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How hard is it to solve the ethics in AI problem?
"Advances in deep learning techniques throw up fresh challenges in the field of ethical AI. Much work needs to be done before we get comfortable with applied AI. It won't be easy."
machine  intelligence  and  ai  ethics 
3 days ago by jonerp
Could the new kingmakers turn us into puppets?
"Developers as the new kingmakers is now an established meme. But they should not be the arbiters of what is ethical programming. That debate has to be much wider."
devops  nosql  and  the  open  source  stack  digital  transformation  -  frictionless  enterprise  governing  identity  privacy  security  ethics 
november 2018 by jonerp
Do we understand the importance of ethical technology?
"Understanding the frameworks around which ethical models are built helps contextualize the often confusing world of ethical technology. Here is my stab at a view of the landscape and what should happen next."
machine  intelligence  and  ai  robotics  ethics 
october 2018 by jonerp
We need a new conversation about the world we’re (not) building
"Now and again, a confluence of things I am reading and things I've heard sparks off thinking about the wider issues of technology use and adoption. This weekend provided that spark."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  iot  robotics  ai  ethics 
july 2018 by jonerp
The Thorny Ethics of Computer Programming
"A surprisingly wide-ranging discussion broke out last month among computer programmers to which ethical lines they just won’t cross. Coders have been sharing their own horror stories in highly-trafficked discussions on Medium, Hacker News, and Reddit. Collectively all the stories offered a glimpse into the unexpected challenges lurking in the developer world today."
culture  top  stories  application  development  ethics  tns  management  uncle  bob 
december 2016 by jonerp
What Facebook’s ‘It’s Not Our Fault’ Study Really Means
The Facebook news feed curation algorithm, “based on many factors,” removes hard news from diverse sources that you are less likely to agree with but it does not remove the hard news that you are likely to agree with (S7). They call news from a source you are less likely to agree with “cross-cutting.”
ethics  facebook  opinion  peer  review  politics  algorithm  business 
may 2015 by jonerp

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