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To Change or Not to Change: The Decision to Stay on the Green Screen
"Let’s consider a few reasons why you may not want to replace your legacy system, just yet:

They simply don’t break: Like your Grandad’s 1992 Honda or Swiss watch, the thing will pretty much run forever. The technology behind the old IBM mainframes is simple and sturdy, and as long as it is cleaned and maintained it will work. Cloud ERP systems, on the other hand, are only as reliable as your users’ internet connections.
Your business has not changed: We find many scenarios where companies have been doing the same thing for 30 years, and with good reason. Consider a company that manufactures a niche supply part for an industrial manufacturing segment. It may be specialized enough that the barriers and cost of entry is too great for competitors to chase and they have consistent clientele. With no desire to expand, there may be no reason to change what’s working."
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7 weeks ago by jonerp
Digital Transformation Gone Wrong at PG&E
"Companies will always need to reinvent themselves. This most direct path to success is to involve your key employees, listen to them and learn from them.
Assess risk highly. Whether it’s cyber related or product related, you can’t be profitable if risk is not managed and mitigated.
Your plans for innovation must have a strategy that is consistent with the values of your company. Your ambitions must be matched with an execution strategy.
Pick your partners carefully."
digital  transformation  case  studies  erp  failures 
11 weeks ago by jonerp
Lessons from LeasePlan’s SAP ERP Failure
"Despite high ambitions and an aggressive timeline, the company failed miserably in its attempts to leverage technology to transform the business. The company cited SAP’s “monolithic architecture” as a key reason why it wouldn’t work for its business and is now pursuing a best of breed ERP strategy instead."
erp  failures  sap  s  4hana  implementations  implementation  leaseplan  leaseplan’s  failure  organizational  change  management  expert  witness 
november 2019 by jonerp
Executive Misalignment: The #1 Threat to your ERP Implementation
"Executives are placed in leadership roles because they have “been there” and “done that”. This includes ERP implementation in most cases. If an executive leader has had a bad experience in any way, they will carry bias against technology products or firms, or will bring a heavy load of negative energy. If they have had a good experience, they will assume it will all go without a hitch, without realizing they may have been one of the lucky ones. The worst cases we have seen is where a leader makes a sole decision to purchase a technology platform simply because it worked in their previous organization."
digital  strategy  organizational  change  management  erp  failures  implementation  executive  misalignment 
october 2019 by jonerp
The Biggest ERP Failures of All Time
"It should be noted that the criteria above tend to skew toward larger organizations. Many of us heard about Hershey’s when they couldn’t ship candy after their SAP failure, but many of us do not hear about the local, lesser known companies that didn’t experience failures of this magnitude. But even smaller organizations are not immune to the challenges outlined below."
digital  transformation  case  studies  erp  expert  witness  failures  oracle  cloud  implementations  sap  s  4hana  biggest 
october 2019 by jonerp
How to Define Your Digital ERP Strategy in 2020
How important is flexibility vs. scale to your business model?
What are you internal IT competencies, and what would you like them to be in the future?
How does this all align with and support your corporate strategy and objectives – or does it?
How big of a change are we really willing to make as part of our transformation?
How much time and money are we willing to invest?
What is our risk tolerance as an organization?
How will organizational change management need to support our answers to these and other questions?"
digital  strategy  best  transformation  erp  failures  predictions  software  in  2020  industry  for  top  10 
october 2019 by jonerp
Why Do ERP Implementations Really Fail?
"This all leads us to the key question: why do ERP implementations really fail? It’s not because of the symptoms outlined above. Instead, ERP failure can typically be traced to three primary root causes:

