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Industry 4.0’s Potential Needs To Be Proven On The Shop Floor
"In the many conversations I’ve had with mid-tier manufacturers located in North America this year, I’ve learned the following:

Their top investment priorities are upgrading existing machinery, replacing fully depreciated machines with next-generation smart, connected production equipment, and adopting real-time monitoring including Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).
Manufacturers growing 10% or more this year over 2018 excel at integrating technologies that improve scheduling to enable more short-notice production runs, reduce order cycle times, and improve supplier quality."
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7 weeks ago by jonerp
Bright and Shiny Objects? - by @lcecere
"n one of my sessions last week, a client mentioned, “This is quite interesting Lora, but we do not have the time to chase bright and shiny objects. We need to focus on the basics.” I then asked, “How do you define basics?” In the end, we found that these new techniques were instrumental in improving the gaps in customer service, and reducing demand error. As a result, master data issues disappeared and visibility increased. To me, this does not sound like a bright and shiny object."
digital  supply  chains  analytics  chain  excellence  execution 
january 2018 by jonerp
Critical Vulnerability in Apache Struts Puts Thousands of Web Applications at Risk
"Semmle worked with Fintan Ryan, an analyst with RedMonk, to determine the potential impact of this flaw and according to him, at least 65 percent of the Fortune 100 companies are actively using web applications built with the Struts framework. This includes organizations like Lockheed Martin, the IRS, Citigroup, Vodafone, Virgin Atlantic, Reader’s Digest, Office Depot, and Showtime."
news  technology  top  stories  apache  struts  cve-2017-9805  deserialization  jakarta  java  lgtm  redmonk  remote  code  execution  rest 
september 2017 by jonerp
Aligned to Achieve: A B2B Marketing Classic - by @kellblog
"Aligned to Achieve includes the word “transparency” twenty times. Transparency is required in the culture, in collaboration, in definitions, in planning, in the reasons for plans, in process and metrics, in data, in assessing results, in engaging customers, and in objectives and performance against them. Communication is the lubricant in the sales/marketing relationship and transparency the key ingredient."
marketing  saas  sales  startups  strategy  uncategorized  venture  capital  alignment  data  execution 
september 2016 by jonerp

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