in popularity and reach, creating a vast pool of cheap, flexible labor. According to the nonprofit Freelancers Union, 53 million Americans now work as freelance contractors. That’s about one in three US workers. And the American Action Forum says independent contractors account for nearly 29 percent of all jobs added between 2010 and 2014."
lawsuits  on-demand  economy  uber  1099  business 
august 2015 by jonerp
How the gig economy has turned bad analysts into vendor advocates - by @pfersht
"The technology and services industry today is awash with individuals whose only professional activity is flitting from vendor conference to vendor conference, with the sole purpose of writing completely non-objective puff pieces praising their vendor hosts in exchange for money (or in the hope said vendors will pony up some dough in gratitude)."
analytics  and  big  data  confusing  outsourcing  information  homepage  advisors  social  networking  the  as-a-service  economy  #analysts  #archat  enterprise  irregulars 
august 2015 by jonerp
Forget Uberization, we must avoid Subwayfication - by @pfersht
"The As-a-Service Economy is all about achieving the outcomes we most want with a great service experience. So let’s look at how to avoid that not happening and becoming legacy businesses that failed to stay ahead of the demand curve."
absolutely  meaningless  comedy  design  thinking  homepage  sourcing  change  management  the  as-a-service  economy  enterprise  irregulars  phil  fersht  subway 
august 2015 by jonerp
The lack of ethics in enterprise AI and intelligent automation - by @pfersht
"Meanwhile, among the developer community, the discussion on the ethics and ramifications of AI has been as intense as it has been far reaching. Yet in the discussions around the notions of RPA and process automation, the issue of ethics and the impact on the future of work are (still) largely absent."
analytics  and  big  data  business  process  outsourcing  (bpo)  buyers'  sourcing  best  practices  homepage  hr  strategy  it  services  robotic  automation  change  management  talent  in  the  as-a-service  economy  artificial  intelligence 
july 2015 by jonerp
Book Summary: Lesson 8 From Disrupting Digital Business – Democratize Distribution With P2P Networks - by @rwang0
Start with a journey map;
Begin with your key personas;
From there, list out your brand promises;
Then list out your outcomes expected;
Tie each outcome to a journey map;
From the journey map tie each journey to a channel and then to an organization or person.
Determine the internal and external organizations or person."
apps  strategy  attention  economy  boardroom  priorities  book  summary  brand  promises  ceo  chief  digital  officer  executive  financial  hr  information  marketing 
june 2015 by jonerp
Building your personal brand in the As-a-Service Economy - by @pfersht
"5. Be genuinely collaborative and don’t just pretend to be. Yes, we all know the types, but the more you collaborate, the more people will enjoy working with you and the more you will learn from others. Take the attitude that if you give, you will mostly get back. However, nothing beats having a genuine reputation for being collaborative – it’s such a big plus in the emerging work environment. Noone likes the non-team players and it’s easy to uncover who they are in today’s environment."
analytics  and  big  data  buyers'  sourcing  best  practices  homepage  hr  strategy  social  networking  change  management  talent  in  the  as-a-service  economy  enterprise  irregulars  phil  fersht 
june 2015 by jonerp
Book Summary: Lesson 5 From Disrupting Digital Business – Build For Insight Streams - by @rwang0
"One of the biggest opportunities for monetizing digital business will come from insight streams. These insights will come from both least likely sources and the most obvious. For example, least likely sources include the amount of power consumer, water used, visitors into the building, foot traffic on the sidewalk, and density of the parking lot. These sources may seem mundane and useless information to most of us, but large insight brokers will take that data to drive contextually relevant information."
apps  strategy  attention  economy  boardroom  priorities  book  summary  brand  promises  ceo  chief  digital  officer  executive  financial  hr  information  marketing 
june 2015 by jonerp
Book Summary: Lesson 2 From Disrupting Digital Business – Brand Promises In An Attention Economy - by @rwang0
"In fact, the impact is significant and now quantifiable with 52% of the Fortune 500 gone since 2000 and the average age of the S&P 500 company in 1960 is down from 60 years to a little more than 12 projected in 2020. That is a 500% compression that has changed the market landscape forever in almost every industry."
attention  economy  boardroom  priorities  book  summary  brand  promises  ceo  chief  digital  officer  executive  financial  hr  information  marketing  people 
may 2015 by jonerp
Meet the lawyer taking on Uber and the rest of the on-demand economy
Glad someone is making this case.... "Liss-Riordan smelled blood. She realized that if Uber’s drivers were reclassified as normal W-2 employees, rather than 1099 independent contractors, Uber would be required to pay payroll taxes for them, and provide them with benefits like workers’ compensation insurance and unemployment. In some states, such as California, Uber would also be required to reimburse drivers for the costs of the job, including gas, wear-and-tear on their cars, and car insurance. If Uber had indeed misclassified its drivers, the company’s entire business model was built on a legal mistake."
sharing  economy 
april 2015 by jonerp
Work smarter, not cheaper: Automation skills have rapidly arrived at the top of the talent agenda - by @pfersht
"We’re shortly going to release the results of our new study delving into BPO talent, which probes into whether there is a genuine career path to follow for BPO and operations professionals, or whether we’re terminally stuck in the “accidental career” we never intended to venture into. In anycase, I wanted to share one set of data points that show which skills have been increasing in significance."
2015  talent  in  bpo  study  analytics  and  big  data  business  process  outsourcing  (bpo)  buyers'  sourcing  best  practices  homepage  hr  strategy  it  services  robotic  automation  change  management  the  as-a-service  economy  enterprise  irregulars 
march 2015 by jonerp

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