Misalignment. If your team isn’t on the same page about what this digital transformation means to your company and how it supports a bigger-picture strategy, then it is likely to lead to the problems outlined above. Without alignment from the top of the organization on down, the project team simply cannot have clear direction and will struggle to gain consensus on decisions."
cloud  erp  implementations  failures  hcm  microsoft  dynamics  365  netsuite  oracle  sap  s  4hana  successfactors 
august 2019 by jonerp
There is No Such Thing as “ERP Failure”
"Organizational Change Management (OCM) may seem like an overused term these days – and some may even argue that organizational change management is dead – but companies still overlook the most basic premise of making sure their users understand and use the systems provided for them. If you completed proper training upon your initial implementation, consider the idea of refresher training, updated training for new releases as well as make sure that a training program is in place for new users."
digital  strategy  erp  failures  oracle  cloud  avoid  failure  implementation  sap 
august 2019 by jonerp
Agile + ERP Implementations: Why It’s a Terrible Idea
"“Quick win” agile transformations allow functional areas or individual locations to get started on something right away, but it doesn’t fix the underlying issue of organizational misalignment, which is the real cause of digital transformation failure. For example, if your finance team decides to implement the “digital core” of SAP S/4HANA’s financial modules, this may or may not align with the needs of the rest of the organization."
digital  strategy  microsoft  dynamics  365  implementations  oracle  cloud  erp  sap  s  4hana  best  system  integrator  failures  implementation 
august 2019 by jonerp
Avis vs. Hertz: A Tale of Two Digital Transformations
"In the case of Avis, they used technology to create customer experience innovations that led to things like networked cars that automatically tracked car location, mileage, and maintenance needs. Innovations like this also reduce costs. So rather than forcing technology into their organization as Hertz appeared to, Avis surgically pinpointed where technology could best enhance the customer experience."
digital  strategy  erp  failures  avis  best  transformation  implementation  failure  hertz 
july 2019 by jonerp
Fatal Flaws in the Digital Transformation and ERP Software Industry
"This is the first time in my career where all the major players are releasing relatively new and unproven flagship products. For example, while SAP spent roughly 20 years fine-tuning its R/3 product, S/4HANA has only been on the market for a few years. The number of customers successfully using this new product is relatively small. The kinks haven’t been worked out and the breadth of functionality simply isn’t there yet.

The same is true for Oracle ERP Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and other top ERP systems. In some cases, the vendors have rewritten the software from scratch (example: Oracle). In other cases, they have pieced together the “best of” older flagship products (example: Microsoft). In most cases, these products are not as ready for prime time as their predecessors were."
digital  strategy  erp  implementations  hcm  microsoft  dynamics  365  netsuite  oracle  cloud  sap  s  4hana  successfactors  workday  failures  implementation 
july 2019 by jonerp
Why Customer Experience Should Dictate Your Digital Transformation
"There seems to be a common theme emerging from these more recent failures: lack of focus on the customer experience. Instead of using this as the foundation for the implementation, executives and project teams at these failures seem to be deferring too much to the technology and their system integrators."
digital  strategy  erp  implementations  avoid  failure  transformation  initiatives  success  failures  implementation  haribo  lessons  from  the  national  grid  v.  wipro  sap  lawsuit 
june 2019 by jonerp
Hertz vs. Accenture: How to Avoid Digital Transformation Failure
"Accenture does have a great name and is one of the largest systems integrators on the planet, but putting all of your eggs in one basket is rarely a good idea. If you don’t have the resources or experience to provide internal project management, business process management or organizational change management, bring in outside help. Systems integrators are not a silver bullet to outsource your entire digital transformation to, so simply don’t allow your SI to singularly hold the keys to your success."
digital  strategy  erp  failures  accentured  implementation  revlon  sap  failure  at  lidl  system  integrator 
june 2019 by jonerp
Big ERP Systems Integrators Exposed
"It may not quite be time to fire your ERP system integrator, but just recognize that you do have options outside the big incumbents. And, it’s not an either / or proposition: you can get the best of the system integrator and augment with the more strategic and specialized skills sets of others."
digital  strategy  erp  implementations  hcm  microsoft  dynamics  365  oracle  cloud  sap  s  4hana  successfactors  workday  consultants  failures 
may 2019 by jonerp
MillerCoors Files $100M Suit against HCL for Flawed SAP Implementation
" The program goes live with its first implementation, one month later than planned. Per the lawsuit, the final testing of the implementation indicated there were 8 critical severity defects and 47 defects of high severity. (It is not clear if MillerCoors was aware of the defects prior to the go-live). Following the go-live, MillerCoors went into an extended period of post go-live hyper-care where thousands of additional defects were recorded."
sap  project  failures  risk  mitigation 
march 2017 by jonerp

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